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New year, new start

January 2018

Stoke Gifford Retirement Village An ExtraCare Charitable Trust Village

Opening this year, Stoke Gifford Retirement Village will provide 261 comfortable new one and two bedroom homes for people over 55, with options for rental, shared ownership and outright purchase. The Village is built around a superb range of social, leisure and well-being facilities including: Fitness Suite and Well-being Suite Bistro and Bar Shop Hair and Beauty Salon Village Hall Hobby and Games Room IT suite and Library Greenhouse and Landscaped Piazza

If we are to influence these plans, we need your support IT HAS been a busy year for the members of WHaM (Windmill Hill & Malago Planning Group), with meetings with cabinet members, developers, coverage in the press, appearances on local TV, a website, events on the green and meetings at Windmill Hill community centre. Around Bedminster Green the ever-shifting sands have made it hard to focus on specific targets. Hundreds of people commented on the only firm application to date, for the 10-storey blocks next to Malago Road, and the council and planning department heard our concerns. We wait for the decision of the planning committee on this. Next year is likely to be crucial in the process with applications expected on all five plots on Bedminster Green for tower blocks between 18 and 22 storeys, the sale and removal of the green open space and its trees, and a district heating and power station. This is a major

We’re not going to let roads be used as racetracks

The Village is a vision of The ExtraCare Charitable Trust, a registered charity pioneering the UK’s most innovative and exciting new retirement villages.

H StokeGiffordVillage

0117 321 5138

or email stokegifford@extracare.org.uk

or online at www.stokegiffordvillage.co.uk Charges will apply. Details of any costs associated with your home, care and village services will be provided as part of your application. The ExtraCare Charitable Trust, registered charity number 327816, is a company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales as company number 2205136. Its registered office is at 7 Harry Weston Road, Binley Business Park, Binley, Coventry, CV3 2SN. Copyright © 2017 - The ExtraCare Charitable Trust

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APPY New Year to all the readers of the South Bristol Voice! The festive season brought a fair mixture of incidents across the beat, with some issues unfortunately becoming more and more common for us. Firstly, it has been brought to our attention by a series of concerned residents that Wingfield Road has started resembling a Formula One race track. I have received several reports about speeding and very near misses involving both

development and although the council, after pressure from WHaM, has got some of the developers around the table, there is no cohesive plan for the area except WHaM’s site brief. An uncoordinated development of this size could be a disaster, leading to loneliness and alienation, gentrification, overcrowding, a proliferation of one and two bedroom flats and fast profits for developers and private landlords. Where is the social housing? Where are the amenities, schools, doctors and facilities that will encourage cohesion and connection? WHaM is a credible part of the planning system and is pushing for all of these things but needs more people to get involved. There is a core group of a dozen or so members who have worked hard over the last couple of years and achieved great things but they need your help. If we are to have an influence the community will need to make its voice heard. Our AGM is at 8.30pm on January 9 in the community centre in Vivian Street. If you can stand for any position on the committee please email whamalago@gmail.com. We also need members who can bring energy and skills. Many thanks. Howard Purse Chair, WHaM

pedestrians and vehicles. The beat team have been working to try to minimise the issues and this is very much a work in progress. Wingfield is a 20mph zone for a reason – the safety of those living there and those passing through. There is a school nearby and it is frightening to think what could happen if cars don’t slow down. I can’t stress enough the importance of sticking to the speed limit and being mindful of those around you, which will reduce the potential for a very serious incident. We will continue our work until we get a resolution to this problem.



Write to paul@southbristolvoice.co.uk or to 18 Lilymead Avenue, BS4 2BX

Turn litter police on waste staff I’VE JUST read the article in the December issue of South Bristol Voice from mayor Marvin Rees. He goes on about the success of the litter ‘stasi’ in the city centre robbing people for dropping litter. Perhaps they will patrol our residential streets after the recycle wagon has been through – the city will make a fortune within a very short time, they drop as much as they collect without any attempt to to clear up after themselves. Name supplied, Knowle

Bike hangars point the way THE ONGOING saga of potential bike hangars on Somerset Road has taken another twist with the presentation of a petition to the council against their installation. Those of us in favour of the hangars are going to respond in the New Year, but I wanted to reiterate my personal reasons for supporting the initiative. Firstly, Bristol air pollution consistently exceeds legal limits. We cannot go on like this. In this context, the hangars are a very


Here you can relax in the knowledge that if you or your partner need care, now or in the future, it can be provided by a dedicated 24/7 on-site team.

For more information please call



Retirement living for the not-so-retiring

Stoke Gifford Retirement Village, Off Coldharbour Lane, Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS16 1EJ

January 2018

hile we are on the topic of road-related incidents, we have also received numerous reports about a driver acting in an anti-social way in the St Agnes Avenue area.

small part of an evolving Bristol bike infrastructure rather than a solution in themselves, but the message they send out is important – we shouldn’t assume cars always have priority. Secondly, not everyone on Somerset Road lives in a house where it’s easy to store bikes. Flat residents have more limited space. For houses on the even side of the street, access to the front door is via steps. If you’re a bike commuter or someone who uses a bike rather than a car as your main means of transport, the difficulties are real. I don’t drive and I used to transport my daughter around by bike. It’s hard work getting a bike up the steps when you’ve also got to get the week’s grocery shopping in the house, you have a toddler to keep from wandering off and you’ve just walked up the hill through Arnos Park from Sainsbury’s. Finally, one of those opposed to the hangars talked in the South Bristol Voice of a “select few parking their bikes every day”. This gives a misleading impression of elitism. Slots will be allocated for a year and priority will be given to those who need them most. Jonathan Wright Somerset Road, Knowle

With PCSO Richard Higbey Broadbury Road police station Although we have attended at the time of the call, the driver has usually left the area. This is very frustrating for us and undoubtedly has an impact on the community. Please do report any issues to us and we can start to put more resources in place to combat the issue.


riendship Road has been subject to a few suspicious incidents of late. Offenders have gained access to sheds and garages and caused damage to other premises. Our enquiries are continuing and we will be in the area. If you see us, please do talk to us. If you have any concerns, please do report them and we will act on them.


n December 8, PC Harriet Wood and I held our first beat surgery at Redcatch Park. A lot of the information

we received about anti-social behaviour, theft and parking problems has helped us to shape our patrol plans in the area, so it really is worth you coming along. Beat surgeries are a great opportunity for us to get to know the people who live here and what’s important to you. We will be holding another one this month, so look out for details which we will display in the park, on our website (link below) and on Redcatch Park Community Garden Facebook and Instagram pages. The surgeries are in their early stages and we want to tailor them to help address the issues that are causing concern. Don’t forget, you can follow what the team are up to on Twitter @ASPBristolSouth Until next time, PCSO Richard Higbey • avonandsomerset.police.uk/ your-area

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South Bristol Voice January 2018  

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