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POLICY IDEA 4 Union Council 21/11/2011


Increasing efficiency of SUSU Club nights To the best of my knowledge, at the moment all SUSU club nights run at a loss. This is not a problem in itself because SUSU is not here to make money. A Students’ Union is there to benefit its members the students. However, SUSU club nights are running at a loss because of a lack of attendance. If there is a lack of attendance at these club nights then is there any/enough benefit for students? Our spaces in SUSU are versatile and could host other events, rather than club nights. - I propose the idea to be discussed that SUSU should not host more than 1 club night if the main SUSU club night is making a loss. - I propose that we should discuss whether having poorly attended club nights at SUSU actually benefit students or if the space and money would benefit more students if used in another way. If the former is the case then should Twisted be scrapped or revived with a new structure (based on student leadership)? - On the point of student leadership, there are lots of students within the Union who want to get involved and already run events. There is great potential for collaboration between different areas of SUSU including JCRs. If the discussion decides that there is some 'hope' for SUSU club nights, then it would be most prudent to form a student forum to run Twisted. The advantages being it's made clear to Joe Bloggs that SUSU is interested in their opinion, whilst giving Twisted the opportunity to benefit from the experience and ideas of those students.

David Gilani

Union Council 2

Policy Idea 21 November 2011



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