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NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2011 CONTENTS: Autumn Show & Sale Herd Book 2009/2010 National Herd Competition results Winners Open Day Wessex Herd Competition results Cattle Breeders Herd Competition results Next Generation Weekend Forthcoming Events

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Dispersal Sales; Agri-Expo New exhibitors; Primestock TB compensation Scottish TB testing; iodine deficiency International Sire; Farm Skills Linda’s Trophy; Diary; Wanted Cattle for Sale

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A Reading for Harvest Festival And Finally

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Dear Member, When most of you come to read this newsletter I shall be on my way to Australia to join other World Congress delegates for the World Conference, and I shall be back at the beginning of November. I shall give a report to the Conference on the progress the breed has made since the last Congress in 2008, and will report back to you on progress elsewhere in the world. I am also speaking to the Conference about myostatin testing. I also hope to bring back opportunities for genetic exchange; from this side, Genus have collected semen from two Hawkley bulls which will be offered to our international breeders, along with other qualifying semen – Hawkley SAS Intrepid and Hawkley Poll Inquest.


Inside this newsletter is a report from the Bristol Sale, which saw a steady trade, and buyers from across the country. The Male Champion came from David Irving’s Enterprise herd in Scotland – is it a ‘first’ that the Champion was from across the border? Although the Sale did not see as many big record-breaking prices as we have seen recently, when you read other breeds’ sale reports in the press, our averages compare quite favourably. The Draft Sale from the Ewefields Herd took place at Mr T J Warhurst’s Green Farm, Sutton-under-Brailes this weekend, and there was a good trade, with prices reaching 6100 guineas for Ewefields Hanbury 10 and 4500 guineas for Ewefields Hanbury 9. This is an encouraging step forward for the breed, with buyers from both the pedigree breeding, and commercial world. Mr Warhurst was the overall winner of the National Herd Competition last year. Results from this year’s Herd Competitions are inside, and congratulations go to Peter & Ashley Rowe for winning the National, and the Truro South Devon Cattle Club competitions; to Yvonne and John Hopkins for winning the Wessex Region competition; to Graham and Jo Hocking for winning the South Devon Cattle Breeders Club competition; and to Julian White for winning the Midland South Devon Cattle Breeders Club competition. Well done to all who entered! The Next Generation Weekend, which took a great deal of planning, was a great success, and it was lovely to see so many new faces there. I hope they all took something away to think about, and thanks to all who helped in any way. Enclosed with this newsletter are separate letters for members in regions 1, 2, 3 & 7 – all self-explanatory. Debbie is also enclosing an updated merchandise list to help with your Christmas shopping. There are a few new items, some of which would make great stocking fillers. Finally for this month, I have been asked by our Patron, HRH The Prince of Wales, to pass on his best wishes to everyone in the Society. With my best wishes

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AUTUMN SHOW & SALE Only one record broken this time, for the highest priced polled female – The Tully Partnership’s Z AI Waddeton Norman Countess 128 – who was also overall top priced female at 3,800 guineas. Trade for bulls was steady, with ten sold at an average of £3,087. The heifer trade was, price-wise, quite selective, with the highest prices going for carefully chosen breeding and looks. The Sale was a near clearance, which is always good to see, with buyers from across the country. A number had clearly come especially to acquire foundation stock from the St Anthony Dispersal, from which cows in particular sold very well. THE SHOW Judge: Mr Douglas Scott, Grove Farms, Moreton-in-Marsh BULLS Class 1 1st D L Irving ET ENTERPRISE JUSTICE 2nd M E & T E Broome WELLAND VALLEY SAMSON M E & T E Broome WELLAND VALLEY CRUSADER 6 3rd Class 2 1st J P Harrison BRAFFERTON CHARLEMAGNE 5 nd 2 A L Pascoe CARZISE BENTLEY 1 rd 3 The Tully Partnership Z WADDETON ILLISTRAM 5 Champion Male – The Roskymer Cup Winner D L Irving ET ENTERPRISE JUSTICE Reserve Champion Male – The Rowe Cup Winner M E & T E Broome WELLAND VALLEY SAMSON Best Male Pair – The Macfarlane Cup Winner M E & T E Broome WELLAND VALLEY CRUSADER 6 WELLAND VALLEY SAMSON Best Polled Male – The Polled South Devon Cup Winner The Tully Partnership Z WADDETON ILLISTRAM 5


FEMALES Class 3a 1st R K Rundle KESTLE BUTTERCUP 121 nd M E & T E Broome WELLAND VALLEY UBIQUITY 2 2 rd 3 B G & J Z A Dart AI WOODHAYES HOLLY 32 Class 3b 1st R K Rundle KESTLE BUTTERCUP 123 R R B & S J Harvey AI SEXTON SNOWDROP 592 2nd rd 3 R R B & S J Harvey SEXTON SNOWDROP 596 Class 4a 1st The Tully Partnership Z AI WADDETON NORMAN COUNTESS 128 nd 2 M E & T E Broome WELLAND VALLEY GEM 16 rd R K Rundle KESTLE DOROTHY 166 3 Class 4b 1st R A Ford GOFFE CAVE BETTY 23 2nd R A Ford GOFFE CAVE HILDA 33 rd 3 E G & C E James GLANCOLLEN SIAN 7 Class 5 1st M E & T E Broome WELLAND VALLEY GEM 20 Female Champion – The Sexton Cup Winner The Tully Partnership Z AI WADDETON NORMAN COUNTESS 128 Reserve Female Champion – The Alger Cup Winner R K Rundle KESTLE BUTTERCUP 121 Best Female Pair – The Greenslade Perpetual Cup Winner R K Rundle KESTLE BUTTERCUP 121 KESTLE BUTTERCUP 123 Best Polled Female – The Colcharton Cup Winner The Tully Partnership Z AI WADDETON NORMAN COUNTESS 128 Best Female on Performance & Inspection -The Bristol Sale Centre Trophy Winner M E & T E Broome WELLAND VALLEY GEM 16 Reserve M E & T E Broome WELLAND VALLEY UBIQUITY 2 Most points at Spring & Autumn Sales – The Ciba-Geigy Trophy Winner M E & T E Broome


THE SALE BULLS    Vendor      Bull        M E & T E Broome  Welland Valley Crusader 6  R K Rundle    Kestle Leo 9      M E & T E Broome  Welland Valley Samson    D L Irving     ET Enterprise Justice    A R Lee      Lumbylaw Galahad 18    P S & A P Rowe    Trewint Tornado 9    The Tully Prtnrshp  Z Waddeton Illistram 5    A L Pascoe    Carzise Bentley 1    W H D Scott    Z AI Grove Solomon 42    R W Bostelmann    Rufford SAS Jacko    10 bulls sold, averaging £3,087 

Purchaser         Mr & Mrs J A Hopkins, Lympsham, Somerset  G Collins Farms Ltd, West Lavington,  Wilts  P S & A P Rowe, Menheniot, Cornwall    J Gurney, Beachampton, Milton Keynes, Beds  D P Snook, Whidlecombe Farm, Priston, Bath  F C Thomas, Tregerrick, St Austell, Cornwall  G Thomas, Pendoylan, Cowbridge, Wales  G Collins Farms Ltd, West Lavington, Wilts  O Brewin, Thorpe Langton,  Leics    J G Williams & Son, Hopton Castle, Shropshire 

Gns 2700  2800  4400  3600  1905  2500  2200  2000  4100  3200 

FEMALES   HALTER BROKEN HEIFERS UNDER 3 YRS, 3 MTHS  Vendor      Heifer        Purchaser          Gns  B G & J Z A Dart    AI Woodhayes Holly 32    J C D & K A Richardson, Chepstow, Gwent  1250  R Clemens    Penrose Stonehedging Lisa 31  T J Hamer & Son, Henley, Ludlow, Shropshire  1200  B G & J Z A Dart    AI Woodhayes Holly 33    E C & M M Everall, Orleton, Ludlow, Shropshire  1300  M E & T E Broome  Welland Valley Ubiquity 2  A & C Vrona, Easton‐on‐the‐Hill, Lincs    1600  C R Wyatt    Chalk Regis Charisma 5    C H Leeson & Son, Ipstones, Staffs    1100  R K Rundle    Kestle Buttercup 121    M A & C Sandbach & Son, St Breock, Cornwall  3000  R R B & S J Harvey  AI Sexton Snowdrop 592  A Davies, Gro, Dolanog, Powys, Wales    2550  The Tully Prtnrshp  Z Waddeton Calypso 24   T H E Laity, Gwinear, Hayle, Cornwall    1650  B G & J Z A Dart    AI Woodhayes Countess 25  E C & M M Everall, Orleton, Ludlow, Shropshire  1300  R K Rundle    Kestle Buttercup 123    M A & C Sandbach & Son, St Breock, Cornwall  3000  R R B & S J Harvey  Sexton Snowdrop 596    A Baird, Moreton‐in‐Marsh, Glos    1500  C R Wyatt    Chalk Regis Snowdrop 6   J C D & K A Richardson, Chepstow, Gwent  1050  12 halter‐broken heifers under 3 yrs, 3 mths sold, averaging £1,794    HALTER BROKEN HEIFERS UNDER 2 YRS, 3 MTHS  Vendor      Heifer        Purchaser          Gns  C R Wyatt    Chalk Regis Charisma 7    J Gurney, Milton Keynes, Beds      1050  M E & T E Broome  Welland Valley Gem 16    A & C Vrona, Stamford, Lincs      2850  The Tully Prtnrshp  Z AI Waddeton Norman Countess 128  D Trewern & Son, St Levan, Penzance, Cornwall  3800  E G & C E James    Glancollen Olwen 3    Coles Farms Ltd, Shaftesbury, Dorset        850  W H Sandford    AI Haughton SAS Daisy 2  Coles Farms Ltd, Shaftesbury, Dorset        900  R K Rundle    Kestle Dorothy 166    M A & C Sandbach & Son, St Breock, Cornwall  2150  R A Ford      Goffe Cave Hilda 33    P F Pratt, Stourport‐on‐Severn, Worcs    1300  E G & C E James    Glancollen Sian 7    Coles Farms Ltd, Shaftesbury, Dorset        900  R A Ford      Goffe Cave Betty 23    A & C Vrona, Stamford, Lincs      1600  S Robbins    Robbi Cowslip 4     Coles Farms Ltd, Shaftesbury, Dorset        700  10 halter‐broken heifers under 2 yrs, 3 mths sold, averaging £1,690    HALTER BROKEN HEIFERS UNDER 15 MTHS  Vendor      Heifer        Purchaser          Gns  M E & T E Broome  Welland Valley Gem 20    A & C Vrona, Stamford, Lincs      2050   


NON HALTER BROKEN HEIFERS UNDER 3 YRS, 3 MTHS  Vendor      Heifer        Purchaser          D H Hartnell & Sons  Cornworthy Court Lulu    Coles Farms Ltd, Shaftesbury, Dorset    D H Hartnell & Sons  Cornworthy Court Coral 52  Coles Farms Ltd, Shaftesbury, Dorset    W H D Scott    Grove Alpenrose 24    A M & K T Musgrave, Williton, Somerset   Coles Farms Ltd, Shaftesbury, Dorset    C R Wyatt    Chalk Regis Elizabeth 8    C R Wyatt    Chalk Regis Jessica 8    Coles Farms Ltd, Shaftesbury, Dorset    C R Wyatt    Chalk Regis Charisma 6    Coles Farms Ltd, Shaftesbury, Dorset    C R Wyatt    Chalk Regis Molly 4    C H Leeson & Son, Ipstones, Staffs    C R Wyatt    Chalk Regis Mayflower 5  C H Leeson & Son, Ipstones, Staffs    C R Wyatt    Z Chalk Regis Mayflower 6  Hill & Johnstone, Culmhead, Somerset    R R B & S J Harvey  Sexton Snowdrop 589    Coles Farms Ltd, Shaftesbury, Dorset    R R B & S J Harvey  AI Sexton Snowdrop 590  A M & K T Musgrave, Williton, Somerset   R R B & S J Harvey  Sexton Snowdrop 594    M J H & Sons, Compton Martin, Bristol, Avon  R R B & S J Harvey  Sexton Snowdrop 597    E G Hawkins, Trull, Taunton, Somerset    R R B & S J Harvey  Sexton Bringgood 50    C H Leeson & Son, Ipstones, Staffs    14 non halter‐broken heifers under 3 yrs, 3 mths averaging £1,481    NON HALTER BROKEN HEIFERS UNDER 3 YRS, 3 MTHS  Vendor      Heifer        Purchaser          C R Wyatt    Chalk Regis Dewdrop 4    M J H & Sons, Compton Martin, Bristol, Avon  C R Wyatt    Chalk Regis Buttercup 5   Coles Farms Ltd, Shaftesbury, Dorset    W H D Scott    AI Grove Hawthorn 43    Coles Farms Ltd, Shaftesbury, Dorset    W H D Scott    Z AI Grove Willowherb 62  T H E Laity, Gwinear, Hayle, Cornwall    W H D Scott    Z AI Grove Primrose 55    T H E Laity, Gwinear, Hayle, Cornwall    S Robbins    Robbi Milli 3      Coles Farms Ltd, Shaftesbury, Dorset    850  6 non halter‐broken heifers under 2 yrs, 3 mths averaging £1,339   

Gns 1200  1250  2000  1300  1200  1300  1400  1550  1350  1400  1450  1250  1350  1750 

Gns 1050  1150  1200  2150  1250 

DISPERSAL OF THE ST ANTHONY HERD on behalf of Lyons Grant‐Dalton    MAIDEN HEIFERS  Heifer        Purchaser                St Anthony Wendy 6    J C D & K A Richardson, Home Farm, Itton, Chepstow, Gwent    St Anthony Gladys Elaine 3  Coles Farms Ltd, Broadoak Farm, East Melbury, Shaftesbury, Dorset  St Anthony Liz 9      J C D & K A Richardson, Home Farm, Itton, Chepstow, Gwent    St Anthony Gladys Hayley 3  Coles Farms Ltd, Broadoak Farm, East Melbury, Shaftesbury, Dorset  St Anthony Buttercup 5    Coles Farms Ltd, Broadoak Farm, East Melbury, Shaftesbury, Dorset  St Anthony Liza 2     Coles Farms Ltd, Broadoak Farm, East Melbury, Shaftesbury, Dorset  St Anthony Kristal 2    T H E Laity, Polkinghorne Manor, Gwinear, Hayle, Cornwall    St Anthony Mary 2    Coles Farms Ltd, Broadoak Farm, East Melbury, Shaftesbury, Dorset  St Anthony Marilyn 2    Coles Farms Ltd, Broadoak Farm, East Melbury, Shaftesbury, Dorset  St Anthony Poll Liz 8    J C D & K A Richardson, Home Farm, Itton, Chepstow, Gwent    St Anthony Lotty 2    J C D & K A Richardson, Home Farm, Itton, Chepstow, Gwent    10 maiden heifers sold averaging £923    SERVED HEIFERS  Heifer        Purchaser                Z St Anthony Sabrina    M J H & Sons, Herons Green Farm, Compton Martin, Bristol, Avon  Z St Anthony Salome    Coles Farms Ltd, Broadoak Farm, East Melbury, Shaftesbury, Dorset  Z St Anthony Selina    Coles Farms Ltd, Broadoak Farm, East Melbury, Shaftesbury, Dorset  Z St Anthony Stella    Coles Farms Ltd, Broadoak Farm, East Melbury, Shaftesbury, Dorset  Z St Anthony Sylvie    Coles Farms Ltd, Broadoak Farm, East Melbury, Shaftesbury, Dorset  Z St Anthony Suzy    Coles Farms Ltd, Broadoak Farm, East Melbury, Shaftesbury, Dorset  Z St Anthony Sarah    Coles Farms Ltd, Broadoak Farm, East Melbury, Shaftesbury, Dorset 


Gns   780    750    780    800    800    820    920    750    750    820    820 

Gns 1050    950  1150    900    950  1150    800 

Z St Anthony Sally    S Fuller, Decoy Farm, Henley, Langport, Somerset      St Anthony Suky      Coles Farms Ltd, Broadoak Farm, East Melbury, Shaftesbury, Dorset  St Anthony Sandy    Coles Farms Ltd, Broadoak Farm, East Melbury, Shaftesbury, Dorset  Z St Anthony Star     Coles Farms Ltd, Broadoak Farm, East Melbury, Shaftesbury, Dorset  11 served heifers sold averaging £1,107    STOCK BULL  Bull        Purchaser                Z AI Woodhayes Hermes 2  J Hoskin, Maiden Castle Farm, Dorchester, Dorset        BULL CALF  Bull        Purchaser                St Anthony Bull Calf    Coles Farms Ltd, Broadoak Farm, East Melbury, Shaftesbury, Dorset 

1350 1000  1100  1200 

Gns 1100 

Gns   680 

COWS WITH CALVES AT FOOT  Cow        St Anthony Milly 2   & x‐bred bull calf  Z St Anthony Ruby   & x‐bred heifer calf  St Anthony Rosie   & x‐bred bull calf  St Anthony Poll Astrid 2   & x‐bred heifer calf  Z St Anthony Rebecca (T)   & x‐bred bull calf  St Anthony Primrose   & heifer calf    Z St Anthony Priscilla   & heifer calf    Z St Anthony Pansy   & bull calf    Z St Anthony Phoebe   & bull calf    St Anthony Gladys Elaine 2   & heifer calf    St Anthony Liz 7   & heifer calf    St Anthony Mandy   & bull calf    Z St Anthony Marilyn   & heifer calf    Z St Anthony Molly   & bull calf    St Anthony Mary   & heifer calf    Z St Anthony Minni   & heifer calf    Z St Anthony Liza   & heifer calf    Z St Anthony Lilly      & bull calf    St Anthony Kristal     & heifer calf     



G Symons, Emmets‐Bane, Latchingdon, Chelmsford, Essex 


Lord Prior PC, Old Hall, Brampton, Beccles, Suffolk 


Lord Prior PC, Old Hall, Brampton, Beccles, Suffolk 



G Symons, Emmets‐Bane, Latchingdon, Chelmsford, Essex 

R J Milner, Tolldish Hall Farm, Parrotts Grove, Coventry, Warwicks 


S Fuller, Decoy Farm, Henley, Langport, Somerset 


Lord Prior PC, Old Hall, Brampton, Beccles, Suffolk 


T H E Laity, Polkinghorne Manor, Gwinear, Hayle, Cornwall 


G Symons, Emmets‐Bane, Latchingdon, Chelmsford, Essex 


Lord Prior PC, Old Hall, Brampton, Beccles, Suffolk 


J Hoskin, Maiden Castle Farm, Dorchester, Dorset 


G Symons, Emmets‐Bane, Latchingdon, Chelmsford, Essex 


G Symons, Emmets‐Bane, Latchingdon, Chelmsford, Essex 


Lord Prior PC, Old Hall, Brampton, Beccles, Suffolk 


G Symons, Emmets‐Bane, Latchingdon, Chelmsford, Essex 


G Symons, Emmets‐Bane, Latchingdon, Chelmsford, Essex 


G Symons, Emmets‐Bane, Latchingdon, Chelmsford, Essex 


G Symons, Emmets‐Bane, Latchingdon, Chelmsford, Essex 


C J Page, Coton Farm, Chacombe, Banbury, Oxfordshire   



St Anthony Liz 6   & twin calves    R C Burrough & Sons, Godworthy Farm, Membury, Axminster, Devon  X St Anthony Kay   & heifer calf    G Symons, Emmets‐Bane, Latchingdon, Chelmsford, Essex    St Anthony Gladys Kandy   & bull calf    G Symons, Emmets‐Bane, Latchingdon, Chelmsford, Essex    St Anthony Poll Victoria 1   & bull calf    G Symons, Emmets‐Bane, Latchingdon, Chelmsford, Essex    St Anthony Zoe 4 (B)   & heifer calf    G Symons, Emmets‐Bane, Latchingdon, Chelmsford, Essex    AI St Anthony Jasmin   & heifer calf    G Symons, Emmets‐Bane, Latchingdon, Chelmsford, Essex    Z St Anthony Poll Gladys Hayley   & heifer calf    Coles Farms Ltd, Broadoak Farm, East Melbury, Shaftesbury, Dorset  St Anthony Liz 11   & heifer calf    S & K Carpenter, 1 Lickhill Road North, Stourport on Severn, Worcs  St Anthony Gladys Glenda   & heifer calf    C J Page, Coton Farm, Chacombe, Banbury, Oxfordshire      St Anthony Poll Gladys Flora   & bull calf    C J Page, Coton Farm, Chacombe, Banbury, Oxfordshire      29 cows with calves at foot averaging £2,000   

FRAME SCORE MEASUREMENTS & INSPECTION SCROTAL CIRCUMFERENCE (cm) Age (mths) No Range Avg 21-30 7 35-39 37 31+ 4 38-42 40 HEIGHT AT WITHERS (cm) Age (mths) No Range 21-30 7 136-148 31+ 4 148-152 HEIGHT AT RUMP (cm) Age (mths) No Range 21-30 7 142-152 31+ 4 154-157 LENGTH (cm) Withers to pin Age (mths) No Range Avg 21-30 7 142-150 146 31+ 4 150-166 157 RUMP WIDTH (cm) Age (mths) No Range Avg 21-30 7 63-66 65 31+ 4 71-76 72

Pass size 35 cm 36 cm Avg 142 150 Avg 147 155 Hook to pin Range Avg 61-68 64 62-68 66


1850 1900  1500  1600  2050  1650  1150  1750  1900  2050 

WEIGHT (kg) Age (mths) No Range 21-30 7 818-891 31+ 4 1017-1180 SHOULDER WIDTH (cm) Age (mths) No Range 21-30 7 66-72 31+ 4 71-81

Avg 860 1098 Avg 69 76

One bull was rejected for corkscrew feet. One heifer was rejected for overshot jaw; five heifers were rejected for poor locomotion.

PRE-SALE SUPPER AND CLUB DRAW The first Club Draw of the year was made at the Pre-Sale Supper, drawn by Mr Mark Bromell from Kivells. The winning number was 80, belonging to Roger Rundle, who receives a cheque for ÂŁ163.75. There are still tickets available for the rest of the year, and if you would like to have a chance of winning please let Debbie know. The Supper was enjoyed by about 50 members and guests, and was a lovely informal get-together. Thanks to the Wessex Region who hosted the evening and organised a fund-raising raffle. Thanks also to Charles Phillips, regional chairman, for donating wine for the Supper. Â

HERD BOOK 2009/2010 This serves as a reminder to reserve a copy of the hard-back Herd Book for 2009/2010 registrations which will shortly be published. Only a limited number are produced, so to be sure of a copy please let the office know in good time. Thank you.


NATIONAL HERD COMPETITION Judges: Mrs Anne Tully, Mr Lionel Pascoe, Mr Andrew Eustice 20 herds with 42 stock bulls, 699 cows, 1285 youngstock judged over 8 days The Awards will be made at the Annual General Meeting on 27th March 2012 OVERALL RESULTS - TOP 12 PLACINGS The Wakeham Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup NAME P S & A P Rowe F & J Rowe Mrs D Rusher A R Lee J G Williams & Son B G & J Z A Dart C D & S H Smallcombe Mrs A Daniels D & B Bowley D Nixey Hadley Farms Ltd D L Irving

Bulls 63.75 59 68 48.5 50 36 39.5 47 54 48.5 48 47.5

Cows 485 480 442 450 460 445 428 438 425 430 415 403

Y’stock 405 410 370 380 368 365 360 335 335 332 340 350

Total 953.75 949 880 878.5 878 846 827.5 820 814 810.5 803 800.5

Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th

RUNNERS-UP: P Gunn; D G & M Northey; A Sell & G Hodkinson; K V & M A Plain; N & M Holt-Martyn; S & K Carpenter; J R & E Darlington; & C J & S C Rowe BEST SMALL HERD - The Irving Enterprise Trophy Mrs D Rusher BEST HERD OF COWS – The Cecil Harvey Shield P S & A P Rowe BEST YOUNG STOCK – The Society Cup F & J Rowe 10

TOP 25 BEST BULLS – The Tregerrick Perpetual Trophy Name F & J Rowe Hadley Farms Ltd P S & A P Rowe Mrs D Rusher J G Williams & Son F & J Rowe D Nixey P S & A P Rowe P S & A P Rowe P S & A P Rowe D L Irving A R Lee D & B Bowley J G Williams & Son C D & S H Smallcombe A R Lee A R Lee A R Lee A Sell & G Hodkinson S & K Carpenter J G Williams & Son Mrs A Daniels C J & S C Rowe D L Irving J R & E Darlington

Name of Sire Kestle Leo 4 Z Colcharton Demetrius Trewint Magnetto 3 George Teign Harold Hopton Maximus Grove Brutus 116 Goffe Cave Sturdy 8 (T) Sexton Cavalier 10 Trewint Tornado Waddeton Ann’s Eclipse Enterprise Cointreau Z Sexton General 23 Ridgemere Nelson Lumbylaw Galahad 15 AI Grove Brutus 82 Welland Valley Hanbury 10 Enterprise Condor Edmeston Zodiac 2 Juniper Ivanhoe Badgworth Rob Roy Sexton Cavalier 11 Trewint Magnetto 4 Edmeston Trusty 6 Enterprise Hercules Cubbon Radical 67

Points 144 140 138 136 132 130 128 126 124 122 116 114 108 106 100 100 98 96 96 96 96 94 94 94 86

Placing 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th =15th =15th 17th =18th =18th =18th =18th =22nd =22nd =22nd 25th

BEST GROUP OF 3 COWS FROM SAME SIRE – The Bill Major Trophy Name J G Williams & Son B G & J Z A Dart Mrs D Rusher

Name of Sire Trewint Jubilee Junior 1 Z Cilgwrrwg Illya Trewint Henry Junior 1


Placing 1st 2nd 3rd

TOP 11 BEST COWS – The Edmeston Hilda Cup Name B G & J Z A Dart J G Williams & Son D Nixey K V & M A Plain Mrs A Daniels P S & A P Rowe D & B Bowley F & J Rowe Mrs D Rusher C D & S H Smallcombe A R Lee

Name of Cow AI Woodhayes Daffodil 9 Hopton Delia 3 Chiltern & Haddenham Moonbeam 2/06 Foxhole Buttercup 2 Baddaford Moss Rose 9 Trewint Jill 451 Upper Norton Halina Raphael Diamond 2 (B) Burrow (SWIG) Marigold 10 Flintfield Sarah Lumbylaw Snowdrop 72

Points 48 46 45

Placing 1st 2nd =3rd

45 43 41 40 40 38 38 38

=3rd 5th 6th =7th =7th =9th =9th =9th

TOP 10 BEST HEIFERS UNDER 2 YEARS OLD – The Erme Cup Name F & J Rowe C D & S H Smallcombe A R Lee Mrs D Rusher B G & J Z A Dart P S & A P Rowe Hadley Farms Ltd J G Williams & Son D Nixey P Gunn

Name of Heifer Raphael Agate 8 Brookin Bluebell 5 Lumbylaw Maple 27 Burrow Marigold 16 AI Woodhayes Daffodil 26 Trewint Sally 100 Knightcote Ann 22 Hopton Cowslip 21 Chiltern & Haddenham Buttercup 1/09 Bunsley Bank Claire

Points 47 46 44 43 43 41 40 40 38

Placing 1st 2nd 3rd =4th =4th 6th =7th =7th 9th



BEST HOMEBRED POLLED ANIMALS – The Cilgwrrwg Trophy NAME B G & J Z A Dart C D & S H Smallcombe Hadley Farms Ltd

Name of Animal AI Z Woodhayes Daffodil 24 Z Brookin Ruby Z Knightcote Bryony 10 12

Points 47 46 43

Placing 1st 2nd 3rd

A Sell & G Hodkinson P Gunn N & M Holt-Martyn

Z Sellstead Crocus 1 Z Bunsley Bank Betty Z Crowndale Demetrius Balthazar (T)

40 39 37

4th 5th 6th

WINNER’S OPEN DAY P S & A P Rowe, Trewint Farm, Menheniot, Liskeard, Cornwall A great gathering of Society members, Truro Club members, and friends and guests came together at Menheniot to enjoy the sights of Peter & Ashley Rowe’s Trewint herd, this year’s National and Club Herd Competition winners. With over 140 visitors seated on 5 tractors and trailers, the number even exceeded the most populous visits made in 2005 during the World Congress here! We were not disappointed by this exceptional win: the cattle looked consistently strong and of excellent conformation, and all the groups showed themselves well, in spite of a little dampness in the air. The herd was founded in 1947 by Peter and Mervyn’s father, Stuart, who started his farming career with just nine cows and 25 Devon and Cornwall Longwool sheep which was enough to support Stuart, his wife Joyce and two workmen. During the visit Peter paid tribute to his late father, who had laid such good foundations for both the Trewint and Tregondale herds. Peter and Ashley now farm 220 acres at Trewint with a further 80 acres of rented land predominantly used for growing cereals and some fodder. The herd comprises 95 cows, 5 stock bulls, 25 in-calf heifers, plus followers. For the past several years all finishing steers have been sold to Phillip Warren of Launceston, but this year bulls were finished on cereals and sold through CQLP at about 15 to 16 months.


This is the third time that the Trewint herd has won the National Herd Competition, which is a true reflection of a consistent breeding programme focussing on beef characteristics, natural fleshing and ease of calving. At the end of the afternoon’s visit Peter & Ashley were warmly congratulated, and thanks were conveyed to the judges, to Peter and Ashley and family for hosting the event, and to the team of family and friends who had laid on such a wonderful tea, by Malcolm Broome (Society Chairman), Roger Clemens (Society President), and David Sandbach (Chairman, Truro Club).


Entrant Mr & Mrs J A Hopkins Mells Park Trust R J Dimond J Virgin Mrs D Sugden

Bulls /75

Cows /500

Youngstock /425

Total /1000

69.5 71.25 71 70 70

435 425 425 420 425

405 410 390 390 370

909.5 906.5 886 880 855




Points /75

Mells Park Trust Mr & Mrs J A Hopkins Mells Park Trust R J Dimond Mells Park Trust

Mells Park Bomber Z Brettles SAS Intrepid (T) Welland Valley Prince 2 X Haughton SAS Illya 2 Mells Park Bertie

74 73 72 71 71

BEST POLLED ANIMAL Z Brettles SAS Intrepid (T)


Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Place 1st 2nd 3rd =4th =4th







G & J Hocking R J & C J Edwards A H & E M Bartley Mr & Mrs R C Burrough & Sons

84 78 92 79

470 465 450 445

365 360 360 350

1st 2nd 3rd 4th





88 81 80

460 455 450

365 350 355


Entrant Mrs A Daniels D G & M Northey & Son R L Masters

Three heifers born in 2009 (herds of +20 cows) 1st R J & C J Edwards 2nd G & J Hocking 3rd R T & A R Smaridge Three heifers born in 2010 (herds of +20 cows) 1st Mr & Mrs R C Burrough & Sons nd 2 R T & A R Smaridge rd 3 A H & E M Bartley Pair of steers 1st Mrs A Daniels 2nd G & J Hocking R L Masters 3rd Best group of cows, in milk and/or in calf 1st R J & C J Edwards nd 2 Mrs A Daniels rd 3 D G & M Northey & Son 15

1st 2nd 3rd

Best group of cows with calves R J & C J Edwards 1st nd 2 A H & E M Bartley rd D G & M Northey & Son 3 Best family group of three generations 1st Mr & Mrs R C Burrough & Sons nd 2 A H & E M Bartley rd R J & C J Edwards 3 Best pedigree stock bull (top 5) 1st A H & E M Bartley WELLAND VALLEY DYNAMIC 6 nd 2 Mrs A Daniels TREWINT MAGNETTO 4 rd G & J Hocking STRETCHFORD FALCON 2 3 th 4 G & H Hocking Z EYTON POLL SUNSHINE th 5 R T & A R Smaridge GROVE LYSANDER 30 Best pedigree bull born after 1 January 2010 R J & C J Edwards Z COLCHARTON HALLMARK 1st A H & E M Bartley MUTTERTON STRONGBOW 13 2nd 3rd Mrs A Daniels TORR AVON TRUSTY th 4 A H & E M Bartley MUTTERTON STRONGBOW 10 th 5 Mr & Mrs R C Burrough & Sons GODWORTHY STARBUSTER 1 Two heifers born in 2009 (herds of fewer than 20 cows) 1st Mrs A Daniels nd 2 D G & M Northey & Son rd 3 R L Masters Two heifers born in 2010 (herds of fewer than 20 cows) Mrs A Daniels 1st 2nd D G & M Northey & Son rd 3 D Minchington Best cow (top 5) 1st D G & M Northey & Son IVY HILDA 3 nd 2 Mrs A Daniels BADDAFORD MOSS ROSE 9 rd 3 G & J Hocking RUGWELL HEATHER 2 th R J & C J Edwards Z COLCHARTON TULIP 149 4 5th R T & A R Smaridge ALLINGTON BUTTERCUP 11


THE NEXT GENERATION WEEKEND What an excellent weekend it was – so much information was conveyed on so many different topics, and the youngsters also had a lot of fun! The River Dart Country Park proved to be an ideal venue, with good accommodation, copious amounts of food, and ideally situated next to Horsehill Farm which played host to Saturday’s workshops. A total of 24 delegates stayed for the whole weekend, with a number of others coming just for the Saturday, and they travelled from as far away as Yorkshire and Staffordshire. Helen Ashcroft and Liz Noble greeted the arrivals on Friday evening, and, after supper and a talk about Estate Management, the opportunity to mix with one another involved a number of group games, some skilled and some not so skilled, including building a tower of dried spaghetti, and balancing an After Eight on the nose! After breakfast, Saturday began with an excellent talk from our Sale Inspector, Duncan Findlay MRCVS, about cattle diseases and fertility. A group photo followed (see Journal next year), and then the delegates walked across the fields to Horsehill Farm, where Duncan continued his talk by demonstrating what he looks for during his Sale Inspections. Richard Camp very kindly offered some of his cattle to demonstrate particular characteristics. Discussions moved on to include a brief overview of myostatin influences and frame scoring; and Mark Thomas talked about selection of animals for breeding and for sale. Peter French, one of the Dovecote Park finishers, gave some background to the Waitrose scheme during a pasty lunch, and then it was out into the fields to look at crops, grasses, and soil assessment. Only a brief break was allowed before supper and a talk about nutrition from Pete Davis. A disco was held in the evening, although I understand most of the socialising took place in the vicinity of the bar (for those 18 and over, of course!) Sunday saw a leisurely breakfast before a session on the High Ropes in the Adventure Centre, and then a carvery lunch to end the weekend. 17

We are most grateful to all those who helped make the weekend such a success, particularly Richard and Ann Camp, and all the speakers. It would be great if ‘The Next Generation’ could get together again next year, perhaps in a different part of the country, for some more training and socialising – ideas to Caroline please!

FORTHCOMING EVENTS MIDLAND CLUB FARM WALK AND AGM To be held by kind invitation of the Winner of the Midland Club’s Herd Competition, Mr Julian White Stoke Albany, LE16 8PY SATURDAY 29TH OCTOBER beginning at 10.30 am with coffee/tea/biscuits 10.45 view winning herd 13.00 lunch at The White Horse, Stoke Albany followed by the Club’s AGM Bookings, please, to Mrs Pat Rickett,, tel 01327 361268

NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING OF REGION 2 (Devon) The Annual Meeting of the Devon Region will be held on Tuesday 29th November 2011 at 7.30 pm at The Royal Oak, South Brent Beginning with a talk by Caroline Poultney on current issues Regional Secretary: Mrs Ann Camp, Horsehill Farm, Ashburton, Tel: 01364 653460 18

DISPERSAL SALE OF THE ROSKILLY HERD Upon the instructions of Mr & Mrs David Moss, Sandy Hey Farm, Adlington, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 4NG ON TUESDAY 25TH OCTOBER 10 cows with 9 calves At Chelford Agricultural Centre, Macclesfield Catalogues from Frank Marshall, tel 01625 861122

DISPERSAL SALE OF THE STOWFORD GRANGE HERD Upon the instructions of H Vigers & Son, Stowford Grange Farm, Lewdown, Okehampton, Devon, EX20 4BZ AT TAVISTOCK MARKET ON THURSDAY 3RD NOVEMBER at 1 pm 49 cows with calves at foot, 16 of which pedigree 1 in-calf heifer; 3 cows running with bull 2 bulls; 12 heifers, 11 of which pedigree Enquiries to Exmoor Farmers or Ward & Chowen, tel 01822 610080

AGRI-EXPO CARLISLE Please come and support the Society stand, being managed by Committee members of the Northern Region FRIDAY 28TH OCTOBER At Borderway Mart, Carlisle It is an excellent commercial show, with lots of technical support stands, and free entry! 19

NEW EXHIBITOR DISCOUNTS If you have shown South Devons for the first time this Summer you are eligible to receive reimbursement of the first two entry fees from the Society. Please would you therefore let Debbie know the Show you attended and the amount of the entry fee, and she will issue you a cheque. We hope you enjoyed the showing, and will do it again!

PRIMESTOCK SHOWS This year, the Society is financially supporting exhibitors who take cattle to the ENGLISH WINTER FAIR at Staffordshire County Showground on 19th & 20th November. Schedules are available on line at Any exhibitor with South Devon cattle forward will receive ÂŁ65 from the Society, so please support the growth of our presence at this Show if you can! As you are all aware, the East of England Showground at Peterborough is once again playing host to the SMITHFIELD FESTIVAL on 2nd and 3rd December. We had a very good turn-out of South Devons here last year, and would like to see even more this year, now that you are all so good at travelling across to the east of the country! The Society will continue to reimburse the entry fees of animals forward, as in previous years.


COMPENSATION FOR BOVINE TB Payable during October 2011


Compensation due

Up to 3 months Over 3 months up to 6 months Over 6 months up to 9 months Over 9 months up to 12 months Over 12 months up to 16 months Over 16 months up to 20 months 20 months and over Breeding bulls months and over

228 445

Up to 3 months Over 3 months up to 6 months Over 6 months up to 9 months Over 9 months up to 12 months Over 12 months up to 16 months Over 16 months up to 20 months 20 months and over Calved

558 700 832 935 1,036 20

Female Age


Compensation due 181 369 470 479 697 819 929 1,086

PEDIGREE BOVINE Male Age 6 months up to 12 months Over 12 months up to 24 months 24 months and over

Compensation due *

Female Age 6 months up to 12 months Over 12 months up to 24 months 24 months and over (not calved) Calved under 36 months Calved 36 months and over

3,581 2,127

Compensation due * 1,965 2,530 1,389 1,657

*Compensation to be determined using individual valuation ** Compensation to be determined using previously ascertained market price 21

SCOTTISH CHANGES TO TB TESTING In a further move to divide the UK into north and south, and in what might be seen as another attempt to sell the image of Scotland as ‘high health’, adjustments are being made to routine herd testing for bovine tuberculosis in Scotland as follows: Herds will now be exempt from four-yearly routine testing provided they meet certain criteria. The changes are intended to reduce the burden on the industry, and the financial burden on the tax payer. To be exempt from routine testing herds must qualify for one of the following: 1 2


Herds of fewer than 20 cattle with no more than one consignment of cattle moved on from a high risk area in the previous four years. Herds where 25% or more of the stock are slaughtered annually, and with no more than one consignment of cattle moved on from a high risk area in the previous four years. Herds where more than 40% of the stock is slaughtered annually, over a four year period.

I know I’m not a Vet or a Politician, but are these measures just too simplistic to be an effective barrier to this debilitating disease?

IODINE DEFICIENCY Deficiency in iodine in cows can be a common cause of losses at birth – stillborn calves, calves dying soon after birth, dopey calves - but is quite easy to put right. The answer is to talk to your vet, who can then advise the correct dosage of iodine to supplement the ration, and how it may be administered: By bolus; by dilute solution to paint on the cows’ backs, or to be poured over the forage; or in rock salts.


POTENTIAL INTERNATIONAL SIRE TORR DOWN MARVEL 3 Bred by John & Sue Harvey, Torr Down, Victoria, Australia Born 22nd May 2006, birthweight 45 kg Scanned January 2011; estimated weight 1200 kg Myostatin ‘0’ Height at hip: 148 cm Scrotal circumference: 48 cm P8: 5mm Rib: 5mm EMA: 130 sq cm IMF: 3% GeneStar tested, Tenderness 6, Feed Efficiency 4 Polling: 20 progeny so far, 18 of which fully polled, 1 scurred, 1 ten month old from horned dam showing buds Tested 91% chance of being homozygous polled Average birthweight: 36.8 kg, all unassisted Expressions of interest are invited, to ascertain the viability of collecting semen from Torr Down Marvel 3, for overseas distribution early 2012. A picture of the bull can be seen at If you have an interest, please contact, tel 00-61-3-54241001




XLVet Training Services Ltd, Ripon tel 01785 645893, e-mail 18th October


DIY AI Refresher course

19th-21st October



24th-26th October Preston


27th October


BVD and Johnes management

1st November


Beef basics

1st-4th November



1st-4th November





7th November


Cattle handling systems

18th November


Disbudding and castration skills

14th-18th November Worcester


LINDA’S TROPHY We have not yet reached the end of the year – but it’s not far away! It is time to start thinking about who you would like to nominate to receive the Special Award at the AGM of the Linda Turpie Rounsevell Memorial Award, which is a sketch of a cow and calf head by artist Xanthe Moseley. In the next newsletter will be an entry form for submission of nominations. The nominee judged by a Panel (Society President, Ian Rounsevell and Caroline Poultney) to have made the greatest contribution to the Breed’s promotion during 2011 will receive the Trophy at the AGM in March 2012.

DIARY 25th 28th November 3rd 9th 16th 19th/20th 22nd 28th 29th December 2nd/3rd 6th


Dispersal Sale of Roskilly herd, Chelford Agri-Expo Carlisle Dispersal of Stowford Grange herd, Lewdown World Congress ends Breed Promotion Committee meeting English Winter Fair, Stafford Breed Improvement Committee meeting Judges Advisers & Executive meeting Devon Region Annual Meeting Smithfield Winter Fair, Peterborough Council meeting

WANTED Mr Andrew Allan (Portman Burtley Estate) is looking to purchase a South Devon World Congress 2005 tankard. If you are able to help, please telephone him on 01753 669173/07813 174094. 24


(Please note: this list will be renewed for the next newsletter so please let us know if you would like your cattle to remain advertised, otherwise they will automatically be removed from the list) BULLS Northwick Drusus 3 UK321645 600331 Born 04/02/2006 Malthouse Jester UK221732 500578 Born 07/03/2006 Z Coton Athos UK283222 200117 Born 06/05/2006 Rufford SAS Geraint UK165390 200115 Born 09/01/2007 Keaton Lancelot 12 UK362107 300577 Born 25/01/2007 George Teign Harold 6 UK366214 200187 Born 17/03/2008 Embury Greenhill Hermes UK202073 500110 Born 26/03/2008 Waterlane Donald UK260354 400338 Born 22/12/2008 Foxhole Titan 7 UK302314 400139 Born 05/03/2009 Froyle Mill Reginald 2 UK281380 400635 Born 24/03/2009 Goffe Cave Steaming Billy UK200202 500589 Born 01/04/2009 Goffe Cave Sturdy 11 UK200202 600597 Born 06/04/2009

J & C Stone Devon – Region 2

07947 032731

R & M E White & Partners Suffolk – Region 5

01728 602248 07979 678478

Mr C Page Oxfordshire – Region 5

01295 750237

Mr D P Crow Shropshire – Region 6

01952 255650 07811 593260

R & H Baker Devon – Region 2

01548 521248

S J & J Bedford Devon – Region 2

01769 550256 07790 021580

Mr D P Snook Avon – Region 3

01761 471872

Mr O A Reynolds Kent – Region 4

07885 802302

K V & M A Plain Gloucestershire – Region 3

01684 772096

Mr & Mrs D Mayhew Hampshire – Region 4

07795 113808 (Nick Shaylor)

Mr R A Ford Leicestershire – Region 7

01858 545227 07980 893663

Mr R A Ford Leicestershire – Region 7

01858 545227 07980 893663


Froyle Mill Harold 27 UK281380 100646 Born 07/04/2009 Wydbury William UK241164 100553 Born 28/04/2009 Foxhole Bentley 2 UK302314 700149 Born 13/05/2009 Raphael Challenger UK382939 300773 Born 24/05/2009 Brafferton Charlemagne 5 UK122117 500239 Born 29/12/2009 Brafferton Charlemagne 6 UK122117 600240 Born 01/01/2010 Glebe Kiwi UK340654 500303 Born 26/03/2010 Clannon Amigo 5 UK366588 100276 Born 27/03/2010 Glebe Torr Down 2 UK340654 100313 Born 16/05/2010 FEMALES 10 bulling & 10 in-calf heifers 6 bulling & 4 served heifers 20 bulling heifers 2 yearling heifers 2 yearling heifers 3 cows with calves In-calf cows with calves, and heifers

Mr & Mrs D Mayhew Hampshire – Region 4

07795 113808

Mr E Noy Hertfordshire – Region 5

07812 137201

K V & M A Plain Gloucestershire – Region 3

01684 772096

F & J Rowe Cornwall – Region 1

01503 272766

Mr J P Harrison Yorkshire – Region 7

07971 699716

Mr J P Harrison Yorkshire – Region 7

07971 699716

Mr J Virgin Dorset – Region 3

01258 817171

A E & P E Ridgway Devon – Region 2

01803 813750

Mr J Virgin Dorset- Region 3

01258 817171

P S & A P Rowe Cornwall – Region 1 Mr J Virgin Dorset – Region 3 M R & R J Rowe Cornwall – Region 1 Mrs D Weedon Powys – Region 6 Mr W H Sandford Shropshire – Region 6 Mr D H N Hutchins Devon – Region 2 Mr D P Crow Shropshire – Region 6

07772 563967


01258 817171 01579 342407 01597 860798 01743 709360 07867 972789 01822 610744 01952 255650 07811 593260

18 yearling heifers

Mr R A Ford Leicestershire F & J Rowe Cornwall – Region 1 Mr P R Marjason Devon – Region 2 W R & J Barron Co Durham – Region 7 W J Wright & Son Leicestershire – Region 7 B G & J Z A Dart Devon – Region 2 R R B & S J Harvey Devon – Region 2 Mr A R Lee Northumberland – Region 7 A H & E M Bartley Devon – Region 2

18 bulling heifers Yearlings & heifer with calf 10 yearling heifers 20 bulling heifers In-calf cows & heifers, and cows with calves at foot Bulling & served heifers 12 x 2 year old heifers 1 in-calf heifer

SEMEN 9 straws Torr Down Hermes 3 VHPN0241

A H & E M Bartley

01858 545227 07980 893663 01503 272766 01805 623389 07813 720595 07814 272495 01572 717230 01884 277410 01548 830307 01665 574227 01884 38964

01884 38964

A READING FOR HARVEST FESTIVAL By Terry Brighton Tread softly because you tread on farmers’ dreams Of what does a farmer dream? In the UK: of a rich harvest? Of a good price for the crop, covering costs with something left over? Of enough capital to see him through the bad times? Of security – for himself and his family? Of a good well-managed farm to pass on to his children, as his father passed on to him? It may be easier to ask, ‘what does a farmer fear?’ Because fear of failure is ever present! Fear of too little rain – or too much. Fear of rain and wind spoiling a good crop. Fear of low prices for his produce, falling bank balances and an overdraft refused. Fear of sickness or injury – how will my family cope without me? 27

And all these apply in the worldwide farming community along with other fears: Fear of total crop failure. Fear of an invasion of locusts, leaving just bare earth where there was a green field. Fear of drought – lasting for months not just a few weeks. Fear of ‘picky’ buyers for the crop – refusal could mean disaster. Fear of starvation – no rain, no grass, no cattle, no crop, no sales. Nothing for tomorrow. And for the ‘consumer’? Do you remember the fuel shortage in September 2000? Have you ever seen a supermarket with no food on the shelves? Our food supply appears secure. If the buyer does not like farmer or country he can make a deal elsewhere. And it is so easy for us with our own ‘dream’ of cheap food to tread on the dreams of others! Love for our neighbour can be expressed in treading very softly and carefully in our choice of food. A wise choice will mean few ‘food miles, ‘Fair Traded’ imports, and a fair return for the primary producer wherever they may be. An unwise choice can cause irreversible damage to the world and farmers everywhere. In buying food – Tread softly for your tread on farmers’ dreams!

AND FINALLY … SOME ‘MURPHY’S LAW’: Law of Probability

The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act Law of Gravity Any tool, nut, bolt, screw, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible corner Law of Random Numbers If you dial a wrong number, you never get a busy signal, and someone always answers Law of the Bath When the body is fully immersed in water, the telephone rings


South Devon Newsletter October 2011  

South Devon Newsletter October 2011

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