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All About South Beach Diet The South Beach diet is a very popular diet plan to help lose those extra pounds by removing unwanted carbohydrates and fats in your diet. The reason why a lot of us are facing obesity problems is due to our lifestyles which force us to go in for junk food which is fast to obtain and easy to cook and consume. Therefore, we need diets like the South Beach Diet, which helps lose weight systematically and in a very healthy manner. A famous cardiologist named Dr. Arthur Agatston designed this diet therefore; you can be rest assured that this diet which has come from the medical community. This diet was originally designed for patients with heart diseases or diabetes in order to ensure their health issues didn’t do any further damage. The diet makes you consume less of the high glycemic index carbohydrates (like rice, white bread) thereby, making you crave less for carbs in general. What we tend to do is, if we consume anything sugary, it makes us crave for more carbs in general thereby we end up eating food that is heavier in carbohydrates than otherwise. This cascading effect of consuming carbohydrates is really what causes weight gain. Design of the South Beach Diet

The diet has been structured to help you lose weight in three phases: Phase 1: The first phase has been known to cause most amount of weight loss in people. The main reason for this is the elimination of “unhealthy� food items from your diet. The first phase is said to be the most restrictive part of the diet. The phase lasts for two weeks. The majority of allowed foods during this phase are from the protein category like meats, tofu, nuts or eggs. You are not allowed to skip any meal during the day and you are also allowed two mid-day snacks. Phase 2: The second phase of the diet usually lasts longer given that you have to continue to follow the diet until you reach your target weight. This phase does not impose as many restrictions on the diet as the first phase did. You are allowed to consume carbohydrates in this

phase in the form of whole wheat pasta or bread, multigrain bread, brown rice and even wine. Also if you’re really craving some desserts, you could choose to have one slice of cake to feel better. Phase 3: The final phase starts only after you’ve reached your target weight. This phase is indicative of how your lifestyle should be for the long run and it continues forever. It ensures you only consume what is healthy and leave out all the unhealthy food in your diet. If you miss eating something exciting or tasty you could pamper yourself with dessert treats once in a while.

Some recommended food items which can be added in your diet are meats like turkey, chicken or seafood. Other protein rich items like lentils, eggs, tofu and nuts. Also, you are allowed to eat healthy snacks twice a day between breakfast and lunch and again between lunch and dinner. Fruits are not allowed in the first phase while vegetables are highly encouraged. For more information on the South Beach Diet including special tips and secrets for success, please read South Beach Diet Scam

South Beach Diet are provided South Beach Diet for a nutritious and delicious part of a healthy lifestyle.The South Beach Diet...