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Welcome to Employer Engagement at the University of Southampton As a founding member of the Russell Group, the University of Southampton is one of the top research universities in the UK. We play an active role within our region and local community, collaborating with businesses on joint projects and supplying motivated students and graduates who bring fresh thinking and innovation to the workforce. The University has a turnover of £525 million a year, around 6,200 members of staff and over 16,000 undergraduates and 7,600 postgraduates based at our six campuses across the cities of Southampton, Winchester and Malaysia. With a history dating back to 1867, we are renowned internationally for our pioneering research, first-class facilities, academic excellence and ranking in the top 1% of universities in the world. We work with an ever-increasing number of employers who wish to attract Southampton students as interns, volunteers, on placement and into graduate employment. Collaborating with us brings tangible benefits not only for the organisations who

tap into our students’ knowledge, expertise and creativity but also for the students who gain invaluable work experience to enhance their future employability. In October 2015, Professor Sir Christopher Snowden joined the University as President and Vice-Chancellor, promptly outlining his vision to make Southampton ‘simply better’ with a new strategy that builds on the four core principles of quality, collegiality, sustainability and internationalisation. As we deliver a quality experience for all stakeholders through employer engagement, these principles underpin our actions, activities and achievements. I hope that as you browse this brochure you will find something that is of particular interest and if you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Ann Cooper Head of Placements and Work Experience


Why Southampton? In recent years, we have developed a comprehensive employer engagement offering that delivers quantifiable outcomes and benefits to all stakeholders: employers, students and the University itself. Businesses benefit by accessing talent that can bring a new dimension to current activities without the need to recruit additional resources, whilst our students benefit through gaining invaluable work experience and life skills that enhance their future employability. The University benefits by producing graduates with a holistic experience, making them more attractive to employers and thus influencing graduate employment statistics.

The time, energy and resource we have invested into developing our employer engagement offering has led to an impressive growth of work experience opportunities for our students. Not just numerical growth, from 171 in 2014 to over 700 opportunities in 2016, but also growth in terms of variety and quality of experience. We offer funding towards the cost of participating in the Excel Southampton Internship and Business Innovation Programmes, making these opportunities more accessible to smaller organisations. Last year, we fully funded 105 four-week long internships for notfor-profit organisations, clearly demonstrating our corporate social responsibility and, in particular, support for our local community.


October BIP Semester 1 Projects Start

September Excel Internship Programme Applications Open* September Mentoring Programme Opens for Matching *

September Academic Year Begins

October Autumn Careers Fairs (ITSE and All Sectors)

November Recruiters’ Club Networking Event

October Excel Term-time Internships Start*

September – January Mentor Training Sessions

October – November Careers and Employability Festival

October Employability Excellence Awards


February BIP Semester 2 Projects Start February Mentoring Programme Matching Ends

November SME Event Bookings Open

December – January Christmas Holidays – University Closed

November Careers and Placements Fair Bookings Open October – December Autumn Events

Events and Fairs

February Excel Easter and Term-time Applications Close

December BIP Semester 1 Projects End

October Excel Internships Advertised

September YiE Placement Applications Open*

September Volunteering Bank Opens *

November BIP Semester 2 Project Applications Open

January – February Exam Period

January SME Event

February Careers and Placements Fair February – March Spring Events

Whether you are a large graduate recruiter, small–medium enterprise (SME) or a charitable organisation there are many ways in which you can connect with us. We will work with you to raise your profile on campus and help you connect with specific cohorts of students. Each year more organisations become aware of the benefits of partnering with us and during the last year alone over 300 new employers participated in our activities/programmes.

We value the relationships we have with employers and we are delighted when companies return year-on-year, opting to engage in a variety of different ways. By seeking to understand your specific requirements, our dedicated team will work with you to find the solution that will best suit you. For many businesses, the benefits are multi-faceted: attracting talent, saving money and providing a pipeline to recruit graduates into their organisations. Whatever your interest, the Employer Engagement Team is an award winning service that strives to deliver excellence, our students are talented and motivated and we would welcome the opportunity to partner with you.

May YiE Placement Applications Close

August Mentoring Relationships End or Renew

April Excel Easter Internships End

March Excel Easter Internships Start

April Recruiters’ Club Membership Opens

May Excel Summer Applications Close

June Excel Internships End

May BIP Semester 2 Projects End

June Volunteering Bank Closes

March Graduate Recruitment Fair Bookings Open

July Additional Mentor Recruitment Begins*

June Excel Summer Internships Start

July BIP Semester 1 Project Applications Open

September Excel Summer Internships End

August Recruiters’ Club Introductory Meeting

June Academic Year Ends

May Graduate Recruitment Fair April – June Exam Period

July YiE Placements Start (9-12 months)

June Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities Open

June Autumn and Spring Events Bookings Open

June Autumn Careers Fairs (ITSE and All Sectors) Bookings Open

Key Business Innovation Programme (BIP) Career Mentoring Programme Excel Southampton Internship Programme Volunteering Bank Year in Employment (YiE) Recruiters’ Club Employer Events Careers Fairs

* Continuous recruitment


I would definitely encourage anyone to take the opportunity of doing a placement year. I have had so many fantastic opportunities and learnt so much already. Working at ONS I have had the chance to get involved in lots of projects, it is a great experience and I look forward to learning more and applying my new skills in my final year. Alexandra Turda Office of National Statistics, BSc Criminology & Psych YIE


Year in Employment Placement Programme Are you interested in a flexible, value for money recruitment solution that will allow you to explore potential new talent? The University of Southampton’s Year in Employment Placement Programme offers you the opportunity to recruit high quality students to work in your business for one year, bringing a fresh perspective and innovative ideas into your organisation. Students undertake a Year in Employment placement after their second year of study and with a good academic grounding they are well placed to have a very positive impact in the workplace. Participating students come from a wide range of academic backgrounds, including STEM degrees like Physics, Maths and Chemistry, in addition to Humanities, Natural and Social Sciences, Law and Economics.

Benefits −− An opportunity to bring in additional resource to support your immediate business needs −− The chance to explore a new project or area of work for which current staff do not have capacity −− The ability to obtain specialist knowledge and bring a high calibre student into your team −− May be used as a talent pathway and a cost effective means of identifying potential new graduate recruits −− Support from the Placements Team on effective placement job descriptions, promotion of your role to specific students and ongoing support whilst our student is with you

Next Steps For more information about the Year in Employment and types of placement year roles, please contact the Placements Team or see our webpage: Email:

I completed a placement year myself so I really understand the value in it for a student. The hands-on work experience cannot compare to studies as it requires completely different skill sets. I can’t recommend it enough. I also couldn’t be happier with our current University of Southampton placement student. Claire Pereira Office of National Statistics


National Undergraduate Employability Awards Southampton graduate Georgina Abraham won ‘Best Student Contribution to a Small to Medium-Sized Employer’ at the National Undergraduate Employability (NUE) Awards in London in February 2016. Georgina spent the summer working as a Research and Development intern for Taragenyx, a position secured through the University’s Excel Southampton Internship Programme with funding support from Santander Universities. Over a period of less than two months Georgina transformed the formulation of Taragenyx’s orthopaedic implant coating for hip and knee replacements, making it more competitive, streamlined and effective. Her work was a real breakthrough for the organisation and could potentially go on to prevent many thousands of patients from painful complications from surgery in the future. This is the second consecutive year that an Excel Southampton intern has received national recognition for their achievements at the NUE Awards.

I am thrilled to have won this award, and it feels great to be recognised for the hard work that goes into internships. I learnt so much about the biotechnology industry, as well as where I would like to take my career in the future. I am so grateful to the Excel Southampton Team for their support, and would recommend that everyone completes an internship through the programme. Georgina Abraham MBiochem, Master of Biochemistry

I am delighted that Georgina Abraham has won this accolade at the National Undergraduate Employability Awards. This is a fantastic achievement, against very stiff competition. Internships can make a huge difference to both companies and to the students themselves, and we are delighted that our own Excel programme helps so many University of Southampton students find internships, and go on after their degree to successful careers. Professor Sir Christopher Snowden President and Vice-Chancellor


Excel Southampton Internship Programme Do you have a meaningful project that requires additional resource to help it reach completion, or are you looking for new ways to approach your business needs? Through the Excel Southampton Internship Programme, you can recruit students and recent graduates to work within your organisation for between 4 and 12 weeks during vacation periods or part-time during term-time. Whether you are familiar with offering internships or new to hosting students, we have experience of working with different organisations of all sizes and from across all sectors. In recognition of the work experience provided to students, all internships are part-funded by the University and third sector organisations can benefit from total funding for 4 week internships.

Benefits −− Attract students from a variety of academic backgrounds to work on research, operational or strategic projects −− An additional resource to provide dedicated time to a specific project −− A financial contribution towards the student’s salary −− Marketing of your opportunity to a diverse student body, tailored where applicable −− Support and expertise from the dedicated Internships Team who also help with the recruitment process, to save you time and effort overall

Next Steps For more information about the programme please contact our Internships Team or visit our website, where you can download our Employer Handbook: Email:

The students I have had from Southampton so far have been a credit to the University and to our organisation. They’re committed and diligent, and have made valuable contributions. Susan Witterick dBx Acoustics


It has been a wonderful journey. The consultancy programme not only allowed me to apply my problem-solving skills but my knowledge of business and different marketing strategies improved. Moreover, the training allowed better interaction with the client throughout the duration of the programme and I am confident that all the things I have learned will be very useful in my future endeavours. Girish Jankee MEng Aerospace Engineering


Business Innovation Programme Do you have a business issue which could benefit from fresh ideas and solutions? The Business Innovation Programme offers organisations the opportunity to benefit from the wealth of capabilities, competencies and creativity of our students by setting them a project based around your business issues or needs. Projects may focus on issues such as how to best reach a target audience, exploring possibilities for expansion, or streamlining processes to make your organisation more efficient. Students from a range of faculties work in teams of four to come up with innovative solutions to your business problem. Projects run twice a year and last for 8 weeks, during either Semester 1 or 2. The programme is supported by leading consultancy firm IBM, facilitating student training prior to projects commencing.

Benefits −− Gain a fresh approach to addressing your business issues from talented, enthusiastic students −− Students from a range of disciplines bring a varied skillset to tackle your issue −− Receive insightful bespoke recommendations delivered by the students through a presentation and report −− Recruitment and organisation is facilitated by the Business Innovation Coordinator who will support you throughout the process

Next Steps For more information about the programme please contact our Business Innovation Coordinator or visit our website, where you can download a client application form: Email:

I have to say, we were very impressed with the level of detail that the students had given the project and the professional experience it was for us. The resulting reports provided us with some very useful and practical recommendations, including suggestions for improvement. Ian Davis Unique Cakes


Volunteering Bank

Does your organisation need volunteers to undertake part-time skills based roles? The Volunteering Bank provides charitable and non-profit organisations with an additional platform to promote their volunteering opportunities to students and graduates. We know how important volunteering is for personal and professional development, as well as being a great way to support the local community, so we take an active role in ensuring students recognise this. Volunteering may also encourage them to consider a career in the charitable or non-profit sector after their studies. The Volunteering Bank advertises vacancies during the academic year between September and June, helping you increase the promotion of your vacancies to more than 24,000 students. The Volunteering Bank is a managed service so we will sift applications and send the completed ones to your inbox, leaving you to complete the recruitment process in your own way. Next Steps For more information about the Volunteering Bank please contact our Volunteering Coordinator or visit our website: Email:

…thanks so much for your help with the Volunteering Bank – it’s been a lifeline for our group at a time when existing members were so desperately stretched. The new volunteers have all been fantastic so far! David Gilani Motor Neurone Disease Association


Benefits −− Promotion of your opportunities to students face-to-face −− It is free to advertise your vacancies and you can upload them at any time you like during the academic year −− Post multiple opportunities to ensure you get the volunteer resource you need −− Support from the Volunteering Coordinator who will advise and guide you on how to upload your opportunities and respond to any queries you may have

Career Mentoring Programme Would you like to pass on your career knowledge and expertise to a talented undergraduate student to support their transition from study into graduate employment? The Career Mentoring Programme is a fantastic opportunity to inspire others whilst supporting your own professional development. Mentors will be matched with a student based on your unique knowledge, skills and experiences. This relationship is usually comprised of four meetings over one academic year and is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of both you and your mentee.

Benefits −− Inspire your mentee to explore their future career −− Opportunity to develop personal mentoring skills −− Insight into University of Southampton students at a more engaged level with the potential for you to unlock and discover fresh talent −− Our Career Mentoring Team will support you through the training, matching process and the mentoring relationship

Could you be a Business Mentor? We are looking for business owners, self-starters and people with entrepreneurial skills who could support our students looking to become the entrepreneurs of the future. Next Steps For more information on how to become a Career Mentor please contact our Mentoring Team or visit our website: Email:

The mentoring scheme has given me the opportunity to develop my managerial skills, which has no doubt helped with my own career development. I would recommend mentoring to other potential mentors as a way of supporting the next generation of industry experts. Becca Allen Marketing Sciences Unlimited


Careers Fairs

Would you like to come on to campus for a day and engage with a large number of students from a variety of faculties? Attending one of our Careers Fairs is the best place to do this; held throughout the academic year and open to all students and alumni, they offer the opportunity to meet our high calibre students on a one-to-one basis. We coordinate four Careers Fairs a year, with our two flagship autumn fairs, the IT, Science and Engineering Fair and the All Sectors Fair being held in October. We also organise a Careers and Placements Fair at the beginning of the spring term and a Graduate Recruitment Fair in early summer before students have finished their studies. Next Steps Register on our system: . You will then receive an email once the booking for one of our Careers Fairs opens.

Benefits −− High student attendance offers an excellent opportunity to meet a large number of students −− Extensive promotion including; direct mailing students and academic contacts, events calendar and student portal adverts, professionally designed fair guides, on campus posters and banners, flyer distribution by student ambassadors, social media etc. −− The cost of attendance incorporates an excellent package comprising; Wi-Fi access, parking; electrical sockets; table and tablecloth, invitation to our networking breakfast, lunch and refreshments throughout the day −− Excellent communication and support from a dedicated Fairs Coordinator Email:

All Sectors Fair

IT, Science and Engineering Fair

Careers and Placements Fair

Graduate Recruitment Fair

When: October

When: October

When: February

When: May

Focus: Careers in all industries and across all sectors

Focus: Promote careers specifically aligned to target audience

Focus: Promote placement and internship opportunities

Focus: Promote graduate vacancies and summer internship opportunities

Audience: Students from all disciplines and year groups


Audience: Students with an interest in a career related to STEM subjects

Audience: First and second year students

Audience: All students, in particular those about to graduate

Careers and Employability Festival This fantastic event in the autumn term is an intensive period of employability activities, bringing together employer events, specialist careers workshops, the Opportunities Fair as well as our two largest Careers Fairs (The All Sectors Fair and the IT, Science and Engineering Fair). With more than 70 events held over a two-week period and an extensive marketing and promotional campaign, the benefits of scheduling your event during the festival include extra promotion in our festival guide and a range of exciting sponsorship opportunities to further raise your profile.

Benefits −− Festival atmosphere and additional promotional work results in a high student attendance −− A wide range of event options from which to choose −− Specific sponsorship opportunities available −− Optimum time of the year to engage with students

Next Steps For more information about the Festival or to register your interest please contact our Events Coordinator.

We hosted an “insight into” event during the University’s Careers and Employability Festival, which went really well. We had a good response and the students showed genuine interest. The University offered great support and all members of staff were extremely passionate, responsive and helpful. Simon Armstrong Grosvenor


MyCareer If you like having all your interactions with a service in one place then MyCareer is a perfect platform to do this. It is an excellent system that enables you to connect with University of Southampton students via the Careers and Employability Service. MyCareer can be used to book your events, register onto our Careers Fairs, to advertise a vacancy and/or register opportunities with Year in Employment Placements, Excel Southampton Internships and the Volunteering Bank. To ensure you are able to make informed choices when using MyCareer, we recommend that you visit our website, go to the relevant section in which you are interested eg Internships; Placements; Job Vacancies etc and review the MyCareer Employer Guide prior to registering. Once your organisation is accepted onto the system, you will be able to utilise MyCareer to its full advantage. Next Steps To register your organisation, visit and then click ‘Register and post’ under ‘Organisation login and registration.’

MyCareer Events Calendar Our dedicated Events Team offers a bespoke service to help you achieve the most from your student engagement on campus. Our calendar provides you with the opportunity to deliver any of the following: −− Presentations −− Workshops and Assessment Centres −− Insight Into… talks −− Recruiter in Residence −− 1:1 Activities −− Ad hoc bespoke events A dedicated venue is reserved within our Careers Centre for the Recruiter in Residence sessions, 1:1 Activities and Workshops. Other activities such as Presentations and Mock Assessment Centres involving 12 or more students are usually hosted in academic venues.

Benefits −− All on campus activities are free of charge, subject to any catering requirements −− Ability to target students studying specific subjects −− Your event will be heavily marketed on campus via social media, plasma screens, careers webpages, Career Practitioners and flyers handed out during Freshers’ week and Careers Fairs −− Dedicated Events Coordinator who will work with you to understand and help deliver your expectations

We also partner with Union Southampton to facilitate exclusive events on behalf of employers. Next Steps For more information about Employer-led events, please contact our Events Coordinator or visit our website:

Careers Events Calendar Career Panel

Recruiter in Residence Email:

First Steps in Planning your Career

Commercial Awareness

Assessment Centre

Company Presentation

Insight into...Talks

Effective Communication Skills

1:1 Interview


Winning CVs

Hired! Successful Interviews

Faculty Engagement The Careers and Employability Service works closely with all faculties to ensure that employers can target a wide range of students, or focus on attracting students from particular disciplines. We regularly work collaboratively across the University to ensure we achieve the best possible outcomes for everyone involved. One of our most successful events brought together four multinational technology companies: Bosch; Intel; Motorola and Osram that were targeting Malaysian students from a variety of subjects. Working with our academic colleagues, we delivered an extremely successful event to more than 50 students. All the students remained after the event to take full advantage of the networking opportunity, finding out in detail about the companies and their placement and graduate job opportunities.

Alumni Relations There are many opportunities for our alumni to engage with the University. As an employer you may be able to support students through the programmes outlined in this brochure. Our students enjoy meeting alumni both at Careers Fairs and Employer Events. Students are able to talk to someone with the insight of having attended the University of Southampton, sharing experiences of how they have forged a career in their chosen field since graduation. Alumni and students benefit from collaboration through the Career Mentoring Programme as well as the Business Innovation, Internship and Placement Programmes. Please contact us if you feel you or your organisation would benefit from exploring these opportunities further. The achievements of our students, past, present and future, reflect the growing reputation of the University. With your support we can inspire the next generation of Southampton graduates and prepare them for their future.


Employability Excellence Awards The University of Southampton recognises the importance for students to gain meaningful work experience and employability skills whilst studying. To acknowledge the valuable contribution that organisations and individuals make to the future employability of our students we host the annual Employability Excellence Awards to celebrate both the talent and achievement of our students and organisations / individuals that have participated in one or more of our programmes. The event is an outstanding celebration of the top talent and fresh thinking that students have imparted to the organisations and individuals with whom they have worked. If you or your organisation have been involved in one of our programmes you will receive an invitation to the awards ceremony to share in this prestigious celebration. Many employers who engage with us on these programmes use this event as a vehicle to develop relationships with students in whom they see potential, ultimately leading to successful recruitment following graduation.

The Employability Excellence Awards is definitely a date for your diary. The ceremony recognises not only the valuable contribution employers make to the development of our students, it also provides the opportunity to network with innovative, motivated and inspiring students. Helen Fuge Assistant Director, Student Services

We also offer various levels of sponsorship for the awards providing an opportunity to raise your organisation’s profile to our guests and participants. The event has capacity for up to 500 guests, including some of our most engaged and talented students as well as local businesses, graduate recruiters, and key University contacts. If you would like to learn more about the sponsorship opportunities, please see our sponsorship page. Email:

The Recruiters’ Club As a member of the Russell Group and a leading research institution, the University of Southampton attracts high calibre students who would be an asset to any business or organisation. Our Employer Engagement Team is always seeking new ways to connect our students with prospective employers and to do this, we aim to develop more significant, collaborative relationships that are of value to all our stakeholders. In 2016 we set up our first Recruiters’ Club offering exclusive benefits to partners including priority booking and sponsorship options; access to student data; advertising opportunities; student-facing website promotion and exclusive event attendance. Membership of the Recruiters’ Club is limited and by invitation only, however if you are interested in finding out more please email


Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities Careers Fairs

Advice and Guidance Publications

IT, Science and Engineering (ITSE) Fair – October

−− Full page advert on the inside back cover

All Sectors Fair – October

−− Half page advert or company profile

Careers and Placements Fair – February Graduate Recruitment Fair – May

−− Choice of two guides – Interviews and Assessment Centres or CVs

−− Exhibition Stand in a prime location

−− Two year print run

−− Company logos on promotional material

Exclusive Sponsorship (per publication) £3,000 Includes all of the above in addition to a welcome statement and company logo on the inside cover

−− Use of an interview room during fairs −− Colour advert in fairs brochure

* Shared sponsorship packages available

Exclusive Sponsorship £1,900 (Shared sponsorship £950) Employability Excellence Awards Ceremony

Careers and Employability Service Guide

−− Held in October

−− Full page advert on the inside back cover

−− Company logo on promotional material

−− Includes a welcome statement and company logo

−− Participate in the judging panel

−− Online and hard copy brochure

−− Exclusive awards ceremony 400/500 guests including students and participating businesses

−− Two year print run Exclusive Sponsorship £4,000

−− Company logo etched onto crystal awards −− On the night promotion −− Opportunity to present during the ceremony (Exclusive sponsorship only)

Mentoring Programme

Exclusive Sponsorship at £6,000* * Shared sponsorship packages available

Exclusive Sponsorship £500

Careers and Employability Festival


−− Held over 14 days during October and November

−− Logo on companies page of Careers website with link directing to your company profile on MyCareer

−− Company logo on promotional material −− Company advertisement in the event guide −− Guaranteed opportunity to participate

−− Company logo on student facing promotional material

Semester 1 £300, Semester 2 £150 * Only 10 spaces available per semester

Three Sponsors at £850 each

Further information on any of the packages can be provided upon request. Please contact

19 +44 (0)23 8059 3501 Employability

Employer Engagement Brochure  

An introduction to the innovative ways in which business can engage high calibre students from the University of Southampton.

Employer Engagement Brochure  

An introduction to the innovative ways in which business can engage high calibre students from the University of Southampton.