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South African safari success Photo Safari South Africa South African safari success Photo Safari South Africa SUBMITTED PHOTO Following in the footsteps of such legendary hunters as Teddy Roosevelt and Ernest Hemmingway, 11-year-old Connor O ' Victim of Pitman took this blesbuck on a South African safari. PITMAN – With the many hunting options supplied … South Africa 2010/09/19: Picture safari around the Cape – Part 2

My first weekend break in South Africa in the course of the 2010 industry season was reserved for getting onto the time zone prior to I started the fieldwork the following Monday. Towards that end, Nick Laidler provided to take me on an image safari around the Cape Peninsula. Nick is a passionate and talented photographer and I jumped at the opportunity to have such a knowledgeable and fun trip overview. Nick and his brother, Chris, were my 2003 industry assistants as I worked in the Drakensberg and highlands of Lesotho. They’re also the sons of my dear pals, Dennis and Gigi, from Cape Town. You’ll see even more of them later on from this series of video weblogs from the 2010 field period. Component 2 of this day’s adventures concentrate primarily on Green Market Square and The Business’s Yard. I added some voice-overs and new music to the video this time. Let me understand if you like these additions. Thanks! Photo Safari South Africa Photo Safari South Africa concern by jasmine: Whats something that has scarred you for life? Well one of mine was today, I was on my friends laptop looking for her holiday images (she went to south africa on a safari) when i discovered nakes images of her. I am scarred for life. Whats yours? haha (: Images to deliver to her boyfriend – _ and there was photos of him aswell. eugh. Photo Safari South Africa best response: Response by ? yøung ƒ???? # ? When I entered an automobile crash.


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