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Theology THE9500 Seminar in Theological Foundations An exploration of theological method in its biblical, historical, and philosophical contexts. Special attention is given to the use of Scripture in theology, the development of doctrine, contextualization, and current issues in theological method. 3 semester hrs.

THE9600 Seminar in the Doctrine of the Trinity A critical examination of the biblical foundation of the doctrine of the Trinity and a consideration of its historical development. Attention will be given to contemporary interpretation. 3 semester hrs.

THE9700 Seminar in Christology A study of the biblical and historical interpretations of the person of Jesus Christ. 3 semester hrs.

THE9800 Seminar on a Selected Doctrine An intensive study of a selected doctrine within the field of systematic theology, at the doctoral level. The doctrine to be studied will be announced. 3 semester hrs.

THE9900 Seminar on Contemporary Theology A study of significant contemporary theological issues. 3 semester hrs.

THE9930 Anthropology and the Social Sciences A comprehensive study of theological anthropology that helps students to form and inform their methodology in intercultural ministry. 3 semester hrs. Prerequisite: Admission to the Ph.D. in Applied Theology (Missions Cohort).

THE9940 Ecclesiology and Church Planting A focused study of biblical ecclesiology, with an eye toward relating biblical teaching to issues involved in international church planting, such as leadership methodology and church multiplication. 3 semester hrs. Prerequisite: Admission to the Ph.D. in Applied Theology (Missions Cohort).

THE9943The Church and Its Cultural Context An examination of issues at the intersection of theology, culture, and church planting. The course builds a theology of culture and contextualization, critiques current contextualization models and practices, and provides an appropriate framework for contextualizing the gospel and the church in North American contexts.. 3 semester hrs. Prerequisite: Introduction to Research. Spring Semester of odd numbered years.

THE9946The Mission and Ministries of the Church An examination of the church’s mission and ministries in light of God’s mission. The course will focus on evangelism, discipleship, and social/mercy ministries, with all of these being discussed in the light of the Kingdom of God and applied to North American church planting and renewal. 3 semester hrs. Prerequisite: Introduction to Research. Fall Semester of even numbered years.

THE9950 Soteriology and World Religions An intensive study of key issues in how Christianity relates to other religions, focusing particularly upon the doctrine of salvation, with attention given to pertinent biblical testimony, historical developments, and contemporary perspectives on these issues with a mind to critiquing various perspectives and constructing a suitable Christian theology of religions. 3 semester hrs. Prerequisite: Admission to the Ph.D. in Applied Theology (Missions Cohort).

Women’s Studies WST9800 Women and Missions This course is designed to introduce the student to evangelical women who have served as missionaries; to study these women, including their roles and their work; and to evaluate them in their overall effectiveness. The student will be introduced to a broad range of bibliographical resources and will begin to develop her own bibliography in missiology,

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