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THE4900 Study of a Selected Theologian: A study of the theology of a selected Christian thinker - classical or contemporary. The theologian to be studied will be announced with the publication of the course schedule. 3 semester hrs.

THE4930 Contemporary Theology A study of 20th century theology and theologians, with attention given to developments in theological method and in the major loci of Christian doctrine. Some attention may be given to 21st century theology and theologians.

THE4950 Contemporary Theological Issues:

A study of significant contemporary theological issues. 3 semester hrs.

Graduate Courses Biblical Backgrounds BBG6610 Biblical Study Tour An overseas field study tour of biblical sites with emphasis upon historical, geographical, and archaeological orientation of the various sites. 3 semester hrs. P/F. Occasional.

BBG6620 Journeys of Paul Study Tour A guided field study tour of the lands of Paul's journeys focusing upon historical, geographical, and archaeological orientation, with special emphasis on insights for biblical exposition. 3 semester hrs. P/F. Occasional.

BBG6710 The Writings of Josephus A study of the writings of the Jewish historian, Josephus, with a look to his contribution, importance, and influence as an historian and biblical commentator. 3 semester hrs. Every 2-3 years.

BBG7620 Ancient Near Eastern History A survey of ancient Near Eastern societies focusing on Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Canaanite and Persian cultures with a special emphasis on their relationship to Israelite history. 3 semester hrs. Spring Semester in even-numbered years.

Biblical Counseling BCO5500 Biblical Counseling An introduction to biblical counseling theory and practice, including a focus on how Scripture and theology form the foundation and substance for counseling, biblical concepts for understanding people and their problems, and biblical methods of change. 3 semester hrs. Fall and Spring semesters.

BCO5501 Counseling Women A survey of biblical counseling theory and practice applied to counseling issues typically presented by women, including infertility, pregnancy loss, abuse, and domestic violence. 3 semester hrs. Fall semester.

BCO6500 Counseling Theory A survey of major counseling theories with a view to understanding and critically interacting with their theory and practice from a biblical-theological viewpoint. 3 semester hrs. Prerequisite: BCO5500. Fall semester.

BCO6551 Counseling Individuals with Problematic Emotions

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Official 2013 2014 academic catalog  

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