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Pale Cherry. Photo: © Ezarri

Palisandro. Photo: © Ezarri

Phyllite. Photo: © Ezarri

Riverstone. Photo: © Ezarri

Rustic. Photo: © Ezarri

Sandstone. Photo: © Ezarri

Sarsen. Photo: © Ezarri

Tigrato. Photo: © Ezarri

Travertino. Photo: © Ezarri




Kastone Air is one the lightest artificial stone veneers today. Its thin nature, flexibility and durability provides users a high-tech and green alternative to conventional stone veneer. Kastone Air’s flexibility allows application onto curved surfaces without cracking. Thus, uniquely rounded buildings can now also benefit from the beauty of artificial stone veneer. The panels’ strong adhesion to various kinds of substrates – and resistance to UV, chemical and weather conditions – renders them suitable for any kind of structure, from villas to skyscrapers. The lightweight and thin nature of Kastone Air allows for a simpler installation process, rendering the product more cost-effective and convenient for users and applicators. Kastone Air also cuts down on storage space and transportation costs. Kastone Air combines the original brick texture Each panel weighs 80g-90g per piece (6.4 cm x 22 cm) and the total weight for a square with innovative techniques. Photo: © Suzukacoat (M) Sdn Bhd metre coverage is around 5.5kgs (for an estimated 65 panel pieces). Not only is Kastone Air environmentally friendly, but its variety of designs also meets the aesthetic needs of any atmosphere. Suzukacoat (M) Sdn Bhd first launched Kastone Air at the annual ARCHIDEX 2016 exhibition in Kuala Lumpur in July 2016, also winning the New Product Award for its innovative achievements. For more information, visit

JAN-FEB 2017 Southeast Asia Building


Southeast Asia Building : Jan-Feb 2017  

Southeast Asia Building : Jan-Feb 2017

Southeast Asia Building : Jan-Feb 2017  

Southeast Asia Building : Jan-Feb 2017