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Chipping basics

Choose club based on lie When chipping out of the rough, the first thing to consider is the condition of the lie. How thick and how long is the rough?  Is it sitting down in the rough or laying on top of the grass?  If you are fortunate enough to catch a lie with the ball sitting up, then count your blessings, but remember not to ground your club.  Instead, keep your club hovering near the top of the grass and play a normal chip shot.  This will prevent you from swinging under the ball and coming up short.   Of course, the shot that causes the most trouble is the one sitting down in the thick stuff.  This shot must be played with a sand wedge (54-56 degrees) or Lob wedge (58-60 degrees).  You folks that only chip with a pitching wedge or nine iron have very little chance of success with this shot.  Why? Because if you use a conventional chip and run technique your swing path and angle of approach will be too “inside” and “shallow” resulting in a “duff” or a shot that sends it screaming across the green. Don’t be afraid of the lofted wedges.  Follow these steps and you will be amazed at your success.

1.Aim your body left with 70 percent of your weight on your front foot, while aiming your clubface at the target (photo 1).  This will create an outside/in swing path as well as a steeper angle of approach.  The higher and softer you want to hit the shot the more you should aim your body left while still aiming your clubface at the target. 2. Swing along your body line (see photo 2).  3. Swing club back with a good amount of wrist hinge.  This will also help create a steeper angle of approach (photo 3)  4. Keep your hands ahead of the clubface at impact and follow through with your hands finishing next to your left pocket with the clubface facing the sky (photo 4). The ball with come out with a higher trajectory and land softer giving you great control over the shot. 5. With a little practice you will not only be getting up and down more, but holing it out will be a strong possibility.  Good luck!   Pat Bates Director of Gaillardia Golf Academy 405) 509-3611

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