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M.Div. with Christian Apologetics The Christian Apologetics track provides specialized studies for those students who are interested in developing expertise in the defense of the Christian faith. Students with good reasoning skills and with a desire to engage the culture will find the Christian Apologetics track to be an excellent opportunity to develop proficiency in apologetics. Those seeking to prepare for youth ministry, college ministry, and international or home missions ministries will find this course of study especially useful. Those preparing for pastoral and educational ministries will need to use elective hours to ensure that they are properly prepared for those vocations, as the church pulpit is a primary platform for biblical exposition and apologetic reasoning. Students who apply for admission should have an accredited Bachelor’s degree and must fulfill all the other general requirements for admission to the Seminary. Those who have no previous background in apologetic studies are welcome.

Degree Requirements In addition to the M.Div. Core, students specializing in Apologetics must complete the following courses:

Apologetics Track Core Courses HEB6500 or GRK6500 Biblical Hebrew OR Greek Syntax & Exegesis PHI6500 Christian Apologetics PHI7550 Critical Thinking and Argumentation for Theological Discourse (This course fulfills the communications course requirement for the M.Div. degree.) PHI7510 Epistemology PHI6540 or 6520 Chr. Faith & the Arts OR Chr. Faith &Cont. Culture PHI6550 or 6530Problem of Evil OR Christian Faith & Science PMN6590 Supervised Ministry Track Selectives: Select 6 hours from the following courses. MIS6770 Christian Faith & World Religions MIS6760 Christian Faith & American Religious Groups MIS7901 Practicum in American Religious Groups MIS7771 Practicum in World Religions PHI6510 Christian Evidences PHI6630 Study of Selected Philosophers PHI6640 Philosophers Schaeffer and Lewis PHI7500 Metaphysics* PHI7620 Worldviews and World Religions* PHI7630 Philosophy of Religion* PHI7640 Philosophy of Mind* PHI7650 Religion and Science* PHI7910 Religious Authority PHI7800 Philosophy of History PHI6961 Bible Land Studies in Christian Apologetics PHI7950 Special Topics in Christian Thought PHI7900 Special Topics in Philosophy of Religion THE7610 Doctrine of Revelation

27 21 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 6 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

* With professor approval



It is recommended that free electives be used to strengthen the student’s background in biblical and theological studies. Students may wish to take free elective courses from the list of track selectives.

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