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Hearing Aid Repairs When Are Necessary




Do you know when your Hearing aids are in need of repair? If the hearing aid is dead and you and your audiologist can not get it to work that's a good sign it is time to send out for hearing aid repairs. Your audiologist will use what they call a "hearing instrument box" that runs a series of test to see how much volume is coming out of it and if there is any deterioration of the hearing aid. If your hearing aid is not comfortable for you we have what is called a grinding machine. The audiologist can grind down any sharp point or make it smaller and more comfortable for you we do all this in house for you. Hearing Aid Repair Also Includes Earwax Removal. Call 310-237-6044 If You Feel Like You Need Hearing Aid Repairs Or If You Would Like To See More Of Our Informational Video's Visit Our YouTube Channel

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Hearing Aid Repairs