Southeast Bangkok International Brochures

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Higher Education

not only a degree but

Professional Graduates

4 master courses, 2023-24.

Master of Business Administration

2 Years / Part-Time


Thai, English



MASTER OF EDUCATION EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION Our Master of Education in focusing area of educational administration examines concepts in educational administration and management, from theories and models of organisational behaviour to understanding change processes and their effects on organisations.Throughout the course until the final independent study, you will develop skills in the analysis of policy developments and factors affecting the implementation of human resources and management policies in educational institution. The program will also allow you the real professional pratice enhencing your educational leadership skill. Master of Education


2 Years / Part-Time


Thai, English, Chinese

The Master of Information Technology program is a great tech career pathway providing you a comprehensive perspective to the field of Information Technology with and theoretical and pratical base to keep pace with rapid changes in technology and business. The learning skills constitute the necessary foundations for solving practical problems involving information technology that arise in business,governmental,and non-profit organizations.The curriculum provides an array of technical and management knowledge required to properly implement and manage IT solutions in such areas as digital marketing, data science, cybersecurity, and modern applications development by using analytic skill, datamining,cloud computing and programming.

Master of science program Information & Technology

2 Years / Part-Time


English, Thai