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EVA6991 Practicum in International Evangelism A field study in an international setting including both practical involvement in personal and other types of evangelism and exposure to various methodologies and ministries of evangelism. 3 semester hrs. Pass/Fail course. Summer term and semester breaks.

EVA6993 Practicum in Itinerant Ministry A field study examining biblical, historical and contemporary approaches to itinerant ministry inclusive of preaching, music, and equipping mediums. Students will learn to minister effectively in short‐term ministry assignments through local churches and other Christian ministries. 3 semester hrs. January term in odd-numbered years.

EVA6995 Practicum in Sports Evangelism A field study in sports evangelism through organizing and implementing evangelistic sports clinics. 3 semester hrs. Prerequisite: EVA6950. Summer term.

General Courses GEN5000 Personal Finance An investigation of the biblical principles of financial stewardship focusing on establishing financial integrity through the study of Scripture, preparing a financial assessment, creating a budget, and eliminating debt. 3 semester hrs. Fall and Spring semesters.

GEN6000 Library Resources in Theological Education and in Ministry Resources and methodology for systematically finding and using information in a variety of forms, with emphasis upon preparing to use libraries effectively in both theological education and Christian ministries. Development of the minister’s personal library is considered. 1 semester hr. Occasional.

GEN6810 Introduction to Arabic A basic introduction to the Arabic language. 2 semester hrs. Occasional.

GEN6931 International Study Tour Overseas field study tour of selected sites of significance to the study of literature, church history, theology or missions. Locations will vary from year to year. 3 semester hrs. Pass/Fail course. Occasional.

GEN7530 MA Research Project Completion of a minimum 25 page research project by a M.A. (Christian Studies) student, under the supervision of a Major Professor. Research projects are read and approved by the student’s major professor and are certified by the Coordinator of the M.A. (Christian Studies) program. 3 semester hrs. Upon request of the student, with approval of the Major Professor.

Greek GRK5110 Biblical Greek I An introduction to the elements of New Testament Greek. Credit will be given only if both GRK5110 and GRK5120 are completed satisfactorily. 3 semester hrs. Fall semester, Summer term, and January term.

GRK5120 Biblical Greek II A continuation of GRK5110. 3 semester hrs. Prerequisite: GRK5110. Spring semester, Summer term, and January.

GRK6000 Greek Exegesis: [Book] An exegesis of a selected text/texts from the Greek New Testament. (May be taken more than once for credit, if the text selection is different). 3 semester hrs. Prerequisite: GRK5120. Fall and Spring semesters.

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