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UK Ltd. Did anyone vote for this? The Con-Dems: A government of millionaires, for millionaires NHS - Managed by private companies Schools - Managed by private companies Forests - Managed by private companies Probation Service - Managed by private companies • Royal Mail - Sold to private companies • High speed rail - Sold to private companies • • • •

This isn't about reducing the deficit. It is one group of millionaires, selling OUR assets to other millionaires. Produced by Exeter and South Devon branch, Communist Party of Britain

Britain is one of the richest countries in the world, with the sixth largest economy. We CAN afford vital public services - if we tax the 10% of the population who own 44% of Britain’s wealth. Closing this year’s deficit (£149 billion) within five years could be done without slashing public services or raising VAT. Here’s how:

• A 2% Wealth Tax on the •

• • • •

richest 10% REVENUE £78 billion a year A 20% tax on the super-profits of banking, energy, retail, arms and drug monopolies REVENUE £16 billion End tax dodging by the superrich and big business REVENUE £70 billion a year A ‘Robin Hood’ tax on City transactions REVENUE £30 billion a year Withdraw British troops from Afghanistan SAVING £4 billion a year Scrap plans for post-Trident nuclear weapons SAVING £76 billion

We are not in this together. We are seeing an ideological drive to dismantle everything that working people have achieved over the last 60 years.

This government is carrying on the Thatcher-Reagan agenda of the 1980s. We demand a return to public ownership of all gas, electric and water companies, the entire transport sector including rail and airports; the public ownership of the financial sector; a massive investment in council house building and the “green economy”; an end to all PFI schemes. If private companies can cream off the profits, why can't we, the people, use those profits for the benefit of all.

Join the Communist Party – the only party that can't be bought by the rich. Find out more by visiting: munists

Produced by Exeter and South Devon branch, Communist Party of Britain

UK For Sale  

Flyer on the privatisation agenda of the government

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