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NEWSLETTER DECEMBER 2012 CONTENTS: Store cattle Dovecote Park; Smithfield results Beef South West results Wadebridge & other winter shows Health issues Semen collection TB compensation Changes to TB rules

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New registration fees; journal Show news

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Calf weighing BCBC Conference; Diary; Herd Books World Assn; Cattle for Sale New Members And Finally Linda’s Trophy

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Dear Member, If you have any more orders for personalised merchandise please would you let Debbie know immediately and we will try to beat the already expired deadline. Other ‘stock’ items (such as calendars, notebooks, chopping boards etc) can be despatched up until Wednesday 19th, but please give as much notice as you can. For more information either speak to Debbie, or refer to the merchandise list you received in November with the last newsletter (also on the website). Nomination papers are enclosed for regions 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 for Council vacancies, and you are asked to return them to the office by Friday 4th January. Statements are also enclosed, and please note that Debbie can receive payment by Debit Card over the telephone. Council met recently to discuss a range of issues, including setting the budget for next year. Membership subscriptions, which have not been raised since 2003, will not be changed. However, registrations, which also have not been changed since 2009, will be increased by 5% for both females and males. Any 1

registrations that are received in this office by 31st December will still be charged at the current rates, and the new charges will apply to anything received on or after 1st January. The East of England Smithfield Festival saw an excellent class of South Devon heifers, and the steer entries in a multi-breed class held their own very well. Indeed, there were more pure bred entries from the South Devons than any other breed – so well done to all who supported this prestigious ‘shop-window’ event. Results are inside. Although it is still a year away, we would encourage you to start picking out any potential primestock animals that might be suitable for showing, either by yourself or another member. It is very important that we continue to have a strong presence in this commercial market, and Council are looking at ways to increase Society support for exhibitors. The first South Devon Calf Show to be held at Smithfield was a great success, bringing out 20 heifers and bulls to be judged by Robert Shinner. Some new enquirers and a supportive crowd of South Devon breeders enjoyed the spectacle, and well done to all who took part. Bob Bostelmann has kindly written some BVD guidelines which are reproduced inside. Also, please would you take note of a new ruling adopted by the Council relating to Shows and the validity of show animals. There seems to be some confusion in the interpretation of the new TB rules which I have attempted to clarify inside this newsletter. Work is already underway on the Journal for 2012/2013, so please let me have your advertisements and reports early in January. The office will be closed during Christmas week (24th to 28th December). Finally, we would all like to thank you for your forbearance, good wishes, and help during a difficult year health-wise, and wish you and your families a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year!

Caroline, Liz and Debbie


STORE CATTLE WANTED URGENTLY As part of the West Country Beef Scheme, Dovecote Park is looking for strong South Devon pedigree sired cattle to go into finishing yards now. If you have store cattle to offer please contact Rob Bunn or Kate Sutton at Dovecote Park on 01977 720327; or Andy Johns, finisher, on 07970 973575.

EAST OF ENGLAND SMITHFIELD FESTIVAL Peterborough, 30th November/1st December With grateful thanks to our sponsor, Cornwall Farmers.

PURE BRED PEDIGREE BEEF CLASSES South Devon heifer class 1st R K Rundle KESTLE DOROTHY 176 2nd S J & S M Ward THORNCOTT BESOWSA PRIDE 3rd J East HEIFER th 4 N & E Bunkum TREGARRICK BUSSELL th 5 Messrs Broome & Brewin WELLAND VALLEY DORIS th 6 Messrs Broome & Brewin NORTH VIEW CORNFLOWER th 7 J E Harvey & L Stone BADDAFORD BARONESS 44 Native steer class 1st G R Fountaine CALVERTON SCRUMPY 3rd S J & S M Ward BESOWSA GREASE LIGHTNING 7th Mr & Mrs R Clemens PENROSE STONEHEDGING GEORGE Baby beef born on or after 1 January 2012 1st N & E Bunkum TREGARRICK COCO nd 2 D L Irving ENTERPRISE JICKY SOUTH DEVON CALF SHOW Bull calf born on or between 1 January and 31 March 2012 1st A & C Farms LANGHAM’S KUBLA 2 nd 2 A & C Farms LANGHAM’S KUBLA 4 3rd Messrs Broome & Brewin NORTH VIEW DOMINATOR 4th M J Perris CROSS TREE SEBASTIAN th 5 K Finch PYTCHLEY STARBUSTER th 6 Messrs Broome & Brewin WELLAND VALLEY DEFENDER 3

Bull calf born on or after 1 April 2012 1st R K Rundle KESTLE LEO 2nd Messrs Broome & Brewin WELLAND VALLEY HANBURY 26 rd 3 Messrs Broome & Brewin WELLAND VALLEY HERMES th 4 Messrs Broome & Brewin NORTH VIEW BENTLEY Heifer calf born on or between 1 September and 31 December 2011 1st Messrs Broome & Brewin WELLAND VALLEY ADORA nd 2 Mr & Mrs R Clemens PENROSE STONEHEDGING LISA 37 Heifer calf born on or between 1 January and 31 March 2012 1st R K Rundle AI KESTLE DAHLIA 67 2nd A & C Farms LANGHAM’S LADY 2 rd 3 A & C Farms LANGHAM’S BUTTERMAID th 4 N & E Bunkum TREGARRICK CANDY Heifer calf born on or after 1 April 2012 1st R K Rundle KESTLE BUTTERCUP 131 nd 2 M J Perris CROSS TREE SNOWDROP 2 rd 3 G R Fountaine PORTMAN BURTLEY KANNA 3 4th K Finch PYTCHLEY BUTTERCUP BREED CHAMPION Champion A & C Farms LANGHAM’S KUBLA 2 Reserve R K Rundle KESTLE LEO


Westpoint, 8th November Congratulations to all who brought cattle in support of the breed! Class 1 – pure bred native or native sired steer 1st non South Devon nd 2 S J & S M Ward rd 3 S J & S M Ward Class 2 – pure bred native or native sired heifer 1st R K Rundle 2nd S J & S M Ward 3rd J Harvey & L Stone Class 6 – homebred and fed heifer 1st non South Devon nd 2 R K Rundle rd 3 S J & S M Ward 4


26th November Another strong entry of quality primestock animals forward, outnumbering other breeds – again, well done to all those who supported. Class 1 – any bullock, any breed, from a Young Farmers Club member 1st Miss T Ward Class 2 – steer or heifer 1st M A & C Sandbach & Son nd 2 M A & C Sandbach & Son 3rd Mr & Mrs R Clemens Class 4 – South Devon steer, any age 1st S J & S M Ward nd 2 S J & S M Ward rd 3 N Penellum & Sons th 4 N Penellum & Sons Class 5 – South Devon heifer, any age 1st R K Rundle 2nd N & E Bunkum 3rd N & E Bunkum th 4 N Penellum & Sons

OTHER WINTER SHOWS/SALES The South Devon Bred Prize at the Colchester Primestock Christmas Show, sponsored by the Society, was won by Mr Trevor Horsnell, trading as F J Horsnell of Highwood, Chelmsford. The animal was purchased at 250p/kg by Messrs Fowler Bros, Burnham on Crouch. At Rugby Market’s 1st Martinmas Store Cattle Fair, the report quotes “a South Devon from Mrs G J Dunn selling to £1,390 at 15 months was the star” of the 12 to 16 month age section. The multi-breed sale at Thrapston in October saw a strong representation of pure and crossbred South Devons from several breeders, including R G Elliott & Son, Hadley Farms Ltd, and J White, and the cattle sold well. Thanks to the regional committee and to A & C Farms for arranging the promotional stand. 5

HEALTH ISSUES THE FINANCIAL RISK OF LIVER FLUKE - £229 PER HEAD! EBLEX have put together some stark figures to demonstrate how significant are the costs of liver fluke if untreated:  Over half a million cattle livers were lost between 2008-2011 because of liver fluke at an estimated cost to their breeders of almost £2.3 million  During that period productivity losses of at least 1 kg per week were estimated as a result of liver fluke infection costing the industry between £12.7 million and £15.3 million  EBLEX calculates that it takes 80 days longer to finish a fluke infected animal which, at an estimated £1.80/day costs £144 per animal; and suffers a 10% reduction in projected carcase value (£79)  Together with additional financing cost, EBLEX calculates that an animal with fluke can add £229 to your costs – as opposed to the cost of treatment which is about £3!

BVD SOCIETY SALE RULES AND GUIDELINES Drawn up by Bob Bostelmann, approved by Council Rules All cattle entered for sales must either come from CHeCs accredited BVD free herds, or the individual animals must be blood tested negative for BVD virus (antigen). The cattle must also be double vaccinated against BVD; in the case of the females this must be completed prior to them being served, if they are pregnant at the time of the sale. The accreditation certificate or the laboratory result must be displayed on the pen gate at the sale. Explanation The Council of the SDHBS, in common with many other breed societies, is anxious to eradicate Bovine Virus Diarrhoea (BVD) from the breed. BVD is mostly spread through Persistent Infectors (PI). A PI is created when a foetus (about 50-100 days of pregnancy) which has no immune system comes across the BVD virus. Its dam will have a few mild symptoms which she will throw off. The calf, when born, will be clinically normal but will continually excrete the virus. BVD can cause a range of symptoms - from diarrhoea, to 6

pneumonia and abortion - but it will always cause a reduction in resistance so the affected animal is more likely to become susceptible to other diseases. In order to prevent PIs it is important that cattle are fully vaccinated prior to being put in calf. There is a reduction in fertility after vaccination so ideally vaccination should be completed three weeks before the start of the breeding season. MAKE SURE THE BULLS ARE ALSO VACCINATED AS BVD CAN BE SPREAD IN SEMEN. Accreditation is achieved by proving the herd is free from the disease over two years. There are two options: Either - blood test five calves in each management group at about 9-18 months of age. The laboratory cost is about £3.50 per calf but you will need to pay a vet to take the sample. Or - you take a sample of ear tissue from EVERY calf that is born and submit that for antigen testing. The ear tag to collect the sample is about £2.50 and the test costs approximately £5.25. While this method is more expensive it has the advantage that you could become accredited quicker which may be important as the Society will only allow BVD free CHeCS accredited cattle at official sales from Spring 2014. Unfortunately if you find evidence of BVD in the herd while testing it may be necessary to blood test every animal in your herd to find the PI before you can progress to accreditation. Please do not think that you can keep a PI until that animal is ready to go fat as BVD is incredibly infectious and you are creating future problems by delaying. Assuming a spring calving herd, the quickest and most economic pathway to accreditation is to blood test this year’s crop of calves and then to use the ear tags to test the 2013 crop. This could give accreditation by summer 2013.

SEMEN COLLECTION With the continuing spread of TB and the implementation of measures to restrict movements, it is becoming more difficult to find suitable bulls to collect on stud that then may qualify for semen export. However, on-farm 7

collection is allowed in unrestricted herds, and semen taken may be marketed in the UK. As well as presenting business opportunities, semen collection is a way to safeguard valuable breed genetics and to make them more widely available. UK Sire Services offer semen collection services both at their stud near Totnes, Devon, and on-farm, the charges being as follows: Bulls housed on stud Application for DEFRA license, including tests for TB, brucellosis, IBR and BVD Quarantine on stud (per day) Maintenance per day (collection unit) Semen processing per dose Semen discards per dose Pre and post entry testing for EU certification Pre and post entry testing for other destinations

£320.00 £10.00 £10.00 £0.55 £0.19 At cost At cost

Export certification Export certification (per certificate)


Bulls collected on farm Application for DEFRA license Farm visit for first collection Subsequent collections from other bulls on same visit (per bull) Semen processing per dose Mileage charge (per mile)

£93.00 £185.00 £100.00 £0.65 £0.45

Semen storage and dispatch charges (per bull) Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage

charge 1-100 doses (per month) charge 101-1000 doses (per month) charge 1001-1500 doses (per month) charge 1501-3000 doses (per month) charge 3000 doses and above (per month per 1000)

£5.40 £7.10 £11.50 £13.00 £4.40

For further information please contact UK Sire Services Ltd, 01803 863560 and speak to Rob Wills.



Compensation due

Up to 3 months Over 3 months up to 6 months Over 6 months up to 9 months Over 9 months up to 12 months Over 12 months up to 16 months Over 16 months up to 20 months 20 months and over Breeding bulls months and over

240 508

Up to 3 months Over 3 months up to 6 months Over 6 months up to 9 months Over 9 months up to 12 months Over 12 months up to 16 months Over 16 months up to 20 months 20 months and over Calved

644 719 825 954 1,046 20

Female Age


Compensation due 190 428 546 606 691 824 975 952

PEDIGREE BOVINE Male Age Up to 6 months 6 months up to 12 months Over 12 months up to 24 months 24 months and over

Compensation due * *

Female Age Up to 6 months 6 months up to 12 months Over 12 months up to 24 months 24 months and over (not calved) Calved under 36 months Calved 36 months and over

4,373 2,637

Compensation due * 1,612 1,918 1,938 1,972** 1,997

*Compensation to be determined using individual valuation **Compensation to be determined using previously ascertained market price 9

CHANGES TO TB RULES FROM 1ST JANUARY 2013 The announcement of changes to TB Rules from 1st January has caused some confusion, especially over movement controls. Testing frequency areas England will be divided into two cattle TB testing frequency areas, based on county not parish. Annual testing counties will be - Avon, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cheshire, Cornwall, Derbyshire, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Shropshire, Somerset, Staffordshire, East Sussex, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, West Midlands, and Worcestershire. The rest of England will be placed on 4-yearly testing. Surveillance around TB breakdowns in the 4-yearly testing area will be ‘enhanced’ and herds at so-called higher risk of TB infection will continue to be tested annually. Cattle movements  Farmers who have a case of TB on their farm will not be allowed to bring new cattle in until the rest of the herd has been tested for TB and a vet has carried out an assessment. This is a new rule that is likely to

cause a trading headache for many

 Farmers will now have 30 days, down from 60, to move cattle that test negative for TB from a TB breakdown farm. This is applicable only to

farms under TB restriction, not for clear herds that wish to take animals to shows, for example

 AQUs (Approved Quarantine Units on farms for calves from TB breakdown herds) will be phased out  Tighter monitoring will be implemented for TB free cattle going to AFUs (Approved Finishing Units) from TB restricted herds for fattening


NEW REGISTRATION FEES Applicable from 1st January 2013

Males Notification of birth (within 4 months) Registration fee up to 18 months, including DNA analysis for sire verification and myostatin Registration fee over 18 months, including DNA analysis for sire verification and myostatin

NIL £52.50 + VAT £81.00 + VAT

Females Registration fee up to 4 months of ages Thereafter a £1.00 per month incremental charge up to 12 months of age Registration fee over 12 months of age

£31.50 + VAT

£52.50 + VAT

A credit note for the first £31.50 of the full cost of registration up to 30 months of age may continue to be claimed by the breeder who pays for its registration provided he or she still owns the animal, on receipt of evidence of casualty or slaughter, but not transfer, within four months of date of death.

Please note – registration applications received by 31st December will be charged at current, not new rates

JOURNAL 2012/2013 If you would like to advertise in the Journal please would you send your copy to the office by Wednesday 2nd January. Members’ advertising rates are: Full page ½ page ¼ page

£220 plus VAT £165 plus VAT £130 plus VAT

If you have any reports or articles for inclusion please would you send them to Caroline by Friday 18th January. Thank you 11

SHOW NEWS IMPORTANT NOTICE TO SHOW EXHIBITORS A new Society ‘anti-tampering’ ruling has been adopted by Council which will be applicable to all Shows with South Devon classes, as follows:

Tampering to deliberately conceal or otherwise alter an undesirable characteristic of a show animal is not allowed under Society rules. Cattle entered in shows that are found to be artificially coloured or in any way faked at any time whilst on the showground shall be disqualified. Any allegation must be communicated to the ring steward on the day, and the show’s chief cattle steward shall be responsible for determining the truth of the allegation and, if found to be true, instituting disqualification proceedings. BURKE TROPHY The prestigious Burke Trophy, formerly presented at the Royal Show, is now circulated amongst major shows in the UK. In 2013 it is the turn of the Bath & West Show, so perhaps you might consider this when you are planning which shows to attend. NEWARK & NOTTS COUNTY SHOW New South Devon classes will be held at the Newark Show for the first time in 2013 – on 11th & 12th May. If you are planning to bring cattle to the National Show at the Devon County you might wish to consider a second team if you wish to support Newark as well! CHESHIRE COUNTY SHOW New South Devon classes will be held at Cheshire Show on 18th/19th June 2013. A number of members took cattle to the Show this year and have given good reports, so the staging of classes is welcomed.


NATIONAL SHOW, DEVON COUNTY The Prize Schedule is currently in production at the Devon County Show office, but to help with your early planning this is a reminder of the classes:  Cow born on or before 31 December 2009, certified in calf, having had a full time calf in the previous 12 months, with or without calf at foot  Heifer or cow born between 1 January and 31 December 2010, certified in calf or with calf at foot  Heifer born between 1 January and 31 December 2011  Heifer born between 1 January and 31 December 2012  Bull born on or before 31 December 2009  Bull born in 2010 or 2011  Bull born on or after 1 January 2012  Group of any three animals bred by the exhibitor, entered in previous classes Exhibitor travel discounts, per animal forward: From Region 1 (Cornwall) From Region 3 (Wessex) From Region 4 (South East) From Region 5 (East Midlands & Eastern Counties) From Region 6 (Wales & West Midlands) From Region 7 (North & Scotland)

£20 £20 £30 £30 £30 £40

Exhibitor accommodation Please note that the Devon County Show can arrange the hire of caravans for exhibitors, but they must be booked EARLY. Straw and hay can be ordered and paid for in advance from Devon County. Sponsorship The Working Group are very busy trying to secure sponsorship from commercial organisations. If you can help find sponsors it will be much appreciated.


CALF WEIGHING The collection of birth weights is an important contribution to breed development data, and the Society encourages its members to submit weight information with birth notifications, whether herds are performance recording or not. Unlike some other breeds we have not found the ankle tape measurement to be reliably accurate, so will only accept actual weight measurements. If you do not have a calf weigh crush (such as sold by David Ritchie Implements), there are a number of other devices commercially available which you might find suitable for your own requirements which include the following

Calf sling; scales can be mounted on a trailer or pick-up

Cradle weigher attached to trailer or quad bike Perhaps these are too ‘Heath Robinson’ for you, unless you know a friendly engineer. There are a number of websites you can take a look at, if you google ‘calf weigh equipment’.


BRITISH CATTLE BREEDERS CONFERENCE Telford, Shropshire 21st-23rd January 2013 The ‘Beef Day’ includes an interesting line-up of speakers including: Mr Andrew Loftus, Morrisons Supermarkets – ‘The Future of the UK Suckler Herd’ Dr Andrew Cromie, geneticist – ‘Are the UK Beef Industry Structures Fit for Purpose?’ Mr Adrian Ivory, Strathisla Farms – ‘Breeding for Profit’ Mr Mike Powley, SD member, Yorkshire – ‘Our Beef Enterprise and the Wider Beef Industry, Fit for Purpose?’ To book your place please contact Lesley Lewin, 01409 241579, e-mail

DIARY Jan Feb Mar April May

21-23rd 30th 14th 26th 27th 16th 18th 4th 16th/18th

British Cattle Breeders Club Conference Executive committee meeting Council meeting Annual General Meeting, Exeter Spring Show & Sale, Exeter Council meeting Breed Promotion meeting Midland Club Sale, Stratford NATIONAL SHOW, Devon County

OLD HERD BOOKS AVAILABLE Mark Thomas has an almost complete set of Herd Books dating back to the 1940s which is going spare. If you are interested, please call Mark on 07977 058184 15

WORLD ASSOCIATION The North American South Devon Association is compiling a South Devon cookbook, and we are invited to contribute ideas. Categories will include breakfast/brunch; breads/muffins/rolls; soups/sandwiches; appetisers/snacks; beverages; salads; main dishes; casseroles; vegetables/side dishes; pies/cakes; desserts/sweets; biscuits; healthy eating/low fat; and miscellaneous – so something for everyone! If you would like to submit a recipe please send it with your name and address, together with a short description of why it is your favourite, to Nettie Nelson, e-mail or Tonja White, e-mail by 1st February. The book will be featured in the 2014 World Congress to be held in the USA.


Please don’t forget to tell us if you sell what you are advertising! BULLS Monkton Donatello UK721712 300033 Born 04/06/2002 Levaton Gem 3 UK364304 200056 Born 17/04/2006 Trewint Excalibur 2 UK383029 400541 Born 16/05/2006 Bedford Hadrian 14 UK382333 200183 Born 08/09/2006 Northwick Claudius 12 UK321645 300391 Born 09/02/2007

G K & M A Garrett & Son Devon – Region 2

01837 54348

Mr & Mrs J Fanshawe Northamptonshire – Region 5

01604 740308

L E Walters & Son Devon – Region 2

01404 841403

Mr T R G Martin Devon – Region 2

01769 580737

J W Burgess & Sons Ltd Cambridge – Region 5

07821 276413


Knightcote Demetrius 1 UK203338 100235 Born 25/02/2007 Rufford SAS Gunner UK165390 200122 Born 02/04/2007 Billington Donatello 21 UK371751 700157 Born 18/05/2007 X Haughton SAS Illya UK303138 100027 Born 03/07/2007 Z Embury Ben 10 UK202073 300115 Born 15/05/2008 Mutterton Strongbow 8 UK361746 400178 Born 28/02/2009 AI Waddeton Homer 6 UK364027 500828 Born 22/03/2009 Trenderway Henry 1 UK387274 500009 Born 11/04/2009 Raphael Warrior UK382939 100792 Born 22/02/2010 Z Waddeton Illistram 9 UK364027 400897 Born 25/03/2010 Glebe Duke 1 UK340654 300343 Born 20/03/2011 FEMALES 20 bulling heifers

N P Foster & Partners Northamptonshire – Region 5

07961 428431 (Joy Broughton)

Mells Park Trust Somerset – Region 3

07894 037158 (Johnny Ward)

G K & M A Garrett & Son Devon – Region 2

01837 54348

Mr R J Dimond Somerset – Region 3

01749 812373

Mr & Mrs D Barlow Derbyshire – Region 7

01298 84820/ 07973 468177

Mr J Virgin Dorset – Region 3

01258 817171

The Tully Partnership Devon – Region 2

01803 842394

Mrs C Harris & Mr Y Peled Cornwall – Region 1

01503 272214

F & J Rowe Cornwall – Region 1

01503 272766

The Tully Partnership Devon – Region 2

01803 842394

J Virgin Dorset – Region 3

01258 817171/ 07836 661365

M R & R J Rowe Cornwall – Region 1

01579 342407 01579 343241


2 x 2 year old in-calf heifers 12 bulling heifers

Mr C Wyatt Somerset – Region 3 Mr E Noy Hertfordshire – Region 5

01460 63155

7 bulling heifers

F & J Rowe Cornwall – Region 1 The Tully Partnership Devon – Region 2 Mr D P Crow Shropshire – Region 6 Mr T R G Martin Devon – Region 2 K V & M A Plain Gloucestershire – Region 3 G K & M A Garrett & Son Devon – Region 2 Mr W H D Scott Gloucestershire – Region 3

01503 272766

in-calf heifers & cows, cows with calves in-calf cows, bulling heifers in-calf & bulling heifers 2 x 2 year old in-calf heifers 10 maiden heifers, 6 cows with calves 16 bulling heifers

07812 137201

01803 842394 01952 222134 07811 593260 01769 580737 01684 772096 01837 54348 01608 651464

NEW MEMBERS Full Region 2 Region 5 Region 6

Mr G J Wotton, Westerpark, Coolings Farm, East Prawle, Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ7 2DD Prefix: COOLINGS Mr I Kendle, 163 Holt Road, Fakenham, Norfolk, NR21 8JF Prefix: LANCASTER Mr C Turner, Lower Gurnox Farm, Easinghope Lane, Broadwas, Worcestershire, WR6 5PA Prefix: BASILEUS

Introductory Region 3 Mr S Bennett, 31 Old Field Road, Westbury, Wiltshire, BA13 3LB Prefix: DILTON VALE Introduced by Johnny Ward Mr F Payne, Chesils Farm, Stoke Trister, Wincanton, Somerset, BA9 9PQ Introduced by Robert Dimond Region 6 Mr D Letherbarrow, Springfield Farm, Oxhill, Warwickshire, CV35 0RP Introduced by Robert Hadley 18

AND FINALLY … A farmer was talking to his solicitor before a case. The solicitor assured the farmer that he would get him off. ‘But wouldn’t it help if I sent the judge a couple of ducks?’ asked the farmer. ‘Good gracious, no,’ replied the solicitor. ‘That would go against you. The judge would consider it bribery.’ After the case the solicitor congratulated the farmer when he was found not guilty. ‘There you are,’ he said. ‘I told you I would get you off.’ ‘Yes, I know,’ said the farmer. ‘I sent the two ducks in the other chap’s name.’


LINDA TURPIE ROUNSEVELL MEMORIAL AWARD Nominations are invited for this year’s award of the Linda Turpie Rounsevell Memorial Trophy. The Trophy is a sketch of one of the Highgate herd dams with her calf, and was produced by renowned South-West artist, Xanthe Moseley. Keith Fisher is the current recipient of the award. You may nominate any member or non-member, and the nominations will be judged according to the greatest contribution to promotional work during 2012. The winner will retain the Trophy for one year and will receive a framed print to keep.

NOMINATION FORM I wish to nominate (name) ................................................................................................. of (address) .......................................................................................................................... ................................................................................................................................................... ................................................................................................................................................... for the Linda Turpie Rounsevell Memorial Trophy for 2012

Proposed by (name) ............................................................................................................. of (address) .......................................................................................................................... ................................................................................................................................................... Signed (Proposer) ................................................................................................................

Please tell us on a separate sheet and in no more than 300 words, why you believe this person should receive the Trophy for the year 2012 and return to the office by Friday 1st March 2013 20

South Devon Herdbook Newsletter December 2012  
South Devon Herdbook Newsletter December 2012  

South Devon Herdbook Newsletter December 2012