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bills and temperature. Properly installed film can also provide: • 99% UV protection • Protection against fading • Privacy. (Ranging from clear films to very dark films). • And a look to envy.

WINDOW FURNISHINGS with Jarad Drysdale

Are you ready for summer? With temperatures rising, now is the time to get ready for summer. Some of the things you need to prepare for are soaring temperatures, rising power bills and storms. Part of the solution to all three is installing window film (tint). Here’s how: • Temperature reduction. Window film can reduce the temperature coming through the glass by up to 82%. • Save on power bills. Studies have shown power bills can be reduced by 30% when using window film as it reduces the need for air conditioning. • Storm protection. Due to the inherent nature of window film to stick to glass, you’ll have an extra layer of protection in the event of hail or debri hitting during a storm. There’s also many more benefits in having window film installed other than reducing power

More and more Queenslanders are taking advantage of the benefits that window film provides. Hence, the reason there are now so many window film products to choose from. For this reason Great Window Tinting provides a free information pack that also includes free samples and a free quote. If you’d like to learn more about home, office or car window tinting, Great Window Tinting would love to hear from you.

equipment, driving, interacting socially and managing medications. A treatment plan can be tailored by understanding your cognitive strength and weaknesses.

HEADACHES & MIGRAINES with Bertrand Doeuk

Are headaches causing you memory or concentration problems? In our clinic we find many headache and migraine sufferers report of cognitive inefficiency, confusion, memory loss and thinking issues. At work patients may avoid hard tasks and perform easier tasks, while at home they may forget and leave out key ingredients when cooking. Speech issues, stuttering, poor vocabulary, word-finding problems, inability to complete sentences and mumbling their words are other extremely frustrating issues, especially if patients are in the middle of an important meeting or out socialising.

Stopping memory and concentration problems Once your headache clinician has identified the cause of your headache and migraines, treatment can then be targeted to treat the underlying causes. Once the cause is targeted and treated, you will expect a reduction or resolution to your headaches and migraines, as well as cognitive issues associated with your condition. Have you had your headaches and migraines assessed and treated by an expert headache clinician? If not, contact us today.

How to address these difficulties Great Window Tinting P 0400 320 674


It is important to let your headache clinician know if you experience difficulty with your thoughts and memory. Your clinician can then evaluate your cognitive level and function with respect to performing your job, handling machinery and

The Brisbane Headache & Migraine Clinic • 47 Pinelands Road, Sunnybank Hills • Suite 4, 485 Boundary Street, Spring Hill P 1800HEADACHE (1800 43 23 22 43)

Enjoy resort living at home. Make a statement outdoor or indoor with the contemporary styling of the Backer corner lounge. Light weight and durable aluminium with honeyed teak accents.

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Inspirational outdoor living

Profile for South City Bulletin

South City Bulletin | November 2016  

Embracing Summer, School Achievements, Local Businesses Thrive, Virtual Reality Hit

South City Bulletin | November 2016  

Embracing Summer, School Achievements, Local Businesses Thrive, Virtual Reality Hit


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