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Missions The minor in missions introduces students to knowledge, principles, and practices central to missions in national and international contexts. In addition to courses related to missions, church planting, and anthropology, students are required to take a SEBTS sponsored six-credit-hour international mission trip. The seminary offers at least two six-credit-hour trips each year, usually over the winter and summer breaks. Those who minor in missions will be equipped to communicate the gospel in various contexts and will be prepared for further studies in seminary or graduate school. Students must take the following courses to complete the minor in Missions: MIS4510 MIS4590 MIS4980 EVA3720

Christian Missions: Principles & Practice International Church Planting Current Topics in International Missions* Practicum in International Evangelism*

Choose one of the following three classes: MIS4520 Anthropology for Cross Cultural Understanding MIS3510 Cross-Cultural Communication MIS3610 Mission Area Studies: Regional

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Any one 3000+ elective in apologetics, evangelism or missions 3 * MIS4980 and EVA3720 occasionally are combined and offered as a package, for 6 credit hours, in certain SEBTS sponsored mission trips. These 6 credit hour trips usually are offered in summer and January terms.

Music In addition to the Christian Studies major, all baccalaureate students must complete either a second major, a minor, or two minors. In order to graduate, baccalaureate students must complete at least 126 credit hours. Any hours remaining after the Christian Studies major and the student’s major or minor(s) are free electives. The purpose of the B.A. in Christian studies is to give the student a strong foundation in the liberal arts and biblical and theological studies. The minor in music allows the student to develop foundational musical knowledge and skills to serve the church in the areas of music and worship leadership. Students must take the following courses to complete the minor in Music: MUS1501 Basic Musicianship I 2 MUS1502 Sightsinging Lab I 1 MUS1503 Basic Musicianship II 2 MUS1504 Sightsinging Lab II 1 MUS2510 or MUS2511 Music History I or II 2 MUS3520 Fundamentals of Conducting 2 Large Ensembles (MUS1581, MUS1582, MUS1584; 1 hr per ensemble) 2 Applied Study in Piano (MUS2642* or MUS1534 Piano Class (1 hr per semester)) 2 Applied Study in Voice (MUS2640* (1 hr per semester) or MUS1531 Voice Class (2 hrs)) 2 Additional Applied Study (choose from the following) 2 (MUS2640 Voice*, MUS2642 Piano*, MUS2644 Orchestral Instrument*, MUS2646 Organ*, MUS2647 Guitar*) Note: For each semester of applied study, music students must also enroll in: MUS3550 Music Recitals & Seminars


*Indicates Extra Fee Course—See Fees and Expenses in the current Academic Catalog

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