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M.Div. with Missiology The Missiology track is designed to equip students with the competencies necessary to serve as effective missions leaders in churches, denominational agencies, and other missions agencies in both North American and international settings. M.Div. with Missiology students must complete 60 hours of core studies (with the possibility of substitution of 6 hours of credit for a field language for one of the biblical languages), 18 hours of mission core which includes two selective options, 6 hours of track selectives, and 6 hours of electives.

Degree Requirements

In addition to the M.Div. Core, students specializing in Missiology must complete the following courses:

Missiology Missions Core MIS6520 MIS6700 MIS6800 MIS7870

30 Anthropology for Missionaries Theology of the Christian World Mission History of Christian Missions Contextualization

12 3 3 3 3

Core Selectives: Select 1 of the following courses. MIS6540 North American Church Planting MIS6560 Church Planting in Global Contexts MIS6590 International Church Planting

3 3 3 3

Select 1 of the following courses. EVA6991 Practicum in Int. Missions (Mission Trip) MIS5551 North American Church Planting Field Exercise MIS6901 Missions Practicum MIS7930 Practicum in Orality MIS7961 Practicum in NA Missions (Mission Trip)

3 3 3 3 3 3

Track Selectives: Select 6 hours from any MIS prefixed course.


Electives Total Hours

6 90

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