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BuildTech Asia 2016


Noise Control Barrier System Noise Control Barrier System is designed in a mobility and transportable barrier system, as an effective noise mitigation system for reducing unwanted noise for all changing situation. In Singapore, government bodies have found such equipment to be highly effective and such has set requirements to erect such Noise Control Barriers in noise sensitive areas for most projects. It can be positioned in different terrains to isolate any unwanted noise source and left there as long as necessary is required. Upon completion of the sites or applications, the barrier system can be easily relocated to a different site or application. Most importantly, the noise control barrier system can offer a cost effective solution for a long term usage due to the unique system. Noise Reduction Net is based on a high-tech acoustic screen developed by Japan, which typically fits around fencing or scaffolding units. It not only provides exceptional convenience during fitting and removal, but also good acoustical performance. For more information, visit

BIM&CO BIM&CO is a free, cloud-based, collaborative platform where all digital modelling players can create, publish, contribute and use BIM objects from all over the world. All the different players involved in BIM will be able to create, cocreate, manage, collaborate, publish and use all types of BIM objects in public or private spaces on the platform, thanks to a centralised environment that is accessible free of charge anywhere in the world via Internet. For architects, design offices and economists, they can use BIM&CO objects in their digital models. They can use data and objects from the platform, publish their own objects, exchange information with manufacturers, etc. The company, which is based in France, exhibited in BuildTech Asia 2016 for the first time to share the benefits of the platform with trade visitors. “Our cloud-based BIM is a smart and collaborative BIM Content Platform,” said Charles Vidal, Country Manager Singapore and Architect, BIM&CO. For more information, visit

Baptiste Mullie (left) CTO and Charles Vidal (right) Country manager/Architect at their booth at BuildTech Asia 2016.

Daebo Housing Co Ltd Daebo Housing Co Ltd is a leading Korean manufacturer of an EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System) and the decorative finishing (trowel & spray types), which are made mostly of ecogreen water-based binders and pure natural stone powders. There are over 30 kinds of building finishing products that are being produced. The company showcased its external insulation system for facades at BuildTech Asia 2016. It was the company’s first time participation at the show. “Our products are applied in the U.S.A, Canada, Japan and other 13 countries and we want to introduce the product here,” said Jack Yoon, Chairman, Daebo Housing Ltd., The company has a partner in Singapore called Wayfoong International Pte Ltd. For more information, visit www.

Jack Yoon at his booth at BuildTech Asia 2016.

JAN-FEB 2017 Southeast Asia Building


Southeast Asia Building : Jan-Feb 2017  

Southeast Asia Building : Jan-Feb 2017

Southeast Asia Building : Jan-Feb 2017  

Southeast Asia Building : Jan-Feb 2017