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Union Council Sabbatical Report 4th February 2013 During the referendum period Andrea Šipka (Union Councilor) read a blog I had written and asked if I could offer a similar narrative to my council progress reports, so here it goes! I would love any feedback council may have on both the narrative and the layout of the progress document.

Shane Murphy VP Student Engagement

So far this year progress is going well and so far at 58% of the way through the year I am at 63.64% complete against council’s plan. In the Student Engagement Zone our team has achieved a vast amount as celebrated in the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Series and the midterm reports. I want to give specific mention to Claire Gilbert, Caroline Hughes and Jade Head who suggested the Christmas blogs idea leading me to encourage the whole sabbatical team to celebrate SUSU’s success in the perhaps not quite accurately titled series: Do Sabbs actually do anything? As I’ve mentioned previously over the past four weeks I’ve been working towards my goals but alongside this workload a lot of my focus has been drawn towards delivering support to JCR Committees as key Staff and Officers being abroad and unavailable. This report outlines the achievements I have made towards my goals so far this year: Streamlined Support for Student Groups: 1. Online Engagement Database 2. Creating Events on the Calendar 3. The Directory Developing Student Involvement: 4. Get Involved Branding 5. Mobile ‘Get Involved’ Website/App 6. Give it a Go Winchester Student Groups Affiliations: 7. Risk Assessment Training 8. Student Groups Project Initiation

VP Student Engagement Report

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1. Online Engagement Database: We have created an online portal for Clubs and Societies to use, a project that I have been leading on with our Technology team. This portal allows student groups to do all sorts, but one of the more interesting points for council is it allows groups to manage their student members. It allows students to register interest online as well as declare groups that they are members. The group committee can then either message them or approve them from the system. It also allows groups to see those who have purchased membership through the Box Office. This year was the first year we have sold membership online for groups and we sold a total of 890 memberships bringing in income to groups of £29,000.

Onl ine Po rta l Ho me P a ge

Group committees can now upload their members onto this system, an annually process in the past they would do by submitting a word or excel document. You can see below the overall memberships page. Although not all groups have completed their forms at this stage I can confirm that we have 9,450 of our members involved in Student Groups and that they as a collective have 15,375 memberships.

Memb er ship Ma na gement S ystem

When the census is complete this system will come in handily for measuring aspects of the Union Plan but also when looking at a future engagement strategy.

2. Creating Events on Calendar: Over the past term Clubs & Socs have been able to use the aforementioned system to upload their events onto SUSU’s main calendar. This is one of my favorite aspects of the system as we now have a calendar where students can go to discover all of the opportunities available to them through their Students’ Union.

VP Student Engagement Report

SU SU C al enda r sho wing r efreshers taster session s.

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3. The Directory: I suppose this item is less about achievement and more about asking council for some help/support. Last year I worked to develop the directory in its current form, a resource for student groups primarily aimed at organizing socials. I’m quite keen to take this to the next level by arranging SUSU exclusive deals with these companies when they quote set phrases. So where do you come in? I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall with this project so anyone who thinks that they would like to know more, I’d love some input/help. At present I’m thinking of developing a secure website with profiles for each business that group committees can go in and use. 4. Get Involved Branding: This year I have worked with David and Dean to create a ‘Get Involved’ branding, this is an overarching branding that SUSU will use to showcase its activity opportunities to students. It’s been loosely used within the freshers advertising and comms when talking about things like the bunfight, however it’s getting its first proper outing in this years refreshers Groups taster week check out the timetable here.

5. Mobile Get Involved Website/App: During September we developed an online system for individual students to interact with the Online Engagement Database. This website allows students to log in and browse all of the student groups that they can interact with, it also allows students to express interest in a group. Each group has a list of interested students who they can then contact through the online tool. 6. Give it a Go, Winchester: Claire Gilberts’ idea of getting more student involvement in Performing Arts at Winchester has spiraled into myself leading a Give it a Go project in Winchester. Throughout February we will put on free taster sessions, funded by a successful bid to SUSU’s Innovations Fund, of popular activities within the Union, Winchester. The more popular activities will be continued throughout term two with the view to create student led groups.

VP Student Engagement Report

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7. Risk Assessment Training: Dean and I have been working to develop more training for student group officers. One of these that we have felt to be imperative in the short term is risk assessment training. All affiliated groups hold their own liability and therefore when they run activities be it meetings, training or performances they are responsible for the people that attend these events. We have created a session that allows student group officers to attend and learn the skills to write and produce risk assessment and implement effective risk management. 8. Student Groups Project Initiation: A large proportion of my third goal is going to be achieved by the Student Groups Project. This is a project directed by Trustee Board that mainly looks at staff processes SUSU currently has to support both affiliated Clubs & Societies as well as SUSU Groups. Since the arrival of our new Head of Membership & Community Engagement we have created an initiation document and will be working through the wide breadth of the work over the next three months. We will be looking for some student input on group subscription options in the near future so keep an eye out. Upcoming Projects: EVAs – Student Enterprise Conference – RAG Week – RAG Website Redesign – Performing Arts Workshops – Engagement Strategy - RAG Weekly Ideas Meetings/Workshops – Halls Bars #NextBigThing Session – Sabbs at SGH – Performing Arts Strategic Plan – The Directory – Student Groups Project

VP Student Engagement Report

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