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POLICY IDEA Union Council 3 December 2012


Currently for non-EU international students there is no limit placed on the level of fee increases for the duration of a student’s time at University. This means that for international students undertaking courses of three or more years it is not possible to predict, and therefore budget for, the whole of their degree. There have been occasions where sharp rises in inflation have led to substantial tuition fee increases for international students, which have been unplanned, and have led to financial hardship. I have discussed this issue with the International committee and it was believed sensible to seek councils view on this matter. My aspiration is to have a clear and predictable fee for all international students at this University, and for them to be fully aware of the cost of their course from start to finish.

Proposed by: Sam Ling Union President

Union Council 2Policy Idea – Non-EU International Students level of fee increases 3 December 2012



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