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Friday, September 2, 2011 South Delta Leader

A day at the farm "A Day at the Farm" is approaching. Come to Westham Island Herb Farm on Sept. 10 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and experience a real working farm. Admission to the event is FREE. Delta Farmland & Wildlife Trust organizes this event annually in order to provide the public with a glimpse of local farming. Interactive displays, hay-wagon farm tours, live music and fresh local food allow visitors to have a fun experience while learning about how farming benefits our communities. Recently, a young fellow (10 years old) by


the name of Sam stopped by our office. He wanted to know more about how crops in Delta were harvested. The rest of this article is the answer to Sam's inquiry. Potatoes, the most abundant crop grown in Delta, are harvested with machines that cut into the soil, picking up the potatoes as they go. The soil and potatoes are pushed onto a metal conveyor, where the soil falls back to the field. Standing on the harvester are people who watch the potatoes as they pass on the conveyor. They throw away any that are damaged. The conveyor then dumps

the potatoes into a truck that is driving beside the harvester. Grain is harvested using a combine. The combine has a special device on the front called a "header." The header rakes the grain stalk inwards and a cutter at the header's base snips the plant off. The stalk and the grain head are then sucked into an opening in the header and into the combine. There, the individual grain seeds are separated from the seed head. The awns (the long, hair-like tips that grow from the seed) are also separated. The grain is then blown by air into a holding

tank and the unusable stalks and awns are blown out the back of the combine onto the field. Beans and peas are also harvested using combines with specialized headers. To harvest blueberries, farmers use a large machine that straddles the blueberry bush. Rubber tipped "fingers" in the machine gently shakes the bush to loosen the berries. A series of plastic paddles at the base of the machine catch the berries as they fall. These paddles are designed to gently move past the base of the bush as the machine travels up the row. Come to "Day at the Farm" and you can see the equipment used to harvest local crops for yourself. Visit for details. –Delta Farmland & Wildlife Trust David Bradbeer

Saturday, September 10


10 AM to 4 PM Westham Island Herb Farm 4690 Kirkland Road, Delta for event details!

Ÿ Agricultural & Conservation

Home Canning Contest Bring your most spectacular canned produce to the event by NOON! Prizes awarded for the finest looking preserves!


Interactive Displays Home Canning Contest Hay wagon Farm Tours Draft Horse Ploughing Live String Band Local Produce & Fresh Food! Children’s Activities Farm Animals & Tractors


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BCBC fresh vegetables areare meticulously grown onon over fresh vegetables meticulously grown 3240 family farms throughout the Fraser Valley, many of the families going back four and five generations.

Come visit BCfresh on Saturday, September 10 11 at The Day at the Farm

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Call lynley Shepherd at 604.948.3640 ext.125 or email

Go to for BCfresh recipes or submit your own!

Friday September 2, 2011  
Friday September 2, 2011  

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