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NORSEMAN The Aero Airstream from Norseman is the company’s signature A/C and ventilation duct. It uses an advanced woven coated polyethylene (PE) fabric for high durability. The woven scrim creates a tighter bond between the fibres of the fabric providing superior tear resistance. If the PE gets torn or punctured, the fabric creates a micro barrier that prevents the tear from growing, and minimises its impact. The Aero Airstream has also been engineered to maintain a lower energy coefficient, allowing for a steadier and more even air flow. The fabric’s coating gives the duct a waxier finish, keeping air flowing through at a maximum rate. Norseman pointed out that, as PE fabric is resistant to harsh UV rays, the Aero Airstream will stay white and bright even

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FAR LEFT AND LEFT: The Aero Airstream A/C and ventilation duct.

after days on site with increased exposure to sunlight. Its waxy finish also means users can easily pressure wash or clean the duct to keep it looking new and professional. The Aero Airstream can be customised with either belted cuff and/or wire ring collar

PRECO ELECTRONICS PRECO Electronics will offer its collision avoidance radar system, PreView Sentry, which eliminates operators’ rear blind spots and creates safer and more efficient jobsites. The Sentry is a small, rugged, short/ medium range radar sensor for use in heavy-duty applications. Designed for rear collision detection, it incorporates a fully adjustable detection zone, with the ability to detect objects from the face of the radar up to 30 m. The width of the detection zone is also adjustable to fit nearly every vehicle type. When combined, PreView products provide operators with a complete understanding of their surrounding environment, potential threats and the ability to proactively take action to reduce the number and severity of collisions. Transmitting and receiving low power 24 GHz radar signals, the radar then processes the returned signals to determine if an object has reflected any energy back to the sensor and reports this to the operator display within 240 ms, allowing the operator to quickly respond to any object within the detection zone. Using frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW), the Sentry measures radial range, speed and angle, reflectivity, and other parameters of multiple stationary

on each end, depending on the customer needs. Furthermore, compression straps have been attached to the Aero Airstream, which makes it easier to pack up and minimises storage space. n Website:

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ABOVE: Designed for rear collision detection, PreView Sentry incorporates a fully adjustable detection zone, with the ability to detect objects from the face of the radar up to 30 m. BELOW RIGHT: The PreView Sentry radar sensor is suitable for heavy-duty applications.

and moving targets simultaneously. This radar sensor has a wide horizontal field of view up to +/- 75° (150°), providing coverage flexibility to be a solution for virtually any application. PRECO said that all of its radar solutions are highly configurable and flexible, and can be tailored to equipment without the need for numerous monitors, greatly enhancing the safety of operations. n Website:

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