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South Beach Smoke Review

We liked the south beach smoke review. Prominent phrases about money-back guarantees and lifetime warranties always put us in a positive mood. Our mood changed a bit after we selected the Deluxe Starter Kit and realized we were being charged $99.99 PLUS $9.95 for shipping. Five flavors were available, but we decided to order the Assortment Cartomizer Pack (available in only the Light Nicotine level), that would allow us to try them all.

The kit arrived four days after we ordered it. We were impressed that South Beach Smoke could process, ship and deliver a product in such a short time. However, our opinion of this manufacturer would not be completely positive.

The first disappointment with this product occurred when we noticed that the flavors of the cartridge atomizers were not labeled clearly. Each cartridge atomizers had a color band which represented a flavor. While this may not be an issue for long-time users, it was not ideal for a new customer. In fact, we had to go back to the South Beach Smokewebsite to correspond colors with flavors. Light brown signified the tobacco flavor.

South beach smoke review  
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