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CED7600 Present Issues in Christian Education A review and appraisal of some contemporary issues in Christian education in the world today, including technological, behavioral, denominational and cultural factors. 3 semester hrs. Occasional.

CED7700 Theological Foundations for Christian Education An exploration of the theological perspectives concerning the educational questions of content, teacher, pupil, context, methodology, and objectives. This course will examine the ways in which differing theological concepts affect the nature and purpose of Christian education practices. 3 semester hrs. Occasional.

CED7951 Advanced Practicum in Christian Leadership A field study of a specific area of ministry related to Christian Leadership. 3 semester hrs. Spring semester.

CED7961 Advanced Practicum in Church Growth An advanced field study related to the practical application of the principles of church growth and renewal in the local church. (This course may fulfill the supervised ministry component for the MACE degree program.) 3 semester hrs. Occasional.

Ethics ETH5100 Introduction to Christian Ethics A systematic study of Christian ethics taken as a theoretical and practical discipline and offered at an introductory level, with attention given to biblical and theological foundations as well as to current issues relevant to the witness of the Church in society. 3 semester hrs. Fall and Spring semesters.

ETH6500 Biblical Ethics A historical and exegetical study of the ethics theory and specific standards taught in the Bible, with special attention given to the background, message, and transcultural application of biblical norms by which God holds men and women accountable. 3 semester hrs. Every 2-3 years.

ETH6550 Moral Foundations of Marriage and Family A study of biblical and theological foundations for marriage and family life, enabling students to apply biblical moral standards in their family and marriage relationships and in family life ministry, and develop a strong family life. 3 semester hrs. Fall and Spring semesters.

ETH6600 Ethical Challenges in Ministry A biblical and theological analysis of common ethical issues and questions that confront individuals in local church ministry, in parachurch ministry, and in missions service. 3 semester hrs. Occasional.

ETH7501 History of Theological Ethics A study of the major figures and movements important in the history and development of theological (Christian religious) ethics. 3 semester hrs. Every 2-3 years.

ETH7502 History of Philosophical Ethics A study of the major figures and schools of thought contributing to the history of philosophical ethics (moral philosophy). 3 semester hrs. Every 2-3 years.

ETH7503 Systems of Moral Philosophy A course of study for Christians examining competing systems of moral philosophy. Specific attention is given to the metaphysics of moral thinking and judgment, to moral epistemology, and to theories regarding the nature and source of moral authority. Students are prepared to engage competing systems of moral philosophy from a Christian worldview. 3 semester hrs.

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2012-2013 Academic Catalog  

The official Academic Catalog of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

2012-2013 Academic Catalog  

The official Academic Catalog of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary