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VCON Group is one of the largest construction companies in Thailand. Established 35 years ago, the company’s main inspiration and objective is to develop and upgrade local construction materials with cutting edge technology. Through extensive research, the company’s VCON Hollow-Core Precast Concrete Slabs and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete was developed as an alternative product to the Thai construction market. Since the establishment of the company, VCON’s culture has thrived on strong principles, which have been passed by the hands of its management and workforce from generation to generation. Building strong, long-term relations with its clients is the key to its success as a company. VCON is a company known for its innovation, hard work and integrity. VCON is also a very versatile company obtaining engineers, technicians and operations managers who exhibit expertise to construct a wide range of buildings, airports, hotels, warehouse, department stores, as well as many other channeling tasks. Quality for VCON does not end at its factories. The company strives to deliver VCON Hollow Core Slabs and Precast Concrete installation. Photo: © VCON Group the best service and the finest product to its customers. VCON claims to be the only Hollow-Core manufacturer that is ISO certified in all fields. These include production, transportation and installation. VCON precast concrete products are designed and produced in accordance with Precast Pre-stressed Concrete Institute (USA) requirements. Hollow Core Slab is a precast, pre-stressed concrete with continuous voids. Using this unique slab will not only reduce building costs but also reduce the overall weight of a structure. As an added benefit, the hollow core slabs will eliminate the need to drill the slab for electrical and mechanical runs. VCON Hollow Core Slab is press-stressed with P.C. wires, commonly used as structure of building floors. VCON Hollow-Core Slab can immediately withstand weight on them without any temporary support. Generally, the width is 1.20 metres, while the thickness and the length varies depending on the type of VCON white glass fiber reinforced concrete panel is being shipped to Emquartier. Photo: © VCON Group work and beam span. Excellent fire resistance is another attribute of the VCON Hollow Core Slab. Depending on thickness and strand cover, ratings up to four-hour endurance can be achieved. VCON Hollow Core Slab has excellent sound transmission characteristics associated with concrete. The sound transmission class rating ranges from approximately 47 to 57 without concrete topping. Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC) is one of the most popular and innovative building materials currently used throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East. GRC is primary used as an exterior façade for both new or restoration of existing building façade. GRC panel is lightweight, durable and provides tremendous design flexibility. GRC panels help reduce cost of the foundation, structural framing needed to support multi-storey buildings. This enables the owner to reduce overall construction costs and accelerate VCON white glass fiber reinforced concrete on the schedules without sacrificing the durability or the architectural aesthetic of façade of Emquartier. Photo: © VCON Group precast fabrication. GRC provides design freedom for architects. It can be molded into almost any shape and colour. VCON has earned an industry wide reputation for its ability to manage and deliver on large GRC projects. VCON was awarded the most sophisticated glass fiber reinforced concrete project in Thailand in 2013 for Emquartier. Emquartier is a new mixed-use 530,000 square foot mall in Bangkok. This is a mall unlike any you have seen before. A gleaming multi-level spiral structure of glass and curved VCON white glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) with flashes of greenery and landscape features. There is a 40 metres waterfall, a rainforest chandelier and open-air floating gardens. Night view of Emquartier. Photo: © VCON Group The surrounding EmDistrict is an entirely new space in Bangkok. Alongside Emporium, Emquartier will be joined by a third mall Emsphere, in 2018. The most ambitious mall of the three, promising super-yacht levels of luxury. In three year’s time, this new EmDistrict will house more than 1,000 Thai and international brands, luxury fashion labels, technology, lifestyle and dinning establishment. For more information on VCON Group, visit


Southeast Asia Building MAY-JUNE 2016

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Southeast Asia Building : May-Jun 2016  

Southeast Asia Building : May-Jun 2016

Southeast Asia Building : May-Jun 2016  

Southeast Asia Building : May-Jun 2016