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At the earliest stages of project development, the project team members work with one another to consider the entire building and its systems throughout its life cycle. This approach allows us to take into account not only the design and construction of the building, but also how it will be operated and maintained in the future. Within our organisation, we believe our inclusive management approach helps to ensure that our SD 2030 Strategy is properly integrated across our operations. Our SD management approach is inclusive of employees with different backgrounds and expertise, as well as different levels of seniority and work experience. The successful implementation of our SD 2030 Strategy requires the support of our employees. In 2018, we modified our

employees’ Performance Development Review system to incorporate elements of our SD 2030 Strategy. Beginning in 2019, we will ask our office employees to align their annual performance goals with our SD 2030 pillars in order to further engage them in our Strategy. SEAB: What are some of the key challenges that you have faced while championing green buildings in Hong Kong and why? RAYMOND: Enhancing the sustainability performance of existing buildings is one of the key challenges that we encounter, and I believe this is a common challenge across our industry. In addition to the payback period of investments that are concerned by many building owners, our concern is more on the effectiveness of enhancing the

sustainability performance of existing buildings. For example, there are uncertainties on retrofitting existing buildings for better sustainability performance – these include climate change, service changes, occupants’ behavioural changes and technological changes. All of these need to be holistically considered and fully integrated in the planning and development processes involved. Incentives for building owners/ property developers to enhance the sustainability performance of existing buildings have to be further enhanced. In Hong Kong, GFA (gross floor area) concession incentive is available in new building developments but not yet for existing buildings. This however would not deter us from upgrading our existing buildings, we

“We have committed to the ScienceBased Targets initiative (SBTi) to establish long-term decarbonisation targets in line with the Paris Agreement.” – Dr Raymond Yau


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Profile for Southeast Asia Building

Southeast Asia Building : May-Jun 2019  

Southeast Asia Building : May-Jun 2019

Southeast Asia Building : May-Jun 2019  

Southeast Asia Building : May-Jun 2019