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e-newsletter December 2013


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As we wave goodbye to 2013….2014 beckons.

They come from all over the globe…….

People are coming from across the globe to enjoy SCE’s tuition!!! Well, maybe a slight exaggeration. But we have now formed a partnership with a company called Europartner. They were looking for a location on the South Coast to take German exchange students horse riding; where better than South Coast Equestrian?! We trialled the system last year and with both parties very happy, we will continue to host our German cousins each year in the School holidays. Lets just hope we don’t train up the next German Olympic rider! This doesn’t really affect our local customer, but maybe a nice verification that you’re coming to the right place!

Seasons greetings to all. Well we’re on the verge of another new year. A new beginning. A fresh start. Time to turn over a new leaf. Its amazing how many phrases we have for something that scientifically is perhaps quite trivial; the end of one day and beginning of the next. We don’t set ourselves a new Mondays resolution; so why do we feel the need to make such an occasion of what is just the continuation of time? For me at least, I love a the start of a new year, I see it as a chance to reset the clock and psychologically re-charge the batteries in readiness for another years work. With our lives so full of work, stress, money issues, health worries and the little things that make us mutter under our breath, I believe its quite a luxury to look ahead and conjure images of a better future for you, for your children or even for your horse. Looking ahead gives us the freedom to dream, to make a master plan without the daily grind getting in the way. I believe that it is this positive thinking and goal setting

that leads to a fulfilled life. So that one day we may look back and say I did that, or I built that, or I nurtured that or quite simply, I lived that.

Well Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without our annual trip to Olympia. Its strange what we horse lovers do in the pursuit of enjoyment. Getting up whilst its pitch black, cold and wet. But every year we cannot get our hands on enough tickets. We hope you all had a fab time and didn’t go too crazy in the shopping area. It almost as if the word temptation was in-

vented specifically for the marketplace at Olympia!!! Quite unbelievably its only a few months until the tickets go on sale again, so once they do, we’ll let you all know. ….

In the world of horses it’s impossible (without a lottery win and a wealth of talent) to boldly say, I’ll go to the Olympics in a few years time. But I believe there’s a saying to do with eating an elephant, that applies here. I’ve always thought it a strange analogy, but the sentiment is spot on. Life, if you try to fathom the whole thing at once, can be very daunting, that’s why its important when we set goals to realize that it’s small steps that get us there, small victories that set us on the path or in the case of the elephant, small bites apparently! As your friendly riding school, we would love to be able to help you on your way to all of your goals and dreams, but something’s may be out of our jurisdiction. i.e, if the goal is to climb Everest, we may not be able to help. What we can and will help with is anything eques-

Until next year dear friends….

trian. So what are your goals for 2014? Win a local competition, take part in your first clear round jumping. Get back in the saddle after a fall? Or sit nervously as your dear child takes to the saddle for the first time? No matter how big or small your goal is for the coming year; we believe we can help you along the way. We will no doubt have seen it, heard of it or in a lot of cases, been through it ourselves. We all have our own battles to fight, whether it be a difficult youngster when breaking in, a dressage test that keeps getting the better of you or something that affects us all, our own confidence and self belief. We hope that if you come up against anything in the horsey world, you can feel confident you have the local facility to help and guide you. Whatever your goals for 2014, we’d love to hear from you and take a small bite of an elephant for you….metaphorically speaking!!!

Owners club... Due to popular demand, we are pleased to announce that we have now created a club priced lesson specifically for local horse owners. Priced at just £16.50 for the hour. These group lessons are specifically tailored to the needs of the group and have a strict maximum number of riders, so you can rest assured that the lesson will be very good value for you and your horse. So if you are a local horse owner looking for a structured lesson, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. then please get in touch. We hope to see you and The clubs will be fortnightly and a great way to get your horse very soon. your horse used to new environments. Also, when the weather turns for the better, we will be able to use our cross country training course to further add to the lesson types available. Any further questions,

...not just for Christmas We understand the purse strings are probably smoking with the amount of use they’ve had over the Christmas period. But just in case you have somebodies Birthday coming up or you’d just like to treat someone. We can offer gift vouchers for any amount, large or small. Get in touch for details.

Recommend a friend... We can’t start a new year without a special offer. So we’re bringing back recommend a friend. So, if you recommend a friend and they book a lesson with us then you will get a lesson absolutely free! That’s right free! (up to max value £22.00). So do you know someone that’s looking for a new facility? Know someone that’s been thinking about giving it a go? A friend that has a child that would like to start? A stranger in the street looks like they may be horsey….try anyone!

2014 Price increases Weekend group lessons —£22.00 No change Pony Club —


Clubs —

£16.50 No change

Private lessons —

1 hour £33.00 45 min £30.00 30 min £23.00

Semi-private —

1 hour £28.00 45 min £24.00 30 min £21.00

Stephs lessons —

1 hour £40.00 45 min £35.00 30 min £30.00

Own a Pony Day —


Activity Day —


As always we’ve tried to keep any increases to a minimum. Where we can, we’ve kept prices the same. Other prices have increased by just £1.00. It’s above my brain power to fully understand economics, inflation and other exciting topics, but all we mortals see is that it unfortunately makes feed, insurance, utilities etc more expensive. As ever, we are just aiming to keep pace with increasing costs. We hope you understand and believe our services still represent good value.

Beginners luck. It was a busy years competing for Steph. Those that are regulars at SCE towers will recognise the pretty boy Murdoch in the photographs. He was bought as a project as although his breeding was second to none, he hadn’t had the best start to his career. His rider/owner unfortunately became ill and was unable to compete him. When we contacted the owner, she was over the moon to let him come to us to restart his training. This delayed start to the handsome chaps competing meant he had to work hard to make his competition successes match his years of age. So Steph took the proverbial bull by the horns and got to work. Whilst Steph favours eventing and showjumping, Murdoch is a pink papered Hanoverian who is bred for dressage. So that’s where his journey began. His breeding and talent showed through from the start and Murdoch Qualified for the Pet Plan area championships with relative ease. This was a great achievement for a horses first season competing. When at the area champs, Murdoch and Steph produced a solid performance. It didn’t even cross Stephs mind that he wouldqualify for Nationals. So after washing her noble stead down and getting back into her ‘civvies’ Steph, in true good sportsmanship, went to the arena to Clap the placed riders at the end of the day. Fortunately for Murdoch but not for Steph, 1st and 2nd placed riders were smart as guardsmen and being handed their rosettes. Whilst the tannoy was hailing a mysterious Stephanie Geran who had been placed 3rd. Queue a very embarrassed Steph now standing, on foot, next to two people on horses! At least she could laugh about it, as did everyone else! So the boy had done it, in his first season competing, he had qualified for the National Championships at his level. So it was back to Stephs old stomping ground at Hartpury College in Gloucestershire (where she studied for her Equine Science Degree). The trip was enjoyable for all and Murdoch performed brilliantly. Unfortunately he wasn’t placed this time but for his inexperience, he really was a winner. So, after a job well done, it was time for Murdoch to continue his Journey with a new owner. He now lives at a lovely yard in Devon with a devoted new owner. We wish him and her all the best for the future.

I hope you enjoyed reading our newsletter. We again thank you all for your continued support. 2013 has been another great year for us and at last‌ stopped raining (he says whilst looking out the window at saturated fields!!) If ever you have any recommendations or thoughts, or even any services you would like us to offer. Please get in touch. We wish you a happy, healthy and horse filled 2014

Until next time, I wish you well. Stephen

South Coast Equestrian Dec 2013 e-newsletter  
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