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Buddhism is a religion that began in India a very long time ago.

People who follow this religion are called Buddhists.

This is because the man who began the religion was called

the Buddha. He did not like to see people who were sick or very unhappy.

A Buddhist church is called a

temple. Nan Tien is a Buddhist temple.

The teachers at the temple are called monks. They shave their hair and wear orange robes. They like to sit and think very hard. This is called


When Buddhists go to the temple they take their shoes off and leave them outside.

They like to put flowers and candles beside the statue of the Buddha.

In the temple people are very quiet because they are thinking like the Buddha did.

Buddhists do not eat meat, because they don’t want animals to be killed.

They are vegetarians and so they eat vegetables, grain like rice, pasta and bread and fruit.


A picture book about the Buddhist religion