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Christian Studies Program Requirements for Undergraduate Students All credit hours for each level of certification are to be selected from the BACS core curriculum. Each of the three programs may be applied toward the Associate of Arts, Associate of Divinity or the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies. To be admitted to the Christian Studies Programs, applicants must complete an application through the Office of Admissions.

Certificate of Christian Studies Any 12 semester hours from the BACS Core Curriculum.

Advanced Certificate of Christian Studies Any 24 semester hours from the BACS Core Curriculum.

Diploma in Christian Studies Any 36 semester hours from the BACS Core Curriculum.

Certificate in Corporate Chaplaincy The Certificate in Corporate Chaplaincy is designed to equip the student with specialized competencies necessary to serve as an effective corporate chaplain. The certificate could be completed as part of the Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership degree or a separate certificate.

Degree Requirements PMN6551 BCO5500*

Corporate Chaplaincy Biblical Counseling

3 3

Selectives: Select 6 hours from the following courses. PMN6550 Introduction to Workplace Ministry PMN6552 Workplace Ministry for the Local Church PMN6590 Supervised Field Ministry BCO6590** Crisis Intervention

6 3 3 3 3

* If the student has already taken BCO5500, the student should take BCO6590 in its place. ** If the student has taken BCO6590 in the place of BCO5500, the student may choose another BCO prefixed course

Total Hours


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