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Media Committee 2nd October 2012


Media Committee Joint Goals During Media Training 2012, the committee members of SUSU Media voted on the joint projects that they wish to work on during the year. Here are the proposed projects for collaboration in the academic year 2012-13. 1. Debates  Based on the old ‘key-debate’ style of debating show that was developed within Surge Radio 2 years ago – relevant student discussing political topics, extending to other student topics, but extended to a public setting to enable an audience to engage in the debate.  This could be developed as an umbrella brand for debates, which could then encompass the NUS Referendum, Sabbatical Question Time and Elections Debates. 2. Housing Campaign  Collaborating with VP Welfare and Communities, Chloe Green, in ensuring a more consistent and strong coverage of housing issues relevant to University of Southampton students.  This would consist of a longer-term strategy in order to affect students before they are pressured into early housing, as well as a later coverage of how to get proper housing. 3. Live Music Mondays  Developing a strategy of sharing interviews and collaborative coverage of the new Live Music Mondays night at SUSU.  Collaborating with SUSU for coverage of big Live Music Monday nights and societies who have involvement in other Live Music Monday nights (e.g. AIM when they do Frequency). N.B. SUSU Media shall also create a joint media advert across multiple formats to advertise to students the benefit of getting involved in any / multiple departments. Proposed by David Gilani VP Comms

Media Committee proposed Joint Goals for the year 2012-13

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