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SABBATICAL PLANS Union Council 21/11/2011

Sam Ling - Union President Main Goal - Union Master Plan I will work towards the production of a facilities master plan for the Union at all campuses. I will also look to pursue a range of options for funding. Sustainability and environmental impact will be key considerations in the development of this plan. By the end of the year: - The master plan document will be nearing completion giving us at the very least a clear vision of what the future of the Union facilities will look like - A range of funding sources will have been identified - A potential Summer refurbishment project will be in line with aspirations of the master palm, and will fit into a wider scheme of refurbishment/development This project will ensure that the Union is forward thinking, and that developments are working towards a current aim. This will create a far more consistent Union experience, and one that truly meets the needs of all members. Supplementary Goals i)

Union funding

I will work to ensure that funding in the Union is directed fairly to the areas of greatest impact to our student members. I will also work to maximize the funding we receive. This will be achieved by: - Conducting a review of the Unions income, expenditure, and activities. The result of which will make it clearer where our money comes from, and where it goes to. - Working closely on Union departments that make a loss to either demonstrate value, or reduce the loss. - Working to ensure that we hit a minimum of the target surplus set by trustee board by the end of this year - Developing the SUSU contribution to the student entitlement card to work towards substantial increases in funding to student activities This will allow us to work towards increasing funding to our desperately underfunded activities, invest more money in the Unions facilities, and creates a Union that gives far more back to it's members. ii)

Student Union Housing Agency

I will work to deliver a Student Union Housing agency that will be available to our members with the welfare of our students at its core. This will be achieved by: - Researching successful agencies to hep build together a picture of what works and what does not - Developing a range of business models to be presented to trustee board, with the most robust being presented to Union Council - Working with the University creating a strong partnership which can give the project the greatest chance of success Union Council 2

Sabbatical Plans

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SABBATICAL PLANS Union Council 21/11/2011 This agency will be able to support students entering the private rental Market for the first time, provide reliable housing, and will work to drive up the quality of student housing in the area. iii)

Campaign Against Cuts to Higher Education

I will engage with students to develop our policies on where the Union stands with regards to the fee rises and funding cuts currently faced by Universities around the country. Based on this I will lobby where appropriate locally and nationally to bring about the change our students want, while working to raise awareness within the University community. This will be achieved by: - Forming a working group of interested students to help formulate a position on the current fees structure - Bring a discussion, followed by a motion to council to develop a stance for the Union to have on the current changes - Develop and enact a plan moving forward of how we will achieve the changes ask form by our students - Working to ensure that we hit a minimum of the target surplus set by trustee board by the end of this year The cuts to higher education funding over the past year have had a dramatic effect on the landscape of higher education. As well as effecting future generations of students the changes are already having an impact on the quality of our education in the form of efficiency savings. By working with students campaigning over the long term can have a significant impact.

Sasha Watson - VP Academic Affairs Main Goal - Closing the Feedback Loop - To make the University improve how it communicates to all students about the changes that are being made to their education so that students become informed and aware, leading to them being more active in using the appropriate methods to discuss them. - To improve how the work done by SUSU and student representatives in fighting for improvements to the student experience is communicated, so that student representation is valued and utilised by its members. - To promote more sharing of best practise across the University, so that students receive an equal quality of service by raising the bar of standards Supplementary Goals i) Active Student Representation -

To develop a structure and feedback cycle that ensures that student issues are escalated effectively through the student representation system, and are dealt with at an appropriate level. To have student representatives be enthused about their roles, actively seeking opinions on course related issues and being trained and supported to deal with issues effectively. To develop a two-way communication between students and student representatives, so that students know who their representative is and that they are comfortable with approaching them with any problems.

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Sabbatical Plans

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SABBATICAL PLANS Union Council 21/11/2011 ii) Improving Assessment Feedback - To develop an understanding of not just where students are receiving good and bad feedback across the University, but also why they think so, and what can be done to improve the feedback they receive on work.  iBarometer Survey, SIFE research, student representatives - To change the culture that staff that provide bad feedback have, so that they understand the importance of giving good feedback and are then shown how to give good feedback.  Feedback Benchmark, Feedback Secret Experiment - To develop our students’ understanding of what feedback is more generally, so that they are aware of the continuous feedback that staff give, such as in discussions and meetings, so that they can accurately say when they have and have not received sufficient feedback. iii) A Quality and Value-for money Education - To maintain pressure on MPs, opposition parties and the Government so that Higher Education is not allowed to spiral into turmoil, with the aim that money is re-invested and the cap on tuition fees is reduced. - To push for better standards across the University, so that students currently studying here receive an education worth the fee their paying. - To engage students in how we fight the cuts to Higher Education, so that they become more politically aware and politically active.

Joseph McLoughlin - VP Communications Main Goal - Inform To ensure our communications tell all students everything SUSU has to offer and everything our students organise. Your Union should be a megaphone to all the great things that are happening at University and build a community around its members whether that is events put on by the SUSU, or clubs and societies. Information academic or welfare support or just ways different ways to maximise your student experience and love your time at University. Supplementary Goals i)


Your union has seen massive changes to its democratic structures in the last year with reviews of sabbatical positions and the creation of student leaders. I want to carry on with this process by reviewing Union Council, AGM and more generally how democracy works at SUSU. I want to ensure that the standing committees work well, with specific goals and ensure each member knows their role in making SUSU great. ii)


SUSU belongs to all students, who are all members. It is run by democratically elected officers. I believe it therefore be transparent in all it does. This includes how all the decisions are taken, how budgets are allocated and where money and resources are directed. All this should be readily accessible by any student to make SUSU more accountable and better.

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Sabbatical Plans

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SABBATICAL PLANS Union Council 21/11/2011 iii)


SUSU has some brilliant media departments who work incredible hard. I want to ensure we get the best out of them by focusing their efforts on the student community at the University. So whether they are producing news pieces, entertainment videos or radio dramas (to name but a few things) it helps to build the student community and maximises involvement and experience for all those working on it.

Jonny Brooks - VP Sports Development Main Goal - Strategic Plan for the AU Write a strategic plan for improving the various aspects of the AU. This will allow future VP Sports Development sabbatical officers the opportunity to be proactive in solving the major issues affecting the AU. Supplementary Goals i)

Sports Branding

Collaborate with AU clubs on what they want from a sports brand. The University have floated to idea of single sports brand and I feel that the student input is vital to branding that they could be possibly wearing. ii)

Recreational sport and health

Find out where we fall short with recreational activity and work with Sport and Wellbeing and the Sport and Health officer to provide the right services to cater for students who want to participate in sport at a recreational level. iii) Wide Lane Gym: Lobby the University to get funding for an additional gym at Wide Lane which can be used for group bookings for AU clubs and is open for use for casual users as an alternative to Jubilee Gym.

Shane Murphy - VP Student Engagement Main Goal - Empower Social Secretaries To produce the ‘Yellow Pages’: An information tool for Social Secretaries. This will include: - The role of the Social Secretary. - A guide to running socials. - Contact information for Nightclubs/Activities in the Southampton Area. Use our position as a union to attain better deals than individual groups!

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Sabbatical Plans

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SABBATICAL PLANS Union Council 21/11/2011 Supplementary Goals i) Performing Arts: ‘Next Big Thing’ Project: Let’s make the Performing Arts at Southampton the ‘Next Big Thing’. Preforming Arts at Southampton has been crying out for some investment and attention for years and we are really at a point where the University are ready to realise this. I want to consult students on what they want/need and use this to create a plan for the future working with all the relevant parties. ii)

JCRs: Common Room Evaluation Project:

University common rooms are in general bland places that students don’t want to use and often there restrictions to when/who can use them by the halls management. I want to work with the JCRs to evaluate these spaces, find out what students want from their social areas and then work with the University to implement a benchmark for the standard of common areas across all of their residences. iii)

RAG: Support the Growth of RAG:

Work with the RAG Committee, Team and other student groups to help RAG to raise more money than ever before. RAG at SUSU is small nationally in comparison to the size of our Union; I want to ensure that RAG hits its £75,000 target and is set up to grow fast and effectively across the upcoming years.

Frankie Fry - VP Welfare and Communities Main Goal - Housing To ensure that students can make informed and decisive decisions about their housing. By showing clear steps to finding a house, what indicates a good standard in a house, what fees may be charged etc. Supplementary Goals i)


To work on initiatives that will make students feel safer whilst studying at Southampton whether that be ways to get home or ways to keep valuables safe. I will work on ways to get key safety messages across and look at ways to improve safety at Southampton. ii)

Community Volunteering

Creating a community feel amongst our volunteers and getting a group of students who lead the way in organising student led projects and also activities for our volunteers. iii)

External Communities

Continuing to build on the positive relationship we are creating with local residents by implementing a community strategy and continuing to engage with local residents regularly. Also encouraging students to get involved with their local residents associations and engage with the community.

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Sabbatical Plans

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