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October / November 2013

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WELCOME A big hello to all of our new starters and a bigger welcome back to our returners— wow talk about being busy across so many campuses this year. We have had a really good start to the year with so many new students choosing to come and enroll with us as well as students returning to complete their second year of study – It’s great to see you all. To launch your Division’s newsletter all of the staff would like to say a big well done to all of you for the way you’ve settled into college life and got stuck into induction, placement and your studies. As we are such a big division with students attending so many different campuses it’s really important that we can let you all know what’s going on in the Division. Did you know that you are part of Early Years, Care, Public Services and Science? So we’ve got a real mix of talent within our Division and we want you to share what’s going on with each other. This is the first edition of your newsletter and a quick snapshot of what’s been going on – we really hope you’re going to get involved in future editions – telling us what exciting things are happening in your lessons, at college generally or any other things you might be involved in. You can let the editor know through your teachers or get in touch directly – Kate Keating 0121 702 1022. Let’s start with some key messages now we’re all settled in and well into the teaching year. Attendance and Punctuality Are you turning up on time to every lesson??– Arriving late and missing key lessons will affect your success; don’t let it!! We want you to achieve what you came to do in September. If you are having problems with attending some lessons talk to your course tutor – we can help you. Functional Skills It’s just as important that you attend your functional skills classes too. If for some reason you can’t make sure your functional skills tutor knows and that you plan to catch up. Additional workshops & Homework clubs We know we didn’t do a few things that well during the first few weeks and that some of you have had other things to deal with that will have effected your attendance so check with your tutors about the additional workshops and homework clubs they’ve set up that you think will help you to catch up, improve your grades and produce your best assignments.

This newsletter is also an opportunity to introduce you to a rising technology called AUGMENTED REALITY. This technology allows posters and real life objects to come to life through your smartphone or tablet device. The app we use at the college is called AURASMA and is available completely free to download and use on your Android or iOS device. All the college augmented material will then be available to you to view if you ‘follow’ the SCCB channel.

Step 1 Download the AURASMA app for free from your device’s app store. Step 2 Launch the app, tap the search icon and type in SCCB. Follow SCCB channel. Step 3 Scan an augmented poster/image and watch it come to life.

Where ever you see the Scan & Play icon on college material you can use the app to scan for extra content.

Scan this image and watch it come to life.

Learner Voice corner You know we value your feedback and are always eager to make things better or spread good practise to other areas so this column will be a regular feature letting you know what’s been going on as direct response to you telling your tutors, your managers or even your Principal what works and what doesn’t. As it’s our first newsletter let’s start with your Learner Reps. As you’ll remember soon after induction was done and we were all settling into teaching and learning you voted two of your classmates to act as your group’s rep to respond to any issues effecting your learning. To make sure they could represent you properly they went through training across four of the big campuses before half term. This then helped them to hold a class review ready to discuss your needs, worries and successes so they can then feed these back at a formal divisional meeting to course Managers and Directors and Seniors Assistant Principals should attend too..

We are at the stage where the divisional meetings are now happening so make sure you have had your input in a class review. Once all of the first round of meetings have happened you will get to see what has happened to “Voice” by checking out the minutes from the meetings, which we will post on Moodle or you can look out for the “You said... We did” posters we’ll get on display soon. Following on from these meetings your Reps will attend a conference in January and May to come together with Reps from other areas of the college to celebrate success in making sure that your time at college is effective, challenging and rewarding. They have a really important opportunity to make change within the college so make sure you know who they are and are talking to them

Mixing it up–learning and giving.... Lots of you have been involved in some really dynamic teaching and learning that has not only helped with your coursework but also raised some valuable cash for your favourite charities – well done October - It all adds up! As part of their maths skills and learning a class of adult learners worked in small groups to plan charity events that would not only raise money but help them to improve their budgeting, planning using numbers and money skills. They must have some pretty good skills now as they managed to raise over £350.00 for a variety of charities including Children in Need, Hand in Hand, NSPCC, Islamic Relief and The Children’s Hospital. October - The Great Big Coffee Morning Tutor Sufia Rani and her H&SC students, who were working on a unit all about teamwork, decided to plan, organise and host a coffee morning to support Macmillan Cancer managing to raise £73.85 plus they got some great evidence for their assignment – well done to them and all who supported them !!

November – the big launch St Marys Hospice Amy Moore from Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice came over to the Hall Green Campus to give students a very informative talk on her role as a charity fundraiser, the Charity itself – fact alert they have to raise a whopping £7.4 million every year that’s over £2000 a day or £84 per hour – imagine trying to raise eighty four pounds every single hour of the day – what sort of things would you do !!! They do some crazy things all to provide fabulous care for people who have life threatening

illnesses – that means that they have an illness that has no cure and that they will die from, some of these people are young and some are old – these illnesses aren’t choosy. Have a look at Amy’s presentation and go to their website to get the full story. As well as telling us all about the excellent work of the charity Amy launched an appeal for volunteers to form a small group representing our division to get involved and arrange some exciting fund raising activities for the Hospice. The level 3 students who are back for their second and final year are going to support some of their level 1 and 2 colleagues to kickstart this off in H&SC. Amy explained that the group would come together and elect each other into specific roles; someone would become the group leader, someone would take care of banking the money raised, someone else may get the banners when events are on etc.etc. Sounds like a great way to get involved, create activities and maybe get your tutors doing silly things – don’t worry we’ll get it on film!!

It’s also a great thing to have on your CV – employers love a volunteer and it shows universities that you’ve got those creative brain cells they love to attract !! If you weren’t at the launch but feel you’d like to get involved, no matter which part of the division or location you are studying in, get in touch with Amy at St. Mary’s - 15 November – Children in Need You were all getting up to lots of different things for your learning and Pudsey last week but I bet it didn’t help when at one of the campuses the fire alarm went off right in the middle of the morning when some of the H&SC students were in full swing selling cakes, painting nails, playing games and even singing (wonder if that’s what set them off – just kidding) They rightly got themselves out of there as quickly as possible but soon realised they didn’t take the money ... all £83.00 of it ... no need to panic though Michelle from Human Resources scooped it up and kept it safe – well done ladies. And gents as another decided to up the takings by completing a sponsored walk in his own time collecting an extra £25.00 along the way. The Level 2 science students at the Bordesley campus got busy with raffles, selling food and creating mehndi patterns all in aid of Children in Need managing to show excellent team working and communication skills as well as raising £100.00 well done to the Scientists.


What your tutors get up to when they’re not teaching you ... Over the summer a team of H&SC staff volunteered to take part in the breakfast drop in session at SIFA Fireside, Birmingham.

SIFA Fireside works with those who are homeless, affected by alcohol or otherwise socially disadvantaged. SIFA Fireside empowers and supports people to meet their short and long term goals. The willing volunteers were Susan Coley, Susan Mountford, Elaine Powell, Jenn Addo, Sharon Farren and Caroline Fleming and we’ve got the footage as Ben Coley from the College’s Quality Division also attended to record the action for ever – yes we’ve got the evidence guys !! The main volunteer and organiser Syeda Akhtar quickly got them into specific roles within the kitchen and serving area and they were making porridge, preparing tea and coffee, washing dishes and restocking the fridge in no time – all with their lovely PPE on – check out those hairnets. Serving started with a choice of porridge, yoghurt or cereal biscuits to go with their tea or coffee at 9am and was over by 10am – nice work ladies!! Some of the H&SC students have been on placement at SIFA so they will know what a great experience and contribution the tutors made on that morning for their service users. It also gave the tutors a great insight into working at SIFA so if that’s your placement next – have a chat with them.

Caroline Fleming who organised it for staff said “volunteering enables us to give something back to the community, we can learn and develop new skills and utilise and improve on our existing skills which will ultimately impact on our learners experience. Caroline has already got your staff volunteering for another similar event hosted by Birmingham Christmas Shelter - this time it’s breakfast and lunch so they’ll be extra busy – you could help with this appeal as they need any used coats, jackets shoes etc that could keep a homeless person warmer and drier over winter – get in touch with Caroline and show your support.

What’s been going on in teaching and learning... It’s been all about the conference this term! Conferences are a great way for teaching staff to come together alongside experts from other organisations to give you a different way of learning. You get the opportunity to mix with your fellow students from different groups to share good practise. Guest speakers give you the opportunity to hear a new opinion or way of doing things and if you’re feeling confident you get to ask questions or give feedback. This style of learning is often used in the workplace where an employer will send staff to a conference to update their skills or knowledge. H&SC level 1 Conference At both Hall Green and Handsworth all of the H&SC level 1 students attended a conference where a range of guest speakers helped them to understand the different job roles within Health and Social Care helping them not only to complete tasks towards their qualification but to start making some decisions about the role they would like to specialise in when they are ready for work. Health & Social Care is a very wide ranging sector and this was an opportunity to mingle and talk to experts such as support workers, occupational therapists, residential social workers and domiciliary care workers – sometimes a person in care will be involved with every one of these professionals through each stage of their care needs. Some students do have some of these professionals involved in their lives already so it was good to hear from the professionals about their own

qualifications, experience and thoughts on the sector and service users they look after. Check out the links on Moodle to watch the videos yourself... Early Years level 2 and 3 Conference Safeguarding Children At Hall Green the childcare team hosted a conference to highlight the Working Together to Safeguard Children Guide. This is such an important part of their qualification as they have to attend placement and will eventually be working with children so it’s vital they know how to recognise abuse and what to do if they suspect it is occurring to a child in their care. The conference had some high profile senior managers from Birmingham City Council’s Children’s Services talking about their roles and how teachers, doctors, school nurses, health visitors and social workers all work together to keep children safe from abuse and neglect. Jane Linsell, your Director for student services also attended to talk about the differing forms of abuse and neglect and what to look out for; it’s not just about seeing bruises. They finished off with a competition to design their own strategy for supporting children to stay safe – don’t forget guys your deadline is 2nd Dec – winners announced in next bulletin. As you know safeguarding is a very important part of college life and there are key staff that you as students can speak to if you feel that you have issues and need help, check out student services or see the posters around college for more information.

One group of H&SC students had an even better experience even though a bit nerve wracking as they participated in the Carer’s competition. Julis, Shantel and Hanisa had plenty of practice though. They spent additional hours outside of lessons using staff as patients – Sue Coley who used to place H&SC students with employers got the most of it –in bed – out of bed – face washed and a bit of counselling – placement is a tough job you know!! At least our three stars got the practice in.

Science Conference Budding scientists had the pleasure of attending a session with Mr. Bryan Smith the head biomedical scientist at the Blood Science department in Worcestershire Hospital. He explained about all the different job roles for scientists – they can get up to some amazing stuff – not for you if you’re a bit squeamish – Did you know we could have the person who finds a cure for cancer roaming around our corridors! Biomedical scientists work in healthcare and carry out a range of laboratory tests and techniques on tissue samples, blood and fluids to help doctors find out what disease their patient might have. They also check how well treatments work and often find better treatments as they study in their laboratories. Their work is extremely important for many hospital departments and the functions they carry out are wide ranging. For example, they may work on medical conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, AIDS, malaria, food poisoning or anaemia, or carry out tests for emergency blood transfusions or to see if someone has had a heart attack.

Skills Show 2013 NEC Birmingham The Annual World Skills competition and showcase rolled into the NEC in Birmingham on 14, 15 and 16th November and what a show case it was, with lots of very important people, not least some of you, visiting or actually taking part. There were some spectacular displays from each of the division’s areas from Christmas trees to crime scenes that attracted a buzz of onlookers South and City College Birmingham visited the Skills Show with groups of students from Health and Social Care courses on 14th and 15th November where they were able to find out about various pathways into different careers. They were also able to watch competitors taking part in the Care Skills competition where one of their tutors, Sarah Eden, was a judge on the panel. There were stalls for fun activities as well, such as “glitter - tattoos” which some of the students participated in (see photos) and were very pleased with. However there were also stalls where you could have some very realistic looking “wound make-up” applied. On Saturday 16th November a team from Health and Social Care set up a stall to show prospective students and other young people what is involved in caring for other people and how it might feel to be old. Everyone at the show was invited to make a jam sandwich using one hand, wearing goggles which limited their vision and with a weight on their wrist to mimic joint stiffness/arthritis. There were many participants and much fun but it brought home to them the difficulties faced every day by some elderly people. Four loaves of bread, two

jars of jam, one pack of plastic knives and two packs of margarine were soon dispatched and resulted in one very sticky SCCB tablecloth! Sharon Chapman, another tutor wore her insides on the outside to show what you have inside your body, organ-wise.

Public Service students demonstrated their forensic skills – setting out a crime scene and inviting people to have a go at working out how their dummy came to a tragic end. Over 900 people had a go and some managed to work it out although most missed the clues and got it wrong. What do you think happened ...

Shantal Hines who is studying Level 3 Health & Social Care was on show showing off her “caring� skills alongside other students from other colleges who were taking part in a showcase for a Health & Social Care competition which will bring the UK in line with international world skills. There were actors there who all acted out various people with Health Issues Shantal showed her expertise with personal care, dignity, hygiene and moving and lifting at an international level. Well done Shantal.

The Early Years team got into the festive spirit with their have a go Christmas trees, visitors young and old had a go at decorating the trees with lots of glitter and glue. Such activities are a great way to introduce creative thinking and motor skills for young people although it looks as if the staff were practising theirs too as by the end of the weekend they ended up having the sparkliest stand at the show.

Some other stuff you should know... A big well done to the Social Care staff. After a lengthy application and evidence process we have renewed our National Skills Academy endorsement – it means that our division is recognised as being an excellent provider of Adult Social Care training both in College and in the workplace that means they agree we are developing your skills to be excellent practitioners – we don’t mind you bragging about this too ; ) not many other colleges have this award – check out the website: Fairway Apprenticeships If you’re based at Hall Green Pop into HD107 and say hello to Delores! She works for an Organisation called Fairway Homecare and she is moving into room HD107 from November onwards. Fairway Homecare provide care in the private home or in residential homes and are expanding their business in the Birmingham area. Fairway Homecare provide care in the private home or in residential homes and are expanding their business in the Birmingham area. Delores is going to support any of you students looking for placement opportunities or even some paid working hours agreed around your college days. Make sure you get to see her – although she’s based at Hall Green she’ll be keen to get over to the other campuses have a chat with your course tutor to get her to come and visit your group. Spotlight On...

Did you know that in our division we have over 50 apprentices out in the workplace all working and earning money whilst they learn and train to become experts in their chosen area? We have apprentices in H&SC, Early Years and even Public Services some actually work at the College; Nursery Assistants and Security Guarding. They might well be studying the same qualifications as you but they get paid to learn as with Apprenticeships it’s all about getting a job first so they have to apply for jobs and go through a formal interview process with an employer before starting their course. We support all of our potential Apprentices with guidance and CV skills as well as some top tips for interview and now we have employers coming to us directly rather than advertising their vacancies - it’s quicker and cheaper but hey it works for us ! – curious to find out more check out or talk to the Apprentice experts within the division – or

Over to you...

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