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SUSU Innovation Fund Proposal Name

J Bloggs

Project Name

Crowd eyes

Amount Requested

ÂŁ 1,000

Brief Outline It is recognised within the Union plan to 2015 that the students should See SUSU as a place of fun, this is a contagious scheme to set this in motion


It is my plan to set up a stall on the concourse in Pod 3 to giveaway samples of crowd eyes, I am sure that students will wear them, at lectures, in the Bridge CafĂŠ and importantly in the cube on a Friday night. I have discussed with the manufacturers that all the lenses increase the number of people seen by a factor of ten, also these people are seen as having fun, and therefore the wearer naturally wants to join in. This sets a chain reaction going of everyone suddenly having fun. I estimate that by giving away 500 this will stimulate sales of a further 20,000. The Students union would soon be seen as the best place on Earth

Costings including 3 Quotes

500 glasses at £2 = £1000 CUcoming ltd 500 glasses at £2.50 = £1250 500 glasses at £5 = £2,500 goldplated plc

Reference to Union Plan

9.7 engage students, 15.2enjoy positive interaction Vision – to create fun

Selling all 20,000 glasses Success Criteria Increase participation in all university facilities

Risks to the Union

Students are disappointed when removing glasses. Agoraphobics may be distressed. Students don’t like the idea of having fun

Endorsement of Senior Leader or Sabbatical As H of D I believe this project may assist in the sales of event tickets, as student tweet what a great fun place they are in.

Has Proposal been submitted previously?


The Budget to be increased.

Commercial Development


J Blogg