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Students from 1992–1996, and as the Dean of Students and Professor of New Testament, Theology, and Church History at The Criswell College from 1988–1992. Visit for free resources from Dr. Akin.

President’s Cabinet Daniel L. Akin President Serving since 2004

Charles Edward Lawless, Jr.

Bruce Riley Ashford, Jr.

Dean of Graduate Studies Serving since 2012

Provost/Dean of the Faculty Serving since 2001

Mark D. Liederbach Vice President for Student Services/Dean of Students Serving since 2000

James K. Dew

Art Rainer

Dean of the College Serving since 2006

Vice President for Institutional Advancement Serving since 2013

Ryan R. Hutchinson Executive Vice President for Operations Serving since 1997

Administrative Council Sheldon H. Alexander Associate Vice President for Academic Support Serving since 1989

Director of Student Resources and Financial Aid Serving since 2006

Registrar Serving since 2007

Seth Bible Director of Student Life Serving since 2001

John H. Ewart

Director of Communications Serving since 2011

Associate Vice President for Global Theological Initiatives Serving since 2006

John Burkett

Don Allard

Shane Baker

Kenneth Bonnett

Director of The Writing Center Serving since 2009

Drew Ham

Kenneth S. Coley

Director of Discipleship & Spiritual Formation Serving since 2011

Director, Ed.D Studies Serving since 1996

Charles Harvey

Dan Drennen

Director, D.Min. Studies Serving since 2011

Director of Media Services Serving since 2012

George H. Harvey Director of Planned Giving/In-House Council Serving since 1989

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary | Academic Catalog 2012–2013 | Leadership | 28

Official 2013 2014 academic catalog  

Official academic catalog of Southeastern

Official 2013 2014 academic catalog  

Official academic catalog of Southeastern