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“There is no specific way for people to do kindness. Anyone, anywhere, anytime can do it.”

The Australian Kindness Movement Carl Holden, Lead Ambassador of the Australian Kindness Movement (AKM), explains that Singapore experienced the benefits of kindness after its government officially adopted kindness as a state sponsored movement some years ago.

“ The benefits included the suicide rate

dropping by half, there was a notable increase in business productivity and even the road traffic flowed more easily – all because people became more kind to each other.

Creating a positive school culture

The AKM was formed in the 1980s to help foster kindness between people in Australia. Carl’s vision is to develop local kindness groups throughout Australia, aimed at “empowering people to realise their dreams through a common base of kindness.” He encourages people to adopt kindness as their intrinsic motivation and to “see where the shift takes them. I encourage people to set up a local kindness group, or use their media skills and contacts to generate more publicity for performing kind acts and fostering kindness.” Carl says kindness is a choice and opportunities for kindness are open to anyone.

A.B. Paterson College at Arundel on the Gold Coast has taken practical steps to acknowledge and promote kindness by developing its own Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Committee. Co-ordinator Jessica Wu explains. “If a student sees someone else doing a random act of kindness such as showing a new student around or helping with homework, they send an email to RAK with the details. The RAK Committee writes cards to the nominated person and delivers it to them; it’s a nice way of saying thank you and recognising their kindness and generosity.” Jessica believes that one of the highlights of her involvement with the RAK Committee has been hearing about all of the kind deeds being performed at her school. “It’s really nice to see everyone doing nice things for each other.”

birthday. “We had no suggestions for our family and friends who begged for an idea.” It was in this context that the idea of having a random acts of kindness day in honour of her son was born. “Instead of buying presents that our JJ wouldn’t get excited about, I wanted to spread some love around,” Mique explains. What unfolded was a day in which her family and friends joined to perform hundreds of random acts of kindness in JJ’s name, with overwhelming results. “Not only did our acts of kindness help the strangers we served, the joy we experienced on the giving end was indescribable. I learned a lot about stepping out of my comfort zone, looking for people in need and doing things without expectations, just because.”

Celebrate a birthday with kindness A few years ago, author Mique Provost couldn’t decide what to give her 13-year-old son for his

Acts of Kindness Ideas From Make & Share Random Acts of Kindness by Mique Provost

1. Give a compliment to someone in line at the shop. 2. Pay for someone behind you at the drivethrough. 3. Deliver food to a homeless shelter. 4. Let someone go in front of you in a line. 5. Give someone your parking spot. Have you experienced a random act of kindness or performed one yourself? Share with us at or on South City Bulletin Facebook


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