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Rural electrification charges set to soar



2008 Press Assn. of Jamaica Double Awardee

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September 15 - 30, 2009 • A community newspaper serving the parishes of Clarendon Manchester, St. Elizabeth and Westmoreland


Long & faithful service

Mr. Vesta White, J.P. former Board of Supervision member, receives a citation from Poor Relief Officer, Mrs. Judith Thompson, in recognition of 37 years of service to the Manchester Parish Council. Dr. Adlyn White, wife of the honouree, is at left.

Mo’ CCTV money New People’s National Party N.W Manchester caretaker-candidate Mikael Phillips (left) greets a constituent at the constituency conference, held at the Mile Gully High School on September 5, 2009. Mr. Phippips will represent the constituency on behalf of the PNP in the next general elections


MEETS MIKAEL ...but Tim steps in


s supporters of the PNP in North West Manchester met for their annual constituency conference at the Mile Gully High School on Saturday September 5, by far the biggest surprise of the evening was the appearance of JLP councilor Timothy Scarlett. However, despite his political leaning, Mr. Scarlett was for the most part welcomed by the gathering, several of whom seemed convinced that he was present to 'cross the fence'. Mr. Scarlett however wasted little time in setting them straight. He explained that his presence at the meeting was to welcome PNP candidatein waiting Mikael Phillips, who is slated to represent that party in the constituency

in the next general election, replacing MP Dean Peart, who has signaled his intention to soon retire from active politics. Mr. Scarlett in welcoming Phillips to the constituency stated that despite their contrasting political views, there was no reason why both sides could not live in harmony. "What we want in North West Manchester is progress and I am determined (to achieve this) whether we win, we lose or we draw... I am here to help to make the community better... all my ambition is to bring North West Manchester to better, that's all I want," he said. According to Mr. Wainsworth Skeffery, Chairman of the PNP's Region Five, the appearance of Mr. Scarlett was possibly a sign that the country was

returning to the old style of non-confrontational politics. "Mr. Scarlett believed he could be welcomed as an opposing politician in a PNP family, and nothing bad would happen and he proved that point. And I think this is a testimony to the maturing of the

Mandeville Mayor, Her Worship, Councillor Brenda Ramsey present a cheque for $1.3 million to Manchester Chamber of Commerce President Winston Lawson, representing a contribution from the Local Government dept. towards the installation of CCTV cameras in Mandeville. Councillor Sally Porteous and Deputy Mayor Irwin Facey share the occassion.

Final touches JLP Councillor and caretaker for North West Manchester, Timothy Scarlett (right), making an appearance at the PNP Constituency Conference held at the Mile Gully High School on September 5, much to the amusement of PNP Caretaker Candidate Mikael Phillips and St. Ann South Eastern MP, Lisa Hanna.

political culture in Jamaica," he said. Still, not everyone at the PNP meeting was welcoming to Mr. Scarlett. One PNP supporter in particular berated him for what she said was her 'suffering under Labour'.

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Workmen going all out to complete the refurbishing of the old NCB Perth Road building which on September 28 became the new COK Co-op Credit Union Mandeville branch office.



September 15 - 30, 2009

Ride With Pride MoU signed

Public Relations Officer for operators of public transport in the Southern Region, Shirley Johnson (left), General Manager for Operations at the Transport Authority, Cecil Morgan (second left) and Acting head of the Manchester Police Division, Superintendent Howard Francis (right), signs the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Manchester Chamber of Commerce and key stakeholders in the Public Transport Sector to improve discipline in the parish. Witnessing the signing are President of the Mandeville Ministers Fraternal, the Reverend Dr. Roy Notice; Vice President of the Chamber, Keith Smith and President of the Chamber, Winston Lawson.


Chamber of he Manchester Commerce (MCOC) and various stakeholders, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at improving discipline within the public transportation sector in the parish. Under the 'Ride with Pride' programme, public transportation operators are encouraged

to improve the level of service they offer to the public by operating as per the conditions of their licences, obeying the rules of the road, offer passengers good service and seeing to the welfare of all users of public transportation. Under the programme, the traveling public will be able to report errant operators, as well as to highlight those offering exemplary service.

At a press briefing held at the Mandeville Hotel, on August 25, 1st Vice President of the MCOC, Keith Smith, emphasised that the main objective of the initiative is to weed out those who operate without proper licences and proper insurance; who play inappropriate music in their vehicles, and who engage in inappropriate relationships with female students. "Every member of the Manchester community will have a critical role to play in this programme. This 'Ride with Pride' idea is not an event, rather it is a situation. We want to establish this as a model, and we want to ensure that we work along with it over time," he said. The Vice President said that players in the transport industry could influence young people, and hence the need for them to operate at an acceptable level of discipline and decorum. He suggested that good operators be awarded on a monthly or quarterly basis. "Transport operators are regarded and seen as leaders in their community, and so the young look to them, and if they operate with dignity, they will be good examples for the young to follow," Mr. Smith said. Other stakeholders in the programme include the Transport Authority, Jamaica Constabulary Force, Mandeville Ministers Fraternal, and public transport operators in the Southern Region. Speaking at the signing, Manager of Operations at the Transport Authority, Cecil Morgan, reiterated the agency's resolve to ensure that proper service and order is maintained in the public passenger transport system. "We intend to make sure that persons comply with laid down rules, and we will be forthright with the mandate that has been given to

Rural electrification charges to soar


he $42,000 charged to homeowners to wire their premises under the Rural Electrification Programme (REP) is set to increase following a decision by the entity to boost the voltage of electricity to 220 volts, from the current 110 volts. Currently, householders are required to pay 10 per cent of the $42,000 cost upfront to bring the electricity to their homes and to pay the difference over four years at no interest. This balance is reflected on the monthly electricity bill of the householder as the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) collects the outstanding amount on behalf of the REP. The new rates have not yet been made public. According to Managing Director of the REP, Keith Garvey, the Government is

seeking a US$9.4 million loan from Venezuela for the wiring of 6,000 homes and the construction of 307 klometres of distribution lines island-wide, as it aims for full electrification of the island over the next three to four years. Mr. Garvey who was addressing a recent monthly meeting of the Manchester Parish Council in Mandeville, said that the Venezuelan loan will be matched by US$2.4 million of local funds. The project, once implemented, will bring the island's electricity coverage to 97 per cent, Mr. Garvey said, noting that there is a plan on board now by Minister of Energy and Mining James Robertson, where over the next three to four years, the goal of which is to have all of Jamaica fully electrified.

us to bring order to the environment," he emphasised. He pointed out that much of the breaches that players in the industry have committed without being detected would no longer be possible, as technology is enabling the Authority to clamp down on those offenders. "We are able to sit in our offices and see what is happening in specific locations, and we are committed to invest and make sure that this kind of monitoring capability is within our reach. We are building a database on persons who are in violation two to three times, where we can say to them that because of these, there is a cause for suspension or revocation of your licence," Mr. Morgan said.

He said that over the past two years the REP has completed some 87 kilometres of distribution lines with about 2,000 customers benefiting, with another 50 kilometres being targeted for which material is presently being sourced. "We realised that the rural householders are really poor persons, farmers predominantly, so they would not be able to come up with all the money to wire these houses. So what we do is to give them a loan, and it is a no interest loan," Mr. Garvey said. "We encourage the customers to pay back that portion because the money that you pay back goes into what is called a revolving fund and this is monitored by the JPS for us in terms of the collection portion and that money now goes into a pool of funds, which comes back to the REP to do more houses," Mr. Garvey informed. He said that the compliance rate among rural households in repaying the loan is between 97 and 98%. The REP was incorporated in 1975 as an executive agency of the Government, to undertake the expansion of electricity services to rural areas where such services would not be a financially viable investment for a commercial entity. The agency provides the infrastructure, while the wiring of the house is the responsibility of the householder. The REP, since inception, has enabled 74,000 householders to receive electricity. Eight per cent of Jamaicans are currently without electricity, amounting to between 17,000 to 18,000 persons.

Keith Smith, First V.P of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, displays the Ride With Pride policy document while speaking at the signing ceremony.

The manager said that with the Transport Authority stepping up its drive to clean up the system and have persons who are providing transport service to the public fully adhering to the rules on the road, misleading and inaccurate information has been given to the media regarding the motives behind the drive. The recent installation of CCTV cameras in the town of Mandeville, is also expected to play a vital role in the monitoring of the public transportation sector.


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September 15 - 30, 2009


Mandeville Rotary to monitor upgraded Hanbury Home library Howard University student Florence Maher giving an overview of the Hanbury project. Sharing the moment are (2nd l-r) Major Rudolph Richards, Manager of the Hanbury Home; Dr. Olajide Adekeye, President of the Mandeville Rotary Club and Adnan Kummer, the other Howard student involved in the project.

A resident of the Hanbury Home cuts the ribbon to officially open the upgraded library


ollowing a US$10,000 upgrade, the Hanbury Home for Children in Manchester now proudly boasts a nicely outfitted library and computer lab, which will go a long way in improving the educational standard of wards of the institution. The funds to provide the computers and other educational items were donated by the Davis Projects for Peace, a United States-based foundation, following a recommendation made by Jamaican born academic at Howard University, Dr. Grace Virtue. Dr. Virtue encouraged two of her students to seek funding from the foundation to do a project at the Home, as part of their studies. Florence Maher, one of the two who traveled to Jamaica and spent several months in the island to implement the project, expressed her delight at interacting with the children at the home, who she said had an insatiable appetite for learning. She added that the educational software installed on the computers will reinforce the children's in-school learning, and make working on a computer fun and friendly. "To ensure the long-term sustainability of the project, we are bequeathing $90,000 (US$1,000), under the supervision of the Rotary Club of Mandeville, to provide for improvements, repairs or other needs related to the computers. With this money, the lab can stay up and running for at least two years," she said at the handing over ceremony at the institution on Friday August 28. Manager of the Home, Major Rudolf Richards,

agreed that the computers will help the children manage school assignments with more efficiency, as they had previously being using the sole computer belonging to the office. He added that the Home has some bright youngsters who would benefit from the equipment in terms of their school achievements. "My whole life has been spent helping these children have a better life. They come here with almost everything against them, and the idea is to see that they can be given a chance, other than that they had known prior to coming here," he added. Rotary Club of Mandeville President, Dr. Olajide Adekeye said that when the club was approached to monitor the project, the decision was an easy one. “We are glad that Jamaicans abroad are thinking of the less fortunate in Jamaica. The Mandeville Rotary Club is glad to be chosen to monitor the project,” he said. Adam Kummer, the second Howard student involved in the project, took time to thank local company Simartsoft, which was instrumental in sourcing and installing the computer equipment. Hanbury, a youth facility run by the Salvation Army, currently accommodates 70 residents, but has a capacity for 79. Now in its third year, Davis Projects for Peace, allows undergraduates at the American colleges and universities to design grassroots projects that they can implement during the summer break. The projects judged to be the most promising and feasible are funded at US$10,000 each.

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Adnan Kummer (2nd left) outlines some of the capabilities of the new computers installed in the Hanbury Home library to Rotarians Albert Francis and Wendy Freckleton (partly hidden).

NCU Students Urged to Give Service to Communities C onsultant to the Minister of Education, Robert Miller, has called on students of the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) to reach out and provide service to the wider community. Mr. Miller was addressing the first meeting of the NCU's United Students Movement (USM) for the new academic year, held on Saturday September 5 at the institution's main campus in Mandeville. According to Mr. Miller, the community is one of the NCU's main stakeholders and should feel the institution's presence through its outreach programmes. "Encourage and motivate the students as to the value of volunteerism and make an impact on the community," he urged, while encouraging the USM to speak out against corruption and immorality in the society. In the meantime, he called on the group to provide quality leadership to the student body. "You must be able to engage your student body through your vision and present a plan that will accomplish that vision," he stated.

"We need to bring out a leadership style that will uplift for a better tomorrow, and work with the people," Mr. Miller added. The USM represents students' interests on campus. It assists in the promotion of the ideals and objectives of the university and coordinates a number of activities and services, including sporting activities, which serve as an important link among the university administration, faculty and staff, and the students. All students are voting members of the USM, and are eligible to take advantage of the opportunities the movement provides.



September 15 - 30, 2009

GG lauds business community for spearheading crime fight The Governor General greets Lay Magistrates Assn. President, Mrs. Jean Anderson.

The packed Mandeville Hotel ballroom.

Mr. Winston Lawson, President of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce welcoming Governor-General, His Excellency, Sir Patrick Allen, to the Evening of Elegance, put on by the Chamber at which he was the special guest.


overnor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, has commended the Manchester business community for spearheading a crime fighting initiative in the parish. "The 'Closed to Crime' initiative is a bold step in the right direction. It will enable you to take back the streets of Manchester from those who are denying you the right to walk freely. With this system you can conduct your business freely," he said. The Governor-General was the keynote speaker at a fund-raising dinner organised by the Manchester Chamber of Commerce to raise money to garner funds to assist with the payment for CCTV security cameras that have been installed in the town of Mandeville. The function was held at the Mandeville Hotel on August 29. "As a community, we have to work together with all stakeholders, as the results that we are looking for are safer streets. We also have to look at interventions which bring us into contact with each other, because the instruments cannot take over from the personal relationships that exist between individuals," the GovernorGeneral argued. He pointed out that while plans are put in place to prevent crime, measures must be taken to point youngsters, who might be attracted to wrong doings, to other areas that enrich lives. "In addition to placing the CCTV, we also need to find ways that can encourage our youngsters to participate in youth organisations, and to seek ways of getting them involved, so that by being involved in organisations, and activities in

these groups, our young people will not be left idle," he said. The Governor-General said he was delighted with the many groups that are working to ensure that the streets are safe for everyone, and helping to chart ways for the young people. "I urge you to continue to nurture and mentor them. As you guide them to a better way of life, build on the spirit of community, brotherhood and partnership," he implored. According to DSP Gosford Cole of the Mandeville Police, the CCTV cameras have from day one provided an effective new tool in the fight against crime in the town, resulting in several arrests for a variety of crimes and infringements. Over $250,000 in additional financial support was pledged at the dinner, which will also go a long way in meeting the obligations to the suppliers of the cameras.

Sir Patrick addressing the function.

Excellent ‘white glove’ service was provided by the Mandeville Hotel.

Audrey Sang, Lakishma Thomas, Lloyd Black and Nina Chang-Strong of First Global Bank

MCOC Adnin. Assistant Kenesha Mitchell

Bobette Levy was truly elegant

Mrs. Lisa Gomes, President of Guardian Asset Management presenting a contribution cheque to the Governor General and MCOC President Winston Lawson.

(l-r) Anastacia Garye, Brenda Francia, Vanessa Williams, Conroy Rose, Katrine Neil and Loven McCook of Pan Caribbean Financial Services.

Mrs. Lorna Cameron of Cameron Industries presents her company’s contribution towards the CCTV system.

Mrs. Patricia Chen presents the Governor General with a token of appreciation

Kim Edwards, VP Corporate Finance and Marketing at Guardian Asset Management.

Juliet Bodley and Kaysi-Ann Spence, President of the Optimist Club of Mandeville.

Digicel’s Craig Fisher presents one of two gate prizes donated by his company


September15 - 30, 2009


Lyns praised for Hargreaves investment Prime Minister, The Honourable Bruce Golding addressing the ceremony marking the re-opening of the newly refurbished Hargreaves Memorial Hospital in Mandeville. The multi-million dollar project followed the take-over of the lossmaking medical facility by popular Manchester businessman Calvin Lyn and his wife Sylvia.

Calvin and Sylvia Lyn, investors in the Hargreaves Memorial Hospital, seems to be tickled pink by some of the comments of guest speaker, Prime Minister the Honourable Bruce Golding, at the opening ceremony for the newly-refurbished private medical facility.


rime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding, has lauded Mandeville business couple Calvin and Sylvia Lyn, for investing in the Hargreaves Memorial Hospital, which will continue to operate and provide quality health care service to the people of Manchester. "It is a tremendous opportunity to improve the quality of life in Mandeville, and the parish of Manchester," the Prime Minister said at the opening of the refurbished and expanded facility on Thursday August 27. He noted that the Lyn family has given outstanding service to the parish and "the development that has taken place here is just another example of the kind of service that they have given." "The decision they took to acquire this facility, and to invest as significantly as they have invested in it is a courageous one, because even in the best of times, private hospitals in Jamaica are not known to be profit centres, but they have not lost faith; they are demonstrating a

"I heard that the building was going to be demolished and the area would have become a commercial operation. Friends encouraged me to acquire the institution. We knew it was a chance, but we took it on to preserve its legacy, and continue what it was constructed to be," he stated.

cutting edge technology," Mrs. Several dignitaries brought greetings to the function including (from left) Her Walker said. Brenda Ramsay, Mayor of Mandeville; Hon. Rudyard Spencer, Minister of In his address to Worship, Health; Mr. Peter Bunting, Member of Parliament for Central Manchester and Hon. the gathering wit- Audley Shaw, Minister of Finance. nessing the opening, Minister of Health, Hon. Rudyard Spencer, has reiterated that the Government welcomes and encourages private investment in the health sector, as it provides easier access to quality health care for the public. "The new complex provides the consumer with choices, which is a fundamental precept of a free market economy," the Minister remarked. He said that the Government was committed to having a vibrant private health sector in Prime Minister Hon. Bruce Golding unveiling one of the plaques commemorating the official opening of the hospital.

this Administration is eager to explore public/private partnership opportunities. Any expansion to the private health sector offerings, presents an opportunity to strengthen partnerships in the sector, and could create the policy framework that will set the parameters for other partnerships," he said.

Mrs, Juliet Lyn-Chuck (left), Director of Hargreaves Memorial, joins Mrs. Sylvia Lyn in cutting the ribbon signalling the official opening of the hospital.

In giving the overview of the work done, Director of the hospital, Maxine Walker, pointed to several improved facilities including an upgrade of the laboratory services to meet international standards. "New machines have been purchased, others were reconditioned, and software was updated. Our radiology department was transformed with a new digital fluoroscopy system purchased along with an ultrasound unit, showing Mrs. Sylvia Lyn presents Garth Thomas with a token of appreciation for work done to refurbish the Hargreaves Memorial Hospital.

conviction and a vision," Mr. Golding said. Custos of Manchester, the Hon. Dr. Gilbert Allen, said that the re-opening of the facility "is a significant milestone in the development of healthcare in this part of Jamaica". "The Lyns purchased the Hargreaves Memorial Hospital, paid off its debts and rescued it from closure. I congratulate them for the vast capital outlay, and the confidence to provide a first-class facility," Dr. Allen said. Mr. Lyn, for his part, said he was encouraged by friends to purchase the hospital about two years ago.

Ann-Marie Stone, a member of staff at Hargreaves, in her head-turning outfit

Sylvia and Calvin Lyn unveil a plaque heralding the official re-opening of the hospital.

Jamaica, that will push the country forward in achieving the objectives of Vision 2030, as well as the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals. In congratulating the management of the Hargreaves Memorial Hospital, Mr. Spencer said the investment and addition to the facility will enhance customer and patient care to the people in Mandeville and its environs. "The Prime Minister has said repeatedly, that

Finance Minister, Hon Audley Shaw greets Doreen Lawson following the function.



September 15 - 30, 2009

NHT announces measures for new home buyers

Chairman of the Board of the National Housing Trust (NHT), Mr. Howard Mitchell (2nd left), addresses persons attending the Trust's recent press conference at the NHT's head office in New Kingston. Others (from left) are: NHT's Managing Director, Mr. Earl Samuels; Senior General Manager, Mr. Donald Moore and Chief Information Officer, Mr. Benedict Ranger.


he National Housing Trust (NHT) has unveiled five new policy initiatives, some of which take effect immediately, that are designed to make it easier for first-time homebuyers to own a home. At a press briefing held at the NHT's head office in New Kingston, Chairman of the Trust, Howard Mitchell, stated that the initiatives have become necessary to assist contributors to qualify for loans. He noted that the situation has

worsened in the current economic climate. "In today's Jamaica, where incomes are lagging far behind increases in house prices, it is very difficult for some persons to overcome the affordability hurdle to homeownership," he noted. Effective immediately, persons able to make monthly loan payments but unable to come up with a deposit for a house can benefit under a Short-Term Lease policy. This measure will

Legal authority for Custodes soon P rime Minister, Hon. Bruce Golding, has said that legislation is being drafted to give legal authority to the functions of Custodes. He made the announcement at the installation ceremony for the new Custos of St. James, Hon. Ewen George Corrodus, held on September 16 at the West Jamaica Conference of Seventh-Day

Adventists Auditorium in Mount Salem, St. James. According to the Prime Minister, the move is part of a larger effort by government to transform and strengthen the roles and functions of Custodes and Justices of the Peace (JPs). He informed that already, JPs have been exposed to specialised training in law and legal issues, which will be

intensified. The plan, he said, is to prepare JPs for "a mission and a charge to take the leadership role in helping to recreate the kind of structures and values that are necessary at the community level for the development of the country". He also called on JPs to become ambassadors for change and growth in their respective communities.

allow qualified applicants to lease a house in an NHT scheme with the option of buying the unit within the three-year lease period. During the period, they are expected to pay at least 15 per cent of the price of the property in monthly lease payments. At the end of the lease period, persons can access the balance of the cost of the property at a regular NHT mortgage. Mr. Mitchell stated that the NHT has committed to allocating up to 10 per cent of the units in all NHT schemes for this lease programme. Another of the measures announced is the Shared Equity facility, which will allow qualified applicants to share ownership of their units with the NHT. The facility is designed for contributors, who cannot afford the full or subsidised price of an NHT scheme unit. Under the Shared Equity facility, the applicant's interest in the property must not be less than 60 per cent and the beneficiary can sell his/her interest in the property at any time. The beneficiary can also purchase the NHT's interest in the property at any time. The date for implementation of this facility is to be announced, as Mr. Mitchell noted that some legal issues are yet to be worked out. The NHT has also modified its Combined Loan facility to make it easier for two qualified contributors to combine their individual loans to build or buy a house. "If you are joining with a spouse to take up an NHT loan and you could afford $5 million while your spouse could only afford $2 million, then under the old policy, you could only both have received a loan of $5.5 million. As of today what will happen is that you and your spouse can access $7 million as the combined loan, based on your ability to afford $5 million and your spouse's

to afford $2 million," Mr. Mitchell explained. Come April 1, 2010, contributors will be able to use up to 50 per cent of their contributions to help bridge any funding gap they may have between the loan amount they can afford as their NHT benefit and the price of the unit or lot they are buying. However, only contributions made prior to the year of the application for the benefit and which have not yet been refunded can be accessed under this facility. As of immediately, NHT mortgagers can also benefit from an Extended Loan Term, which will see the tenure for loans under the benefit types - Build-on-own Land, Open Market, and NHT Financed Scheme Unit, moving from 30 years to 40 years. In addition, the loan repayment period for NHT Financed Service Lot, House Lot, Home Enhancement Loan Plan and Home Ownership by Exception will move from 15 years to 20 years.

roject Manager of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), Cavell Francis-Rhiney, has urged rural communities to form community groups to develop project documents to benefit from the Fund. Mrs. Francis-Rhiney was addressing a community consultation meetingin South-West Clarendon, convened to identify some of the developmental issues facing the constituency, and to determine how best they can be addressed through the CDF. She said that for projects to be approved for CDF funding, they must meet a set of criteria, including the ability to be self-sustaining. "We cannot just approve projects and there is no sustainability, there's no justification, there is no indication that the project will benefit a majority of the community," she said. Mrs. Francis-Rhiney added that the assistance of teachers and university students living

in the community should be enlisted, in an effort to ensure the proposals and project documents are properly formulated, or they would not be approved. According to Member of Parliament for South West Clarendon, Noel Arscott, the CDF was a source of funds through which particular issues could be addressed, and was "useful in many ways." "On a community basis, we have been able to do quite a bit in terms of education, back to school programmes, minor roads in terms of marl or grading them, clean some drains, and direct our sports programme, (including) domino, football and cricket," Mr. Arscott said. "The CDF has been useful, in the sense that we have been able to address a lot of minor problems. We are able to help in small ways to alleviate some of the pressures and problems that people face in the various communities," he stated.

SBAJ Incubator Office Project gets $800,000 JPS sponsorship Residents should start community T groups to access CDF Fund P he Jamaica Public Service Co. Ltd. (JPS) has stepped in to give support to one of the country's significant employment generating areas - the small business sector. The electric utility has committed $800,000 toward the Incubator Office Project of the Small Business Association of Jamaica (SBAJ), which is designed to address the viability of small operators. Under this project, small businesses are provided with affordable operating space, as containers are converted into minimally priced offices - thus allowing small operators to grow without crippling overheads. The project commenced in late 2008, at the Trafalgar Road headquarters of the SBAJ, where containers have been converted into 12 office spaces. Immediate Past President of the SBAJ, Edward Chin-Mook, disclosed that while the Incubator Offices were geared toward accommodating Back-Office Support Services, such as consultancy, marketers, tax professionals and other support services - traditional business offerings are also being

included. The objective, Chin-Mook explained, is for Back Office Businesses to benefit from networking opportunities, and support services available through the SBAJ office. This is significant given the prevailing statistics which show that 80% of small businesses fail within the first five years, for, among other reasons, the absence of support services. Successful applicants for the office space, are allowed to rent the facilities at a minimal cost for a period of up to 3 years in order to give the business time to become established. According to Manager, Economic Development at JPS, Heather Rowe, the sponsorship of $800,000 to the SBAJ, is part of a wider programme of support for the Jamaican economy. JPS, she pointed out, has also been heavily involved with a number of business organizations, including the Jamaica Manufacturers' Association, the Jamaica Exporters' Association and the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association.


September 15 - 30, 2009

Pig farmers have stepped up to the plate -


resident of the Jamaica Pig Farmers Association (JPFA), Mrs. Angella Bardowell, has said that despite the challenges faced by members of the association during the 2008/09 fiscal year, pig farmers "stepped up to the plate and produced." Mrs. Bardowell was speaking at the Annual General Meeting of the JPFA on September 17, at the Golf View Hotel, in Mandeville, Manchester. She said that some of the major challenges faced by pig farmers were the global economic recession, the outbreak of the H1N1 virus, praedial larceny and increased operational costs. The President said that to face these challenges and move the association forward, a five-year strategic plan has been developed, focussing on administration, research and development, production, marketing and promotion, and finance and funding. Mrs. Bardowell said the association also collaborated with the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) and mounted an advertising campaign about the JPFA, which prompted enquiries from persons who wanted to get involved in pig farming and to join the group. "We also wanted to increase our presence at

the Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show, and for the first time, the JPFA had its own booth at Denbigh this year," she said. The JPFA also recorded other achievements during the 2008/09 year, having been recognised in the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) Youth in Agribusiness Awards, with Ms. Kadeon Davis, a young pig farmer, placing second in the large scale category, for her management of a successful livestock enterprise. Mrs. Bardowell said that the association is currently conducting a survey, "because we need to determine the number of pigs and pig farmers, as we are aware that a number of pig farmers are not a part of the association, and we need to capture that data." There are an estimated 4,000 pig farmers in Jamaica. The President said that improvement in husbandry practices and genetic stock, have resulted in better carcass quality and weight, leading to meat processors being able to meet their demand for the Christmas season, and for the first time, all hams for Christmas 2008 were produced locally. In his address, Chief Technical Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Dr. Mark

Panton, argued that increasing the production of pork could play a major role in the agricultural sector, as there is a high demand for the meat locally. He also noted that there was also a strong demand for Jamaican pork in the CARICOM market. National Animal ID Programme Coming Dr. Panton, informed the gathering that there are plans in place to roll out a National Animal Identification Programme. starting with cattle and pigs. However, he stated that the pro-

gramme has limitations that would have to be first addressed, if the country plans to meet international standards as dictated by the World Trade Organisation. In rationalising the need for such a programme, Dr. Panton said that a cut of meat

Sydney Pagon High lifts Pesticides Control Quiz Trophy I n an exciting nail biting finish, Sydney Pagon Agricultural High School defeated defending champion, Knockalva Agricultural High, and newcomer, Ebony Park HEART Academy, to win the second Pesticides Awareness Week Agricultural Schools Quiz Competition. The contest, sponsored by the Pesticides Control Authority (PCA), was held on Thursday September 24 at Sydney Pagon Agriculture High, Elim, St. Elizabeth. The host school scored 46 points to Clarendon's Ebony Park HEART Academy's 44 points and the Hanoverbased Knockalva Agricultural High's 43 points. The competition was divided into three sections, consisting of questions on general agriculture and pesticides and their use, and formed part of the PCA's observation of Pesticides Awareness Week, September 21-25, under the theme "Improving Pesticides Management through Public Education and Participation". Pesticides Awareness Week is observed throughout the Caribbean every year, towards the end of September. Registrar of the PCA, Michael Ramsay, said that the objective of observing Pesticides Awareness Week is to recognise that pesticides are a part of every day life, but that they have to be used safely. "Pesticides have to be used safely because they are toxic substances, and they can damage human life and they can damage the environment. Not only do people have to know, but they have to put it into practice," he said. The quiz competition is "the big attraction" during Pesticides Awareness Week, and the aim

“Tim steps in� Continued from page 1 Mr. Scarlett seem to take the comments in good humour, promising to help the woman through her hardship. Who knows, he may even make her a convert. On more serious matters, the constituency conference had a long schedule of matters on the agenda including the tabling of reports and the election of constituency officers. Guest speakers included


JPFA President

should be traceable. "The reality is that a piece of meat that is served in a hotel, in a supermarket, or is exported overseas, must be able to be traced back to the farm where the animal came from," he said. He added that the programme is a requirement in order to have access to international markets, and that all players in the agriculture value chain have to buy into the programme in order for Jamaica's meat industry to meet minimum certification standards, such as those set by the Humane Slaughter Association (HSA). "Therefore, the farmer, the abattoir, the distributor, and processor, everybody will have to be registered. You will have to, at least, meet some minimum certification standards, such as HSA. A system has to be put in place that all records, from each player in the value chain, can be uploaded to our main data base, so that again we can be allowed to provide traceability from farm to form and from form to farm," he said. Dr. Panton said that the national animal identification programme looks very promising, as it not only offers excellent traceability, but also the potential to be a deterrent to praedial larceny.

More focus on agriculture neededPDC Chairman


An elated Patrick Myrie (3rd left), Captain of Sydney Pagon Agricultural High School, hoists the Pesticides Control Authority's Agricultural Schools Quiz Competition Trophy, after his school placed first in the competition. Other team mates (from left) are: Mickel Allen, Chevanese Spencer and Trudy Ann Franklyn.

is to help students understand what pesticides safety is all about, he said. Lebert Taylor, one of the coaches for the Sydney Pagon team, said that he was elated with the win and thanked the PCA for making the competition possible. The school's other coach was Andre Gordon. Captain of the winning team, Patrick Myrie, said they were overwhelmed with the win and that, having placed second in last year's competition, they put out a special effort to make num-

Senator Mark Golding, who was making his second visit to the parish in three days, having addresses the Manchester Chamber of Commerce on the previous Thursday. As then, his presentation addressed the economic realities of the worldwide financial crisis and the Government's impending turn to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for budgetary support. Member of Parliament and former National Security Minister, Peter Phillips (father of Mikael), took the government to task for its

ber one this year. He said that the preparations were challenging, as they received the materials late, requiring extra effort to come out on top. He added that, although he will be absent from the team next year, he will assist in their preparations. Each member of the second and third placed teams received medals for their efforts, while members of the winning team and their coaches received trophies.

silence on the extradition request by US authorities for Tivoli strongman Christopher 'Dudus' Coke. This matter, he stated, was not one on which the government can remain silent as it affects not only the course but also the rule of law. This situation, he said, affected international agreements that have been entered into by all previous governments of Jamaica and failing to continue this policy would bring the impartiality of the current government into question. Other high ranking members of the party present included PNP MP

for South East St. Ann and newlyelected chairman of the Party's Region One hierarchy, Lisa Hanna as well as Eastern Westmoreland MP Luther Buchanan. Caretaker Candidate Mikael Phillips in addressing the gathering, confirmed his commitment to working hard to improve the lives of the people of the constituency, particularly when he take his seat in Gordon House. The meeting was chaired by PNP Councillor and Mandeville Deputy Mayor, Irwin Facey.

hairman of the Manchester Parish Development Committee (PDC), Clarence Myers, has reiterated the need for the agricultural sector to be given the focus needed to be sustainable. Mr. Myers was speaking at the end of a workshop at the Ridgemount United Church, Mandeville, on life after bauxite, held on Tuesday September 15. According to Mr. Myers, "Agriculture is the way to go, bauxite won't be here forever. Agriculture is more sustainable, and our actions must be to do more than we have been doing, and get the younger generation involved in agriculture, and let them see the earning potential in the sector." In endorsing this call, Manchester Parish Manager of the Social Development Commission (SDC) Rose Griffiths said that the downturn in the bauxite industry has, “Helped us to look at the issue in a real way, and will help to force the creative energies and minds to come together to see, ultimately, what we, as a parish, can make of the ideas presented." Chairperson for the Newport Consultative Committee, Elrett Gooden, said that the session also provided needed information on titling for bauxite lands. "The information presented can help communities to move forward, we need to find ways to empower our communities, and meetings like these are what we must use to provide information," she said. The suspension of mining operations at Windalco and Alpart has affected the economy of Manchester, and several organizations in the parish have been staging forums to look at alternative industries and sectors through which persons in the region can find employment. The event was organized by the PDC, in collaboration with the SDC and the Jamaica Information Service (JIS).



September 15 - 30, 2009

Cocoa production to increase


lans are being implemented to boost the annual production of cocoa, and to ensure its viability and sustainability within the agricultural sector. Cocoa Industry Board (CIB) consultant, Neville Condappa, made the announcement while addressing a seminar to encourage investments in the sector, at Jamaica Trade and Invest's (JTI) offices in Kingston on Thursday,September 17. Mr. Condappa noted that cocoa is one of few export crops that has a ready and open market, and which "sells itself". He was also optimistic that cocoa production will increase by about 15 per cent during this crop year, compared to last year's production, adding that while it would not be a "big" increase, it would be significant. "We are moving from approximately 400 to 440 tonnes, the end of this crop year, and we are hoping that within the next three (to) four years, we should move to beyond 2,400

tonnes of cocoa per year," he projected. "This is a crop that has tremendous possibilities, at the primary level, for boosting the foreign exchange earnings of Jamaica, income earning capacity at the local level and have

multiplying effects throughout our communities," he explained. He said that, if concerted efforts are made to take care of the cocoa tree, to bring it to bear what is needed, it can be a viable, self sustaining crop. The consultant also pointed out that 95 per cent of cocoa in Jamaica

is grown by small farmers, and that the taste of local cocoa is as good as it has ever been, and attributed this to its well established infrastructure. "We have the infrastructure to deal with over 3,000 tonnes of cocoa in Jamaica; we have the fermentaries and we have a group system and a well established network to deal with the collection and the payments for the cocoa beans," he said. "Cocoa has maintained its prized relationship on the market. Despite the recession, we have maintained relative price stability on the market and the price to the farmers has not been impacted negatively," he pointed out. Strategies which, he suggested, farmers could implement include exploring other crops to plant at intervals when replanting cocoa. "We need to look at farming systems. That is how we are going to teach our farmers to reorganise their farms to take them to a next level. So, instead of just planting coconuts, we are looking at planting ackee, planted at intervals in your cocoa fields, as

well as other tree crops to supplement the income of the cocoa farmers," he said. Mr. Condappa noted that while cocoa is a subsistence crop, the aim is to move it to a sustainable crop, adding that models which are used in other countries, including Trinidad and Tobago, are being explored to boost the sector. Discussions are also being held with PC banks to explore credit terms for farmers. He implored the farmers to keep the flavour, profile and quality of the products high in the market. Mr. Condappa asserted that there is a new will within the sector to move forward, as the Government is focussing more on agriculture. The seminar, held in collaboration with the JTI, the Ministry of

Agriculture and Fisheries and the CIB, sought to promote potential and business opportunities in the cocoa sector.

Tufton Secures Cocoa Deal


he Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has secured international assistance in the resuscitation of the island's cocoa industry. On Thursday September 17, Portfolio Minister, Hon. Dr. Christopher Tufton; United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission Director for Jamaica, Dr. Karen Hilliard and President of the World Cocoa Foundation, Mr. Bill Guyton signed a declaration

Agriculture and Fisheries Minister, Hon. Dr. Christopher Tufton (2nd right), presents a bottle of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee to World Cocoa Foundation President, Bill Guyton (left), while Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Donovan Stanberry (2nd left) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission Director for Jamaica, Dr. Karen Hilliard, share the moment.

of intent, which will provide technical assistance, training, business systems, among other support, to boost pro-

duction and ensure the sustainability of the sector. Under the agreement, USAID and the World Cocoa Foundation will provide technological transfer, education/training, and develop market and business systems, which will help to empower small scale cocoa farmers and improve the industry. The cocoa industry will also receive assistance in disease and pest control, proper land use, as well as assistance in research and environmental practices. Speaking at the signing ceremony held at the World Cocoa Foundation's headquarters in Washington DC, Dr. Tufton said that Government had made a decision to restructure the sector and the assistance would help to move it forward and improve its attractiveness to private investors and new players, so that the sector can take its rightful place in the overseas market. "This will benefit the farmers and earn well-needed foreign exchange for the country. It is hoped that with the signing of this agreement, we can create a more sustainable industry locally," Dr. Tufton said. Dr. Hilliard, in her remarks, stated that the project was ideal for Jamaica. "We look forward to a relationship that will move Jamaica's cocoa production forward, which will lead to increased income for the Jamaican farmer," she said. Mr. Guyton, for his part, said that the foundation was very excited to be a part of the initiative and looked forward to the benefits that could be derived to improve cocoa production in Jamaica as well as assist the farmers.

Jamaica’s longest swimming pool?


t nearly 200 ft long, Bubbling Spring could easily qualify for that title‌ if it was a swimming pool.

What it actually is, is a natural spring that rises from the ground and has been channeled into a paved area with a natural bottom, before it continues its journey into the marshes of the Black River watershed. Located just outside of Middle Quarters in St. Elizabeth, three miles heading west from Holland Bamboo, Bubbling Spring was a community landmark for over 100 years prior to its operation being formalized into an attraction in 2000. The spring is said to run underground from the distant Cockpit Country (a good reason to prevent bauxite mining in that area if there ever was one), bringing with it a cocktail of minerals that are reputed to have healing properties. The water has a steady rate of flow that constantly refreshes the swimming area. Back in the day, the spring was called 'Healing Stream' because of the miraculous cures that people bathing in it were said to have received for ailments like arthritis, back pain and swollen feet. Whether or not these were cases of mind over matter, we can't say, however scientific testing has proven that a number of minerals do exist in the water, so who knows? The reputation of Bubbling Spring has gone far and wide, attracting persons from as far as Europe. Locals however make up the bulk of persons utilising the spring, especially the many retirees and returning residents who reside on the South Coast. On weekends, young people flock to the facility for a day of fun and excitement. There are changing rooms, a bar and restaurant on site, and the spacious grounds can accommodate concerts and other events of that nature.

No lawnmower needed!

Why worry about wasting money on gasoline to power your mower when having a few cows on the front lawn can do the trick? Better yet, think of how much you can save not having to buy beef of milk!


September 15 -30, 2009


Time to make it click Paula Fletcher, Executive Director, National Road Safety Council, speaking at the launch of the JAA ‘Make It Click’campaign.


he Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA) has launched a campaign to slash mortality in road accidents through increased seat belt use. The target of the ‘Make it Click, Lives Depend on it’ seat belt awareness project is to reduce fatalities on Jamaica’s roads below 300 this year, stated the head of the JAA, Emile Spence. Initiated with assistance from the London based FIA Foundation under its Make Roads

Safe programme, the JAA campaign is supported by an alliance of local partners. “Our primary aim is to focus on this one element of road safety, and to highlight the impact that behaviour change toward the use of seatbelts can have,” Mr. Spence said. “We are losing too much human capital to road crashes.” Road traffic incidents remain a major public health problem in Jamaica despite the introduction of

breathalyzer, seat belt and motorcycle helmet legislation since 1999. A study conducted in Kingston in 2004 showed that seat belts were used by 81 percent of private motor vehicle drivers and 74 percent of front seat passengers, which was significantly improved from the 21 percent and 13 percent respectively in 1996 before the introduction of legislation. Statistics show a steady decline in traffic fatalities from 381 in 2006 to 350 in 2007 and 341 in 2008. Nevertheless, more than half of the fatalities this year were not wearing seat belts, said Kenute Hare, Director of Road Safety at the Ministry of Transport and Works. This represents some progress from a peak of 444 fatalities in 1991 when the traffic density was much lower than the 378,000 vehicles certified to operate on the island roads in 2007, but when the necessary safety legislation did not exist. In any incident, it is the collision of the occupant with the inside of the vehicle which usually causes death or injury. An unbelted occupant is thus a

Hon. Mike Henry, Minister of Transpory & Works signals his committment to make it click, witnessed by Saffrey Brown, General Manager of the JN Foundation. substantially higher casualty risk in an accident. Speaking at the ‘Make it Click’ launch ceremony in Kingston recently, Mr. Spence said the UN’s Global Status Report on the implementation and monitoring of road safety legislation in 178 countries showed Jamaica’s highest score was 5 out a possible 10 for effectiveness of implementation. “The JAA has partnered with the National Road Safety Council on local initiatives such as the ‘Below 300 Project’, Mr. Spence said at launch. The project aims to lower road deaths below 300 by encourag-

ing road users to obey speed limits, wear seatbelts, ride with helmets and avoid drinking and driving. Road incidents are costing the country overall and lives are being needlessly lost, stated Minister of Transport and Works, the Hon. Mike Henry. He championed the launch of the new seat belt awareness campaign to help stem the slew of fatalities and injuries. “It is our individual responsibility that we Make it Click,” Minister Henry said of the seat belt usage drive. “I endorse it (the campaign) wholeheartedly.”

PNP Senator Mark Golding has the full attention of the media and members of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce as he spoke at the business organisation’s September monthly meeting. Senator Golding spoke at length about the economic challenges facing the country as the world goes through the current financial meltdown and the implications of the Jamaican government’s decision to return to a borrowing relationship with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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10 MANDEVILLE & SOUTHCOAST NEWS September 15 - 30, 2009

JFLL now offering much more than just literacy training


he Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning (JFLL) has extended its programme beyond literacy training, and is now offering computer courses and training up to the high school level. "We have introduced computer training; basic, intermediate and advanced, and that is for everybody," said Manager for Public Relations and Marketing, Gerry McDaniel, noting that persons can also matriculate into the HEART Trust/ NTA programmes. He explained that a High School Equivalency Programme is also offered, which will enable persons to advance to the tertiary level. The equivalency programme, he explained, "is a compressed programme geared towards adults, which will take them from the point they are, to pass a Grade Seven test...and then to be taught five subjects - Literature and Culture in the Arts, Language and Communications, Mathematics, Science and

Technology and Society and Citizenship, so that they can function well." "So, it's like the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) but they are geared towards adults, so we take them at that level and we hand them over to what is now equivalent to Grade 11, into a higher level of education," he pointed out. Mr. McDaniel also noted that participants in the JFLL programmes are encouraged to do things like plant kitchen gardens and start their own businesses. JFLL, formerly Jamaican Movement for the Advancement of Literacy (JAMAL) was founded in 1973 as a government-assisted initiative, aimed at addressing illiteracy in Jamaica. The name was changed in 2007 and the programme revamped to meet the changing needs of the population. Larkland Williams, who benefitted from literacy training, has credited the programme for his current job

as a tour guide with Caribic Vacations. "I went there because I couldn't read and write properly, so I decided to go there to improve on my reading skills. I went there and it was good and it was successful, and I wouldn't be where I am today. When you cannot read and write properly, (it is as if) you are blind," Mr. Williams said. He has encouraged other persons to go and get help to read and write if they cannot do so. "Don't be ashamed or afraid to go," he urged. Mr. McDaniel agreed, noting that it is never a shame to learn. "We have a learner in Portland, who is 72 years old and she is still learning. You have great value; just enhance that value by getting a little top-up on the reading side. Be in touch with us, we have offices in different parish," Mr. McDaniel informed. Persons, who are interested in the JFLL's programmes can call 9285181-5, or visit any of the regional offices.

Jamalco scholars get more


ourteen high school students from Manchester and Clarendon, who received 5year scholarships last year from bauxite/alumina producer, Jamalco, were handed the second tranche of the funds on Friday September 4. The scholarships are valued at a total of $420,000 and were awarded last year to children selected from communities falling under each of the seven operating Jamalco community councils, by their principals, teachers, and guidance counsellors,

based on need and academic performance. These funds, which will assist them with non-tuition costs, are disbursed through the schools. Each recipient receives $30, 000, annually, on condition that he/she maintains good grades and discipline at school. The handing over ceremonies were held at three Jamalco locations: Halse Hall Great House, Clarendon; Williamsfield Lands Office, Manchester; and the former Mines Office, St. Jago, Manchester. Public and Community Relations

administrator at Jamalco, Pamela White, said at the Clarendon ceremony that these are students who are achieving despite the odds, and the company was giving them a chance to do better. "We are proud of this programme, because it gives the company an opportunity to give back to our communities in a meaningful way," she said, while imploring the students to do their best and involve themselves in extra-curricular activities at their respective schools.

Community Development Officer with the Social Development Commission (SDC), Shamarrah Gilbert (left), engages residents of Somerset, in Manchester, as they celebrate the community winning the Best Community Competition, in the parish, recently.

Somerset wins Best Community competition


he Somerset community in Manchester received the top prize of $500,000, in the recently held Digicel Best Community Competition. The Social Development Commission (SDC) facilitated event saw 27 communities entering the competition, with last year's third placed participant, Somerset, coming out on top. Community Development Officer of the SDC, Shamarrah Gilbert, was upbeat that the community members were wiling to work with her. "Somerset is a rural community with mainly farmers, and they were willing to come out and support activities that were planned, and that is what I believe got them on top," she said. "The Best Community Competition is geared at assisting communities to unite, and to work together to achieve their goals in community development. I will encourage communities to participate in this venture, as we can't wait for things to come to our communities.

We must work to put them in a position to get funding for development projects, and this competition helps in that regard," Miss Gilbert pointed out. Meanwhile, President of the Somerset Community Development Council, Faith Williams-Powell, explained that their beatification project, and the plans they had developed for a cave in the community contributed to their success in the competition. "We zeroed in on the heritage aspect of our community, and the natural resources that we have. We looked at our primary school and did some upgrading work there, and the plans to improve agricultural skills in the area all helped," she said. The Council is now looking at a yam project to create employment in the community. Grove Place took second place in the competition, winning $250,000; while Pike placed third, receiving $100,000.

Lewisville High expansion welcomed by community


embers of the Parent Teachers' Association (PTA) of the Lewisville High School, in St. Elizabeth, have welcomed the $400,000 expansion work done at the institution by the Ministry of Education. President of the group, Pauline Foster, said that with more space at the school and additional facilities to enhance extra-curricular activities, students should perform at their optimum. "It is a welcomed expansion, and we are very grateful to the Ministry of Education, and hope that our students will see what this investment is geared to achieve and do their best. With this well needed expansion, our students are now able to 'spread their wings' and launch out into different areas that they have not done before," she said. "As parents, we have to instill in our students that they will have to help to care the facility, and to make sure that they

don't deface the walls. And, we will do our best in whatever way we can, to help to develop on this investment," the President added. Meanwhile, Principal at the institution, Ardith Forbes, informed that prior to the additional nine class rooms, a number of classes had to be conducted outside the building, which posed a challenge when it rained. "When you take into consideration that we used to have four classes on the corridor, and that we experience a rain pattern similar to that of Portland, you would realise that the students learning process was severely hampered. When we put everything together, it is great to have these enclosed buildings," Mrs. Forbes said. Additional amenities at the school include a netball court, football field, perimeter fencing, storm water drains and a sewage treatment and disposal system.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Jamaica, recently hosted a two-week camp and expedition in the Blue Mountain area for over 130 persons from over 13 countries. Here, Vernon Derby - National Director for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Jamaica, Errol Miller, Regional Vice President- Corporate Communications at LIME, and Christine Morrell-Lewars, Administrative Officer - Duke of Edinburgh's Award Jamaica, are caught admiring one of the tshirts which was presented by LIME to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Jamaica. These shirts were distributed to the participants in the camp and expedition. The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, is a programme of activities that can be undertaken by anyone aged from 14 to 25, regardless of personal ability, that involves undertaking service to individuals or the community.

MANCHESTER & SOUTHCOAST NEWS September 15 - 30, 2009


Euro 100,000 for schools solar energy study


he Government of Jamaica has received a 100,000 Euro grant from the Government of Spain, to carry out a feasibility study for the introduction of solar energy systems in 34 public schools across the island. The project, which will allow for the introduction of best practices in the energy sector of Jamaica while helping to substantially reduce the energy bill of the schools, was funded through the Spanish Ministry of Industry and Trade. Addressing the grant signing ceremony held on June 24 at the Education Ministry in Kingston,

Portfolio Minister, Hon. Andrew Holness, welcomed the project which, he said, would provide a viable alternative to carbon-based energy, and reduce the cost of electricity to schools, which amounts to some $500 million each year. The Education Minister pointed out that already, a number of schools have been using renewable energy in their day-to-day operations, citing a wind turbine project at Munroe College in St. Elizabeth and a "very sophisticated solar system" at Irwin High School in St. James. He informed that as soon as the study is undertaken, the findings will

be implemented as the first step in moving towards having all schools having some form of alternative energy system. Minister of Energy and Mining, Hon. James Robertson, commended the project as a major step towards the use of solar as an alternative energy source. He noted that solar as an energy source is best suited for institutions, as schools use their energy in the day. Ambassador of Spain, His Excellency Jesus Silva, in noting the importance of the project, said that: "If we teach the young Jamaicans in schools that there are other ways of

producing energy, we are teaching them one of the most important lessons that we can teach to the next generation." Spain is currently one of the leading countries of the world in the production of energy renewable sources, with energy needs being produced from wind, solar or hydro energy. In 2008, Spain was the leading European country in the production of solar energy. The schools selected are located in the six educational regions across the island. Seven schools have been selected from Region One encompassing Kingston and St. Andrew and

the Western part of St. Thomas; Region Two will comprise four schools in Eastern St. Thomas, Portland and Eastern St. Mary. Region Three includes six schools in Western St. Mary, St. Ann and Trelawny; Region Four will see six schools in St. James, Hanover, Westmoreland benefiting: five schools in St. Elizabeth and Manchester will benefit in Region Five; and Region Six, will involve six schools in Clarendon and St. Catherine. The initial study will be undertaken by Kingston-based company, CALA Telcom Services.

Prototype Youth Centre for Manchester SOUTH COAST T To advertise in

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Incentive for PATH students seeking higher education


inister of State in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Andrew Gallimore, says the Government is adding another incentive to the Programme of Advancement through Health and Education (PATH), to keep beneficiaries on the right track. Starting this October, every single child who has graduated from high school, who lives in a PATH household, who apply and is accepted to an institution of higher learning, will receive a grant from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security through the PATH programme for $15,000, Mr. Gallimore announced. He says that the Government is hoping that the incentive will encourage more young people to make that next step in their educational development. Mr. Gallimore was giving the keynote

address at the official opening of the Steps to Work Summer Camp, being held at the Albert Town High School, Trelawny, Monday, August 17. The Camp, a component of PATH's Steps to Work Programme was funded by the World Bank and ended August 28. More than 100 students who have recently left grades nine and eleven in High, All Age and Junior High schools in Southern Trelawny, and are from households receiving PATH support. participated, in the Summer Camp. It was aimed at providing productive options for students during the summer holidays, and also to assist in character building and the development of social, community and life skills. Mr. Gallimore encouraged the participants to set clear goals for themselves, and make use of the opportunities that come their way. He stated that the Government is fully committed to assisting children in PATH participating households, adding that there are over 350,0000 PATH beneficiaries. "We have seen a three percent differential between children who are on the PATH programme, and children who are not; meaning that children who are on the PATH programme are outperforming children who are not, where school attendance is concerned", he noted. He said that a differential payment plan being implemented will encourage young people to stay in the school system, with an additional incentive for boys who decide to continue on to grades ten and eleven.

he Manchester Health Department and the Devon Community Development Committee have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the establishment of a health centre in the community. The facility will be housed at the Devon community centre, which was spruced up from a $50,000 grant the community received for placing third in the Best Community Competition about two years ago. "We used the $50,000 to do the electricity (wiring) and buy our chairs," stated Secretary of the Devon Community Development Committee, Marlene Smith, at the signing ceremony held recently at the community centre. "We are using the facility for our club but then we were saying that Devon lacks something...we lack a health centre," she noted. Subsequently, a proposal to operate a health facility from the community centre was submitted to the Manchester Health Department. "We came to an agreement and they came and looked at the facility and I am so happy to say welcome, enjoy the clinic facility, use the clinic facility and do not destroy the facility," Mrs. Smith urged. Acting Parish Manager for Manchester Health

Services, Stanhope Scott, welcomed the move, noting that Devon once boasted a very active health centre. "When it was brought to my attention that the community of Devon was willing to provide the accommodation for health services here, I said 'yes it is great'," he said, noting that often people are of the belief that the provision of health care is the sole responsibility of the Government. Among the services to be provided are antenatal, postnatal and child health care and "we are also looking at aspects of health promotion," Mr. Brooks said. Under the agreement, the health team, inclusive of doctors, nurses and orderlies, will utilise the space provided at the community centre three to four times per month between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., with the Devon Community Development Committee to approve any additional days and hours. The health team is required to organise quarterly workshops to discuss topical health issues and will assist the Community Development Committee in the general maintenance of the centre. The Community Development Committee is responsible for the provision of electricity to the centre.

Development Workshop for youth coming

Choc’late Allen


n all day 'Educulture' Workshop that focuses on teaching young people how to "Create a Vision" to achieve the United Nations (UN) Millennium Development Goals and the Organisation of American States (OAS) Human Prosperity Goals, is being organised for 75 Jamaican National Secondary School Student Council leaders, Jamaican Youth Ambassadors, Community Youth Organisations and the National Parent Teachers Association of

Jamaica. A one-day event, the workshop known as Taking Personal Responsibility 'Educulture' Workshop Forum, will take place on Friday, October 16, 2009 at the International University of the Caribbean, 47 Old Hope Road, Kingston from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. In highlighting some of the objectives of the United Nations and the OAS development focus, the workshop will discuss areas which countries such as Jamaica are pursuing in order to overcome challeneges of poverty, hunger and issues impacting national well-being. Delegates at the conference will target the creation of a vision to respond to challenges of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases; as well as ensuring environmental sustainability. Delegates will also focus on ways of developing a global partnership for development. Jamaica will once again welcome Caribbean Vizion 16-yearold Chief Executive Officer and youth social activist, Ms. Choc'late Allen and her team, which include a number of young

Jamaicans who participated in the recently held Fifth Summit of the Americas - Youth Forum in Trinidad. A mandate from that forum, which also dealt with issues of development, was to identify how the themes affect and impact young people across the region and to educate them accordingly. The workshop is supported by UNESCO, UNAIDS, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade, National Council for Youth Development and Scotia Bank Ltd. As a follow-up to Choc'late Allen's 2008 'Children Must Be Seen and Heard' school and community tour of all 14 Parishes in Jamaica, the workshop will also encourage young people to accept the challenge of "Taking Personal Responsibility" for their future prosperity. Caribbean Vizion is an organisation that lobbies for cultural and economic co-operation between Caribbean citizens and their governments. The organisation was founded in 2001 and has been endorsed by the CARICOM Secretariat and Heads of Government.



September 15 - 30, 2009

Mandeville Roary installs new President


ew President of the Rotary Club of Mandeville, Manchester, Dr. Olajide Adekeye, has said that the group will continue to raise funds to provide more equipment for the Mandeville Regional Hospital. "It is part of our community responsibility to equip this major medical facility in central Jamaica with state-of-the-art equipment, and we intend to provide equipment worth over US$50,000 to the institution," he said. The new President was installed at the club's 2009 annual installation banquet, held at the Mandeville Hotel, on July 1. He pledged to conPresident of the Rotary Club of Mandeville McClooney Blair tinue the work under- Outgoing adjusts the chain of office on new President Dr. Olajide Adekeye taken by his predecessors, particularly in the area of serving communities, by providing needed equipment for health facilities, and to support persons in need. The President asked his fellow Rotarians to direct their efforts in the areas where the greatest needs exist in the community, such as literacy, water for basic schools, and general service to communities.

Ride With T Pride launched

he Manchester Chamber of Commerce and other stakeholders kicked off the Ride With Pride public transportation discipline programme with a church service at the Mandeville New Testament Church of God on September 6. The programme aims to improve the attitude and service provided by public transportation operators and those who use the service. Special guest speaker, Hon. Mike Henry, Minister of Transport and Works (pictured below), called on the various stakeholders in the public transport sector to play their role in ensuring that nothing less than quality service is provided and vowed that his Ministry would do whatever is necessary to improve the sector.

Representatives of the Ride With Pride programme and taxi operators join Minister Henry in showing off “How is my driving’ bumper stickers that also display a toll-free number which can be called to report or compliment taxi operators. In photo are (from left) Garfield Roache of Silver Streak taxi service, Keith Smith, VP of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce; Chamber President, Winston Lawson; Minister Henry, Daniel Dacres, Managing Director of the Transport Authority; Taxi driver Rupert Knight and Shirley Johnson, President of the Central Manchester Taxi Assn.

Rotarian McClooney Blair, Immediate Past President of the Mandeville Rotary Club (left) being presented with the Paul Harris Fellowship in recognition of his contributions to the Foundation 's charitable and educational program.

NCB takes clients to the movies Winston Lawson, manager of National Commercial Bank, Mandeville welcomes clients to the premiere of the movie My Sister's Keeper at Odeon Cineplex in Mandeville.

Jessica Williams and Nicole Thomas getting in the right spirit prior to the start of the movie.

Mandeville businesswoman Doreen Lawson and attorney Sean Clarke (centre) raps with Winston Lawson, manager of National Commercial Bank, Mandeville.

Julia Wright-Kennedy, Manager of the Jamaica Police Co-op Credit Union Mandeville branch, makes her mark for cancer research.

Reverend Oliver Daley is the centre of attraction at the reception prior to the start of the movie.

National Commercial Bank recently treated clients to the premiere of the movie My Sister’s Keeper at the Odeon Cineplex in Mandeville. South Coast News was on hand to catch the movie and of course bring you highlights of the event. Top Loaf Bake Shop’s Pat Chen seemed really happy to be there.

Attorney at Law Keith Smith ‘holds court’ at the Odeon Cineplex

Nicole Walker, group marketing manager, National Commercial Bank, shows off her fabulous style at the movie premiere.

The Odeon Cineplex is under threat of closure, a victim of a flood of pirated movies being sold on the streets of Mandeville.


September 15 - 30, 2009


First YEP loans granted by JN


Raniel McGregor (second left), Movet Murphy and Richard Durrant display envelopes containing cheques presented by Dorrian Lynch (left), JN Small Business Loans Limited (JNSBL) Regional Officer, while Barrington Lennon, JNSBL Field Officer, looks on. The three recipients got funding through JN Small Business Loans Limited at their Morant Bay office recently and are the first 2009 school graduates to get loan funding under the Young Entrepreneurs Programme.

fter its June start, the Young Entrepreneurs Programme has produced its first loan recipients. Three young secondary school graduates from rural St. Thomas with experience in their fields of endeavour and good prospects of success, have been selected for funding under the programme. Their funding is being provided through JN Small Business Loans Limited. Movet Murphy, Raniel McGregor and Richard Durrant are the first three young school leavers to be granted loans under the Young Entrepreneurs Programme (YEP)

that was announced by Prime Minister Bruce Golding in his Budget Presentation earlier this year. “We are happy to provide loans to these budding entrepreneurs,” said Mr. Frank Whylie, General Manager of JN Small Business Loans Limited (JNSBL), at the cheque handing over ceremony in St. Thomas recently. The Morant Bay JNSBL office will be providing technical support to the new business operators. The YEP is a government initiative to provide 2009 school leavers at the high school and tertiary levels with training and access to financing for viable small business projects. A total of $200 million has being made available through the Development

Bank of Jamaica to microfinance organisations such as JNSBL, the Credit Union League, Nation Growth, Access Financial Services Ltd. and Micro Credit Ltd. to onlend to the graduates. “We are hopeful that this demonstration will be a catalyst to other graduates to make use of the opporMr. Whylie said. tunity,” “Graduates, particularly those who attended the business management training sessions, can come in with their applications as we are ready to receive them.” A series of training sessions were held across the island starting in June, providing more than 1,000 graduates with an orientation in starting and running their own businesses. The graduates also went through an Entrepreneurship Workshop to develop their Business Plans, which is the pre-requisite for the granting of a loan. “If there is a risk, I am willing to take it,” Movet Murphy said. “When you have your own business, you get respect.” Movet, 17, got her loan to open a shop, while Raniel McGregor and Richard Durrant, both 19, are starting separate chicken farming ventures. The trio all live within commuting distance of Morant Bay in rural St. Thomas. Miss Murphy, who plans to manage a retail enterprise, declared that she is going to “sell rice, flour, sugar, cornmeal, meat, milk, juices and sweets.” The prospective shopkeeper says she has some experience in retailing as her mother, Merline Johnson, already sells biscuits and other items from the family home and she is involved in this operation. She plans to operate Murphy's Miracle Groceries from her home in Cheswick District where she says there is no shop in the immediate vicinity. “I have a passion for farming,” said Raniel. McGregor's Chicken Farm is to be located in the Mount Lebanus Area on family land and will target consumers within the community. Richard has a similar micro-targeting concept to Raniel's. He plans to rear chickens to serve residents of his community of Moffat District from Durrant's Chicken Farm located on family land, and like Raniel, he comes from a farming family. The two young farmers say fresh chicken meat is tastier; and, therefore, it sells for a distinct premium over the frozen product. That price differential allows a small and experienced poultry producer a niche in which to thrive. “There is always a steady demand for chicken meat,” Richard said. “I think this will be a profitable venture.” “We are confident that these young entrepreneurs can manage their projects and loan obligations,” Dorrian Lynch, JNSBL Regional Supervisor, said. “All three of them have some experience in their respective ventures and should succeed if they apply themselves.”


September 15 - 30, 2009

CIB seeks support for

coffee development project

Chairman of the Coffee Industry Board (CIB), Howard Mitchell, addresses the launch of the CIB's registration programme for non-Blue Mountain farmers held recently at the Montego Bay Civic Centre in St. James.


he Coffee Industry Board (CIB) is seeking private sector funding for the development of a 1,000-acre coffee farm as part of efforts to boost production of the crop. Board Chairman, Howard Mitchell, said that the CIB has already written proposals for financing for the venture, which will be designed in 200-acre modules. "The total development cost for this project is at least $7.7 million. This project is designed to bring the latest in technology and a high level of management discipline to effect an increase in coffee production per acre in the Jamaica High Mountain region," he informed. Mr. Mitchell was speaking at the official launch of the national registration programme for non-Blue Mountain

coffee farmers, held recently at the Montego Bay Civic Centre. The registration programme, he said, is important in securing the future of the industry, which is a key employer and foreign exchange earner. "Coffee is the second most important agricultural crop and the most efficient earner of net foreign exchange earnings. Last year, the industry earned more than US$40 million, and it provides employment for over 100,000 people. Coffee can provide employment and a decent standard of living for twice that many people and, for that to happen, important changes have to be made," he stated. In his address to the farmers, Director General of the CIB, Christopher Gentles, informed that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has granted some US$100,000 to provide inputs for farmers who suffered losses as a result to Tropical Storm Gustav last August. He urged farmers to register with the CIB in order to benefit from the assistance. "We have observed that there are some farmers who have gone beyond the call of duty to ensure the growth and expansion of the farms. Based on recommendations, the CIB has selected a few of these farmers for the receipt of fertiliser and seedlings to further increase their productivity," Mr. Gentles said, noting that the CIB is in the process of purchasing some 200 ferdin pumps for the effective distribution of fertiliser on farms. Some 40 farmers from Western Jamaica other parishes including Manchester and St. Ann were successfully registered at the launch. Approximately 7,500 Blue Mountain farmers have already been registered under the Blue Mountain segment of the programme.

Caribbean Wellness Day observed again in Manchester

Medical Officer of Health for Manchester, Dr. Beverly Wright, addressing the Caribbean Wellness Day function


he Manchester Health Department observed Caribbean Wellness Day at Mandeville Park on Friday September 11. Persons were encouraged, by various health professionals to manage and prevent chronic non-communicable diseases. The event also featured live demonstrations of gym exercises as well as sack races, a squat competition for males and females, dance competitions and other forms of physical exercise. Medical Officer of Health for Manchester, Dr. Beverly Wright, noted that chronic non-communicable diseases, which place a significant burden on the population, are

preventable. "They last for a long time, and also take a longer time to develop, as oppose to infectious diseases. The infectious diseases develop in a short while and, if properly treated, in a short while most persons are over the infections. But, the chronic diseases take a long time for the development of the conditions, and some people die before they can be treated," she explained. Dr. Wright added that, with the Government establishing free health care at public health facilities, there are no excuses for not having proper medication. Improved access to medication is available, but there is a need for individuals to play an active role in their health management, she said.

She added that information is available for persons to manage their health, and that the Health Department will be embarking on other public outreach projects to promote healthy living. "We are calling on the individual to prevent non-communicable diseases by practicing healthy lifestyles, by focusing on proper nutrition and increased physical activity," she emphasised. Caribbean Wellness Day is a collective effort by CARICOM to prevent and control heart disease, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and cancer in the region, by addressing casual risk factors including unhealthy diets, physical inactivity and tobacco and alcohol abuse.

Gov't increases access to potable water in St. Bess


he Government will be spending some $628 million over the next 24 months to develop water systems in the parish of St. Elizabeth. Minister of Water and Housing, Hon. Dr. Horace Chang, making the announcement at the commissioning of the Santa Cruz water supply system in Content recently, said that the move is in keeping with national development objectives. "Part of our social and economic infrastructural development is water supply. We have set out, as a Government, to ensure that potable water supply is within the reach of all Jamaicans, and is part of what we have to do to provide for the sustainable growth and improvement in the quality of life of every single Jamaican," he stated. The Santa Cruz water system was constructed at a cost of more than

Cabinet approves sports betting amendment

C A section of the audience at the Caribbean Wellness Day

$90 million and the scope of work included putting in a new well at Content, and upgrading of transmission and distribution lines. The system will serve the town centre, and communities such as Long Wood, Olive Park, Bybrook Park, Glenco, Lovely Point, Beadle's Boulevard, Waterloo, Burnt Ground, and Leeds. It will supply two million gallons of water per day to augment existing supplies, with room for future expansion. In addition to the Santa Cruz system, there is the newly established Flagaman system, which was developed at a cost of $10 million, and will be turned on soon. Some $180 million will be spent to get water to the vast section of South St. Elizabeth, Nain to Junction, which currently has serious problems in the dry season, the minister added.

abinet has given approval for an amendment to the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act regulations to allow for the introduction of sports betting and the payment of a 9% gross profit tax on sports betting offered by licensees. This will allow bookmakers to pay a total gross profit tax of 16.5%. The decision was announced by Minister

with responsibility for Information, Telecommunications and Special Projects, Daryl Vaz at the Post Cabinet Press Conference at Jamaica House on September 9. This approval paves the way for the introduction of betting on overseas sports matches, such as the National Basketball Association (NBA) games in the USA and European club football matches.


South African Minister of Culture, high school athletes to visit here

Minister of Youth Sports and Culture, Olivia Grange holds Jamaican and South African flags, symbolizing the partnership between the two nations, while visiting students at the Willow Ridge High School, Pretoria recently.


outh Africa's Willowridge High School plans to send 35 students to Jamaica early next year for a 10-day visit, during which they hope to compete with top Jamaican high school athletes engaged in the annual Boys and Girls Champs. The tour was initiated by the school's head coach, 2006 Commonwealth silver medallist, Geraldine Pillay, and confirmed by Jamaica's Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, the Hon. Olivia "Babsy" Grange, on her return from a visit to South Africa. Pillay lived in Jamaica in 2007, when she trained with Stephen

Francis and the Maximising Velocity Power (MVP) Track and Field Club at the University of Technology (UTech). This allowed her to train with Jamaican tracks stars Sherone Simpson, Brigitte Foster-Hylton and Asafa Powell, among others. Miss Grange says that, through the agreement for the tour, her ministry was opening up another window of opportunity created by the superb performances of Jamaican athletes at Beijing in 2008 and in Berlin last month. "You can depend on our support, as we want you to have a life-changing experience in Jamaica," the Minister reportedly told the

Willowridge High School students, during a visit to the school recently. "You will be totally blown away when you visit Jamaica and witness the atmosphere surrounding Champs," she told the gathering. She also took the opportunity to expose the students to aspects of Jamaica's culture and heritage. Pillay said that she was excited that that her team will be able to share her experience in Jamaica, which helped her to develop as an international athlete. Miss Grange said that while the Willowridge students would not be able to compete at Boys and Girls Champs at the National Stadium next year, she was sure that there would be ample opportunity for them to compete against top Jamaican high school athletes during the period. She expressed the hope that this would be the start of a new era, in which foreign high school athletes would visit Jamaica, to experience the coaching environment in which the country's top athletes develop their skills. Miss Grange was in South Africa for the Fourth World Summit on Arts and Culture, which was staged by the International Federation of Arts Councils and Cultural Agencies (IFACCA) and the National Arts Council of South Africa, in Johannesburg.

September 15 - 30, 2009


Athletes meet Ministers

Prime Minister Bruce Golding, (2nd left) took time out this afternoon at Jamaica House to share some memorable moments with athletes 2009 IAAF 400 metres silver medalist Sherika Williams (3rd left) and 100 metres hurdles World Champion Brigitte Foster-Hylton (3rd r). Determined to share in the pleasure of welcoming home the athletes were Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Audley Shaw (l); Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Olivia Grange (r) and Minister of Industry, Commerce and Investment, Karl Samuda (2nd r)

400 meter silver medalist, Sherika Williams (left) is all smiles as Minister of State with responsibility for Local Government, Robert Montague shows his delight in meeting her. World Champion100 meter hurdler, Brigitte Foster-Hylton shares the moment. The two athletes paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister Bruce Golding at Jamaica House today (September 28). The athletes returned home on Saturday after their successful performances at the IAAF World Championship Games in Berlin and other subsequent meets.

$2-M for NCB netball series T he NCB Sunshine Series is now a reality. The two-million dollar NCB sponsored series was launched on Tuesday, September 29 at the NCB Wellness Centre on Phoenix Avenue. The series will feature top ranked Australia, #2 team New Zealand and fourth place Jamaica who will play each country twice (there will be no match-up between Australia and New Zealand). All matches will be played at the National Sports Centre in Kingston with Jamaica playing Australia on October 17 & 18 and New Zealand on October 20 and 22. The October 17 & 18 matches will begin at 5:00 pm while the 20th and 22nd matches will begin at 7:00 pm. All the matches will be preceded by a pre-game show featuring some of this year's Digicel Rising Stars finalists. The pregame shows will begin one hour prior to the matches. The matches in the series which will be played under IFNA rules, will feature Jamaica's senior team including captain Simone Forbes and Romelda Aiken. Australia and New Zealand are expected to field their strongest teams. Australia will arrive on Wednesday, October 14 while New Zealand will touch down on Friday, October 16. President of the Jamaica Netball Association, Marva Bernard wel-

comed the staging of the series at this time while praising NCB for their sponsorship of two million dollars. Marva stated that “we at the Jamaica Netball Association are truly grateful to NCB for coming on board to sponsor this series. The staging of a series like this can only help to improve the standard of our netball while showcasing netball at its best to the country. We implore all of you to come to the matches and support our team as we seek to defeat our competitors”. In her remarks she indicated that the Jamaica Netball Association was in the process of developing a professional league which could come on stream in 2012. Mrs. Bernard stated that the other sponsors of the NCB Sunshine Series are Digicel, Burger King, Supreme Ventures, Jamaica Public Service, Gatorade, Sports Development Foundation, Television Jamaica, TVJ Sports Network, Hitz 92 and Klas Sports Radio. Simone Forbes, captain of the Sunshine Girls who spoke at the launch expressed joy and anxiety for the opportunity to play Australia and New Zealand who they only get to play during world championships. She also indicted that the entire team is looking forward to a great and successful series against the world's number 1 and 2.

Training Day

Students of Manchester High School prepare for the upcoming school athletic season. Last year Manchester High girls placed a respectable 4th in the annual ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys & Girls Champs. The school’s boys team however finished way down the list. Maybe we will see better results from them this year?

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MANCHESTER & SOUTHCOAST NEWS September 15 - 30, 2009

Junction Tops SDC 20/20 T

he Social Development Commission's (SDC) 20/20 Community Cricket Competition continues to be a popular event, as was confirmed by the large turn-out of fans for the finals, contested between Junction of St. Elizabeth and Content from St. Ann. Held at the ALPART Sports Club in Nain, St. Elizabeth on September 6, the 2009 tournament closer was an exciting affair which ended with the home team beating Content by 5 wickets to take home the SDC trophy and the accompanying $500,000 cash prize. Having won the toss and put Content in to bat, Junction immediately regretted that decision when Howard Harris whacked the first ball of the innings away for four runs. He then followed up with two more fours in the first over, further increase level of the St. Bess residents. Local fans however breathed a sigh of relief soon after however, when Harris was stumped by Junction's Algrove Johnson with the last ball of the second over. At 12 for one, Canute Ferguson entered the fray immediately got to work with a magnificent six. By the 10th over, the score had moved to 72 for one but Ferguson went shortly after for 38, with the score on 74 in over number 11. More wickets fell at 85 and 103 before eventually reaching 133 for nine following the completion of the allotted 20 overs. In their response, the Junction team appeared in early trouble, losing two wickets for only 35 runs, but good knocks by brothers Shane and Troy Powell (41 and 30), saw Junction cruising to victory at 135 for five with a magnificent four from Orayne Holness in fading light. In the play-off for third place earlier in the day, defending champions South Stars of Manchester fell to brilliant bowling from De la Vega of St Catherine, who recorded a nine-run victory to take the $150,000 prize up for grabs. De la Vega, batting first, made 115 for eight off their 20 overs, a meagre deficit that South Star should have been able to surpass with ease. Not so. The Manchester team struggled miserably, eventually being dismissed for 106 runs with three balls remaining.

St. Bess hot girls chilling at the match.

Content’s Jevaughn Rose helping his side to a first innings total of 133

Owaine Holness celebrating hitting the winning run off the first ball of the final over.

Social Development Commission (SDC) Chairman, Lloyd Pommels, presents the championship trophy to Junction captain, Troy Powell following the team’s victory in the SDC 20/20 Community Cricket Competition.

Raining goals at Manchester High

Holness swarmed by celebrating Junstion fans following his team’s victory over Content in the SDC 20/20 Community Cricket Competition

Despite a setback against Group F leaders Bellefield , where they went down 1-2, Manchester High has been recording excellent results in their matches in the first half of Round 1 of the 2009 DaCosta Cup schoolboy football competition. The team defeated Cross Keys 6-0, May Day 6-1 then put DeCarteret away 5-0 in their latest game. If Manchester High continues in this vein, the team is certainly set to make it into Round 2 of the competition. From there, only the sky is the limit.

Manchester High finds the back of the net in their match with May Day High

Manchester High vs. DeCarteret High

Manchester High’s homegrown football fanatic

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