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ICEA Newsletter BREAKER of South Delhi Toastmasters

SDTM is a community‌

Club # 870897 Chartered in 2006, South Delhi Toastmasters has been able to carve a niche for itself in the world of Toastmasters with every member displaying exceptional communication and leadership skills. Since its charter, the club has been able to churn leaders and communicators who have brought back laurels to the club in every possible way.

In this issue: IPP Speaks Quick Tips for Upcoming Contests Member Contributions

From the Editor’s Desk Hello Readers. The Ice Breaker is back with the 2nd Edition of the newsletter for the month of August – September. This period has been unique and extraordinary of most of us, with 2 modules back to back by the most experienced orators. The sessions acquainted us with how to excel in the upcoming contests. But more importantly, it taught us that victory lies in participation. I welcome you all to read through the newsletter, and update yourself with SDTM happenings. I also encourage you all to actively share anecdotes and help me tell your story.

Aakanksha Agrawal Chief Editor Ice Breaker VP - PR

RIP Navneet Suneja I am deeply saddened to share that Navneet Suneja, a member of Division C, past division governor, and a friend to many toastmasters, recently passed away, in an unfortunate road accident. He was jovial, and charismatic, and lightened up the room and everyone’s mood with his sense of humour and wit. He was not just someone we met at toastmasters events, he was a visionary, an enthusiast and full of life. May his soul rest in peace. He will be missed.

The Withdrawal Effect I had been meaning to write for the newsletter from the beginning of the new term of SDTM. But that in simple terms means Procrastination (delaying unto tomorrow what could be done today). I could have got disappointed knowing that my article would not be included in August newsletter but I was rather delighted to find that SMS from our VP-PR, Aakanksha Agrawal that said she'll include my article in next month's newsletter. I was happy to find that they asked, followed up and after no proper response and delay from my side, the EC released the newsletter with what they had in hand and it came out as a beautiful and an applaud-worthy issue. That being that, I had my first experience of withdrawal symptoms. Despite knowing that my role as the President would be over soon, what I had not considered was that all the focus towards rigour and creative efforts would fade so soon!

Wait, I am not complaining. I am joyously expressing my amazement and amuseme over the fact that the new EC took over the charge of the club and all its endeavors effectively and so smoothly that I was left dumbfounded. I could see each one of the performing flawlessly at the meetings, as if they had already been doing it from yea Even, at times, I thought, "C'mon! Now at least for this they'll call and take my exp advice. How else would they be able to manage it?". I was laughing at myself whe saw how young leaders are underestimated for what they could do and bring in to club, by and of their own. I am confident that a nation too could be transformed young, right-minded and enthusiastic leaders like the EC of SDT

With a zealous President like Gaganpal Singh and a power-squad comprising Av Sanjay, Aakanksha, Raji, Arun and Siddharth it is a stalwart party leading SDTM. Whil wish I could have worked more and with such potent members, there's som mesmerizing experience in this withdrawal effect and... I'm lovin' it ď Š Wishing my South Delhi Toastmasters family the best, thanks to entire earlier EC a "Thumbs up" for the new EC.

How To Ace? In addition to 2 wonderful meetings, we had to educational sessions on how to prepare for the upcoming contests.

Humorous Speech Contest Conducted By: TM Appurv Gupta The session was not only effectively executed, but was also interactive and interesting. TM Appurv cited suitable and relevant examples which made the session easy to comprehend. Key Take Away: Do your research and keep it original.

Table Topics Contest Conducted by: TM Shailaja Ranjan This session aimed at improving our impromptu speaking skills. TM Shailaja’s efforts were truly remarkable, with a well structured delivery and a highlight to the important points to remember while speaking impromptu. Key Take Away: Organize your thoughts and weave a story.

Reminiscing through the old times SDTM is fortunate to have 3 of its members who have held various offices in the past, took lead for the growth of Division C in 2012-13. Their Division Governor, Navneet Suneja (Centre), visited SDTM to recognize their efforts. He felicitated Appurv Gupta (Area Governor C2 2012-13), Akshita Agrawal, DCP Chair and Sudeep Minhas, Assistant Division Governor – Marketing.

EC at Officer’s Training Program’13 with TM Ritu Arora (LGET) and TM Neeraj Gupta (Division Governor ) The newest member in our SDTM family. TM Sanjay Kukreja

TM Praveen during an evaluation in the 358th Meeting

Be Beautiful, Be You Different personalities have defined the term ‘beauty’ in numerous ways. According to Emily Grace, “Beauty isn’t skin deep. Beauty is a smile that makes others feel warm inside. Don’t strive to be pretty, learn that you’re beautiful.” Elizabeth Ann Velásquez, (born 13 March 1989) known as Lizzie Velásquez is an American woman is a perfect example of this quote. Lizzie has a condition that is so rare TM Garima that only two other people are known to have it. She has zero percent body fat, and has never weighed more than 60 pounds (27 kg). Although not anorexic, she is unable to gain weight and is required to eat many small meals throughout the day. She is blind in her right eye which began to cloud over when she was four old, and has limited vision in the other. She has a weak immune system. During her teenage, she was labeled as the ugliest woman in the world on social networking sites. However, all this did not bog her down. Determined to lead a happy life, she set a few goals for herself:

 To become a motivational speaker  To graduate college  To publish a book  To have a successful career & family. Despite a lifetime of difficulties both emotionally and physically, Lizzie accomplished all of her dreams by the age of 21. She has been a motivational speaker for the past 7 years and is currently pursuing Maters in Communication from Texas State University. She has published 3 books: Be Beautiful, Be You; Lizzie Beautiful & Lizzie Bellisima. She is also constantly supported by a loving family which has been her strength throughout. Today during interviews when she is asked about her condition; her only reply is, that “God has blessed me with the greatest gift of life.” Her story teaches us to fight all obstacles in life and to challenge ourselves everyday! Because only when we exert ourselves beyond our limits, we emerge as winners. And one can be beautiful but being oneself.

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed it!

The Ice Breaker Come and experience the SDTM enthusiasm! When: Every Thursdays Where: NDIIT Building, Near Bhairav Mandir, Kalkaji What Time: 6:45 - 9:00 pm Who can visit: Anyone. ď Š

For more details, contact: Sanjay Billore VP Membership +91 88265154

In the next issue: Members at Judges Training Program Table Topics And Humorous Speech Contests - Inside Out

The Ice Breaker - 2nd Edition 2013  
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