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A family business since 1972, we bespoke your move to suit you, treating your goods as if they were our own. If you’re happy we're happy!

A family owned country pub with a huge garden, offering fantastic food, well kept ales, great wines and a very warm welcome The Robin Hood, Durley Street, Durley Southampton SO32 2AA Tel: 01489 860229



Southampton 02380 663 783 Bournemouth 01202 929 318

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YOUR NEW SUMMER BATHROOM BEGINS HERE! “Considering a new bathroom? Want to freshen up your existing one? Perhaps just some new taps, a shower head or cabinet? Then drop in and see me. FREE ... no strings attached, informed, impartial advice guaranteed!” Steve Rogers BATHS • TAPS • SHOWERS • BASINS • RAILS • CABINETS • TILES • FURNITURE & More!

Bathrooms Plus 72 The Avenue (Stag Gates) Southampton | SO17 1XS

023 8033 4477


Hello AND Land ... we’re getting a beach!

Yes it was high and yes that is a parachute!

Hello AND Land! And before any of you regular readers wonder … no, not thought this through at all. Again. Despite my best intentions, my insightful editor’s bit has once again been left to last and I find myself alone in the night, machine gunning words off my keyboard when all sensible people and proof readers have gone to roost. In the background, pages are flying across the internet to my faithful print team in Portsmouth who of course I’ve promised all is done and I’m just waiting for a problem page to print correctly! The problem page? Yep. This one. It’s blank! Not really a lie. Just hope they don’t read this when it arrives? Ummm… not really thought that through? See I told you it was on the fly! Anyway what a few months we have coming up! All that football and … all that football! Loving my footie as I do it was hard being a Saints fan last season. Better than being a Pompey one though! (Not thinking this through again am I?) Yep for a month, or more like a fortnight in England’s case, I can moan at players from other teams. All while enjoying the summer sunshine Southampton is famous for … cough! Yep, I’m expecting great things of the weather this summer now that Southampton has its own beach. In case you didn’t know, Guildhall Square is being filled up with sand for the summer. Bit of a whacky idea but fab, lets go for it. Somewhere to take the kids. I just hope it’s not somewhere to take the dogs? My understanding is there was still some debate as to how or who was gong to clean it up. All I know is I’m not doing it. What I am doing though is appearing at a concert on said beach August 10th as part of PS Perrystone Hill, with 4 other fab bands. Make a note (see what I did there?).


Seriously though, there is so much to do over the next couple of months, you’d really be missing out if you choose just to stick with your rusks and mackeson while reading your treasured copy of The AND Guide. So, why not try something outside your comfort zone? I was well and truly parted from my cushions on my birthday recently. My kids had gotten together and booked a glider lesson for me at Lasham Airfield near Alton. I was pretty brave in front of them of course until the instructor cheerfully dropped into the conversation that we would be released at 2,500 at which time I could have go with the controls! Actually being honest, once I’d got over the idea that we had no engine and the air-

field looked like a bit of lego, a very small bit, the kind of small bit you step on in your bare feet, when you’ve been searching for it for an hour but you just didn’t see it because it was so small… it was just awesome! My brilliant instructor, who I’ve very rudely forgotten the name of, reckoned I was pretty good actually. I told him “when you’ve been flying a kite as long as I have, you get to learn about being blown away!” Check them out at Anyway, enjoy the paper. It’s brought to you with much love and care by my fab team. The proof reading’s a bit iffy, but as I keep telling people … I’m not a real editor. Just a passionate bloke from Southampton, that wants to big the place up … or rather wake it up. But we’ve got a beach now, still can’t see the water, but Rome wasn’t built in a hundred years was it? Enjoy yourselves and if you like the paper … why not let us know on our Facebook page! I promise to reply back (that’s me not thinking it through ... again). Oh and last but most important … if you like the paper and get what we’re trying to do … please call our advertisers. Without them there will be no AND Guide. Even my loyal ones need to know their ads are being seen or they’ll be forced to stop. So, use them or lose us. It’s that simple. Bye for now … PS. Damn … I forgot to tell you about the radio station we’ll be launching for Southampton. Ah well, no time to do it now ... the printer is threatening to give me another flying lesson! You’ll just have to keep an eye on our Facebook page.

Thanks again for supporting the paper. It’s put together with love and affection by: Paul Ridge, Louise Beach Steel, Barry Upton, Matt Black, Russell Cook, Martin Boorman, Stuart Davis, Tony Wright, Jezz Phipp, Cliff (Cliffy) Bryant, Tony Long, Keith Curtis, Mike Yarney, Rob Worley, Richard Harper, my spiritual advisors Ken Bundy, Annie Philpott and Steve Ellis and my long suffering wife Tracey. Contributions from Richard Harper, Liz Rickard, WWF and Greenpeace. I’d also like to thank my delivery army of Loraine and everyone at The Frog & Frigate, PS super fan Maureen, Julie Ellis and Phil Belcher. I’ve never felt so spoilt! 07969 174 586

the city’s best ... empowering the and guide

Meet the Southampton Ambassadors Martin Perry

Launched in 2012, Southampton Ambassadors is my project to encourage the city’s elite, big and small, to join together for mutual benefit and the good of the Southampton area. AND its working! Our aim is to inspire and galvanise business and pride within Southampton and interest from outside. Whatever you need, I recommend checking out a Southampton Ambassador first. This isn’t any of those ‘buy a badge’ to say how good you are. Southampton Ambassadors are looking to politely (sometimes) kick our fantastic but lethargic city up the backside!

If you’re interested in joining? To qualify you need to be emotionally sympathetic or connected to Southampton, proposed by an existing Ambassador, seconded by another, agreed by me and pay the fee. Oh and of course, you and whatever you do, needs to be proven as recommendable. Which is why I personally vouch for all the people and business on the right (and left!).

Want to help us? You can do as little as LIKING our Facebook page at: or visiting So if you are looking for anything in Southampton from financial advice to a new kitchen, a second hand car to a new website, or new windows and a wedding entertainer ... try them first. Look for the Southampton Ambassadors logo on their advert. They will not let you down. Tell them I sent you.


For more info email me at:

A Southampton Ambassador Story

It’s been a busy and fun couple of months for Silentrooms!


With a Battle of the Bands final, Harley Birthday bash, a beer launch, filming with The Magic Numbers and securing a promotional gig (not to be missed Friday the 6th July) with a very special unsigned band! Our camera crew have been put through their paces and have delivered some great work for us. We have been working hard to create our brand and have been blessed with the support from Southampton HarleyDavidson who have become our main sponsor. They see our vision and potential and without them this wouldn't be possible. Despite their support though we are still a way off from our intended regular live shows. But they have helped to produce some quality content, which is helping people know who Silentrooms Live are. At the Battle Of The Band's we were given the privilege of interviewing the finalists once they each finished their sets. A lot of fun was had in the Silentrooms Lounge getting to know each of the bands, drinking, sinking shots, eating pizza and lots of laughs! The talent was exceptional on the night and we had some interesting interviews with the varying personalities and band styles. You can see highlights from the night, along with their interviews on the Silentrooms Live YouTube channel. Saturday the 28th April saw our team split so we could bring you footage from two great bands! Cornish based rock/metal band King Creature, overseen by presenter Aron, joined us at the home of our sponsor Southampton HarleyDavidson for the dealership’s birthday celebration, where bike lovers and families gathered and enjoyed the wonderful semi acoustic set. Perfect for the occasion, it saw local trades coming together, from tattooists to barbers and all filmed by us. Again you can see highlights from this day along with their interview on our YouTube channel. Whilst this was going on George joined London based band Banfi, as they released their own sour brew in collaboration with London brewery Signature Brew. The band joined George to talk about music related stuff and the release of their very own beer, before performing a wonderful set of songs from their March release The Jack Powell EP. ‘The not to be missed’ is a show we are hosting on the 6th July. A promotional show for the release of 'They Were Already Dead When We Got Here', the debut album from unsigned Southampton band 'These Septic Stars'. This will not be your usual gig. Located at the Southampton Harley-Davidson garage, we will be filming the evening as the band play, chat with us and even host an audience participation competition.

email: Youtube/Silentrooms Live




Some of the good causes, talents, projects and charities we support


From left: Gordon Craig, Bruce McKendrick and Chris Wilson

AND GUIDE FINANCIAL with Asset Management Financial Advisers (AMFA) Ltd.


Workplace pension schemes have seen a massive change in a short space of time and with auto enrolment schemes now in place, more employees have started their pension savings sooner, while those closer to retirement have some big decisions to make. From business owners to all employees, the need to engage and understand your pension in the form of investment choices and options, has never been greater. This also applies to any pension pots that are now “paid up” i.e. funds in a private pension or with an old employer that are still actively invested. What’s best for these pots?

Historically, many people have just bought an annuity at retirement with their provider(s) and didn’t even look for the best rates. Now, the easiest route could cause more damage for them in the long term than it could before due to low annuity rates and rules upon death where more often than not, the annuity would only be guaranteed for 5 years, leaving no continuing income or fund for the surviving spouse or family. Due to auto enrolment, many employees are looking to their employers to provide help and support with pension planning or financial education. Many of our clients who are business owners have said that they have been approached by their employees for workplace pension advice and that they would like to be able to assist their workers in some way. There is no legal requirement for employers to provide financial advice but for those who do, it can pay dividends, as employees who feel they have a clearer understanding of their pension are likely to feel more valued and focused on their work. WHAT’S HOLDING EMPLOYERS BACK IN PROVIDING ADVICE? In the current regulatory climate, some companies are wary of the line between providing generic guidance, which they are permitted to do and offering personal financial planning advice, which they are not. Cost is obviously another issue but there are a few options to consider.

One-to-one sessions with an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) would be one way to provide employee members with professional advice. Alternatively, a more affordable alternative may be to have a group presentation or seminar and then offer any employees who want to follow up on the information given at the seminar with one-to-one, personal advice, the opportunity to arrange this at their own expense. Special rates can be agreed and the sponsoring employer might help by subsidizing costs, which would be treated as a tax deductible business expense. You may even wish to have the scheme completely looked after by an adviser to not only be on hand for any help and advice but to ensure the scheme remains compliant, thus, avoiding any slip up with regulation and potential fines. It’s tempting for the owners of companies to do the bare minimum in relation to auto-enrolment, set up a pension scheme and then leave their employees to it. However, offering financial advice sessions to staff is an employee benefit that can play a key role in both the recruitment and retention of committed employees and ultimately enable them to understand what their pension is doing for them and how they can make it as affective as possible. In addition to this, employees don’t just need expert advice to make the most of their pensions they may really appreciate guidance on their other big financial questions, for example, concerning mort-

gages, savings and investment and student debt. There is a compelling case for introducing financial advice as a core benefit which could aid with attracting and retaining talent. WOULD YOU LIKE TO ARRANGE A PENSION ADVICE CONSULTATION? Are you a business looking to provide access to advice for your employees or need ongoing assistance with your auto enrolment duties? Directors: Have you been auto enrolled but don’t know if it’s the best thing for you. Do you have various pension pots and are not sure what your options are? At Asset Management Financial Advisers Ltd., we are here to help businesses and individuals receive professional advice on all aspects of pension planning.

Southampton: 023 8042 0606 Gordon Craig, Chris Wilson Bishops Waltham: 01489 895 210 Andrew Wood, Adam Keith Winchester: 01962 893 430 Bruce McKendrick, Ian Jones Article produced by Gordon Craig, Bruce McKendrick and Chris Wilson Asset Management Financial Advisers (AMFA) Ltd.

Offering a forward thinking and innovative approach to financial planning



including “automatic enrolment” management services

CALL Gordon now for a free confidential no-obligation one hour meeting to evaluate your financial circumstances, on:

023 8042 0606 Quoting reference: ‘AND/17’

Asset Management Financial Advisers Limited (FCA No. 177274) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. AMFA is a Trading style of Asset Management Financial Advisers Limited. Registered in England & Wales No: 2150087. Registered Office: 40 Victoria Road, Woolston, Southampton, SO19 9DX.

40 Victoria Road, Woolston, Southampton SO19 9DX Chesil Mews House, Milland Road Winchester SO23 0QA Tel: 01962 893 430 Aspen House, 12 Brook Street Bishops Waltham SO32 1AX Tel: 01489 895 210

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duabus rotis that’s culture in it Tony Long

Young at Heart That’s what riding a motorcycle does for you, no matter how many Christmases one’s seen, a sniff of the open air on two wheels and the years slip away. Granted, the body may ache and nimble movements might be a challenge but open the throttle, go up through the gears and everything just feels better. Add a warm sunny day and you’d make a fortune if you could bottle that feeling - it beats booze, pain killers and (based solely on advertising) gentleman’s ‘assistance’ tablets.

And what in-depth research do I base that sweeping statement on? The Flowerpots, Cheriton, on a Wednesday lunchtime. My mates had been telling me about the weekly gathering for a while and when I joined them I understood the appeal – a bunch of riders looking at and talking about bikes. That sort of things happens everywhere, that’s how Poole Bike night got started and is why Southampton has a similar gathering every Thursday night. What was special for me at ‘The Pots’ was how … how ... how ... (how to put this delicately hmm?) … well ... old some of the riders were. We were some of the younger riders there! Dress code was old style leathers - black, absolutely not skin tight - or vintage waxed cotton - good stuff, wore it for many years, but a waxed cotton bottom doesn’t make for good saddle contact. After a while the older gents would say goodbyes and walk slowly and carefully to their bikes, as

befitting their ‘acquired experience’. And what bike did they walk to? A sensible scooter or small commuter? Nope, try a vintage Vellocette Thruxton as raced on the Isle of Man or a 1960’s Triton (Norton frame with a tuned Triumph Bonneville engine) or even the epitome of British race bikes, a BSA Goldie (500cc, high compression single cylinder for which successful kick starting was an acquired skill or resulted in pain) I’m talking old school, clip-on handlebar café racer bikes that ruled the road in the day and spawned the sports bikes of today. For some of the older riders kickstarting wasn’t as easy as it used to be; bikes were started on the centre stand with a pal (or two) providing support to ensure the bike didn’t fall over on the unstable gravel surface. Engines would fire up to fill the air filed with sweet classic music, farewells and see you at so-and-so’s were exchanged and the bike would pull away. Like a time machine as stiff joints, aching backs and age-related wear and tear dissolved once the lane opened up and riders morphed into the rhythm of the road.

Stiff bodies when they got home I’m sure, but we get something from riding a bike that can’t be explained fully - it’s just so good, right and simplistic as human and machine combine to enjoy the road. Perhaps a better way to put it is a poster I saw of a dog with its head out of the car window, the caption read “only bikers know why they do that”. Yeah, that’s it. P.S. Saved the above then popped up to the shops to get something for dinner (fish fingers, wedges and beans, Sue’s favourite comfort food – N.B. put frozen food in the bag that isn’t hanging over two exhaust pipes, only get that wrong once). As I rode through the parked cars keeping the noise and speed low, one face fixed me with the evil eye from the other end of the car park. His expression was that of great dissatisfaction with life, milk would curdle from the distain he exhibited. I was about four car lengths from him when he twisted in the child’s seat of the shopping trolley to really study my bike and when I stopped next to him his toddlers’ face transformed into that of a person who has seen the future, and loved it. That’s what bikes do for people who understand.

JULIE FELIX ... the one and only, she played the first IOW Fest’ is 80 years young this month

Above: Our friend Georgina sent me this picture of her young at heart trike riding mother, explaining how many hours she’s going to be out. Below: Modern sportsbikes and old cafe racers stem from the same need for speed. Only have whats needed, use lightweight bracketery and get your head down. And, they should look good.

FEAST OF FIDDLES ... who celebrate 25 years

DOG FRIENDLY ... that’s not a band, it’s a pleasure!

The New Forest

Folk Festival July 4th – 8th Fast becoming known as the small family run festival with the BIG line-up, 2018 will be no exception! Taking place from July 4th - 8th the headline acts include Hampshire’s very own album topping twins, Ward Thomas, who last year played the Isle of Wight and Glastonbury plus Steeleye Span and Feast of Fiddles. Also appearing are Dean Friedman, Little Johnny England, Julie Felix, Chris Leslie, CoCo and the Butterfields, Gerry Colvin Band, Gilmore and Roberts, Reg Meuross, Southampton Ukulele Jam and many more Located to the north of The New Forest National Park near Romsey it is an ideal venue for campers with motorhomes, caravans and tents. The riverside campsite in it’s unspoilt farm setting is just a stones throw from the arena with it’s very popular single stage.

The site opens Thursday lunchtime to allow people that have travelled often long distances the chance to set up and relax for the afternoon before the evening entertainment begins. This dog friendly festival has locally brewed real ale and Somerset cider as well as home cooked food. Additional attractions include local trade and craftsfolk with a childrens area supported by local radio station Wave 105 Weekend and day tickets available at

The Milky Way The column you can read between meals A brief look at what is in our night skies during. My very good pal finally caved in and granted me permission to tell you what I’ve been passionate about and boring the socks off him with since we were kids … astronomy! [I added the boring the socks off bit. Ed] Cliff


Out of town... not out of touch! Botley’s only trading standards approved and Which Trusted Trader garage • • • • • •

WHICH Trusted Trader Dealer level diagnostic testing & programming Transponder keys supplied cut & programmed at a fraction of dealer prices Dedicated Tyre Bay. Fast-fit prices from a trusted local garage. State of the art equipment including laser tracking Seized - broken injector extraction specialist

Hutfields of Botley, Unit19c, High Street, Botley, Southampton SO30 2EA Tel: 01489 783117 Fax: 01489 799747 E:

Film Review

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he said! Well that narrows it down? I think I’ll write about er ... me. Hi, I'm Matt Black, Some of you may have heard my name (and some will have seen it on the side of a pot of paint!), but most will have not. I am a pianist/ comedian/ songwriter/record producer/columnist/gift guide ... (see below).

How To Run A Recording Studio

THE GUERNSEY LITERARY AND POTATO PEEL SOCIETY Period comedy-drama set in the Channel Islands just after WWII from the producers of the Marigold Hotel movies, starring Lily James, Michiel Huisman, Tom Courtenay, Penelope Wilton and Katherine Parkinson. Sometimes, titles can be a bit of a problem, can't they ? We all know someone with an amusing name or have trouble remembering what that TV show was called : you know, the one with whatsisname in it .. Well, thankfully The Guernsey Potato Peel And Literary Society (TGPPALS) gets the explanation out of the way very early on so you don't need to worry about it anymore and can stop wondering what on earth it could mean. The story is centred on the island and its people and how they came to terms with being occupied during the war. The nazis controlled their lives and effectively ran the place like a POW camp commandeering all forms of transport bigger than a bicycle, impounding livestock, confiscating anything that held any value, leaving the residents to subsist on what meagre vegetables they could grow in their gardens and small-holdings. Thankfully, they had enough warning before the invasion to send all the children and younger adults to the mainland, though this only enhanced the misery as families were split up just as they were across Britain with evacuation in full effect. The film is actually set in 1946 and there's a general feeling of positivity about England with lots of institutional green paint being applied everywhere and buildings being repaired or constructed anew all over the country. Our allies are still helping us and our enemies are still licking their wounds, both sides reeling from the turmoil of the previous six years or so. Women are very much to the fore and though this is a period piece, there's a strong sense of feminism in motion throughout the story as the world wakes up to a new dawn. Juliet Ashton (Downton Abbey's Lily James) is an ambitious young author who has tired of uplifting war-time tales and yearns to branch out as a writer of substance. The picture opens with her touring the bookstores to promote her latest collection while her GI officer boyfriend gets on with fixing Britain and her empire, occasionally popping home to whisk her off for a night's dancing and champagne. He's planning an idyllic family life for them in the US and she's almost ready to take

the plunge when a curious letter arrives from Guernsey. Upon reading it, Juliet discovers that one of the residents of the isle came across a book she once owned and formally wanted to thank her for donating it so many years ago. After all, it helped get him and some of his friends through the awful period of nazi oppression and he felt it only right and proper to let her know having found her name and address scribbled inside the cover. So far, so very, very British. And it is ... gloriously so. The American chap is very brash, very flash and just a bit too much all round, especially for the terribly lovely Juliet who only wants the best for everyone. Intrigued by her mystery correspondent, she begins a pen-friendship that develops into an unexpected opportunity that she eventually feels might be too good to turn down. She senses there's another, darker story to tell here, ostensibly about the war but altogether much more human. What did go on under the Germans ? Nobody else in Britain really knows, so wouldn't it be something to lift the lid and tell people how things might have been if we'd not won the war ? Our intrepid heroine travels to Guernsey and meets the eponymous society and is soon thrust in front of them to read, reluctantly, from her own latest book and to taste, unfortunately, the famous potato peel pie. The person who wrote to her is a pig farmer by the name of Dawsey (Game Of Thrones' Michiel Huisman), a brooding rural hunk who turns out to be the absolute opposite of her American man. The rest of the society itself is made up of the local postmaster, a nervy mother still waiting for the return of her evacuated daughter, a hippy home-brewing spinster, and the postmaster's grandson. Every character is beautifully drawn and the story arcs from the initial investigative journalism piece into a whole new world that threatens to overwhelm Juliet. .. and that's about all I can say about that for fear of spoilers. This is one story you really don't want to know about in advance, believe me. What I will say is that you will run the gamut of emotions when you watch this superb film. I was blubbing one minute, laughing out loud the next, before almost looking away at some of the flashbacks to the war and then fiercely rooting for .. well, you'll have to see it to find out. It's another one of those great, understated British movies that get under your skin and make you prouder than a bulldog in a unionjack waistcoast sitting under a bust of Winston Churchill. Think Dunkirk meets A Private Function with a smidge of Love, Actually and you'll still be half a great story away from it. See it as soon as you can and with people you love.

I’ve been self employed in the music business for 28 years this year, (That... to me... is just unreal!) and one of the reasons I’ve been able to survive without having to ’Get a proper job’ (lol) is the willingness to adapt how I do what I do to be useful or desirable to the people I work for. Skip forwards roughly 10 years and now both the quality and the reputation of the studio is exactly where I want it, I've learnt enough to know that I know enough to provide the service they want, we have releases garnering awards from around the World, and each project is a completely blank page from which to build an understanding of the artist recording their emotions. There'll be challenges that I've never faced and as a result I'll learn something else I didn't know – all ready for the next one.

I have two main income streams - live performances, and my recording studio 'Hangover Hill'. My gigs are what I'm probably best known for – largely because of the years I've been playing – and I made a decent living solely from doing both local gigs and larger, more corporate affairs for various companies and organisations. The studio was my own personal, bedroom type set up for a few years, put together so I could record my own CD's (and cassettes early on) which existed as such for about 10 years before people started asking if they could record their stuff there also. With that development came the need to buy appropriate professional equipment (never a horrible task) like bigger and better mixing desks, professional mics, better spec computers, software, monitoring speakers and tracking headphones etc etc which would improve the quality of the final result enough so that I didn't feel guilty about charging for the service. The more I did those recordings the more I learnt about the advanced know how about Equalisation, Mixing, Mastering and hundreds of related issues that you only find out by doing this sort of thing (oh and Google bless it) But the real ingredient of it's success is learning how to work with musicians and artists of such personal and professional diversity that you often feel very much like a relate counsellor. Musicians, singers, and artists write, sing, and play about things that are extremely close to their hearts, and as such when working with outsiders such as recording studios etc they need to bare those emotions in order to record the sounds that they want to display to others – I have found that listening to the artist about what sound THEY want is crucial, even if my personal tastes are saying different things to me. It's easy if you take the ego out of the engineer/producer – and you see a very satisfied customer at the end of the process 'Use your 2 ears and 1 mouth in the ratio you were given them' a wise CO said to a young me many years ago.

& JUST SO YOU KNOW, AN ACCORDIAN’S NOT A KEYBOARD! Q: What do you call a beautiful woman on a trombonist's arm? A: A tattoo. Q: What is the roof of positivism? A accordeonist with a pager. Q: What's the difference between an accordion and a lawn mower? A: If you put both on Home Shopping TV, you could sell the lawn mower. Q: What do you call 100 accordionists at the bottom of the ocean? A: A good start. Q: What's the difference between an Uzi and an accordion? A: The Uzi stops after 20 rounds. Q: What's an accordion good for? A: Learning how to fold maps. Q: What's the definition of perfect pitch? A: Tossing an accordian into the toilet without hitting the rim.

Proudly sponsored by The AND Guide

HANGER FARM ARTS CENTRE Summer is here and so is the Summer season here at Hanger Farm Arts Centre with a wide range of shows/ events coming up If you are looking for a night of laughs then why not come along to Stuart Goldsmith’s Like I Mean It show on Friday 8th June? LOVE A GOOD TRIBUTE ACT? Starting off on Saturday 9th June when we have The Lost Will and Testament of Jake Thackray by John Watterson, The late Jake Thackray is being increasingly acknowledged as one of the greatest English songwriters of the twentieth century, a unique talent, whose songs are full of poetry, wit, irreverence and humanity. Since his death in 2002 there has been growing recognition of his genius and a resurgence of interest in his work. Friday 15th June sees Simon & Garfunkel : Through The Years performed by Bookends. Simon & Garfunkel: Through the Years is a unique concert, which celebrates the unforgettable music of Simon & Garfunkel. Fronted by the duo Bookends, the concert has toured the globe extensively being described as ‘simply breathtaking’. We welcome Di Elle – Joni & Carole on Sunday 1st July, An acoustic celebration of two of the greatest female artists of our time, Joni Mitchell and Carole King. A show for real music lovers.Next Up The Carpenters Experience on Saturday 14th July, With 12 studio albums, 2 live albums, 46 singles and countless awards to their name, The Carpenters’ music has touched the lives of millions around the world for generations. This is the definitive concert features the incredible vocal talents of lifelong fan, Maggie Nestor, backed by her outstanding band. Our last tribute act of the season is Tony White as Neil Diamond on Saturday 28th July. A night packed with ballads of passion, melodies with feeling and foot tapping tunes of desire! With many special guests joining Tony on the night this promises to be a very special show full of truly fantastic music. LOVE A GOOD THEATRE SHOW? Starting with Big Mouth Theatre Academy’s The Magic Of Matilda on Friday 6th & Saturday 7th July, The students of Big Mouth Theatre Academy present their wonderful work from the summer term. Come and be entertained by the story of a marvellous little girl, who happens to be a genius, and the adventures she has, despite the most awful parents and the worst head teacher imaginable! Next theatre is Pocket Theatre: The Taming Of The Shrew from Tuesday 24th July – Friday 27th July. Hold onto your hats for Pocket Theatre’s unique take on Shakespeare’s battle of the sexes comedy! This hour long musical version puts Katherina and Petruchio into the world of jazz and is an ideal introduction to the bard for children and teenagers, whilst also providing plenty for the diehard fan to get their teeth into. LIVE MUSIC YOUR SORT OF THING? Starting with Emily Maguire on Saturday 16th June. A classically-trained multi-instrumentalist with five albums and two books to her name, Emily Maguire is truly “a talent to be reckoned with” (RnR Magazine), her strong, thought-provoking lyrics, supremely expressive vocals and spellbinding live performances winning her fans across the

PICS FROM TOP: The Greatest Showman Big Mouth Theatre Bob Drury Stuart Goldsmith Carpenters Experience Emily Maguire Marc Ponsford

globe. Next up we welcome back Mark Ponsford on Thursday 21st June. Following his sellout show last year, Mark returns with a new programme of music, musings and anecdotes. Familiar to Hanger Farm audiences from his many appearances with Pocket Theatre, 2018 “marks” 30 years since his first foray onto the boards as a solo performer, and he is now giving serious thought to what he wants to do when he grows up. We look forward to another delightful evening in the company of this delightful performer. Following on from that we welcome back Bob Drury with his Guitarra Tunes and Tales on Friday 22nd June, Bob’s programme will include classical guitar favourites from Europe and South America as well as some of his own compositions from his latest CD ‘Images‘. In his own inimitable style Bob weaves anecdotes and stories through the music making it a thoroughly magical evening. Next up we welcome Kilcannon on Friday 29th June. The Kilcannon repertoire is generally traditional songs and tunes played by the likes of the Dubliners, Fureys, Planxty and Clancy Brothers, as well as more contemporary numbers from the likes of The Pogues, Steve Earle, Goats Don’t Shave, Mike Denver, Nathan Carter and the Saw Doctors. Our next piece of Live Music is Pops Big Band – Music For Everyone Saturday 30th June. Following our sell out concerts at Sir Harold Hillier`s Gardens 015,016 & 017 also at the Bournemouth Pier Approach band shell which is our third year of performing at this prestigious venue, we are proud to present the Pops Inc Big Band “Music for Everyone” comprising of some 20 musicians & singers performing popular tunes from The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire, Tina Turner, Adele ,The Bee Gees plus many other well known artists. An evening of foot tapping music with vocals by Georgie, Liz & Alex. FILMS MORE YOUR BAG? On Monday 11th June we will be showing The Greatest Showman. “The Greatest Showman” is a bold and original musical that celebrates the birth of show business and the sense of wonder we feel when dreams come to life. Inspired by the ambition and imagination of P.T. Barnum. Darkest Hour on Monday 16th July. A thrilling and inspiring true story begins on the eve of World War II as, within days of becoming Prime Minister of Great Britain, Winston Churchill (Academy Award nominee Gary Oldman) must face one of his most turbulent and defining trials: exploring a negotiated peace treaty with Nazi Germany, or standing firm to fight for the ideals, liberty and freedom of a nation.

Box Office: 023 8066 7683

At The White Horse, you’ll receive a very warm welcome to our traditional, family run country tavern on the edge of the New Forest.

Perfect for a drink, or lunch and dinner amongst friends. We also cater for all occasions from birthdays to wakes. Well known for our traditional home made food ... from puddings and pies to our delicious tower beef burgers! We are also home to the uniquely delicious ‘Lava Rock Grill’ (left) where your meal is presented cooking on volcanic rocks at your own table. We often enjoy live music at the weekend so check our Facebook page for details. OPENING TIMES: 11am - 11:30pm Mon to Sat / 12pm - 10.30pm Sunday FOOD: Mon - Sat 12 - 2pm & 6 - 9pm (Last order 8:45pm) Sunday 12 - 9pm (Last order 8:45pm)

Ringwood Rd, Netley Marsh SO40 7GX 02380 868255

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Stu’s regional spring pics Stuart Davis





Music has been exalted by many famous luminaries throughout the ages. German scholar Frederick Nietzsche stated that 'without music, life would be a mistake’. Plato philosophized that 'Music gives soul to the Universe’, even intellectual shock Goth Marilyn Manson concluded that 'Music is the strongest form of magic'. American comedienne Maria Bamford famously urged people to 'get out of your house and see some live performance, there are people creating things just outside your window'. She could easily have been referring to our region where we are blessed with many fantastic venues and artists…and there are blessings in abundance over the next couple of months. THE ENGINE ROOMS plays host to Glaswegians Twin Atlantic and John Lydon’s other gang, the innovate and wonderful ‘PIL’, and over at The Guildhall you can relish 'another day of sun' with the ‘Bournemouth symphony orchestra’ and ‘Inspiration Southampton’ while ‘Roy Chubby Brown’ still trying to figure out who this Alice character is. Star attractions streaming into THE BROOK will be the alluring and multitalented ‘Emma Stevens’, Morrissey’s erstwhile sidekick Boz Boorer’s original rockabilly combo ‘The Polecats’ and the wonderful ‘Wonderband’, while Kate Bush, Green Day, Oasis, Foo Fighters, Rolling Stones, The Doors and Johnny Cash all receive the tribute treatment.

Over at the tantalising Talking Heads you can indulge in the charms of the compelling ‘Psychostick’, high octane punks ‘Millie Manders and the Shut up’, the heavy hitting grooves and brassy goodness of ‘Tuba Libres’, Sheffield prog rockers ‘Haze’ and the colourful flamboyant and fun universe of ‘Franck Carducci’. ‘Multi Storey’ will be out to entertain you on many levels, ‘A Foreigners Journey’ will be reliving the heady days of AOR and ‘The Cureheads’ will somewhat bizarrely but intriguingly be recreating the 1980s live experience of The Cure in their own unique way. The ever sharp ‘Spear of Destiny’ will be plugging their new album Tontine at the 1865 where you can also tune into the vibrant and quintessential folk of ‘Home Service’, 1960s mainstays ‘The Pretty Things’ and the whirlwind energy and ecstasy of ‘Never the Bride’, who have been lauded as ‘inspirational’ by dame Shirley Bassey and as 'one of the best live bands in Britain' by Radio 2s whispering Bob Harris. Mod fans will also lap up the Small Fakers as they pretend to be mighty Small Faces. A nicely pieced together array of enchantments at THE JOINERS includes influential Mancunians The Chameleons, the engaging ‘David Ford’, robust sounding 2 piece ‘Haggard Cat’, Tokyo garage rockers ‘Electric Eel shock’, their fellow countrymen ‘DYGL’ (pronounced Day Glo apparently), the regally reverberating ‘Kings and Castles’, Canadian punks ‘Pkew Pkew Pkew’, the much flaunted ‘Oceans ate Alaska’, hardcore melodists ‘A Wilhelm Scream’, the unpredictable ‘Palm Reader’, angry scamps ‘Seething Akira’ and a night of blistering hip hop with ‘Wreckless 004’ and ‘Benedict’. Flying high at THE CONCORDE will be Irish chanteuse ‘Donna Taggart’, the uninspiringly monikered but uber gifted ‘Blues Band’, contemporary folkies ‘The Killkennys’ and Ally McBeal theme tune songsmith ‘Vonda Shepherd’, once again supported by the editor’s very own PS_Perrystone Hill. Fans of 80s pop will also be hailing it a fantastic day when ex Haircut 100 man ‘Nick Heyward’ saunters on stage. The groovy selection of Jazz lures includes ‘The Swing

Commanders’, ‘The Paul Francis Quartet’, and the ‘Bratislava Hot Serenaders’ and there are also homages to Michael Buble, George Michael, Robbie Williams, Rod Stewart, Lady Ga Ga, David Bowie, Cat Stevens, Little Mix, Simon and Garfunkel, Jimi Hendrix, Travelling Willburys, Queen and Genesis. ‘Hugh Budden and the Blue Chords’ will be wigging out at the PLATFORM TAVERN, Titanic Survivors and Cross Breed will be strutting their stuff at The Swan, Woolston and The Belgium and Blues bar welcomes ‘Dan o’ Farrell and the difference engine’. One of the bands I play in, ‘Mista Messy’ will also be performing ‘covers you forgot you knew and loved’ in the area too, at THE STRAWBERRY FIELDS in Locks Heath on June 8th and then at The Millers Pond Sholing on July 7th, would be great to see you if you fancy popping in to say hello. Other great live venues worth checking out include: The Firehouse, The Hintonbury Farmhouse, The Orange Rooms, The Stable, The Liberty Bar, The Loft, The Frog and Frigate, Mettricks, The Hop Inn, The Alexandra, The Art House, The Hobbit, Mango No 5, The Spitfire (Eastleigh) The Cricketers (Eastleigh), The Robin Hood (Sholing), The Old George (Fair Oak), The Navigator (Swanwick), The Dolphin, The Bugle and The Brewery Bar (all Botley), The Wheatsheaf (Shedfield), The Kings Head (Wickham), The Bird in Hand (Fareham) The Red Lion (Stubbington), Arty’s, The White Hart, and The Gypsy Queen (all Gosport). … and a special mention to a couple of new venues THE STEAM TOWN BREW BAR in Eastleigh and THE CLOCKWORK BAR in Shirley, both feature some fantastic live music and we highly recommend them. Amongst those stationed at THE RAILWAY in Winchester will be hippy punk ‘Beans on Toast’, Super Furry animals genius ‘Gruff Rhys’, Americana crew ‘The Americans’,, your mums favourite Basingstoke death metallers ‘Biolith’, transfixing pop duo ‘The Frixion’ (think Kylie embracing her dark-

DAN O’FARRELL & THE DIFFERNCE ENGINE er side in tandem with Gary Numan!), Eastleigh trio ‘The Stanny Dares’, the harmony driven ‘Gravity Drives’ and ‘Posh Ellen’ are back with their 'loud drunk tunes for loud drunk people', happy days!

Beatroot Bluegrass band and when ‘Dreadzone’ take to the stage at the MR KYPS in Poole, it will be the last time that anyone does as the venue is sadly closing after 17 years of superb entertainment.

Unlike the other south coast clubs, they may still be rooted in League 1 but at least Portsmouth can boast a healthy list of upcoming musical attractions. THE WEDGEWOOD ROOMS hosts the spirited power pop and blissed out heavy indie of ‘Personal Best’, riotous rockers ‘Blackfoot Circle’, post hard-core crew ‘Touche Amore’, Drum n bass DJ ‘LTJ Bukem’ and Coventry moshers ‘Gunter Prague’. You'll also be able to feast on some indie nostalgia with the reformed ‘Belly’ and some anthemic singalongs with saintly Scots ‘The Skids’.

Oh, and there’s also some outdoor stuff too!

The Grammy award winning ‘Tremonti’, and one time rascal ‘Miles Kane’ will be putting on the style at THE PORTSMOUTH PYRAMIDS and over at the PORTSMOUTH GUILDHALL you'll find RNB veterans ‘Dr Feelgood’, Take that warbler ‘Gary Barlow’ and inventive axeman Gordon Giltrap. THE KINGS THEATRE temps you to a night of Queen with ‘Gary Mullen’, the music of Madonna by ‘Material Girl’ and the even more craftily named ‘Message in a Bottle’ interpreting the works of The Police. ‘Brian Conley’ proclaims to be 'still the greatest his price range' at the NEW THEATRE where you can also bask in a nostalgic rock n roll revolution with ‘The Bluejays’ meanwhile The Ferneham Halls in Fareham sees ‘Wall of Floyd’, ‘Purple Zeppelin’ and ‘Vision of Elvis’ tipping their hats to the greats. Over in Bournemouth you can hang with the Cancer Bats’ at the OLD FIRESTATION and also ex misfits guitarist ‘Doyle’ while THE BIC showcases jazz guitarist ‘George Benson’ and ‘Earth Wind and Fire’ and the PAVILION THEATRE plays host to loveable cockneys ‘Chas N Dave’ who will be promoting their first new album in 30 years, the iconic ‘Drifters’ and one time Loose woman ‘Jane Macdonald’. CHAPLAINS opens its doors to The Wah Wah club, Polly Morris and the Dr

Music lovers of a certain age who fondly recall mullets and shoulder pads will be able to relive their youth at LETS ROCK SOUTHAMPTON on Southampton Common where dandy highwayman Adam Ant, Sister Sledge, ABC, Midge Ure, Go West, Aswad and the gorgeous ‘Wendy James' are just some of the star turns. For those who prefer the imitators, SOUTHAMPTON FAKE FEST in Mayflower Park boasts tributes to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, U2, Kasabian, Oasis, Queen and the Police. But a big shout out to the wonderful Concorde for doing it first! THE ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL features the actual ‘Kasabian’, ‘Depeche Mode’, ‘The Killers’, ‘Liam Gallagher’, ‘Manic Street Preachers’, ‘Chas and Status’ and ‘Van Morrison’ amongst its many attractions while the big guns are also out at Camp Bestival in Lulworth Park, Dorset including ‘Simple Minds’, ‘Rick Astley’, ‘Basement Jaxx’ phenomenal ‘Pop Will Eat Itself’. Finally every weekend over the summer at the Bandstand on the idyllic setting of SOUTHSEA SEAFRONT ‘Jeanine Barry’, ‘Waif and Stray’, ‘The Fab Beatles’, ‘Ska Dogs’, ‘Mojo Dollar’, ‘Mr Big Stuff’, ‘Backbeat Soundsystem’, ‘Collapsed Lung’ and ‘Bemis’ are among the many diverse artists lined up to perform So there you have it plenty of varied and exciting music to set your pulses racing and put a smile on your face over the next couple of months Frederick, Marilyn, Maria and the Greek Philosopher (and Martin) would approve. Keep it live people.

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new Upstairs Bar inc’ The ‘ANDSTAGE’ Available for hire The top bar of The Frog and Frigate, including the fully equipped ANDstage black box performance space, are now available to book for private parties, events, shows, gigs and readings. free hire if you’re a local band, musician, theatre company, solo act or performer in need of a perfectly formed, intimate black box performance space!

what’s on at

The Frog? The annual 'Frog on the Beach' Party Weekend Friday 15th & Saturday 16th June

'Stand-Up at The Frog' Comedy Nights June 4th & July 2nd

With a newly added range of bottled real ales, house cocktails, including our own favourite, the gorgeous Pink Peppercorn Gin Cocktail, premium Vodkas and Whiskeys - and even some posh lemonade - we’re all geared up to please! For enquiries and bookings, call 07785 302424 or email - or check out our cool pirate website: or our busy Facebook page, and cast us a message!

and ... Pirate Raiding Parties arrrr regular!

Russell Cook

BOOKS red & rit Whenever Matt Lucas is interviewed I always get the impression that he is much more comfortable appearing as a character rather than himself. If you write an autobiography it’s easy to hide your real self if you have a clever ghost writer who will happily shroud a life with nothing spookier than carefully constructed prose and “isn’t everything just marvellous!” anecdotes. Thankfully Matt didn’t take that well trodden route and LITTLE ME. MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY (CANONGATE £8.99) is a full on frank and funny account of a life that hasn’t been an easy trip from A-Z. Coincidentally A-Z is how Matt has structured his story. Beginning with A for Accrington Stanley and school day reminiscences to B

and the Baldness question through to Z and zzzzz, okay not much to say at the end of the alphabet. It’s a clever way to write your life story as the reader can dip in and out. On a quiet Wednesday, pick W and What are the Scores George Dawes? Tales of Shooting Stars. On a breezy carefree Saturday you’ve got Southend, Sydney and Sunset Boulevard. Tales of touring Little Britain. This book succeeds in its simplicity and honesty, and the perfect read with a Myfanwy poured Bacardi and coke and perhaps a Fat Fighters slice or rather half a slice of cake. I just love the half the calories cake…. Remember that turn of phrase from the last century “Today’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chip paper?” Sure, many news stories have disappeared under piles of grease and ketchup over the decades but one story that never fails to hit the headlines is the perilous state of the NHS, something that successive Governments of whatever political persuasion have failed to tackle. In the past couple of years, certainly since the last election, things seem to have reached a tip-

ping point as if the whole foundation of this great and indispensible institution is balancing on a precipice of mis-management, long hours, exhausted Doctors and nurses and interminable waiting times that put patient’s lives at risk. One push and into the void the NHS goes. A book that seems to have touched a few anaesthetic free nerves in recent months is ADAM KAY’S THIS IS GOING HURT (PICADOR £8.99). When Kay was a junior doctor, he kept diaries and the entries that make up this book cover a six year period as Adam works his way up from Senior House officer to Registrar and finally Senior Registrar. In 2010 after an operation that Kay is in charge of goes very wrong, the author realises that he can’t go on in his chosen career despite being one step down from being a consultant. Kay is now a stand up comedian and humour dominates the majority of stories that form the backbone of the narrative. Nevertheless the underlying theme of these tales from the hospital wards is of an organisation that has for years been criminally neglected, undervalued and underfunded. Read this then ask you’re nearest available MP of any political party if they regularly work 97 hour weeks. ANDREW CARMEL’S The Vinyl Detective is back for his third outing. VICTORY DISC (TITAN

GREEN COLUMN Amongst all the billions of planets known to man, there is still only one known to support life. It’s this one. Let’s look after it ... be stupid not to?

BOOKS £7.99) has our unnamed record collecting hero along with his girlfriend Nevada, discovering an ultra rare early 78 shellac record, a Second World War Victory Disc and this through a series of events, finds the good detective hired to track down the rest of the recordings of The Flare Path Orchestra to which their original discovery belongs. Events that occurred back in the war years of the 1940’s resurface, a murder, bombing raids along side Neo Nazis and a present day not so hospitable Badger set. Aside the humourous fast paced storytelling and the continuing development of the regular eccentric supporting characters such as Tinkler and Stinky Stamner, Cartmel creates a memorable selection of guest characters all with an agenda, all with secrets that are slowly revealed as the plot unfolds and more 78’s are discovered. The atmosphere that is created stylistically reminds me of

an episode of The Avengers at its best. True, Victory Disc is not set in the London of the swinging sixties but there is this timeless feel which adds to the story whether in Kent or Gloucestershire or the capital city. The author’s love of record collecting and music shines through, not much jazz this time and certainly not the song Roll out the Barrel. To see why, Chapter 15 Beer Barrel will tell all. Now that’s a chapter not to read before bedtime. From London to Scotland. DOUG JOHNSONE’S FAULT LINES (ORENDA BOOKS £8.99) is set in a reimagined Edinburgh where there is now an active volcano in the Firth of Forth. If that wasn’t enough, volcanologist Surtsey having made a secret trip to the volcanic Island Inch to meet her boss and now lover Tom discovers him rather dead. This as you can imagine kills any romantic and definitely any passionate thoughts that may have

crossed her mind. She unwisely decides to keep their relationship and the fact that she discovered his body a secret, big mistake. As she attempts to get on with her life, someone contacts her, someone who knows what she has done. Not good. And it remains that way as Surtsey is enveloped in a world of intrigue and suspicion in this rollercoaster of a thriller. Everyone is a suspect, its classic Agatha Christie on LSD! The tremors not just induced by the mix of strong characters lead to a volcanic conclusion as resolutions are sought. Fault Lines is intriguing, tense and fault less in its clever plotting. Secrets it seems are best avoided.

Russell’s Blog Brave New World is at www.

Or you a barstool moaner? Or do you actually want to do something? Then do it. Turn a light off. Hell... go mad and turn 2 lights off! Turn standby plugs off, boil less for a cup of tea. Recycle. Don’t insist on bleedin’ fresh fruit everyday from another continent. It aint healthy, it’s actually very slowly killing your kids! Don’t let your children ask you “Hey Mum and Dad, what’s a wild animal?” Martin Perry

OPEN MIC UK 2018 AUDITION COMING TO SOUTHAMPTON Music competition auditions dates announced visit for details! Open Mic UK have announced their auditions dates for Open Mic UK 2018! The Open Mic UK singing competition auditions will be hosted at 14 regions across the UK and the competition will be searching to find the UK’s best singers, singer songwriters, rappers and vocal groups!

AND ... THE GRAND FINAL IS BACK AT THE O2 IN LONDON! Open Mic UK are proud to announce that those acts making the Grand Final will have the opportunity to perform at the Indigo in The O2 in London.

PERFORM IN FRONT OF RECORD LABEL A&R AND GET YOUR MUSIC HEARD! It’s a chance for aspiring singers and musicians to perform to Music industry judges who are at every stage of the singing competition from the auditions to the Grand Final. Judges in the past include judges that work for the three major record labels (Universal, Warner and Sony) in attendance at last year’s competition, as well as festival organisers, national radio DJs, regional press and BBC Introducing, with judges getting more prestigious as the competition progresses. Open Mic UK is brought to you by Future Music, the company behind the discovery of numerous acts who, have competed in the competitions on their way to being signed to major record labels like; Lucy Spraggan, Luke Friend, Karen Hardy, Jacob Banks, plus Warner Music’s signings and Open Mic UK’s first winner Birdy and The Lottery Winners along with Union J’s Jaymi Hensley amongst many many more…

For more information and to book your audition! Go to the website at MUSIC COMPETITION AUDITIONS - OPEN MIC UK 2018 The Open Mic UK singing competition auditions are allocated on a first-come, first served basis, audition places are already filling fast so get your audition booked now to avoid disappointment!




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THE MUSIC BIZ according to Barry Upton

Barry Upton Our resident pop guru Barry is a multi international hit songwriter/ producer/performer. Initially a front singer with Brotherhood Of Man he’s worked with a multitude of names including being creator of the lovable pop outfit STEPS, penning their massive hit 5678 and his mate and editor of this ‘ere paper previously co-hosting the AND Magazine Show on Radio Hampshire. He’s currently a TV & radio presenter and producer in Thailand and of course he’s still performing!

Good Songs Live Forever Being a child of the 60s, I grew up with a plethora of great pop and rock songs, most with excellent writing. Over the years with the advent of technology, the standard has decreased somewhat and experimentation has all but disappeared. There will always be exceptions and recently there have been a few examples of songs that will stand the test of time with them likely to be played for years to come. So, what makes a good song? A memorable tune (sometimes that you can give the whistle test to) and well written, identifiable lyrics are always a great starting point. The shaped sound of the production is also very important. However, the most important ingredient to my mind is the feeling a song evokes. How many times does a track pop up on the radio and suddenly memories come flooding back or an emotion is triggered? Maybe a feeling of elation is experienced that makes you want to move your body and get in sync with the music, however good or poor your dancing may be. There is no better accolade, apart from the royalties of course, for any songwriter than to witness their song still being popular - years, maybe decades, after it was first conceived, and especially if it’s been recorded in different ways by different artists. Also, good songs live on, even if they’ve not been released and can still be popular when the right time arrives for the, sometimes, fickle public to embrace them.

Your very own bi monthly columnist ‘pop cheesemeister’ has experienced all of this very recently. Firstly, my STEPS song 5,6,7,8 (certainly not my best musically or lyrically) has been successfully earning me money now for over twenty years and the recent anniversary arena tour by my loveable five piece all singing, all dancing ensemble creation has enhanced its’ earning potential and popularity further. Also, three previously unreleased songs that I recorded at my studio in Hedge End around fifteen years ago with late eighties multi hit pop singer SONIA, are now about to surface because of fan demand. In 1991, I had a top ten success with SONIA called ‘Only Fools

Unfortunately, Sonias’ Greatest Hits album never materialised and so these tracks have been laying around gathering dust. Recently, however, some of her ardent fans, of which I’ve been staggered by how many there are, especially in Brazil of all places, have contacted me on discovering that these unreleased tracks exist and were desperate to hear them. So I put together a sampler of the three songs, uploaded to YouTube and hey presto, the feedback was big love so fan power is now forcing us to finally release the songs for worldwide digital distribution. Sonia’s army are very excited. This brings deep joy to me, not only because finally these songs will generate some income, but that the

There is no better accolade ... for any songwriter than to witness their song still being popular - years, maybe decades, after it was first conceived (Never Fall In Love)’ masterminded at top record label BMG by our dear friend Simon Cowell, who had previously awarded me a nice sum of money with a publishing deal and advised that I spend it all on creating my own studio. I had co-written the song with my ex ‘Brotherhood Of Man’ manager Tony Hiller and after the success of the Motown style hit, we wrote a follow up in the same fashion called ‘If You Come Back To Me’. Unfortunately Simon decided with his infinite wisdom to get Sonia to record covers of older material which didn’t do her any favours (see, he doesn’t always get it right). Years later she called me to see if she could record the song we’d written especially for her as she was about to release a Greatest Hits album and needed some fresh material for it. I actually recorded that song with her plus two more that I’d co-written with a successful writer in L.A., one of which that had found its’ way into the double Oscar winning film ‘Little Miss Sunshine’.

creativity that went into making the tracks will now bring happiness and sunshine to many around the world. That feeling is almost the best one ... ha. Writing songs comes easy for me. However writing a good song that may last forever is a lot more difficult, plus you never know which songs are going to be the ones that will touch a nerve with the public. An amazing example of this is the song ‘Without You’ written by Pete Ham and Tom Evans, two members of the brilliant early 70s band ‘Badfinger’. Their original version was a mere final track on side one their album and was never a single release until the Harry Nilsson version came out which went on to be a massive hit. Unfortunately the two writers passed away and never saw how big their song really turned out to be. The song has now been recorded by over 180 artists including the likes of Mariah Carey. Paul McCartney once described the ballad as ‘the killer song of all time’.

So, the answer is to write a lot, sometimes formularically, sometimes from the heart, sometimes from complete craziness. It’s very nearly impossible to know which of your creations is going strike a chord (see what I did there?) with the world at large although sometimes you can get an inkling, especially if your latest composition is keeping you awake at night because you can’t get the damn tune out of your head. The satisfying thing as a songwriter is the knowledge that your good songs will live forever.

Sonia and me, back in the day when jackets like this were popular

The one and only Beatles. Who it’s argued have 4 of the top 10 most covered songs in history. No not spoiling it for you becasue I ‘imagine’ there might be acouple of suprises, Including the #1 ‘Yesterday’ which amazingly was originally a B side!

October / November 2017

Paul Ridge

But first ... a word from our alleged editor: “No witty introduction from paul this issue. Apparently he’s been so busy with his additional world cup prediction feature that he hasn’t had time! “He did somehow find time to send me his usual countless mischievous messages, including asking if I wanted him in speedos for the centre spread? I can tell you, that vision ruined the entire artwork session for me. I now can’t help imagining him in a thong when I look at the group stages. horrible, truly horrible! “I wonder why he can’t be more like our reserved anorak saints columnist mr t? tasked with putting together a world cup quiz to accompany paul’s predictions (which irritating he usually gets right btw) I asked what he was doing for his saints article this issue? “Nothing. nothing to write about” came the reply. and so killed the myth that i was in command. sadly he’s usually right too. “Anyway ... enjoy Paul’s reviews. Just try to put the speedo vision to one side iF you can?” Ed.



Ray d’Inverno has always been active on the Southampton jazz scene and I think I first saw him playing at Goblets when I was about 18, so that's over thirty years at least. Fast forward to a Friday night in 2018 and I find myself grooving to the man once again at the reliably brilliant Friday night jam down town at The Duke Of Wellington, just along from Tudor House. The pub was busy when we arrived, with most of the tables taken up by diners enjoying the excellent homecooked fare. The music starts around 8pm and the place stayed nicely full throughout, and so it should because this is great music

and it's free of charge. Even casual jazz fans or pure novices would know most of the songs on offer, as it's a stroll through the standards led by Ray on the ivories but accompanied on this particular occasion by bass and drums for a few Bill Evans Trio style numbers and trombone for the quartet vibe. There was lots of bossa nova, some bebop and a few tunes you'd know from various movie soundtracks. The atmosphere is relaxed and not at all like the off-putting image of jazz clubs where black polo necks, beards and berets tend to drive more people away than they attract. If you think you might like the music but really don't know where to start, buy a copy of Miles Davis' Kind Of Blue LP, listen to it a few times and then head down here on a Friday evening because this is Jazz 101. They reach much higher levels than that - there's more than enough talent in the room to do so but the inclusive ambiance of the pub, its ever-welcoming staff and the music itself make for a great night out whether in itself or as a precursor to a more uptempo dance session elsewhere later in the evening. Highly recommended. Check Facebook or the pub's website for more information on the lineup every week because they do vary, with different performers coming and going.

It's Saturday night and you're in Eastleigh : what are you going to do ?Well, pop down to the Railway Club and see what's happening, of course ! In one room, a Bob Marley tribute act was tearing up a wedding dancefloor, while in the other a similar era was being evoked : Chic, Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind & Fire, Diana Ross, Wild Cherry, Stevie Wonder .. and on up to Jamiroquai, Daft Punk and Bruno Mars. If you want to dance, this is clearly the place to be in Eastleigh on a Saturdeeeeee! (Intentional typo. Sorry Paul but people need to know you have your own language. Ed) Featuring a brass section, two keyboards and a full band behind them, Stone Groove are a lively outfit ideal for weddings and special occasions or if you just want to have some fun. With members from various local bands, including Ska Dogs and Strumpet Town, the group are seasoned professionals and it shows immediately, despite this being their debut performance. Invited down to offer some constructive criticism by the drummer, Dan Steadman, the only thing I could say to him afterwards was "When's your next gig?" Find them on Facebook and go and see them !

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studio STUFF ERIN GRACIE sing love hurt dream EP And Guide favourite and all-round local hero Erin Gracie has her first CD out, a four-track EP called "sing love hurt dream" and I am happy to report it's great fun. Still only nine years old, the singer-songwriter knows no fear as a live performer and this really shines through on her first studio release. All the main vocals are Erin's own along with the acoustic guitar work, while she's ably supported on bass, keys and electric guitar by Matt Cobb with occasional backing vocals from Katie-Louise Ball, Chloe Josephine and Devin Jade. The opening number (the sing part) is called Another Singer and is a stop-start acoustic foot-tapper in which Erin cries "I just want to sing!". There's some tongue-in-cheek realism going on here about life as a youngster trying to get some time on stage and it's both witty and honest : "Three deep at the bar and all I want is a coke" "So many singers .. so many here with such talent .. (am I) good enough or should I stay silent ?" When I first saw Erin it did cross my mind how she manages to get up there and do her thing, but then I just thought "Why not ?" To borrow a football analogy : if you're good enough, you're old enough. The "love" segment comes in the shape of the upbeat When Will I Tell Him ? All jangly guitars and a flurry of emotions, Erin sings of her worries - will he like me, will I look a fool ? - all the while analysing why she likes him so much - is it the way he styles

his hair ? This is almost Housemartins territory as a pop song but the killer punchline at the end absolutely steals the show and makes me laugh every time I play it. The "hurt" song confronts bullying head-on in the wonderful Not Letting You. With a plaintive refrain of "Why d'you pick on me ?" it laments those years of bickering and quarrelling that we all go through as kids, yet Erin deals with the issue positively by using her super-power : her voice and her guitar. The final part of the quadrilogy - dream - is the optimistic Let's Make A Plan. "Wanna be a star ? Keep strumming on your guitar .." Starting gently, Erin lays the foundation of the song as a slower number, exploring the possibilities ahead of her before bursting into life with a clap-tastic second half which is altogether much faster and urgent. This would be a great set-closer and serves equally well in winding up this, frankly quite stunning first release. Well done Erin ! Follow your own advice and keep strumming ..

group called Within Temptation. With a mezzo-soprano vocal range, den Adel really has got a great set of pipes on her and isn't afraid to use them. This collection is a side project where she gets to show a softer, more gothic-pop side reminscent of a young Kate Bush. There's lots of melodic piano and some of the songs are actually pretty spare in their arrangement, while others are given the full Andrew Lloyd Webber, but either way there's a sense of controlled rage throughout and it's very compelling. I've never been that into heavy rock or goth/emo stuff, but every so often something comes along that piques my interest and My Indigo definitely falls into that category. The production is lush but clean and the album sounds stunning on headphones, while there's a lot of raw emotion in the lyrics throughout. Stand-out tracks include the anthemic Safe And Sound, the slow-burning Black Velvet Sun and the hook-tastic Crash And Burn, all breathy vocals and catchy piano riffs. It turns out that den Adel had taken a break from the band to care for her ailing father and to help her get over writer's block she'd been suffering at the same time. I have no doubt the two are related, but the decision and resulting album are pure vindication : My Indigo is a very personal, very powerful listen and thoroughly recommended for fans of meaningful rock and pop.

GARETH DUNLOP Many Moons Ago EP The first thing you notice about Belfast-born singer-songwriter Gareth Dunlop is his voice, in particular its considerable range. Opening this EP is the deceptively simple Devil Like You, all gentle plucking and soft, soulful vocals. Almost singing falsetto, Dunlop opens his heart while using the body of his guitar to beat out the rhythm, virtually acapella until the accompaniment kicks in and the song lifts gently off the ground with a sprinkling of piano and a hint of acoustic six-string behind it. He sings "When I'm with you I can't stand myself, start dreaming I'm someone else" and the great thing is the music is very evocative. You know when sometimes you get so involved you can "see" a video in your head ? Well, this is that kind of experience and all the more enjoyable for it. It's a beautiful song and shows a man not afraid to be different. This characteristic clearly makes him stand out from the crowd and be noticed and it's certainly served him well thus far, given he's supported the likes of Van Morrison, The Stereophonics, Snow Patrol and James Morrison. Dunlop splits his time between Nashville and Northern Ireland and this set was recorded on ancient analogue equipment deep in the heart of Tennessee. There's a sense of energy behind all of these songs, some kind of pent up frustration, rage even, that threatens to break out at any moment, lending an edge to every listen. Don't worry : that's a good thing ! It drives the music along, drawing the audience in with every note.

TORS Wilder Days EP

MY INDIGO My Indigo On first listen, My Indigo has a very distinct European flavour. It's not just the slight accent of the singer, but in the song constructs themselves. There's lots of crescendo-building, layered vocals and harmonies and a really bombastic quality that just put me in mind of one of the more spectacularly pyrotechnic entries in Eurovision. The singer in question is called Sharon den Adel and it came as no surprise when I found out that she fronts a Dutch symphonic metal

Remember Bert Weedon, he of the "Teach yourself to play guitar" books in the 50s and 60s ? Well, Tors are fronted by two of his grandsons, Matt and Theo Weedon. Hailing from the west country, the boys have already written music for the TV show Skins and various hits for J- and K-pop bands in Japan and Korea. Right now, they're concentrating on getting their own career off the ground with the release of their new EP, Wilder Days. Their signature sound is jangly indie-folk that really reminds me of local heroes, Delays, though perhaps with just a pinch of Coldplay. There's plenty of falsetto in the vocals and layer upon layer of harmonisation going on, and their style is very organic and natural, like a live recording. Turns out the whole thing was created in their dad's shed deep in rural Devon, so that might explain it. It's light, summery pop that should do well and you can find them on soundcloud, Facebook and the usual streaming sites.

Gareth Dunlop will be supporting the excellent Michael Malarkey (reviewed a couple of issues ago) in the capital on Friday, 15 June at The Omeara, near London Bridge.

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the and guide’s unofficialLY guide the footie ...

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Michael Kurn

I told you we would be fine! Ok I was slightly over confident when I made my prediction and I won’t lie I was sat on the edge of my seat for every second of that match v Swansea, but we did it by the skin of our teeth. It could have been so different though and the thought of Southampton dropping out of the Premier League still fills me with dread. Luckily though St Mark did the job. He brought back the belief and we saw glimpses of what used to be. (What he did Michael. Was be a proper manager and pick the games he could see results from and play a side to get the job done, including 2 strikers or even 3 on the pitch at the same time, or a side to hold for a draw. To be fair to MH if it hadn’t been for some unfathomable refereeing decisoins and some horrbly late goals we’d have all been relaxing with a cocoa weeks before.Well done Mark Hughes, proper old school manager. Sorry had to be said. Ed) A big summer needed though. Transfers need to be right and it’s time to reinvest some of those funds kindly spent at our shop by Liverpool. I have the belief we will be back firing again next year and that last year was a minor blip. Before I move on to the busy summer ahead I just wanted to heap some praise on Alex McCarthy. What a revelation! He well and truly has his hands on that no1 shirt and if it wasn’t for the fact we have such a strong pool of goal keepers at the moment a place on the plane to Russia would have been on the cards. More of those performances next season Please Alex and hopefully those match winning saves will be pushing us to Europe not survival. So to the other summer football thingy! I have a gut feeling Russia could be good for us this year. I was so pleased to see Gareth Southgate picking a youthful squad a group of players who have played together on an international level for some time now. I know some heads were turned when the squad announcement was made, mine especially with the non inclusion of Adam Lallana (I still think he should be on the plane by the way), but Gareth knows what he is doing and it’s nice to see an England manager with a plan. (Agree with all of that Michael but Rose, Young or Delph ahead of Bertrand? Don’t see that at all. Ed) Away from Russia there is plenty of sport and that’s what will be keeping me busy before the return of the Premier League. The Vitality Woman’s Hockey World Cup will be keeping me busy most of July along with some Tennis and Cricket. Always a pleasure to be involved at Hampshire and I’m sure I will see many of you down there as always. Just want to thank everyone for their continued support after finishing my 4th full season at the Premier League. Who would have thought a lad from Southampton would be on the adventure I am. (Me. That’s why I gave you a column. Ed) I truly am blessed and I wouldn’t be where I am without the support of this wonderful city. Don’t forget you can follow all my adventures on Instagram just follow @michaelkurn and have a great summer! Twitter @michaelkurn

Mr Tein

As we wait to find out who will be crowned the footballing Kings of the World ( Brazil or Argentina probably) here are a few facts drawn from the long history of the world’s favourite cup. See if you know your Willie from your Fuleco or your Vuvuzela from your Caxirola? Puzzled? Read on. Oh, and just to keep you on your toes, one of these facts is totally ‘made up’. Can you spot it?

1 Southampton are one of only 14 clubs to field a player in an England squad who went on to win a WC. 2 The first team to qualify for the 2014 WC was Japan. 3 The greatest team never to win the WC are The Netherlands who have got to the final of the WC on three occasions and lost every time (1974, 1978, 2010). 4 If you want to sing the Chart topping 3 Lions England song released in 1996, the line “30 years of hurt” would now have to read "48 years of hurt". I suspect come 2018 we will be singing "52 years of hurt". 5 There are no less than eight previous winners of the FIFA WC set to take part in Brazil 2014. Brazil have won the WC a record five times. Italy (four wins), Germany (three), Uruguay, Argentina (twice each), England, France and Spain (once each) are the others. 6 The last England representative to get a hat trick at the WC wasn’t as you might think Geoff Hurst but the referee Graham Poll who in 1996 miscounted and handed out three yellow cards to Croatia's Josep Simunic against Australia. 7 The only team to remain unbeaten through the 2010 WC were New Zealand. 8 In the 1966 WC, of the 352 players representing their countries only eight of them played club football outside of their home country. That’s 2 French players, 3 German and 3 Spanish players. 8 were playing in Italy and one played in Spain. How times have changed. 9 The record for most defeats suffered by a nation in WCs is held by Mexico with 20 losses. 10 Out of the 18 WC’s, South America and European countries have won 9 titles each. No other continent has produced a world champion. 11 Argentina holds the record for the most yellow cards in the competition's history, with a total of 64 in 88 games. 12 Being the host nation certainly helps, as on 6 of 19 occasions the host nation has won the tournament. Including England of course. 13 Germany have played the most games at the WC finals, 99 though Brazil have won the most, with 67. 14 If performance during qualification is the measure, then the leading goal scorer in Brazil should be one of these if they make it into the team :- Luis Suarez of Uruguay (11 goals) Robin van Persie of Holland (11), Edin Dzeko of BosniaHerzegovina (10), Oribe Peralta of Mexico (10) and Leo Messi of Argentina (10). With 11 goals, Deon McCauley of Belize was the highest scorer who will not be at the finals. 15 The number of nations represented by referees and their assistants at the 2014 finals is 43. 16 The record number of appearances in WC matches is 25, held by German footballer Lothar Matthaus. 17 Oliver Kahn is the only goalkeeper in the history of FIFA WC to have won the Golden Ball trophy. 18 The only two players to have scored in four consecutive finals tournaments in 1958, 1962, 1966 & 1970 are Pele of Brazil and Uwe Seeler of West Germany. 19 Yugoslavia are the only team to feature a female in a WC squad when in 1930 their number two goal keeper was 25 year old Aven Allaf. 20 Unlike England, the United States took part in the very first WC and then scored the very first hat-trick in a WC match. Bert Patenaude was the scorer in a game against Paraguay. 21 Denmark’s Ebbe Sand scored the fastest goal in tourna-

ment history for a substitute in 1998, taking 16 seconds after coming on against Nigeria 22 At 33, Sweden’s Tore Keller is the oldest player to record a hat trick during a WC scoring against Cuba in 1938. 23 Sir Viv Richards is the only person to have played both WC Football and WC Cricket 24 Remember that appalling noise at the 2010 WC in South Africa? No not the groans when Frank Lampard was disallowed a clear goal against Germany but the Vuvuzela. The buzzing drone of the instrument will be replaced in Brazil by the Caxirola, a Maracas-like instrument that can be shaken to produce sound. Good news though is it is currently banned from inside the stadiums. 25 Cameroon’s Roger Milla was 42 when he played at the 1994 finals when he became the oldest player to score at the tournament in a 6-1 loss to Russia. 26 The 2014 WC is the fifth time the tournament has been held in a South American nation. The last time was Argentina in 1978. 27 The United States has qualified for every WC finals since 1990. 28 The phrase “cheaters never prosper” was never ever used again in England after Diego Maradona punched the ball into the net out of the hands of peter Shilton leading to Argentina knocking England out of the WC in 1986. Calling it the Hand of God and going on to score a second goal by dribbling past five England players, Beardsley, Reid, Butcher, Fenwick, Butcher (again), and finally goalkeeper Peter Shilton which was voted Goal of the Century by voters doesn’t stop this being one of the world’s greatest injustices. Still we kept the Falkland’s. 29 Japan's team is nicknamed The Blue Samurai and their kit has a hidden background of leaves - a reference to Samurai code Bushido, whose name translates as "hidden leaves". 30 France’s Lucien Laurent scored in the 19th minute against Mexico to score the first-ever goal in tournament history. France eventually lost to Argentina in game where the ref accidently finished the game 6 minutes early, realised his mistake, then called the players, some of whom were already in the bath, back onto the pitch to finish the game. 31 In 1982, the field of nations increased from 16 to 24. For the first time, a country from every continent was represented. 32 Scotland have appeared in eight WC finals – all of which ended with a first-round exit. Doesn’t bode well for Scottish Independence ! 33 “All in One Rhythm” is the official slogan of the 2014 WC. 34 Germany's Miroslav Klose was the tournament's top scorer with 5 goals at the 2006 WC. 35 Italy has won four WCs, the last one in 2006. 36 203 of FIFA's 208 members participated in the qualifying process for the 2014 WC. 37 England’s Geoff Hurst is the only player to score a hat trick in a WC final (in 1966) against West Germany. 38 The Maracana Stadium in Rio can seat 79,000. The original venue, built for the 1950 WC, had a capacity of 200,000. That’s not far off the population of Southampton. 39 The USA opens the 2014 WC against Ghana, the same nation that eliminated them in the Round of 16 at the last tournament.

40 Canada qualified for the WC just once (1986). 41 Luis Monti is the only player to appear in two WC championship games for two different nations: Argentina (1930) and Italy (1934). 42 It wasn’t until Mexico in 1970 that the WC was broadcast for TV in colour. It wasn’t until 1978 though, that my dad bought a colour TV so I could watch it in colour. 43 Bora Milutinovic is the only man to coach five nations at WC finals – Mexico, Costa Rica, USA, China and Nigeria. 44 Only four European nations, Yugoslavia, Romania, France and Belgium, participated in the first WC. England had left FIFA and so weren't eligible. 45 The official ball of the 2014 WC made by Adidas is called Brazuca. 46 The first symbolic kick will not be made by a famous person as is usually the case. This year it will be made by a paraplegic teenager in a mind-controlled exoskeleton suit. The teenager is paralysed from the waist down and will stand up from his wheelchair and walk over to take the kick, He will feel the kick because of sensory feedback. 47 Italy’s Dino Zoff was 40 when he captained his side to the 1982 title. 48 The Best WC comeback was thanks to Eusebio’s three goals in the quarterfinals against North Korea helped Portugal win 4-3 after going down 3-0. 49 Russia’s Oleg Salenko, scored 5 goals in one game. a record, in a 6-1 win over Cameroon in 1994. 50 Pele has won three WC titles - the most ever by a player. 51 The record number of goals scored in a single game is 12, after Austria defeated Switzerland 7-5 in 1954. 52 Although qualifying, India withdrew from the 1950 WC when they realized that according to FIFA regulations players had to wear football boots and would not be allowed to play barefoot. 53 The 2014 FIFA WC mascot is named "Fuleco," . He is an armadillo who can curl up into a ball like a football I guess. He is a Brazilian three-banded Armadillo and his blue shell represents Brazil's fertility and landscape, the skies and the water. Who wouldn’t want a mug with that on eh? 54 England's WC Willie in 1966 was the first time a mascot was used. 55 The WC was first televised in 1954 and is the most widely watched sporting event in the world. 3.2 billion people around the world watched the last WC final, nearly half the planet's population. The competition is broadcast in over 200 countries. 56 The record number of WC career goals is 15 by Brazilian forward Ronaldo. 57 Brazil was allowed to retire the Jules Rimet trophy in 1970 after winning the WC a third time and West Germany was the first country to lift the new trophy in 1974. 58 The quickest goal scored in the WC finals was by Turkey's Hakan Suker who scored just 11 seconds into the game against South Korea during the third-place match in 2002. 59 The 500th WC goal occurred in 1950 when Scotland’s Robert Collins scored in a 3-2 loss to Paraguay. 60 The only time the host team has been eliminated in the first round of games is in 2010 when South Africa failed to qualify to the knockout rounds WHICH OF THESE FACTS WAS FICTION? The answer is number 19 where we were Aven Allaf! Geddit? Okay I'll get me coat.


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“PRIVET I DOBRO POZHALOVAT !” or in ‘Ampshire “Hello and welcome to Russia!” Paul Ridge

I have some previous when it comes to football tournaments. For the last global event in Brazil, I wrote a similar preview piece to this for The AND Guide and correctly predicted a final between Germany and Argentina, while 2016 saw me state France would lift the trophy and they went close (so you were wrong then. Ed), losing in dramatic fashion to Portugal in the final after extra-time. No pressure then! (Still doesn't explain why there was no intro to your Music Reviews? Just sayin... Ed.)

GROUP A FIFA RANKINGS: Russia 65th in the FIFA rankings, Saudi Arabia (63), Egypt (30), Uruguay (17) TOTAL FIFA PTS: 175 (all four ranks added the lower the number, the harder the group on paper) DIFFICULTY: * TOP: Uruguay RUNNER-UP: Egypt WORLD CLASS: Igor Akinfeev (Goalkeeper, CSKA Moscow and Russia) RISING STAR: Federico Valverde (Central midfielder, Real Madrid and Uruguay) LOCAL INTEREST: Gastón Ramírez, now at Sampdoria, will be playing for Uruguay SUMMARY: Russia have been handed the easiest group of all and following recent comments from ex-UEFA chief Michel Platini, it seems this may not be the first time this has happened for a host nation. Nevertheless, they still have to overcome notoriously tricky opponents Uruguay (who put England out last time) and Egypt, currently flying with Liverpool's Mo Salah leading the line. Like South Africa in 2010, I think they'll struggle and ultimately fail to make the knock-out stage.

GROUP B FIFA RANKINGS: Portugal (3), Spain (8), Morocco (48), Iran (34) TOTAL FIFA PTS: 93 DIFFICULTY: ** TOP: Spain RUNNER-UP: Portugal WORLD CLASS: André Silva (Striker, AC Milan and Portugal) RISING STAR: Isco (Attacking midfielder, Real Madrid and Spain) LOCAL INTEREST: Cédric will line up in defence for Portugal alongside former Saint José Fonte SUMMARY: The Iberian peninsula should share the spoils in this relatively straightforward group, though Morocco were unbeaten in qualifying and Iran are welldrilled under former Man United coach, Carlos Quieroz. If Spain and Portugal draw it'll come down to who can score the most against the outsiders as to who finishes top of the group.

GROUP C FIFA RANKINGS: France (7), Australia (43), Peru (10), Denmark (19) TOTAL FIFA PTS: 79 DIFFICULTY: ** TOP: France RUNNER-UP: Denmark WORLD CLASS: Jefferson Farfán (Inside forward, Lokomotiv Moscow and Peru) RISING STAR: Nabil Fekir (Attacking midfielder, Lyon and France)

LOCAL INTEREST: Pierre-Emile Højbjerg will be hoping to start for Denmark SUMMARY: France will walk this. They could easily send a second 23-man squad to the tournament and still reach the quarterfinals and have, in my opinion, the most strength in depth of any nation competing in Russia. The other three all have their qualities, but if Peru's talisman Paolo Guerrero's drugs ban is not rescinded, expect Denmark to squeak through.

GROUP D FIFA RANKINGS: Argentina (4), Iceland (21), Croatia (18), Nigeria (41) TOTAL FIFA PTS: 84 DIFFICULTY: *** TOP: Argentina RUNNER-UP: Nigeria WORLD CLASS: Paulo Dybala (Forward, Juventus and Argentina) RISING STAR: Hordur Bjorgvin Magnusson (Stopper, Bristol City and Iceland) LOCAL INTEREST: Dejan Lovren will be a key component of Croatia's back-line SUMMARY: A very tough group, with two strong second-tier European nations, the best African side and Leo Messi's Argentina. If he doesn't do it this time - having come so close in 2014 - he will never be ranked alongside Maradona. Russia 2018 could be a historic moment for the little man from Rosario given he'll be 34 when Qatar rolls around. I've got a feeling Iceland and Croatia will cancel each other out so if Nigeria can beat one of them they could be the surprise package of the entire tournament.

GROUP E FIFA RANKINGS: Brazil (2), Switzerland (11), Costa Rica (22), Serbia (38) TOTAL FIFA PTS: 73 DIFFICULTY: *** TOP: Brazil RUNNER-UP: Costa Rica WORLD CLASS: Keylor Navas (Goalkeeper, Real Madrid and Costa Rica) RISING STAR: Gabriel Jesus (Forward, Manchester City and Brazil) LOCAL INTEREST: Du‰an Tadiç is one of the most important players in the Serbian team SUMMARY: Brazil have a similar scenario to Argentina in their group : two solid European opponents and Costa Rica looking to take advantage of any slip-ups, especially given their excellent showing in 2014. The Brazilian team is united and playing brilliant attacking football while also being far better in defence than it was in the last tournament and are expected to go all the way to the final. Personally, I'm not so sure, but they certainly have the talent to do so and will easily top this group, giving them the luxury of resting key players in their third match.

GROUP F FIFA RANKINGS: Germany (1), Mexico (16), Sweden (25), South Korea (62) TOTAL FIFA PTS: 104 DIFFICULTY: ** TOP: Germany RUNNER-UP: Mexico WORLD CLASS: Marco Reus (Inside forward, Borussia Dortmund and Germany) RISING STARS: Hirving "Chucky" Lozano (Winger, PSV Eindhoven and Mexico) LOCAL INTEREST: Leeds United's Swedish defender Pontus Jansson is on Saints' radar. (I think you’ve made that up ‘cos you’re a Leeds fan! Ed) SUMMARY: A stroll for Germany. Sweden look far better without Zlatan but Mexico will be tough opposition. The Koreans have one of the weakest squads in the tournament and there could be a hatful of goals in this group. Lump on Thomas Müller to win the golden boot now.

GROUP G FIFA RANKINGS: Belgium (5), Panama (49), Tunisia (28), England (12) TOTAL FIFA PTS: 94 DIFFICULTY: * TOP: Belgium RUNNER-UP: England WORLD CLASS: Axel Witsel (Midfield general, Tianjin Quanjian and Belgium) RISING STAR: Harry Maguire (Ball-playing centre-back, Leicester City and England) LOCAL INTEREST: Toby Alderweireld will lining up alongside several familiar faces for Belgium SUMMARY: It's a straight shoot-out between Belgium and England. We can get at them down the flanks with the pace of Sterling and Rashford as they are weakest at full-back, but can we keep them out at the other end ? Hazard and De Bruyne both fancy a free-kick so discipline could be key. Ultimately, I expect either a draw or a narrow defeat, with Lukaku living up to his flat-track bully reputation against Panama and Tunisia to keep us in second place either way.

GROUP H FIFA RANKINGS: Poland (6), Senegal (32), Colombia (13), Japan (44) TOTAL FIFA PTS: 95 DIFFICULTY: ** TOP: Colombia RUNNER-UP: Poland WORLD CLASS: Jakub B∏aszczykowski (Right winger, Wolfsburg and Poland) RISING STAR: Keita Baldé (Inside forward, Monaco and Senegal) LOCAL INTEREST: Maya Yoshida will be starring for Japan

SUMMARY: A balanced group representing four different continents, which could end up with everyone level on points. Colombia and Poland have the pedigree and two of the best players in James Rodríguez and Robert Lewandowski respectively, which should just nudge them both over the line .. but I wouldn't bet on it.

THE KNOCK-OUT STAGES Given the structure of the tournament, the Round of 16 should be relatively easy to predict as most of the pairings will feature a favourite playing a spirited underdog. Should England finish second, they'll face the winners of Group H, so probably either Colombia or Poland. The tournament really hots up in the Quarter-Finals where we will almost certainly come up against Germany and bow out altogether. That wouldn't be a bad showing under Southgate, especially given the nature of our young squad. That should be the minimum target for Qatar, but for now there would be no shame in a plucky defeat to the reigning champions.

THE SEMI-FINALS Only two of the five real favourites will meet in the quarters, with Spain likely to face off against Argentina. France, Germany and Brazil should all have winnable matches meaning the Semi-Final line-up could read France vs. Brazil and Germany vs. Spain.

THE FINAL Once again, I'm going for France to win the tournament, beating Germany in the Final on 15 July in Moscow. They have so many good players all over the park and really don't have any weaknesses : pace, power, technique, an excellent keeper and a manager who knows how to win the World Cup, having lifted it as a player in 1998. If successful, Didier Deschamps will become only the third man in history to do both, after Mário Zagallo and Franz Beckenbauer.

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me live P FOOTBALL every ga Long live WORLD CU by shot VE WIMBLEDON shot LI . EN RE SC E ID TS OU ’ inc


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The Plough The epitome of a traditional English country pub. Huge beer garden, patio terrace, indoor dining area and lounge bar. Serving food 12pm til late, 7 days a week. • Family friendly with HUGE kids play area • Award winning Badger Ales • Dog friendly with Doggy Ice Cream, Doggy Beer & Doggy Pawsecco! • Giant garden games & deck chairs • Disabled parking & access throughout

023 8040 6214 Portsmouth Rd, Bursledon, SO31 8BT

The Southampton Arms A traditional pub serving good food lunchtime and dinnertime 7 days (check for times), • Large beer garden & kids play area • Disabled parking & access throughout. • Dog friendly

023 8047 4702 89 Moorgreen Rd, West End, Southampton SO30 2HG

The Bold Forester (Marchwood) Traditional New Forest pub serving local beers and English homecooked food (check for times) large patio and huge garden with kids play area. • Sunday Carvery • Fine wines and beer • Skittle Alley

0238 0865967 Beaulieu Road, Southampton, SO40 4UQ


The Langley Tavern

Classic village pub with an enormous garden with a childrens play area, including a pirate ship.

Large country pub, with huge beer garden with decking and large kids play area. • Good food (check for times), • Ales and wines. • Dog friendly • 2 minutes from Lepe Beach

• Gastro pub with modern menu (check for times), great wines and ales. • Large beer garden with kids' play area.

01489 860229 Durley St, Durley Street, Southampton SO32 2AA

THE BOLD FORESTER (Sarisbury Green) Traditional, family run village pub • Home made food served 7 days lunchtime & evenings (check for times) • Large family garden with play area • Disabled toilet • Dog friendly

01489 576400 120 Bridge Rd, Sarisbury Green, Southampton SO31 7EL

PUBS with


023 8089 1402 Lepe Road, Langley Southampton SO45 1XR

THE KINGS HEAD Busy village pub with cask ales and good English food (check for times) and open fires. • Large beer garden with kids' play area. • Great food (check for times), ales and wines.

01329 832123 The Square, Wickham, Fareham PO17 5JN

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TALKING HEADS The Nightingales + Cravats ART THE BROOK FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT Cloudbusting: The Music of Kate Bush THE ENGINE ROOMS COMEDY Twin Atlantic HANGER FARM SHOWS The Mikado ORANGE ROOMS NIGHTCLUBS Summer of Love JUST CHILDREN THE ARTHOUSE The Travelling Talesman - Foxed! ANTIQUES & FAYRES NUFFIELD THEATRE MARKETS & CAR BOOTS Son of Rambow The Night of The Iguana OTHER EVENTS MAYFLOWER THEATRE War Horse BERRY THEATRE PLEASE NOTE. We have tried to ensure Mischief & Mystery in Moomin Valley entries are correct, but If we’ve got the odd one wrong, sorry... The AND Guide cannot THE POINT Southampton Stage Dance Festival accept any responsibility for inaccuracies. Some require tickets in advance. We advise THE CONCORDE telephoning the appropriate venue beforehand Ultimate Bowie on all occasions. THEATRE ROYAL W’CH The Jungle Book MANOR FARM C/P All About Scarecrows HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Family Bushcraf: Cooking THE RAILWAY W’CH The Frixion SIMPLY DISPLAY OUR MOORS VALLEY Ranger Den FRONT COVER in a PROMINENT POSITION at MARWELL Top Trumps Challenge your venue. Send us a BIC B’MOUTH Gary Barlow pic to prove it and CHAPLINS, B’MTH dada ... you’re in! The Wah Wah Club THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Education As long as you keep Drunken FERNHAM HALL the poster up, we’ll West Side Story include your listing. NEW THEATRE ROYAL The Magic of Hollywood KINGS THEATRE, P’M How fair is that? One Night of Queen GUILDHALL, P’M Don’t forget to send us your listings though - simply pointing A Natural History of Deep Time SALISBURY ARTS CTRE us to the website won’t Youth Music Event guarantee inclusion. It’s often CHICH’ FEST THEATRE very time consuming extracting it The Chalk Garden for our use. So don’t be lazy! ;) STRAWBERRY FIELD TAV Pop Pickers EMAIL US AT: THE CORNER HS, WIN Cinnamon Jazz BIRD IN HAND F’H Nemesis

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ROBIN HOOD, SOTON Dr Rock SATURDAY 2ND TALKING HEADS Millie Manders & The Shut Up THE STAGE DOOR Donna Marie as Lady Gaga THE BROOK Green Haze ++ HANGER FARM The Yeoman Of The Guard The Mikado 1865, SOUTHAMPTON Spear of Destiny THE ARTHOUSE The Lantern Parade/Dan O’Farrell & The Difference Engine NUFFIELD THEATRE Son of Rambow / Sarah & Duck Robin Ince: Pragmatic Insanity MAYFLOWER THEATRE War Horse / Annie Jr TURNER SIMS THEATRE Frigg (Finland) BERRY THEATRE Peter Rabbit THE POINT Southampton Stage Dance Festival THE CONCORDE Nicola Marle as Shania Twain & Lady Gaga / The Brit-Funk Association THEATRE ROYAL W’CH The Jungle Book O2 GUILDHALL Danny Baker - Good Time Charlies Back! VICTORIA C/P Park Walk MANOR FARM C/P All About Scarecrows HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Pond Dipping LONGDOWN FARM Mower madness THE RAILWAY W’CH Biolith MARWELL Top Trumps Challenge BIC B’MOUTH Gary Barlow PAVILION THEATRE Chas & Dave CHAPLINS, B’MTH Beer Launch Event An Eve of Country with Big Hat, No Horse THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Audio Allstars FERNHAM HALL West Side Story NEW THEATRE ROYAL ‘Celebrate’ WEDGEWOOD RMS The Doors Alive / Personal Best

KINGS THEATRE, P’M Dreamboys SALISBURY PLAYHOUSE Disgusting Songs for Revolting Children CHICH’ FEST THEATRE The Chalk Garden CENTRAL CLUB, C/F The Natural High MAYFLOWER PARK Southampton Fake Festival THE STABLE, SOTON The Startled Monkeys ROBIN HOOD, SOTON Ghost Notes SUNDAY 3RD TALKING HEADS Traditional Irish Music / Multi Story & The Tirith / Southampton Modern Jazz club THE BROOK Emma Stevens NUFFIELD THEATRE Sarah & Duck MAYFLOWER THEATRE War Horse TURNER SIMS THEATRE Teatime With The Elias Quartet THE POINT Southampton Stage Dance Festival THE CONCORDE John Maddocks Jazzmen THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Germaine Greer VICTORIA C/P Cemetery Walk MANOR FARM C/P All About Scarecrows LONGDOWN FARM Mower madness THE RAILWAY W’CH What About The Men? - Dave Pickering MARWELL Top Trumps Challenge PAVILION THEATRE That’ll Be The Day CHAPLINS, B’MTH Jazz with Ian Ellis & Friends THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH The Moddy Duo / Lady Winwoods Maggot FERNHAM HALL Megaslam Wrestling NEW THEATRE ROYAL Rock & Roll Revolution WEDGEWOOD RMS Pride Fundraiser KINGS THEATRE, P’M The Princess and the Pumpkin Patch CHICH’ FEST THEATRE The Chalk Garden BIRD IN HAND F’H Jucy Lucy

MONDAY 4TH ORANGE ROOMS Ignition MAYFLOWER THEATRE War Horse THE POINT Southampton Stage Dance Festival Darkest Hour THE RAILWAY W’CH Jon Dee Graham & William Harries Graham CHAPLINS, B’MTH Toby Thome & The Dadbeats, The Folk Orchestra WEDGEWOOD RMS The Swarming Metal Showcase GUILDHALL, P’M ABC Concerts brings : Saxophone and piano CHICH’ FEST THEATRE The Chalk Garden TUESDAY 5TH NUFFIELD THEATRE A Street Car Named Desire MAYFLOWER THEATRE War Horse BLUE FUNNEL Beaulieu Four Rivers Cruise CHAPLINS, B’MTH An Evening of Stand Up Comedy THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Stan’s Blues Jam CHICH’ FEST THEATRE The Chalk Garden WEDNESDAY 6TH AGEAS BOWL Hants v Somerset THE PHOENIX, SOTON Hotel Salvation- Film NUFFIELD THEATRE A Street Car Named Desire Your Best Guess MAYFLOWER THEATRE War Horse THE CONCORDE Rossano Sportiello Trio THE RAILWAY W’CH Sean McGowan PAVILION THEATRE Kevin & Karen Dance FERNHAM HALL The Ladykillers CHICH’ FEST THEATRE The Chalk Garden THURSDAY 7TH 1865, SOUTHAMPTON Home Service MANGO, PORTSWOOD Steve Picken - Latin Guitar GRAND CAFE, SOTON Tom Jones Dinner & Cabaret

NUFFIELD THEATRE A Street Car Named Desire MAYFLOWER THEATRE War Horse BERRY THEATRE Flanders & Swann: At The Drop of a Hippopotamus THE CONCORDE Ladies Lunch - Rhian House of Fashion Donna Taggart THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Mad About Movies THE RAILWAY W’CH Gruff Rhys CHAPLINS, B’MTH Prophetic Records FERNHAM HALL The Ladykillers NEW THEATRE ROYAL Brian Conley CHICH’ FEST THEATRE The Chalk Garden FOREST INN Cruisers BELGIUM & BLUES Yeehaa Granma FRIDAY 8TH TALKING HEADS Unreal City/The Gift/Kaprekar’s Constant THE JOINERS Torcoda Fray + The Edit + RODDINGTON FORGE Motown & Soul Night HANGER FARM Stuart Goldsmith - Like i Mean It BOTLEIGH GRANGE Wedding Dress Charity Ball NUFFIELD THEATRE A Street Car Named Desire MAYFLOWER THEATRE War Horse THE CONCORDE Ron Vincent Tribute to Cat Stevens THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Mistress & Misfit THE RAILWAY W’CH Stanny Dares CHAPLINS, B’MTH Lil Harpin On THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Rooster FERNHAM HALL The Ladykillers NEW THEATRE ROYAL Whitney - Queen of the Night WEDGEWOOD RMS Freddie Fest KINGS THEATRE, P’M Mamma Mia! GUILDHALL, P’M Gordon Giltrap SALISBURY ARTS CNTR Robin Inc: Pragmatic Insanity



Eastleigh SO50 9HQ

Te l : 0 2 3 8 0 6 1 3 9 8 9

w w w. t h e c o n c o r d e c l u b . c o m


STRAWBERRY FIELD TAV Mister Messy NEW FOREST PUB National Gin Day BIRD IN HAND F’H Pop Pickers ROBIN HOOD, SOTON Riverside Blues Band SATURDAY 9TH TALKING HEADS A Foreigner’s Journey THE HOBBIT Re:Creation + Firefarm THE BROOK Noasis HANGER FARM The LOST Will and Testament of Jake Thackray by John Watterson AGEAS BOWL Hants v Surrey THE ARTHOUSE Manitoba Hal (Ukulele) NUFFIELD THEATRE A Street Car Named Desire MAYFLOWER THEATRE War Horse BERRY THEATRE Spotlight THE POINT Peter Rabbit THE CONCORDE The Blues Band THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Flamenco Express THE RAILWAY W’CH Posh Ellen/Terror Drone MOORS VALLEY Steam Gala THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Groovemeister FERNHAM HALL Laughter Live! Comedy Club NEW THEATRE ROYAL Swinging at the Cotton Club WEDGEWOOD RMS Belly KINGS THEATRE, P’M Mamma Mia! CHICH’ FEST THEATRE The Chalk Garden CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife CENTRAL CLUB, C/F Studio Sounds Disco GUILDHALL SQUARE Street Jam Live BELGIUM & BLUES Jim Blair THE STABLE, SOTON Steve Lowis ROBIN HOOD, SOTON Hazy Dayz SUNDAY 10TH TALKING HEADS Traditional Irish Music Session Lucid Southampton Modern Jazz Club THE BROOK Polecats & Black Kat Boppers AGEAS BOWL Hants v Surrey NUFFIELD THEATRE A Street Car Named Desire Bajrangi Bhaijaan (film) BERRY THEATRE Concert Pooja Angra School of Music THE CONCORDE Little Chix Tribute to Little Mix New Orleans Heat THEATRE ROYAL W’CH The Snail & The Whale

MOORS VALLEY Steam Gala PAVILION THEATRE The Complete Works of William Shakespeare CHAPLINS, B’MTH The Dr Beatroot Bluegrass THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH The Mooch FERNHAM HALL The Everly Brothers Dream KINGS THEATRE, P’M Mamma Mia! GUILDHALL, P’M Milton Glee Choir - 70th Anniversay Concert CHICH’ FEST THEATRE The Chalk Garden CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife BIRD IN HAND F’H Black Smoke Rebellion ROBIN HOOD, SOTON Sippery Jack

THE CONCORDE The Swing Commanders THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Dracula: The Bloody Truth O2 GUILDHALL Afternoon Tea Dance CHAPLINS, B’MTH Droppelganger Dialogues NEW THEATRE ROYAL Les Musicals / The Tempest KINGS THEATRE, P’M Mamma Mia! GUILDHALL, P’M James Smith CHICH’ FEST THEATRE The Chalk Garden CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife THE OLIVE TREE, R’M Castletown THURSDAY 14TH

THE JOINERS DYGL HANGER FARM Movie Monday: The Greatest Showman AGEAS BOWL Hants v Surrey NUFFIELD THEATRE A Street Car Named Desire BLUE FUNNEL Hamble River Cruise PAVILION THEATRE Derren Brown: Underground CHAPLINS, B’MTH Kung Fu Chicken Fighters KINGS THEATRE, P’M Mamma Mia! GUILDHALL, P’M Gary Barlow CHICH’ FEST THEATRE The Chalk Garden CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife

THE BROOK Bright Club Comedy Summer Show NUFFIELD THEATRE A Street Car Named Desire PLAZA THEATRE, R’SEY Swallow THE CONCORDE Jimi Hendrix - The True Story THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Dracula: The Bloody Truth THE RAILWAY W’CH The Cabaret Project BLUE FUNNEL Three Rivers Cruise CHAPLINS, B’MTH Monetary Reform & Modern Monetary Continental Liaison KINGS THEATRE, P’M Mamma Mia! CHICH’ FEST THEATRE The Chalk Garden CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife BELGIUM & BLUES Dan O’Farrell and the Difference Engine



TALKING HEADS English Tunes Session AGEAS BOWL Hants v Surrey NUFFIELD THEATRE A Street Car Named Desire TURNER SIMS THEATRE Imogen Cooper 111 PLAZA THEATRE, R’SEY Swallow THE POINT Fantasia THE CONCORDE Shirley Morgan, Tony Day & Friends THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Ballet Central BLUE FUNNEL Day to Portsmouth CHAPLINS, B’MTH Carrie Carrie’s inventorium launch Night THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH RNLI Charity Quiz Night WEDGEWOOD RMS Edinburgh Festival Preview KINGS THEATRE, P’M Mamma Mia! CHICH’ FEST THEATRE The Chalk Garden CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife

TALKING HEADS Creedence Clearwater Review THE JOINERS Wreckless 004/Benaddict nuphzed at The Joiners THE STAGE DOOR The Velma Celli Show THE BROOK The Greatest Showman Sing Along THE ENGINE ROOMS Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club HANGER FARM Simon & Garfunkel: Through The Years Performed by Bookends THE ARTHOUSE Three Monkeys Acoustic Music Showcase NUFFIELD THEATRE A Street Car Named Desire PLAZA THEATRE, R’SEY Swallow THE CONCORDE Les Musicals - Jonathan Ansell & Rhydian THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Intreg8 Dance Off THE RAILWAY W’CH Scars of Protest CHAPLINS, B’MTH Surfin Dave THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Fluke FERNHAM HALL Wall of Floyd KINGS THEATRE, P’M Mamma Mia! GUILDHALL, P’M Laugh out Loud Comedy Club SALISBURY ARTS CNTRE Beerex 2018 CHICH’ FEST THEATRE The Chalk Garden CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife


WEDNESDAY 13TH TALKING HEADS Golden Groove Jazz Jam THE JOINERS Haggard Cat & Patrons THE PHOENIX, SOTON The Square - Film NUFFIELD THEATRE A Street Car Named Desire PLAZA THEATRE, R’SEY Swallow


“WELL WELL” SAID THE ROCKING CHAIR, TOUR THURSDAY 5 JULY Book online: Stoneham Lane FOREST INN, ASHURST Snap Decision STRAWBERRY FIELD TAV Toast THE CORNER HS, WIN Cinnamon Jazz BIRD IN HAND F’H Dust Bowl ROBIN HOOD, SOTON Davey Jones Locker SATURDAY 16TH TALKING HEADS Coast THE HOBBIT Savage Underdogs, Him and Her THE JOINERS David Ford - Animal Spirits Tour THE BROOK Foo Forgers HANGER FARM Emily Maguire 1865, SOUTHAMPTON Never The Bride THE VESTRY, SOTON Hopelessly Devoted to ...Dirty Dancing Tribute Night NUFFIELD THEATRE A Street Car Named Desire TURNER SIMS THEATRE Southampton Concert Orchestra PLAZA THEATRE, R’SEY Swallow THE POINT Duck Duck Goose THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Intreg8 Dance Off EXBURY GDNS Model Railway Expo BLUE FUNNEL 60’s-70’s Party Night Cruise SS SHIELDHALL Southampton Docks Cruise LAKESIDE RAILWAY HCS Bullock Locos and Surrey Border & Camberley Weekend CHAPLINS, B’MTH Shindig with The Electric Shakes THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Summer Madness Party FERNHAM HALL Fareham Community Showcase WEDGEWOOD RMS T-Rextasy AttackThe Fire KINGS THEATRE, P’M Mamma Mia! GUILDHALL, P’M David Baddiel SALISBURY ARTS CNTRE Beerex 2018 CHICH’ FEST THEATRE The Chalk Garden CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife SPITFIRE EASTLEIGH Born Awkward THE NEW INN TOTTON Snap Decision TUDOR ROSE, RMY The Touch Biz

Eastleigh SO50 9HQ

FROG & FRIGATE The Frog On The Beach Party CENTRAL CLUB, C/F Artschool Dropout THE STABLE, SOTON Junco ROBIN HOOD, SOTON Toast SUNDAY 17TH TALKING HEADS Traditional Irish Music Session Southampton Modern Jazz Club THE JOINERS Pkew Pkew Pkew BERRY THEATRE Enchanted THE CONCORDE Savannah Jazz Band THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Intreg8 Dance Off HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Have a go Archery EXBURY GDNS Model Railway Expo

BLUE FUNNEL Fathers Day Lunch Cruise SS SHIELDHALL Fathers Day Sailing with Shieldhall Stompers Band BIC B’MOUTH George Benson CHAPLINS, B’MTH An Eve of Jazz & Blues with Zoe Schwarz & Rob Koral THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Chris Collins Blues Band NEW THEATRE ROYAL Moonfall WEDGEWOOD RMS Morass of Molasses KINGS THEATRE, P’M Mamma Mia! CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife THE ELMSTREE, R’WD Castletown BIRD IN HAND F’H Frontliners BELGIUM & BLUES The Fake Shakes MONDAY 18TH TALKING HEADS Southampton Ukulele Jam THE BROOK Tunisia v England BLUE FUNNEL Cowes Four Rivers Cruise PAVILION THEATRE Thriller Live CHAPLINS, B’MTH An Evening of Singer Songwriters KINGS THEATRE, P’M Mamma Mia! GUILDHALL, P’M Portsmouth Schools Music Festival

Te l : 0 2 3 8 0 6 1 3 9 8 9

CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife WORLD CUP 2018 England v Tunisia TUESDAY 19TH TALKING HEADS Southampton Jazz Club THE JOINERS AJJ (formerly Andrew Jackson Jithad) BLUE FUNNEL Three Rivers Cruise PAVILION THEATRE Thriller Live CHAPLINS, B’MTH The Cabaret Project with Magic & Comedy KINGS THEATRE, P’M Mamma Mia! CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife WEDNESDAY 20TH AGEAS BOWL Hants v Yorkshire NUFFIELD THEATRE Oh What a Lovely War THE CONCORDE Clare Teal & Her Mini Big Band BLUE FUNNEL Hamble River Cruise PAVILION THEATRE Thriller Live WEDGEWOOD RMS Simon Lagwani KINGS THEATRE, P’M Mamma Mia! SALISBURY ARTS CNTRE The Play’s The Thing CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife / Tom’s Deli TOM’S DELI Cimmaon Jazz THURSDAY 21ST THE JOINERS Thecityisours HANGER FARM Mark Ponsford…...Thirty Years on! AGEAS BOWL Hants v Yorkshire GRAND CAFE, SOTON Royal Ascot Day NUFFIELD THEATRE Oh What a Lovely War HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Mid Summer Evening Garden Tour PAVILION THEATRE Thriller Live CHAPLINS, B’MTH New Bands Night WEDGEWOOD RMS South Coast Comedian of the YearGrand Final KINGS THEATRE, P’M Mamma Mia! THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Winchester! The First 100,000,000 Years CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife THE GRAPES, SOTON Castletown BELGIUM & BLUES Pete Harris & Hugh Budden

FRIDAY 22ND THE JOINERS Kings & Castles THE STAGE DOOR T Party THE BROOK Bog Rolling Stones HANGER FARM Guitarra - Tunes & Tales 1865, SOUTHAMPTON ‘Good Times’ with a midsummer Motown & Soul Night AGEAS BOWL Hants v Yorkshire NUFFIELD THEATRE Oh What a Lovely War THE CONCORDE The Simon & Garfunkel Story LEPE C/P Wildflower Walk for Beginners THE RAILWAY W’CH Tom Dulieu - Showcase / John Murry PAVILION THEATRE Thriller Live CHAPLINS, B’MTH Afro Tallawah THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH The Mabels FERNHAM HALL Vision of Elvis WEDGEWOOD RMS Limehouse Lizzy KINGS THEATRE, P’M Mamma Mia! THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Winchester! The First 100,000,000 Years CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife STRAWBERRY FIELD TAV Black Jack CORNER HOUSE, WINCH Cimmaon Jazz BIRD IN HAND F’H Mamma Belle ROBIN HOOD, SOTON Mafia SATURDAY 23RD TALKING HEADS R2 & Kepler Ten THE BROOK The Doors Alive HANGER FARM Its Showtime AGEAS BOWL Hants v Yorkshire THE ARTHOUSE AttilaThe Stockbroker with Barnstormer TURNER SIMS THEATRE Southampton Youth Concert Sinfonia Summer Concert THE POINT Children Are Stinky / Eastleigh Unwrapped THE CONCORDE Funk at the Fig Headrush MOTTISFONT ABBEY Kuniko Kato Performance / Outdoor Theatre - The Importance of Being Earnest PAVILION THEATRE Thriller Live CHAPLINS, B’MTH All Day Homeless Benefit for Shelter THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Deezul

w w w. t h e c o n c o r d e c l u b . c o m NEW THEATRE ROYAL Glitch WEDGEWOOD RMS District KINGS THEATRE, P’M Mamma Mia! THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Winchester! The First 100,000,000 Years SALISBURY ARTS CNTRE Book Of Genesis CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife RISING SUN, CLANFIELD Castletown COVE, SOTON Cimmaon Jazz CENTRAL CLUB, C/F Toast THE STABLE, SOTON 3 Guys 1 Egg SUNDAY 24TH TALKING HEADS Traditional Irish Music Session Haze (40th Anniversary) Southampton Modern Jazz Club THE BROOK England v Panama PLAZA THEATRE, R’SEY Swing n’ Sinatra THE CONCORDE The Fabulous 40’s / The Kilkennys THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Reflections MOORS VALLEY Butterfles & Moths BLUE FUNNEL 3 River Cruise TUDOR HOUSE, SOTON Tour & Tea CHAPLINS, B’MTH The FB Pocket THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Led Free WEDGEWOOD RMS Off The Kerb Edinburgh Preview CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife BIRD IN HAND F’H Slippery Jack WORLD CUP 2018 England v Panama ROBIN HOOD, SOTON Harpin On


THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Matt Black WEDGEWOOD RMS The Skids KINGS THEATRE, P’M Teletubbies Live SALISBURY PLAYHOUSE Whisky Galore CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife THURSDAY 28TH TALKING HEADS Write a Note THE JOINERS Reventure & These Septi Stars ++ NUFFIELD THEATRE Quarter Life Crisis THE POINT Sounds of Summer PYRAMIDS P’M Miles Kane CHAPLINS, B’MTH New Bands Night KINGS THEATRE, P’M Teletubbies Live GUILDHALL, P’M Tom Houghton & Stephen Bailey SALISBURY PLAYHOUSE Whisky Galore CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife WORLD CUP 2018 England v Belgium GUILDHALL SQUARE Dine High BELGIUM & BLUES Glen Wright FRIDAY 29TH

MONDAY 25TH THE JOINERS DMA’S THE POINT Finding Your Feet PAVILION THEATRE Jane McDonald CHAPLINS, B’MTH Klauss Schnopplejagen GUILDHALL, P’M ABC Concert Brings: Tenderlore CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife TUESDAY 26TH HANGER FARM Singfinity Star Performer THE CONCORDE Charity Quiz Curry Night in aid of The Red Cross FERNHAM HALL Rhythm of The Dance

TALKING HEADS The Curehead THE STAGE DOOR Manford’s Comedy Club THE BROOK Wonderband Performing Their ‘Soul Legends’ Tribute HANGER FARM Kilcannon 1865, SOUTHAMPTON A Night in Aid of Planets Charity: All Star Line Up! NUFFIELD THEATRE Love PLAZA THEATRE, R’SEY Comedy Night THE POINT The Garden Session THE CONCORDE Nick Heyward THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Hat Fair 2018

CHAPLINS, B’MTH Jazz by The Sea Festival THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Pronghorn FERNHAM HALL MJ History SALISBURY PLAYHOUSE Whisky Galore CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife STAGS HEAD, W’BOURNE Castletown STRAWBERRY FIELD TAV Stevie John Band BIRD IN HAND F’H Drunk Education GUILDHALL SQUARE Dine High ROBIN HOOD, SOTON Random Cow SATURDAY 30TH TALKING HEADS Bandeoke with Daisy & The Wedding Toaster THE JOINERS Oceans Ate Alaska THE ENGINE ROOMS The Public Image is Rotten Tour HANGER FARM Pops Big Band - Music for Everyone NUFFIELD THEATRE The Comedy Bar: Big Gig TURNER SIMS THEATRE Southampton Youth Orchestra Summer Concert BERRY THEATRE Icons THE POINT Regard The Fox The Garden Session THE CONCORDE Strumpet Town THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Hat Fair 2018 VICTORIA C/P Vicky Park Festival 2018 THE RAILWAY W’CH Torpedoes BLUE FUNNEL Party Night SS SHIELDHALL Head to the Solent Cruise PAVILION THEATRE Bournemouth Music Competition Festival Concert CHAPLINS, B’MTH The Kings of CowPunk THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH We Are Robot WEDGEWOOD RMS LTJ Bukem KINGS THEATRE, P’M Gems TV - music videos SALISBURY PLAYHOUSE Whisky Galore CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife FOREST INN Brenig-Jouy JOHN O’GAUNT ST’BRG Castletown CENTRAL CLUB, C/F Forster’s tribute night: Staying Alive GUILDHALL SQUARE Dine High SOTON COMMON Race for Life Pretty Muddy THE STABLE, SOTON Sweetchunks ROBIN HOOD, SOTON Lycanda WORLD CUP Round 16


TURNER SIMS THEATRE Family Proms THE POINT Hothouse THE CONCORDE New Orleans Jazz Bandits THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Hat Fair 2018 THE RAILWAY W’CH Is Monogamy Dead? SS SHIELDHALL American Independence Day Cruise & Jazz Band CHAPLINS, B’MTH Jazz with Ian Ellis & Friends WEDGEWOOD RMS Off The Kerb Edinburgh Preview CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife RAMSBURY ESTATE Cimmaon Jazz GUILDHALL SQUARE Southampton Armed Forces Day SOTON COMMON Race For Life WORLD CUP Round 16

PYRAMIDS P’M Tremonti FERNHAM HALL The Producers KINGS THEATRE, P’M High School Musical GUILDHALL, P’M Soul Legends CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl



THE POINT Walk Like A Panther CHAPLINS, B’MTH An Evening of Singer Songwriters CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl WORLD CUP Round 16

VONDA SHEPHARD supported by PS Perrystone Hill

TUESDAY 3RD THE RAILWAY W’CH The Americans BIC B’MOUTH Earth, Wind & Fire THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Stan’s Blues Jam CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl MAYFLOWER PARK Seawork Internationl 2018 WORLD CUP Round 16 WEDNESDAY 4TH BERRY THEATRE The Wedding Singer THE CONCORDE Basin Street Brawlers THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Guys & Dolls THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Lakewood Duo FERNHAM HALL The Producers WEDGEWOOD RMS Kate Voegele & Tyler Hilton KINGS THEATRE, P’M High School Musical GUILDHALL, P’M Kevin & Karen CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl THURSDAY 5TH THE JOINERS Electric Eel Shock NUFFIELD THEATRE The Believers are but Brothers BERRY THEATRE The Wedding Singer THE POINT The Garden Session THE CONCORDE Dean Friedman THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Guys and Dolls

FRIDAY 6TH THE STAGE DOOR Isolated Islands 1865, SOUTHAMPTON Small Fakers & REady Steady Who AGEAS BOWL Hants v Glamorgan NUFFIELD THEATRE The Believers are but Brothers BERRY THEATRE The Wedding Singer THE POINT The Garden Session

THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Guys and Dolls THE RAILWAY W’CH Lo-Fi Rebels BLUE FUNNEL Day To Portsmouth PYRAMIDS P’M Choose 90’s Club Night THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Butcher Blues Foundation FERNHAM HALL The Producers WEDGEWOOD RMS Blackfoot Circle CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl STRAWBERRY FIELD TAV Workshy ROBIN HOOD, SOTON Rapid Tranq DUKE OF WELLINGTON £40 Bob & The Bobcats WORLD CUP Quarter Finals SATURDAY 7TH BOTLEIGH GRANGE H Summer Creative Retreat THE ARTHOUSE Jack Francis & Jimmy Herrity THE VESTRY, SOTON Grease & Dirty dancing round 2 BERRY THEATRE The Wedding Singer THE POINT A Hop, Skip & A Jump Scare Little Artist: Big Painting THE CONCORDE The Travelling Wilburys Experience O2 GUILDHALL Let’s Get Loud VICTORIA C/P Park Walk THE RAILWAY W’CH Beans On Toast BLUE FUNNEL 80’s Party Night SS SHIELDHALL Round the island Race/Remembering the SS Mendi MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail LAKESIDE RAILWAY Day out with Thomas PAVILION THEATRE The Drifters

JIMI HENDRIX - The True Story with the superb band ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? THURSDAY 14 JUNE Book online: Stoneham Lane FERNHAM HALL The Producers KINGS THEATRE, P’M Timestep - Dancing Through Time Black Dyke Band THEATRE ROYAL W’CH John Humphrys CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Country Wife CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CENTRAL CLUB, C/F Sounds 2K Disco SOTON COMMON Lets Rock Southampton! HOGLANDS PK, SOTON Southampton Thai Festival BELGIUM & BLUES Jim Hammond Duo THE STABLE, SOTON Matt Black The Piano Man ROBIN HOOD, SOTON China Lake WORLD CUP Quarter Finals SUNDAY 8TH THE CONCORDE Sunday Lunch - Pure Queen John Maddocks Jazzmen THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Jeremy Paxman/Alastair Stewart HAROLD HILLIER GDNS DEMFEST 2018 SS SHIELDHALL Southampton Docks Cruise & 3 Cruise Ships MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Mr Wiseguy CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Cimmaon Jazz MONDAY 9TH BLUE FUNNEL Three Rivers Cruise MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl TUESDAY 10TH THE ARTHOUSE Summer Exhibi;tion Opening Event NUFFIELD THEATRE Now- Here: Hidden Histories Week THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Suzannah Lipscombe: The Tudors BLUE FUNNEL Hythe Market Day MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail Touche Amore KINGS THEATRE, P’M Ministry of Science Live! CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl WORLD CUP Semi-Finals WEDNESDAY 11TH NUFFIELD THEATRE Now- Here: Hidden Histories Week

Eastleigh SO50 9HQ

THE CONCORDE Bratislava Hot Serenaders THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Paddy Ashdown MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Chris Payn CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl WORLD CUP Semi-Finals THURSDAY 12TH AGEAS BOWL Hants v Sussex NUFFIELD THEATRE Now- Here: Hidden Histories Week THE POINT Sounds of Summer THE CONCORDE Gin Tasting Gary Pease as Rod Stewart THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Simon Jenkins MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail GUILDHALL, P’M Dr Feelgood CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl FRIDAY 13TH THE BROOK Johnny Cash Roadshow THE ARTHOUSE Kitty O’Neal Album Launch THE POINT The Garden Session THE CONCORDE Genesis Legacy HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Summer Soul Spectacular MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail PAVILION THEATRE Prosecco Festival THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Jukebox 3 KINGS THEATRE, P’M A Celebration of Children CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting THE VINE H’DN Castletown STRAWBERRY FIELD TAV Pete Harris Band CORNER HOUSE, WINCH Cimmaon Jazz ROBIN HOOD, SOTON Pocket Rockers SATURDAY 14TH HANGER FARM The Carpenters Experience 1865, SOUTHAMPTON The Pretty Things THE POINT Strings & Things Alantico Salsa THE CONCORDE Rob Lamberti as George Michael THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Comedy Gala Summer 2018/

Te l : 0 2 3 8 0 6 1 3 9 8 9

THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Teletubbies Live! MANOR FARM C/P Bee & Honey Weekend LEPE C/P Paws in the Park HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Summer Soul Spectacular THE RAILWAY W’CH Indarklight MOORS VALLEY Model Railway Weekend MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail BIC B’MOUTH Rum & Reggae Festival PAVILION THEATRE Prosecco Festival THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Guilty Pleasures NEW THEATRE ROYAL Liabertango WEDGEWOOD RMS A Skillz KINGS THEATRE, P’M A Celebration of Children CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting FOREST INN Snap Decision COVE, SOTON Cimmaon Jazz CENTRAL CLUB, C/F Changes HOGLAND PK, SOTON Southampton Mela Festival THE STABLE, SOTON Alex Cope & The Country Band WORLD CUP Third Place SUNDAY 15TH THE JOINERS Seething Akira THE CONCORDE Sussex Jazz Kings THEATRE ROYAL W’CH The Pantaloons: The Importance of Being Earnest THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Teletubbies Live! MANOR FARM C/P Bee & Honey Weekend MOORS VALLEY Model Railway Weekend MoorsValley’s Big Birthday Bash MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Darren Hodson & The Southern Companion KINGS THEATRE, P’M Showstopper! The Improvised Musical! CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting SOTON COMMON Big Fun Run / Dog Jog

WORLD CUP FINAL: ENGLAND V BRAZIL (One can dream. Ed) MONDAY 16TH HANGER FARM Movie Monday: Darkest Hour BLUE FUNNEL Lunch Cruise MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting TUESDAY 17TH PLAZA THEATRE, R’SEY Boeing Boeing THE POINT The Band Wagon THE RAILWAY W’CH Amelia White BLUE FUNNEL Hythe Market Day Cruise MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting WEDNESDAY 18TH NUFFIELD THEATRE Southampton Cocktail Week PLAZA THEATRE, R’SEY Boeing Boeing THE POINT Romeo & Juliet THE CONCORDE Derek Nash, Dave Newton, Geoff Gascoyne, Sevasgtiaan De Krom THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Wessex Dance Academy LEPE C/P Butterflies & Moth Walk BLUE FUNNEL THREE RIVERS CRUISE MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Lucas Raye CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT’ The Meeting TOM’S DELI Cimmaon Jazz THURSDAY 19TH GRAND CAFE, SOTON Only Fools and 3 Courses NUFFIELD THEATRE Southampton Cocktail Week Much Ado about Nothing PLAZA THEATRE, R’SEY Boeing Boeing THE POINT Sounds of Summer Outdoor Cinema - Minima’s The Lodger THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Winnall Rock School

w w w. t h e c o n c o r d e c l u b . c o m O2 GUILDHALL Rou ‘Chubby’ Brown BLUE FUNNEL Hamble River Cruise MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail PAVILION THEATRE Broadway Showtunes FERNHAM HALL Roy Hemmings Soul Show WEDGEWOOD RMS Blom CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting FRIDAY 20TH AGEAS BOWL Hants v Middlesex THE ARTHOUSE Three Monkeys Acoustic Music NUFFIELD THEATRE Southampton Cocktail Week Much Ado about Nothing Edinburgh Comedy Previews PLAZA THEATRE, R’SEY Boeing Boeing THE POINT Outdoor Cinema - Pride THE CONCORDE Liam White’s Little Big Band THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Bollywood Brass Band THE RAILWAY W’CH The Gravity Drive MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail PAVILION THEATRE Broadway Showtunes THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH The Alibi WEDGEWOOD RMS Torpedoes KINGS THEATRE, P’M Loserville The Musical CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting THE BUGLE T’FIELD Snap Decision STRAWBERRY FIELD TAV Lovely Giraffes THE CORNER HOUSE Cimmaon Jazz

GUILDHALL SQUARE Seaside in The Square - yep sand! ROBIN HOOD, SOTON Our Propagand SATURDAY 21ST NUFFIELD THEATRE Southampton Cocktail Week Much Ado about Nothing PLAZA THEATRE, R’SEY Boeing Boeing THE POINT Rustle LEGENDS Outdoor Cinema - Saturday Night Fever

THE CONCORDE Mike all Buble - Robbing Williams THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Adam Kay: This is Going to Hurt BLUE FUNNEL Lunch Cruise / Caribbean Party Cruise SS SHIELDHALL Southampton Docks Cruise / Head to the Solent Cruise & 4 Cruise ships MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail PAVILION THEATRE Broadway Showtunes THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Defectors WEDGEWOOD RMS Special Live Presents KINGS THEATRE, P’M Seussical Jr. The Musical Loserville The Musical GUILDHALL, P’M A Country Night In Nashville CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting COVE, SOTON Cimmaon Jazz

SAINTS PUB WOBS Alldayer CENTRAL CLUB, C/F Skyline GUILDHALL SQUARE Seaside in The Square SOTON COMMON Gung-Ho! THE STABLE, SOTON Fake Shakes ROBIN HOOD, SOTON Bootleg Bowie SUNDAY 22ND AGEAS BOWL Outdoor Cinema - The Lion King NUFFIELD THEATRE Southampton Cocktail Week THE POINT Legends THE CONCORDE Charity Night With The Connell Brothers THEATRE ROYAL W’CH Swingtime O2 GUILDHALL BSO LEPE C/P Outdoor Theatre SS SHIELDHALL Trip to the Needles & 2 Cruise Ships MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Super Grooves WEDGEWOOD RMS Off the Kerb Edinburgh Preview KINGS THEATRE, P’M Mullan Jr & The Little Mermaid Jr CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting EASTLEIGH MELA Cimmaon Jazz GUILDHALL SQUARE Seaside in The Square

MONDAY 23RD MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting GUILDHALL SQUARE Seaside in The Square TUESDAY 24TH HANGER FARM The Taming of the Shrew THE ARTHOUSE Maud The Moth THE CONCORDE Quiz & Curry Night inAid of Simon Says THEATRE ROYAL W’CH The Gruffalo’s Child LEPE C/P Summer Trail HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Pond Dipping MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail NEW THEATRE ROYAL Le Nozze di Figaro CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting BROCKENHURST New Forest Show GUILDHALL SQUARE Seaside in The Square WEDNESDAY 25TH HANGER FARM The Taming of the Shrew THE CONCORDE Spats Langham Hot Fingers THEATRE ROYAL W’CH The Gruffalo’s Child LEPE C/P Summer Trail MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail PAVILION THEATRE Awful Auntie by David Wallams THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Martin Boucher CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting BROCKENHURST New Forest Show GUILDHALL SQUARE Seaside in The Square THURSDAY 26TH HANGER FARM The Taming of the Shrew THE POINT Sounds of Summer THE POINT The HunchbackOf Notre Dame THEATRE ROYAL W’CH The Gruffalo’s Child LEPE C/P Summer Trail HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Pond Dipping MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail BIC B’MOUTH The Great Brick Adventure PAVILION THEATRE Awful Auntie by David Wallams WEDGEWOOD RMS Gunther Prague KINGS THEATRE, P’M Material Girl: The Music of Madonna GUILDHALL, P’M King of Pop - Navi & Jennifer Batten CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting BROCKENHURST New Forest Show

NEW FOREST PUB New Forest Festival GUILDHALL SQUARE Seaside in The Square FRIDAY 27TH HANGER FARM The Taming of the Shrew BERRY THEATRE Alice Marshall & Edd Hedges THE CONCORDE The Sounds of Philadelphia & Motown Show LEPE C/P Summer Trail HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Climb a Tree / Natural Crafts MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail PAVILION THEATRE Awful Auntie by David Wallams THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH The Goodfoot Band FERNHAM HALL Purple Zeppelin KINGS THEATRE, P’M Take That - Rule The World GUILDHALL, P’M An Evening with Wayne Hemingway CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting STRAWBERRY FIELD TAV Turnpike Alley NEW FOREST PUB New Forest Festival GUILDHALL SQUARE Seaside in The Square ROBIN HOOD, SOTON Lost Star Souls THE BUGLE, BOTLEY Cimmaon Jazz SATURDAY 28TH HANGER FARM Tony White sings Neil Diamond THE VESTRY, SOTON Michael Buble Tribute Night BERRY THEATRE Sherlock Gnoms LEPE C/P Summer Trail HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Sweet Peas in Sugarpaste THE RAILWAY W’CH Canvus / Hillside Monday SS SHIELDHALL Celebrating 30 years sailing MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail PAVILION THEATRE Awful Auntie by David Wallams THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Dorsal Fin WEDGEWOOD RMS District KINGS THEATRE, P’M Message In a Bottle GUILDHALL, P’M Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting CENTRAL CLUB, C/F Hazy Dayz GUILDHALL SQUARE Seaside in The Square THE STABLE, SOTON Ben Dlugokecki ROBIN HOOD, SOTON Mechanical Animal SUNDAY 29TH THE CONCORDE A Lazy Summers Afternoon in Marguee & Garden / Les Zauto Stompers de Paris LEPE C/P Summer Trail HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Totally Tacolicious

SS SHIELDHALL april / may 2018 Solent Cruise & 2 Cruise ships MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail WEDGEWOOD RMS Pizza Tramp KINGS THEATRE, P’M That’ll Be The Day CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting GUILDHALL SQUARE Seaside in The Square MONDAY 30TH NUFFIELD THEATRE What About Me? LEPE C/P SUMMER TRAIL MOORS VALLEY Ranger Den MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail PAVILION THEATRE Hairspray WEDGEWOOD RMS Aerial Salad KINGS THEATRE, P’M Ali Baba & The Bongo Bandits Summer School CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting GUILDHALL SQUARE Seaside in The Square TUESDAY 31ST THE JOINERS The Kut & Deltorers NUFFIELD THEATRE What About Me? THE POINT Regard The Fox LEPE C/P Summer Trail / Wildplay Wander HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Pond Dipping MOORS VALLEY Pond Dipping / Ranger Den MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail PAVILION THEATRE Hairspray CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting GUILDHALL SQUARE Seaside in The Square

AUGUST WEDNESDAY 1ST HANGER FARM Little Red Riding Hood NUFFIELD THEATRE What About Me? THE POINT Rock of Ages - High School Edition LEPE C/P Summer Trail MOORS VALLEY Ranger Den / Family Bat Walk MARWELL We Welcome Mr Bloom from CBeebies MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail PAVILION THEATRE Hairspray / Terrace Tales THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Craig Alexander CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting GUILDHALL SQUARE Seaside in The Square

VONDA SHEPARD FRIDAY 6 JULY Book online: Stoneham Lane THURSDAY 2ND NUFFIELD THEATRE What About Me? THE POINT Sounds of Summer THE CONCORDE Football Chat with Matt Le Tissier LEPE C/P Summer Trail / Seashore Discovery Trail THE RAILWAY W’CH All Our Exrex Live in Texas MOORS VALLEY Forest Fun / Ranger Den MARWELL We Welcome Mr Bloom from CBeebies MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail PAVILION THEATRE Hairspray / The Terrace Tales FERNHAM HALL Wickham Festival CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting GUILDHALL SQUARE Seaside in The Square FRIDAY 3RD THE BROOK Legend

Eastleigh SO50 9HQ

AGEAS BOWL Hants v Kent Spitfires THE ARTHOUSE Oddbox Theatre Presents: Closer NUFFIELD THEATRE What About Me? THE CONCORDE Blake LEPE C/P Summer Trail HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Family Butterfly Day MOORS VALLEY Ranger Den MARWELL We Welcome Mr Bloom from CBeebies MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail PAVILION THEATRE Hairspray / The Terrace Tales THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Loose Chippings FERNHAM HALL Wickham Festival WEDGEWOOD RMS Crystal Tides KINGS THEATRE, P’M Ali Baba & The Bongo Bandits Summer School CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting

Te l : 0 2 3 8 0 6 1 3 9 8 9

THE PEARTREE,SOTON Castletown GUILDHALL SQUARE Seaside in The Square ROBIN HOOD, SOTON Titanic Survivors SATURDAY 4TH THE ARTHOUSE Oddbox Theatre Presents: Closer NUFFIELD THEATRE What About Me? THE CONCORDE Beer Festival / Meantime/Cheques in the Post LEPE C/P Summer Trail MARWELL We Welcome Mr Bloom from CBeebies BLUE FUNNEL Caribbean Party Cruise MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail PAVILION THEATRE Hairspray / The Terrace Tales THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH 4 Go Mad in Dorset FERNHAM HALL Wickham Festival GUILDHALL, P’M Royal Marines School of Music - The Summer Concert

CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting COVE, SOTON Cimmaon Jazz CENTRAL CLUB, C/F Northern Soul Night GUILDHALL SQUARE Seaside in The Square ROBIN HOOD, SOTON Toast SUNDAY 5TH THE ARTHOUSE Oddbox Theatre Presents: Closer NUFFIELD THEATRE What About Me? THE CONCORDE Jazz Lunch in the Marquee LEPE C/P Summer Trail HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Street Food Sunday MARWELL We Welcome Mr Bloom from CBeebies MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail PAVILION THEATRE Terrace Tales / The Illegal Eagles FERNHAM HALL Wickham Festival

w w w. t h e c o n c o r d e c l u b . c o m CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting PLATFORM, SOTON Cimmaon Jazz GUILDHALL SQUARE Seaside in The Square MONDAY 6TH NUFFIELD THEATRE What About Me? LEPE C/P Summer Trail MOORS VALLEY Ranger Den MARWELL We Welcome Mr Bloom from CBeebies BLUE FUNNEL Cowes Week Special Cruise MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail PAVILION THEATRE Terrace Tales KINGS THEATRE, P’M Legally Blonde CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT The Meeting GUILDHALL SQUARE Seaside in The Square

TUESDAY 7TH NUFFIELD THEATRE What About Me? LEPE C/P Summer Trail / Marine Wonder HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Pond Dipping MOORS VALLEY Pond Dipping / Ranger Den MARWELL We Welcome Mr Bloom from CBeebies BLUE FUNNEL Cowes Week Special Cruise MOTTISFONT ABBEY The Tiger Who Came to Tea Family Trail PAVILION THEATRE Terrace Tales THOMAS TRIPP, B’MTH Stan’s Blues Jam CHICH’ FEST THEATRE Me and My Girl CHICH’ MINERVA THEAT’ The Meeting GUILDHALL SQUARE Seaside in The Square

THE BROOK home of unmissable gigs Liz Rickard

Polecats & Black Kat Boppers SUNDAY JUNE 10TH TICKETS: SUNDAY 10TH JUNE

DOORS 7.30PM SHOW 8.30PM TICKETS £13 ADV/£15 ON THE DOOR A raucous night of Rock n Roll at The Brook on Sunday June 10th, brought to you by Polecats, the ultimate driving force of the rockabilly revival scene and Black Kat Boppers, Southampton's hard boppin’, jump up, rockin’ blues, dance outfit, that'll make you go WILD!!

JUNE 02 - Spear of Destiny 2017 saw the reissue of 2 classic albums, “Nine” and “Won’t Die”, CD’s of previously unreleased tracks and rarities and a new 7” single featuring a new version of the Buzzcocks “What do I get”.

Now in their 41st year, The Polecats are rockin’ strong.

Black Kat Boppers continue their ‘Dance Frenzy’ gigs across the UK and beyond. Fresh back from a trip to Las Vegas, Baby, and with a brand new album fresh off the vinyl press, they are ready to for a Rock n Roll party at The Brook.

After a successful 2016, playing around the UK, Europe and the US,


03 - Revolution Pro Wrestling 16 - Never The Bride 19 - Poland vs Senegal 22 - Midsummer Motown & Soul Night 24 - Poland vs Colombia 28- Poland vs Japan 29- Wille & The Bandits + Show of Hands 30- Southampton Record Fair


AUGUST 10 - Summer Motown & Soul Night 18 - Sugarhill Gang Ft Grandmaster Mele Mel 19 - Revolution Pro Wrestling 25 - Southampton Record Fair 28 - HATE

06 - Small Fakers & Ready Steady Who


11 - Shangela

05 - Devon Allman Project

14 - The Pretty Things

22 - Molotov Jukebox

15 - Revolution Pro Wrestling

26 - Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro

28 - Southampton Record Fair

28 - Strumpet Town

28 - Uptown TopRankin' Summer Party

29 - Southampton Record Fair

• High quality d&b audio PA system

• Chamsys controlled lighting rig

• Stage, dance floor & balcony area

• Two licensed bars

THE PRETTY THINGS The Pretty Things were the alsorans of the British Invasion, a band that never got its due. Despite this lack of recognition, they were never quite ignored, cultivating a passionate cult that stuck with them through the decades -- a cult that was drawn to either their vicious early records, where they sometimes seemed like a meaner version of the Rolling Stones, or to their 1968 psychedelic masterwork S.F. Sorrow. Some of their fans advocate for the entirety of their catalog, noting how the group adeptly shifted with the times. Back then, the Pretty Things seemed like rivals to the Rolling Stones and that was no great leap: guitarist Dick Taylorplayed bass in the first incarnation of the Stones, not long before he teamed up with Phil May to form the Pretty Things in 1963. Taking their name from a Bo Diddley song, the Pretty Things were intentionally ugly: their sound was brutish, their hair longer than any of their contemporaries, their look unkempt. This nastiness was evident Read more at :



(next to Bathrooms Plus) /

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TALKING HEADS Monday - The Candle Club Open Mic Every other Monday - Southampton Ukulele Jam Every other Thursday - Paul Young & Friends, Jazz saxaphone Southampton Jazz Club - Sunday in front bar. Sunday Afternoon - Traditional Irish Acoustic Session METTRICKS GUILDHALL Jazz last Sunday of the month. ORANGE ROOMS Monday - Blues Open Mic night Mixtape Fridays

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december 2017 & january 2018

The er... travelling

by #rapid30runs Yarn

MILBURYS CC Master batsman Geoffers shows his batting secret ... use 3 bats at once!

The early summer sunshine has been a welcome change from the prolonged winter this year as we finally emerged from cold indoor net practise to lovely sunny afternoons around the Hampshire countryside. More importantly from huddling around a table inside a pub, to the warmth of a pub garden of an evening. Sat here watching the Test match, Pakistan are 79-7. It seems the batting collapse isn’t just a Milburys CC thing. It can happen to the best of them. Amazingly so far this season a famous collapse hasn’t become the Milburys top order. Even in the 2 games the editor has turned up for, although in our first game against a Bishops Waltham select XI he tried his best to start a collapse by getting a duck. Resplendent in his new kit he managed to continue where he left off from last season struggling to get his bat anywhere near the ball. We’ll call that a preseason game, so we won’t count that in your average (If you even have one this season! [In my defence I’d made the mistake of playing the day I’d had my first set of contact lenses fitted. You were lucky I got to the right ground! Ed]). I wouldn’t admit we are in full swing yet. I mean we’ve only be practising since the new year, you can’t expect miracles can you! Six games in and we are 3 wins and 3 loses. As mentioned we started against Bishops Waltham. Reins were handed over to the new vice-captain BA (Captain Haddock). I couldn’t make the first two games as the new skipper. Now that’s commitment! Luckily for the opposition he took it upon himself, at great expense to get vice-captain printed all over his new kit, just in case anyone had any doubt who was in charge. Batting first we strove to 2-2. This is not considered a collapse by the Milburys, we call it a start, although not a great start. But we recovered well to post 181. 50 for Johnners and some lovely ‘4skins’ from Jim Skinn on his way to 50. Geoffers chipped in with another 50 so at the end we’d managed a competitive total. So, it proved as Bishops Waltham only managed 102 with the

Milburys strike force sharing wickets around. A few standard dropped catches, as expected in the first (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th …) game. But all good as the fines build up the pot for beer tour. Next up we welcomed Bournemouth Wanders. I dread to think what the standard of teams down there is like if they have to come all the way to us to find a team to beat? Which they did. Batting first our visitors managed 149 in their innings. LT bowling well again and cementing his place as new opening bowler. BA picked up a couple of wickets at end with his usual pie chucking. 149 is not normally enough but against us it proved to be plenty. A



ALL MAKES OF CAR! VW • AUDI • SEAT • SKODA SPECIALISTS Free local collection and delivery

Luckily for the opposition he took it upon himself, at great expense to get vice-captain printed all over his new kit, just in case anyone had any doubt who was in charge


023 8040 6944

dawdling start from Ally and Dunc put us so behind the run rate that we didn’t recover an recorded our first loss of the season. We made the long evening trip to Bosham for our first evening game next. A fixture Geoffers the Treasurer loves because he’s bound to pick up a load of fines from players arriving late. My first appearance and game as skipper resulted in a throughly professional performance. Unfortunately I can’t admit to the two being linked in any way. Batting first we smashed our way to 148 in only 16 overs. 25 retired from Johnners, Geoffers and Faz helping us get there as well as 25 extras from Bosham. Very kind of them. LT bowled superbly again taking 2-5 and Dunc our new allrounder took 2 wickets to add to his 19 runs. What has happened to Dunc from last? Everyone is worried as Dunc is nailed on to win DOTS (dick of the season) every year. But something weird has happened and he has turned into a cricketer! There could be a different winner for the first time in 3 seasons. Anyway, Bosham struggled to 78 all out and we celebrated down the pub with a selection of Indian snacks and chips. That’s all I’ve got time for I’m afraid. Tune in next time to hear all about a classic Milburys balls-up as we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory at Droxford. Also find out if BA’s had anything else printed on his kit and weather the real Dunc makes and appearance. An exciting summer ahead cricket fans!

Dunc is bust trying to set the little fella free this season

£1000 PRIZE MONEY! APPLY ONLINE KENDAL AVE, MILLBROOK, SOUTHAMPTON SO16 9LP Hours: 11am–12am | Phone: 023 8077 4215 | 02380 774215

The Candle Club was the first open mic night to be held in Southampton. Established in 1996 by Simeon Hill and Clive Roberts at The Talking Heads in Southampton, the Candle Club takes place every Monday night and has a reputation for encouraging new talent of whatever age or experience. (Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult).

For more details of the Southampton Candle Club email: pageand 39 july june

The AND Guide to: Finding a GREAT BREAKFAST! Apparrently our most talked about feature ... STILL! Which makes me wonder if I should sack everybody? This started as a moan. Me whinging about not knowing more than a couple of decent places to get a decent breakfast... at breakfast time! In time I hope to include everywhere locally that serves a decent breakfast. But if you’re not here my apologies, its down to one of 7 things. Everywhere on this list is open before 9am, it’s a beer, you didn’t tell me, I don’t know about you, I don’t think its any good, I forgot, or you won’t give me a free breakfast (research) Ed :), or it’s a fabulous pickup point for The AND Guide. SOUTHAMPTON STAKKS PANCAKE HOUSE Marlands Centre (Upstairs), Southampton SO14 7SJ 023 8178 3660

To make sure you’re in the next one email me at:



VINEYS WHOLESOME FOOD 6 High Street, Botley SO30 2EA 01489 797781

CAFE CREME 31 Bedford Place, Southampton SO15 2DG 023 8023 6616

THE BOAT HOUSE CAFE Swanwick Marina, Swanwick SO31 1ZL 01489 885745

GENTING CLUB (12AM - 3AM) Terminus Terrace, Southampton SO14 3FE 023 8058 1872 KATE'S CAFE LOUNGE 227 Portswood Road, Southampton SO15 2NF 023 8058 1872 OZZY CAFE Harley Davidson, Heritage House, Second Avenue Southampton SO15 0LP

COFFEE HOUSE High street, Bishops Waltham SO32 1AA 01489 896990

THE VILLAGE BAKERY & TEA ROOM 48 Warsash Road, Warsash SO31 9JA 01489 574747


BERT & ERNIE’S CAFE & TEAROOM Unit 8, Shedfield Nursery & Equestrian, Botley Road, Shedfield SO32 2HN

RIVERSIDE DINER 13 Manor Farm Rd, Southampton SO18 1NN 023 8067 7569 SCHOLARS ARMS 130-132 Above Bar Street, Southampton SO14 7DU Tel: 02380 225 464

THE NAVIGATOR 286 Bridge Road, Lower Swanwick SO31 7EB 01489 572123

JACKPOT CAFE Portswood Road, Southampton SO17 2TD 023 8032 2079

JENNY’S CAFE High Street, Hamble-le-Rice SO31 4HA 023 8045 5771

METTRICKS OLD TOWN From 7:30 Mon-Fri, 9am Sat/Sun High Street, Southampton SO14 2AA 02380 710583


METTRICKS GUILDHALL From 7:30 Mon-Fri, 9am Sat/Sun 1 Guildhall Place, Guildhall Square, Southampton SO14 7DU Tel: 02380 710583

SELCO Millbrook Industrial Estate, Second Avenue, Southampton SO15 0ND 023 8052 2850

ANNIES CAFE (NOW REFURBISHED) 14 Portsmouth Road, Woolston SO19 9AA 023 8042 1200

METTRICKS WOOLSTON 8 Centenery Plaza, Woolston, Southampton SO19 9UE 023 8084 6176

HALLADAYS TEA ROOMS 6 Bedford Place, Southampton SO15 2DB 023 8078 6921

CENTRAL COFFEE Central Hall, St Mary Street, Southampton SO14 1NF

SWEET CORNER CAFE 19-23 Commercial Road, Southampton SO15 1GF 023 8082 9189

THE RETRO DINER 281 Shirley Road, Southampton SO15 3HT 023 8078 6921

BAY LEAVES LARDER 87-91 Hiltingbury Road, Chandlers Ford SO53 5NQ 023 8025 2310

SIDEWALK SOUTH 24 High Street, Southampton SO14 2DF 023 8022 2323

CAFE REFLECTIONS 25 Shirley High Street, Southampton SO15 3NL 023 8077 8878

HURSLEY CAFE 4 Hursley Road, Chandlers Ford, SO53 2FU 023 8025 2550

CXO Nelson Gate, Frobisher House, Southampton SO15 1GX 023 8023 8181

GEORGE'S CAFE & RESTAURANT 9 Church Street, Shirley, Southampton SO15 5LG

KAT’S KAFE 5 High St, Eastleigh SO50 5LB 023 8178 1211

THE ADMIRAL SIR LUCIUS CURTIS Canutes Pavilion, City Centre, Southampton SO14 3JS 023 8038 8940 CAFFE MOMENTO Unit 2 Guildhall Square, Southampton SO14 7FP 023 8023 3717 THE SQUARE ARTISAN CAFÉ 157-187 Above Bar Street, Southampton SO14 7NN 023 8031 9007

SAINSBURYS HEDGE END Tollbar Way, Hedge End SO30 2Uh SAINSBURYS SHIRLEY 1 Redcar Street, Southampton SO15 5LL


THE COFFEE CORNER Boyatt Shopping Centre, Eastleigh SO50 4QP 023 8061 4654

SAINSBURY'S PORTSWOOD 224 Portswood Road, Southampton SO17 2LB

THE WAGON WORKS 28 Southampton Road, Eastleigh SO50 9F 023 8062 2670

THE YELLOW WELLY Shamrock Quay, SO14 5QL 023 8022 3535

ASDA Bournemouth Road, Eastleigh SO53 3YJ CONCORDE CLUB, Stoneham Lane, Eastleigh SO50 9HQ 023 8061 3989

WHITE STAR TAVERN, Oxford Street Southampton SO14 3DJ0 023 8082 1990

WOOLSTON CAFE 40 Portsmouth Road, Woolston SO19 9AD 023 8044 0918

CAFE VALETTA 421 Millbrook Rd West, Southampton SO15 0HX (Opposite Goals)

PIGGYS 26 Victoria Road, Woolston SO19 9DX 023 8178 2059

CAFE FRESH 9 Market Place Romsey SO51 8NB 01794 522602

RETRO CAFE 34 Bedford Place SO15 2DG 0782 890 8382

THE DINER 6 Market Buildings, Stoneham Lane, Swaythling Southampton SO16 2NL

THAT LITTLE TEA SHOP 48a The Hundred, Romsey SO51 8BX 01794 519852


THE CROMWELL ARMS PUB & HOTEL Mainstone, Romsey SO51 8HG 01794 519515 NICOLA'S TEA SHOP 8 Latimer Street, Romsey SO51 8DG 01794 523009 WEST BIG BLUE CAFE New Forest Enterprise Centre, Chapel Lane, Totton SO40 9LA 023 8066 6608 THE HEATH Beaulieu Rd, Dibden Purlieu, Southampton SO45 5PW 023 8084 2275 NICE NOSH 50 Rumbridge Street, Totton SO40 9DS 023 8087 0242 THE PILGRIM INN Hythe Road, Southampton SO40 4WU 023 8086 7752 THE HIDEAWAY 183 Hampton Lane, Blackfield 074 2907 86617 CAFE PARISIAN 64 High St, Lyndhurst SO43 7BJ 023 8028 4546 HOCKEY’S FARM SHOP CAFE South Gorley, Fordingbridge SP6 2PW (8am - 6pm) 01425 652542 EAST THE FORUM DELI Solent Busines park, Whiteley, Fareham PO15 7AD BAKERY Whiteley Shopping, Whiteley, Fareham PO15 7PD 01489 564 445 THE ALMA (from 9am) Alma Lane, Upham SO32 1HE

THE BUS STOP CAFE Hound Farm Hound Road, Netley Abbey SO31 5FS TESCO Hamble Lane, Bursledon, Southampton SO31 8GN LILLY'S TEA & COFFEE HOUSE The Square, Wickham, Fareham PO17 5JQ 01329 830305 WESTLANDS FARM SHOP Westlands Farm, Pricketts Hill, Shedfield SO32 2JW 01329 833832 COAST TO COAST (FROM 9AM) Unit 4, Shopping, Whitely, Fareham PO15 7PD FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD 164a Southampton Road, Fareham, PO14 4PP 01489 589056

BURGER/KEBAB VANS ETC Where are you guys?

Call our booking office today on 023 8022 3278 or visit for many more cruises inc: COWES WEEK & FIREWORKS • 3 QUEENS HARBOUR TOUR PARADE OF SAIL • LUNCH CRUISES • & MORE! BOAT SAILS FROM TOWN QUAY

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The AND Guide #27 June/July 2018  

The AND Guide #27 June/July 2018