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THE COMPANY With a strong reputation for high quality bicycle stands built on reliability and strength, Willworx Bicycle Stands have grown from a small family owned business into a manufacturer of some of the best known bicycle stands in the world. Currently available in 7 countries, the company continues to grow as fast as the word spreads about our products. The company was founded by Leon Will in 1998, and continues to provide excellent service to its growing list of clientele. Willworx offer a range of dynamic and robust bicycle stands ideal for individual or combined use as display units in stores, as well as for daily use for bike storage. Our ange of unique cost effective products make Willworx Stands the ideal choice. The Willworx ‘SUPERSTAND’ (sold in Australia as the ‘Coyote’) is extremely versatile and durable, offering many years of maintenance-free service.

The Superstand was designed to provide easy, simple, safe and aesthetic bicycle parking in any situation. The Original Superstand is made to be robust, it is manufactured from heavy guage tubular steel, has a mig welded assembly and is finished in durable graphite ripple powdercoating. The Superstand and accessories are manufactured from premium grade materials, and made to International quality standards

Part No. SS-16000


MULTI BIKE STANDS Available in 2, 3, 4 & 5 bike modules, 400mm spacing between bikes.

The single bike superstand is available in 3 different configurations. The Original Superstand

Part No. SS-16000 Flatpack design for Re-sale This requires assembly

Part No. SS-1600-CKD Suits wider tyres/wheels up to 3� (75mm)

Part No. SS-18000-EXTREME

SHOPRACK The Shoprack is great for bicycle shops, cafes etc. The Shoprack was designed to provide the following benefits to customers; * Shop-front bicycle parking for your customers * Invitation for bicycle riders to visit your store * Parking for 2 bicycles, simply wheel in & wheel out * Suits most wheel sizes * Sidewalk space efficiency with compact size * Removable powder coated white sign panel allows for easy signwriting and advertising. * Small wheels on one side of the rack allow for easy manouvering * Slip resistant rubber pads on the base

Part No. SS-19000

Part No. SS-16002 SS-16003 SS-16004 SS-16005

(2 Bikes) (3 Bikes) (4 Bikes) (5 Bikes)

SUPERACK The superack is based on the same proven design of the original powder-coated Coyote / Willworx stand, however it’s hot dipped galvanised finish allows it to withstand the harsh Australian environment. Available in 3, 4 & 5 Bike designs

Part No. SS-3BIKES (3 Bikes) SS-4BIKES (4 Bikes) SS-5BIKES (5 Bikes)

PRICE CARD HOLDER The A5 sign holder clamps to the vertical tubing of the stand, allowing for product despcription, pricing, specals and much more.

Part No. SS-16030

SUPERSTAND ACCESSORIES CONNECTORS allow the individual stands to be connected together in an unlimited number of configurations to suit any area

Part No. SS-16010

Rear frame lift hook clamps to the vertical tubing of the stand is ideal for bicycle mechanics

Part No. SS-16020

Road bike spacers were designed for parking of road bikes with expensice wheels. They are made of Poly foam and have an eccentric hole which allows adjustment to the ideal width

Part No. SS-16040

Catalogue 2012 Superstand  

Catalogue Superstand

Catalogue 2012 Superstand  

Catalogue Superstand