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M.Div. with Christian Ethics The Christian Ethics track provides specialized academic training that prepares men and women to impact the culture for Christ through prophetic moral witness and service in a variety of settings. Some choose this program to enhance qualifications for further academic study. Most, however, choose this program to add focus to preparation for ministry in the local church, on the mission field, in denominational service, or to prepare for parachurch ministry. The M.Div. with Ethics can be completed in 3 years alone or a student may complete both the M.Div. with Ethics and the M.A. (Ethics, Theology, and Culture) with an additional year of study.

Degree Requirements In addition to the M.Div. Core, students specializing in Christian Ethics must complete the following courses:

Christian Ethics


Track Core Courses HEB6500 or GRK 6500 Biblical Hebrew OR Greek Syntax & Exegesis PHI7550 Critical Thinking and Argumentation for Theological Discourse (This course fulfills the communications course requirement for the M.Div. degree.) ETH6550 Marriage & Family: Foundations PMN6590 Supervised Ministry

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Track Selectives: Select 12 hours from the following courses. ETH6500 Ethics and the Bible ETH6600 Ethical Challenges in Ministry ETH7501 History of Biblical-Theological Ethics ETH7502 History of Philosophical Ethics ETH7503 Systems of Moral Philosophy ETH7610 Religion, Law & Morality ETH7620 Christian Ethics & the State ETH7630 Ethics of War & Peace ETH7640 The Created Order & Environmental Ethics ETH7650 Ethics of Wealth & Poverty ETH7660 Social Justice and Race Relations ETH7670 Ethics of Life & Death ETH7675 Biomedical Ethics ETH7680 Comparative Religious Ethics ETH7690 Moral Decision-Making and the Will of God ETH7691 Virtue, Character, and Discipleship ETH7695 Ethics of Human Sexuality ETH7900 Current Issues in Christian Ethics

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Electives Total Hours

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6 90

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