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Plans from a VP Communications ft. Media Head Plans Introduction Below are the plans for the Academic year 2012/13 for VP Communications, David Gilani. There are 3 goals that these plans have been categorised into. Each of these have either 9 or 10 milestones to help achieve those goals. The milestones can be specifically identified as being in bold. Further down, included are the plans from the four Media Heads (the student leaders in the VP Communications ‘zone’).

VP Communications – David Gilani 1) Support SUSU Media to plan, collaborate, build community, and achieve 

Plan – by supporting the committees to develop plans for the year, like this one; and providing a comprehensive training week for them.

Collaborate – through the newly created ‘News Exec’ position; and on bigger projects throughout the year.

Build Community – we are currently redeveloping media resources to act as a community space (for SUSU Media and our Student Leaders); creating the beginnings of a SUSU Media Alumni list to provide support for future years; creating a SUSU Media awards and ball night; and working with the Wessex Scene and Edge committees to develop a national student publication support network (like the SRA and NaSTA for student radio and television, respectively).

Achieve – through their presence and input to Student Media conferences and awards; and by supporting them to create Taster Days.

2) Develop our communication channels to create opportunities 

For Everyone – a new design for; a more open and student lead approach to SUSU events; a complete Freshers’ experience; a new room bookings system; and new channels to build community and interact.

For Student Groups (working with Shane, Chloe and our student leaders) – development of an online societies hub; opening communication with the University for performance spaces and Post-Graduate communication; and improving collaboration between different student groups.

3) Foster a culture of accountability and transparency to build faith in elections 

Accountability of your Sabbatical Officers – through the development of scrutiny systems; more blog updates from the team; spaces on to question your officer; and leading the creation of the SUSU Annual Review.

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Democracy! – a holistic elections strategy(considering elections as a whole to reduce the number of individual voting periods, and improve our communications); lead on the holding of the NUS Referendum.

Governance – Review the structure of our standing committees; provide support and training toUnion Council; and make the decisions of meetings easier to access.

I’ll measure these throughout the year at each Union Council using this chart: Goal

Specific Target / Milestones

1) Support SUSU Media to plan, collaborate, build community, and achieve

2) Develop our communication channels to create opportunities

3) Foster a culture of accountability and transparency to build faith in elections

Total Score

SUSU Media Plans Comprehensive Media Training News Coordinator Support Bigger SUSU Media Projects Redeveloping Media Resources SUSU Media Alumni List SUSU Media Awards & Ball Student Publication Association Conferences & Awards Media Taster Days Redesign Communication of SUSU Events Freshers’ Experience Room Bookings System New Communications Channels Societies Hub Performance Spaces Post-Grad Communication Student Group Collaboration Scrutiny Systems Increased Blog Updates Question Your Officer Holistic Elections Strategy NUS Referendum SUSU Annual Review Standing Committee Review Union Council Support Transparency of Meetings 28 targets to achieve

Success (out of 3) so far ? /84

? / 30

? / 27

? / 27

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Edge Editor – David Martin 1. Create an active Edge contributing community  Fostering good communication within the editorial team  Making use of Media Resources as a social space  Having writers and committee meetings at least once an issue  More regular socials and encouraging friendships within the group  Integrate the Edge more with the other media teams 2. Establish the Edge’s identity within SUSU media  Continue with the redesign processes  Use social media effectively to build a role within SUSU media  Better publicity, distribution and planning of the physical releases  Engage well during Freshers’ Week  Begin discussions of a possible sponsored festival  More stalls / banners and presence around campus  Build a complete set of guides for writers 3. Engage with a greater body of people  Bridge the gap to Winchester for design and graphics  Continually work to increase website hits  Link with local bars, clubs and venues  Encourage negative reviews and new genres  Offer opportunities for relevant entertainment societies  More open training sessions

Wessex Scene Editor – Ellie Sellwood 1. Increase Engagement with the Wessex Scene  Coverage of upcoming events  Improve the Sports Section for budding sports journalists  Engage with those interested in Science journalism  Engage with Post-Grad students for contribution to articles, debates etc.  Create community amongst writers with socials, ideas sessions and WS clothing 2. Raise the profile of the Wessex Scene  Introduce and run events based on current news  Increase physical publicity and presence  Create Wessex Scene days for publicity and distribution  Hold a re-launch party for the new design of the magazine 3. Ensure content is of a high quality  Encourage constructive criticism to improve writers’ content  Collaborate with other SUSU Media Departments  Continue to work closely with Winchester School of Art and involve PhotoSoc and ArtSoc  Forge links with local media through workshops and training sessions Page 3 of 4

Redesign website to be more compatible for news

SUSUtv Station Manager – Carly Brown 1. Focus on creating professional and high quality content  Improve training sessions and run them throughout the year  keep content relevant to students but don’t be afraid to take risks with shows  think about NaSTA categories and elections early on so can focus content towards these areas and be suitably prepared 2. Establish SUSUtv as a professional company who are capable of effectively working with paying clients  Improve training sessions and run them throughout the year  work with Head of Commercial Projects to put together relevant strategies and paperwork to guarantee a professional level of services to our clients  provide members with the correct training to show off their skills to a level which is needed for a paid project and therefore provide them with opportunities which the can use in later life and our on their CVs 3. Ensure SUSUtv remains a fun environment to work in and encourages new members to join  never prioritse a commercial project over an original idea  encourage people to try new positions and try and take on new shows that they might not norally try  socials!  Through regular live studio shows create a hub in the studio, so people know when and where to come to meet committee members  Use advertising to make SUSUtv the ‘talked of thing’ among students, through involving as many friends and general students by getting them on TV, ‘Simply Students’ style

Surge Radio Station Manager – Ben Morton 1. Support the Committee  Help committee to set 3 goals each  Work with committee on individual basis to achieve this goals 2. Ensure acknowledgements of all Surge members  Improved members area of the website  Credit individuals work 3. Increase student interaction with Surge  Create strategic marketing plan for the year (with Surge’s head of marketing)  Increase Surge’s social media presence and interaction  More physical presence at special events and continuous OB coverage

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