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Independent Showcases Wednesday, September 19 9:05 p.m. – Midnight SeaSoundStudio Entertainment - Booth 520 Van Dyke Café 846 Lincoln Road Beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages; free drink ticket to presenters. See agent Patrice Kaluza for tickets.

9:20 – 9:35 p.m. Presidio Brass/Team Agent Network - Booth 324 Fontainebleau Fontaine Ballroom

Alex Fox, Transit Vocal Band, Rob Garrett, Gary Anthony “That’s Entertainment!: VEGAS, VARIETY, VOCALS for all VENUES” MOST ENTERTAINING EVEN AT PAE! “A SWINGING AFFAIR”: Frank Sinatra Tribute (GARY ANTHONY, World-renowned, most-requested Sinatra Impersonator) 9:05; 10:45 pm, “GUITARS ON FIRE” Gypsy Kings Meets Eagles & Broadway (ALEX FOX, Master Guitarist, Showman, Recording Artist with sons and band) 9:25; 10:25 pm, “ON THE MOVE” TOUR: TRANSIT Vocal Band: All Band – No instruments! (Dynamic, 5 Member Vocal Band with multiple CARA Awards) 9:45; 11:05 pm, “KING OF DIAMONDS”: Neil Diamond Tribute (ROB GARRETT - America’s #1 Neil Diamond Tribute Artist) 10:05; 11:25 pm

Presidio Brass Presidio Brass has rocketed to success as the face of a bold new generation in brass entertainment. By combining a brass quintet, piano and percussion instruments with fresh, original arrangements, their unique sound has become a trademark for the ensemble from San Diego, CA, captivating audiences everywhere.

Cash bar

9:20 – 11:55 p.m. Various agents – see description

A Universe of Stars Showcases 2012 Presidio Brass - Booth 324; TAP - The Show, ECE Touring - Booth 401; Steve Lippia, CMI Entertainment - Booth 308; A Cappella Couture, The Hunts – ECE Touring Booth 401

Fontainebleau Fontaine Ballroom Cash bar

9:20 – 9:35 p.m. BiCoastal Productions – Booth 514 Van Dyke Café 2nd Floor, 846 Lincoln Road Cash bar

Guitars on Fire with Alex Fox & Sons Think the Gipsy Kings meets The Eagles, Segovia & Broadway! The spectacular GUITARS ON FIRE stars Master Guitarist Alex Fox, his sons David & Sebastian and band, in an upbeat show that thrills audiences worldwide! With his virtuoso Guitar style, Alex Fox moves all over the stage while playing the guitar machine gun style and behind his head! GUITARS ON FIRE is an exciting fusion of classical, pop and flamenco rhythms with a rock star flair that has audiences all over the world cheering...including command performances for President Clinton, Prince Rainier of Monaco and others.


2012 Performing Arts Exchange  
2012 Performing Arts Exchange  

The Performing Arts Exchange is an annual performing arts booking, showcasing and professional development conference managed by South Arts....