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W.R. Meadows’ Liqui-Hard concrete densifier and chemical hardener compound is a water-based, ready-to-use, clear silicate liquid, formulated with chemically reactive raw materials to harden and dustproof concrete. This waterborne solution, when properly applied, offers substantial improvement in abrasion and chemical resistance and will significantly improve the durability of the concrete surface when compared to untreated concrete. As Liqui-Hard is applied and penetrates into the concrete surface, a chemical reaction takes place, producing a byproduct that fills in the pores of the concrete. This process produces a substantially denser concrete surface with enhanced durability. In addition to the densifying and hardening action, Liqui-Hard also solidifies the concrete, eliminating dusting and pitting. LiquiHard Ultra offers the same features and benefits, but is lithiumsilicate-based and hardens and dustproofs concrete at a molecular level. The Liqui-Hard Ultra formulation also features a more efficient application process. The Liqui-Hard products are recommended for use wherever hardened, dustproofed and improved chemicaland abrasion-resistant surfaces are required. Ideal applications include floors in industrial plants and warehouses, storage silos, sewage plants, chemical processing facilities, refineries, and heavy pedestrian floor traffic areas such as civic centres, sports arenas, stadiums, hospitals, airports and museums. Also, with the Liqui-Hard products, Bellatrix should be used as a part of a complete concrete densifying system, said W.R Meadows. The product is formulated using dual-protection technology combined with innovative hybrid polymers to offer an excellent concrete protection. The dual-action technology provides the ultimate in both penetrating and film-forming concrete protection. Bellatrix offers environment-friendly, VOC-compliant protection, which provides increased stain suspension and resistance against most contaminants found in kitchens, retail food stores, restaurants, malls, garages, warehouses, distribution centres, etc. Another successful solution from W.R. Meadows is Precon, a composite sheet membrane comprised of a non-woven fabric,

Above: Canada’s Toronto subway system was waterproofed by Precon composite sheet membrane. Left: The floor in this warehouse was densified using LiquiHard.

elastomeric membrane and W.R. Meadows’ plasmatic core. This plasmatic core is a seven-layer matrix designed for toughness and provides the lowest water vapour transmission (WVT) rating on the market, said W.R. Meadows. Once concrete is poured against Precon and the concrete cures, a mechanical bond forms that secures the concrete to the membrane. Precon is used as a blindside membrane in vertical applications where access to the positive side is limited. The membrane can also be used for horizontal applications for underslab waterproofing and vapourproofing. n

MARION BRUSH Marion Brush has been making specialised brush products since 1954. The company’s Chameleon brush system is designed for contractors who are looking for a faster and more effective way to finish their concrete pours. The system gives contractors a choice of brush textures to choose from, so that the finish on any concrete pour can be just right. A five-colour code system is used to identify the various textures, ranging from super soft to rough texture. This makes it easy for contractors to choose a brush that best meets the demands of the project at hand and on site. Marion Brush also manufactures the Chameleon Trac II rope brush system. This system is pulled from side to side with


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ropes, eliminating the use of handles. It gives a uniform textured finish, even under restrictive conditions. n

Above left and above: The Chameleon brush system is designed to help contractors finish their concrete pour more effectively.

Southeast Asia Construction : Nov-Dec 2017  

Southeast Asia Construction : Nov-Dec 2017

Southeast Asia Construction : Nov-Dec 2017  

Southeast Asia Construction : Nov-Dec 2017