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THE7950 Contemporary Theological Issues A study of significant contemporary theological issues. 3 semester hrs. Every 2-3 years.

Translation TRA5100 Principles of Phonetics An overview of the properties of speech sounds with an emphasis on identifying, reproducing, and transcribing sounds using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). 3 semester hrs. Every year.

TRA5200 Principles of Phonology An examination of phonetic and phonemic data, including describing sound patterns using distinctive features, natural classes and prosodic boundaries. 3 semester hrs. Prerequisite: TRA5100 Principles of Phonetics. Every year.

TRA5300 Principles of Syntax and Morphology A study and practical application of current theories in syntax and morphology. 3 semester hrs. Odd Years, Every other fall.

TRA5310 Principles of Semantics and Pragmatics A study and practical application of current theories in semantics and pragmatics. 3 semester hrs. Every other spring even years.

TRA6120 Language Program Planning This course will prepare the student to create long-range translation plans for a successful Bible translation project. The course will include reference to traditional, whole-Bible translations as well as integrated, oral/written Scripture resources used for church planting and discipleship. 3 semester hrs.

TRA6210 Discourse Analysis and Text Linguistics An introduction to the linguistic theory of discourse analysis (text linguistics). 3 semester hrs.

TRA6240 Translation Practicum This course consists of a final language analysis and translation project that will incorporate all of the previous course work in the MABT. 3 semester hrs.

TRA6250 Field Methods This course will prepare the student for doing self-directed language acquisition and description. 3 semester hrs.

Advanced Courses Biblical Backgrounds BBG9600 Seminar in Ancient Jewish and Greco-Roman Literature A study of the primary sources of Jewish and Greco-Roman literature ranging from the Second Temple Period to early Christianity. 3 semester hrs. Every 2-3 years.

BBG9800 Seminar in Biblical Historiography An investigation of the field of biblical historiography, encompassing both the philosophy and method behind the production of historical writings and their evaluation and interpretation. 3 semester hours. Occasional.

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