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Overview of the Sun Life Stadium Renovations Proposal

Steve Ross, the owner of the Miami Dolphins, told the Miami-Dade County public in late 2012 that renovations need to be made to Sun Life Stadium in order for the venue to be competitive during the award process of future Super Bowls. He has stated that the NFL will not award a Super Bowl without extensive renovations (which will cost approximately four hundred million dollars). Cite: January 14, 2013 Dolphins Press Conference

Mr. Ross made a similar plea in January 2011 to the Broward County Commission. In Broward County Mr. Ross told the Commissioners that he needed two hundred and twenty-five million dollars to renovate his stadium. He went on to suggest that Broward increase their bed tax to fund renovations because they received a majority of the financial benefits from the Super Bowl coming to South Florida. Cite: January 5, 2011 Sun Sentinel According to an economic impact study of the 2010 Super Bowl, Broward realized direct spending of $57.6 million compared with $39.6 million in Miami-Dade and $12.2 million in Palm Beach. Cite: January 24, 2013 Sun Sentinel

Two years later Mr. Ross has once again asked that the bed tax be raised to pay for his renovations, except this time he is asking for Miami-Dade County to raise taxes to help his private investment. To make matters worse, Mr. Ross has told Miami-Dade County the costs for renovations have increased from the 225 million (which he asked Broward County to pay) to a staggering 400 million; Cite: January 14, 2013 Dolphins Press Conference even though (according to an independent study) Miami-Dade County only received 36% of the financial benefits from the 2010 Super Bowl. Cite: January 24, 2013 Sun Sentinel

Of the 400 million projected costs for the renovations Steve Ross has pledged just 201 million (51%) and he is looking for public financing of 199 million (49%). Cite: January 14, 2013 Dolphins Press Conference Of the 199 million of public funds the plan is for an increase of the Miami-Dade County bed tax (not including Miami Beach) to go from 6% to 7% (which would make the tax the highest in the State) which will total 109 million dollars. The State of Florida would have to kick-in 90 million additional tax dollars (from the general fund). Cite: Florida Senate Bill 306

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The Dolphins already receive a 2 million dollar a year subsidy from the State dating back to Wayne Huizenga owning the team. Cite: Palm Beach Post February 12, 2013 The Dolphins are attempting to get an additional 3 million dollars a year with a sales tax rebate from the State Budget for 30 years (90 million dollars). The proposal is that they will not have to pay 100% of the sales taxes on goods and services that they currently collect at the stadium during football games, concerts, and events. Cite: February 10, 2013 A Mason-Dixon poll was conducted in Miami-Dade County for the Miami Herald in October 2012 and only 16% of the voters supported public funding to add a roof to the stadium. Cite: Mason-Dixon poll conducted Oct. 22-24 including 625 likely voters in Miami-Dade County

The fight is not simply taking place in Miami-Dade County, Tallahassee will have the final say as to if this proposal will go forward. The Legislation is being dual tracked in the House and the Senate. Cite: House Bill 165 and Senate Bill 306 The Senate passed SB 306 out of committee without objection. The legislation has not been heard in committee in the House (which is more conservative and where the legislation is expected to have some hurdles). Cite: Sunshine State News Feb. 5, 2013

The Dolphins and the Super Bowl Committee will be submitting an application to host the 2016 Super Bowl. Sun Life Stadium will be competing against San Francisco for the 50th Anniversary Super Bowl (the 2016 SB). If the Dolphins are not awarded the 2016 Super Bowl they will compete against Houston for the 2017 Super Bowl. The 2016 and 2017 Super Bowls will be awarded at the NFL owners meeting being held in Boston on May 22, 2013. Cite: February 11, 2013

Mayor Gimenez has proposed that the Sun Life issue be voted on by the MiamiDade County voters during a Special Election (at a cost of approximately 5 million dollars from the County’s General Fund). State law says that a private entity may not pay for the cost of this election. Cite: Palm Beach Post Feb. 11, 2013

Michael Putney asked CEO Mike Dee to respond to criticism that the plan is “welfare for billionaires.” Dee answered: “Just because somebody is wealthy enough doesn’t mean he should invest money in a way that is unwise.” Mr. Dee suggests that’s its ok to be unwise for the taxpayers…not for the billionaire Steve Ross. Cite: The Michael Putney Show February 10, 2013

Steve Ross can clearly afford to pay for the renovations of his private investment better than the tax payers of Florida. Steve Ross is ranked the 83rd richest person in the United States (out of 315,411,921 people who live in the US). Steve Ross is the 367th richest person in the World (out of 7,069,268,403 people who live on earth). Cite: Forbes Magazine September 2012 Issue

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