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Referendum Rules

1. General 1.1. There shall be a Returning Officer for the referendum, whose job it is to ensure the fair running of the referendum as they interpret from these rules. 1.2. The referendum shall be free and fair and held in the spirit of collegiality, any campaigning that does not promote the spirit of the referendum shall be dealt with at the discretion of the Returning Officer. 1.3. All full members have the right to vote in a referendum carried out by a cross-campus vote. 2. Teams 2.1. For communication and funding purposes, SUSU shall acknowledge the existence of teams campaigning for Yes and No platforms 2.2. Membership of such teams is not through registration nor is it considered definitive 2.3. In order for the teams to be informed/receive remuneration, they shall appoint an individual as a ‘Point of Contact’ to SUSU. In the first instance, this shall be done at the referendum briefing held by SUSU. 2.4. If a team should wish to change the point of contact, they should liaise with the VP Communications and the Returning Officer, who may make the decision. 3. Funds 3.1. Funds of £150 shall be made available to reimburse campaigning expenditure by each team. 3.2. Reimbursement shall be on production of receipts for campaigning items 3.3. Publicity items must be stamp approved in the democracy office before use 3.4. SUSU will use discretion about which items it reimburses and shall not reimburse ‘treat’ items (food, alcohol, etc.) or items which have been purchased for personal use. 3.5. Misuse or misinformation of the funds will result in a fund penalty, normally equivalent to the amount involved. 3.6. The funds provided do not constitute a budget limit, and campaigners can use their own materials (including pre-existing material) as they choose. 4. Campaigns 4.1. A collegial atmosphere should be maintained throughout the process, campaigning which does not adhere to this may be dealt with under the SUSU disciplinary procedures. 4.2. Campaigners are responsible for their own health and safety. Campaigners should not access the roofs of buildings or work at height. 4.3. Campaigners must not intimidate, bully or harass voters, nor attempt to influence an individual’s decision at the point of voting 4.4. The SUSU website shall host logistical information about the referendum, including voting information and will provide the links to Yes and No groups put forward by the Point of Contact for each team. 5. Events 5.1. Campaigners are encouraged to be creative with their campaigning; SUSU will provide several opportunities for debate to take place throughout the term.

5.2. Opportunity to be involved in this will be made available to both teams through their point of contact. Specific rules for events may be established and the Returning Officer may arbitrate on these.