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Stylist/Fashion Editor: r: Carly Vidal-Wallace Models: Megan and Dion from Mystique Mode Management

Hair and Make Up: Kylies Professional Photography: Vogue Images Gown: George Wu Suit: Clay Rhondo Millinery: Meredith McMaster

Venue: The Glen Hotel

FEATURE with Amanda Sheehan

Random Acts of Kindness Changing the world one good deed at a time unning late for my baby daughter’s doctor’s appointment, I was struggling to find change for a parking meter in the city. Holding her in one arm and rifling through my purse with another, I must have looked about as desperate as I felt as I realised I didn’t have the correct change in my purse. Then it happened: I experienced a Random Act of Kindness‌ A total stranger stopped, read the meter and inserted the exact amount of money in the slot. I was shocked and incredibly grateful all at once. I recall blurting out a surprised “thank you.â€? That act of kindness got me out of a difficult predicament and enabled me to get to my daughter’s appointment on time. But it did so much more. That stranger’s simple act restored my faith in people and inspired me to do the same for someone else one day – which is the logic behind the Random Acts of Kindness phenomenon.


Wired for kindness Research confirms that kind people are happier, more energetic, and enjoy better physical and mental health. They experience reduced levels of depression and enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing. Studies conducted by the University of British Columbia required people with high anxiety levels to conduct six acts of kindness each week for a four-week period. At the end of the study participants reported significantly lower degrees of anxiety and social avoidance. They also reported a significant increase in their mood. Perpetrators of kindness feel justifiably empowered because their actions are directly opposing the negativity that exists in the world. The effects of kindness are so powerful that merely witnessing an act produces enough oxytocin to lower blood pressure and boost heart

health – and the benefits don’t just stop there. It seems that the positive effects of kindness are experienced by everyone who witnesses the act, accelerating their mood and their likelihood of “paying it forward.� According to Dr Sonja Lyubomirsky, Professor of Psychology at the University of California, kindness is worthwhile because it begets kindness. Helping others leads people to like you, appreciate you, to offer gratitude. It may also lead people to reciprocate in your times of need. Helping others can satisfy a basic human need for connecting with others, winning you smiles, thankfulness and valued friendship.�


$13.80 $16.80

Lunch Special

Peking $38 Duck

(2 courses)

• Spring Rolls (2pcs) • Prawn Dumplings (2pcs) • Lemon Chicken • Fried Rice • Can of Soft Drink

• Pancake Wraps (12pcs) • Sang Choy Bow (4pcs)

Dinner $29. -


• Prawn Dumplings (2pcs) • Dim Sims (2pcs) • Wonton Soup (Short Soup) • Beef in Cantonese Style • Chicken Fillet with Salt & Pepper • Fried Rice • Chinese Tea or Soft Drink Big Gun Shopping Centre Shop 7/2922 Logan Rd, Underwood

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South City Bulletin | September 2016  

Spring Fashion, Random Acts of Kindness, Lady Elliott Island Escape, Trans-Am Comebacks, Artful Education

South City Bulletin | September 2016  

Spring Fashion, Random Acts of Kindness, Lady Elliott Island Escape, Trans-Am Comebacks, Artful Education