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M.A. in Ministry Leadership The Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership degree (“The LEAD Program”) is designed to equip students with the competencies necessary to serve as effective ministry leaders in churches, parachurch organizations and denominational entities. The LEAD program focuses the development of knowledge and competencies in three basic ministry results areas: Leadership, Education and Discipleship.

Formats of Study Designed to equip students with some ministry experience, students may take course work in a variety of delivery formats and locations. Twenty-four hours of study must be taken on campus. That requirement may be accomplished either in the traditional classroom-based format or through an alternative, blended-learning model that requires a combination of online and face-to-face learning experiences.

Admission Requirements Admission to this program is limited to persons holding a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent who also meet all other admission requirements for the Seminary.

Degree Requirements Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership students must complete 24 semester hours of core studies, 15 semester hours of prescribed Ministry Studies Area courses, and 9 hours of Track Selectives from courses with the BCO, CED, EVA, MIS, or PMN prefix or any approved course in a ministry certificate, for a total of 48 semester hours of credit with an overall GPA of 2.0 or better.

Master of Arts Core Requirements IND5000 OTS5110 OTS5120 NTS5110 NTS5120 BTI5100 THE6110 THE6120 THE6130

Introduction to the Cooperative Program Old Testament I Old Testament II New Testament I New Testament II Hermeneutics Christian Theology I Christian Theology II Christian Theology III

Ministry Leadership Requirements CED6520 Ministry Planning and Program Design CED6610 Ministry of Teaching and Discipleship CED6630 Ministry of Leadership and Equipping PMN6590 Supervised Field Ministry One of the following: CED6500 Paradigms of Education and Leadership CED6510 Learning Theories and Applications CED6640 Team Ministry Leadership

Track Selectives

24 0 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

15 3 3 3 3 3 3 3


Three Track Selectives must be selected from courses with the BCO, CED, EVA, MIS, or PMN prefix or any approved course in a ministry certificate.

Total Hours


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